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Big things sometimes come in small packages. Such is the case with the promotional power of our wholesale press & stick calendars. We offer promotional adhesive wall calendars for offices & cubicles, cheap mini peel-n-stick™ calendars, convenient low cost magnetic tear-off calendars in bulk (opens in a new window), wholesale personalized laminated repositionable calendars & more.

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If you're looking for cheap promotional press & stick calendars to engage more customers, you've come to the right place. We offer custom shaped stick-up calendars, bulk repositionable laminated calendars, cheap colorful desk calendars, custom business card calendars, wholesale stick-on calendars with vinyl headers and more. Read on to glean additional information about our range of fun, customizable products and their value to your business.

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Promotional Press & Stick Calendars - The Many Monikers

Different Types of Custom Peel and Stick Calendars

Low Cost Custom Shaped Press and Stick Calendars

Personalized Computer Monitor Strip Calendars

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Promotional Press & Stick Calendars - The Many Monikers


Our cheap logo imprinted press & stick planners are indisputably very popular promotional products. What does seem to be up for argument is what to call them, as many different people know them by many different names. You'll see officially trademarked brand names, such as promotional Press-N-Stick™ calendars. However, there are many variants even on this product, including press & stick, press and stick, peel and stick, peel & stick.

Alternatively, you'll also come across a range of terms like "personalized self adhesive calendars", "desk calendars", "bulk stick-up calendars", "bulk stick-on calendars", "wholesale sticky calendars", "customized tear off calendars", "customized peel-off calendars", and then some. What's important to remember is that whatever the name, these customized products for businesses have the power to keep your business on the minds of customers all year long while increasing brand visibility. Don't wait, shop through our various sellers now.

Different Types of Custom Peel and Stick Calendars

The different shapes and styles of planners are nearly as voluminous in number as their alternate names. We offer several different types of custom self-adhesive units. The following section consists of information regarding some of the most prominent and popular styles for customers we offer.

Cheap Promotional Mini Peel-N-Stick™ Calendars

Our miniature discount press & stick advertising calendars are among our most popular styles for clients. They come in several fun shapes and sizes, with some including vinyl headers in unique shapes to fit niche business marketing needs for your customers all year long. There are many variants on the classic design though, and we'll share them with you as this section goes on.

Personalized 13 Month Peel-Off Calendars

When you want to span more than a year of brand awareness on the part of customers, you can always invest in one of our affordable wholesale 13 month calendars. Available in miniature stick-up form or in traditional larger formats, our custom brand image imprinted 13 month units include an extra month of promotion with a reminder to re-order for the next year. They're helpful for your customers to plan and keep track of their days and January events for the next year and all year long.

Custom Imprinted Colorful Sticky Calendars

Customers seem to love our bulk colorful self-adhesive products. They come in many colors, with our custom orange peel calendars (opens in a new window) and cheap full color press & stick calendars (opens in a new window) being consistent customer favorites. However, those are just two of many, many different representatives for this category.

Bulk Low Cost Eco-Friendly Stick-Up Calendars

When you want users to see your personalized business message print or message both when taking care of schedules & when taking care of the environment, there's one natural choice. Our cheap eco-friendly adhesive calendars (opens in a new window) come with green headers with recycling symbol shapes built in. Fittingly enough, you'll often find these models in this shade, but other full color options like gold, orange, or white are available if desired.

Promotional Business Card Mini Advertising Calendars

While some business promotion products have a limited lifespan, business cards are one of those timeless classics that will never lose their utility and appeal. That's why we offer so many different business card shaped promotional items throughout our site. Our custom business card stick-on calendars are surely not an exception to this trend. They keep your brand image and contact information accessible to customers all year long without having to worry about being lost in the shuffle of overstuffed wallets.

Bulk Press & Stick Calendars with Vinyl Headers

We offer a grand array of wholesale Peel-N-Stick™ calendars with vinyl headers. These headers stay on top of the calendar and remain in place even when each successive month is peeled off and discarded. Every time a customer needs to save a date, they'll see your brand name and contact information, keeping you in their consciousness 365 days per year (and 366 in leap years.)

Wholesale Spanish Stick-On Calendars

With the bilingual population in the USA growing larger every day, it's a good idea to offer promotion giveaway items for Hispanic & Latino employees, customers, and targeted audience members. Our bulk Spanish peel and stick calendars are designed with this demographic in mind, featuring Spanish-language month names and special dates on each page.

Cheap Magnetic Peel-N-Stick™ Calendars

Our personalized peel-off magnetic calendars (opens in a new window) are one of those unique promotional products that offer two items for the price and shipping size of one. Sold with no set-up fees, these custom magnetic products allow you to push out an interior top magnetic panel to insert your business card into a pocket to create two separate promotion magnets.

Low Cost Custom Shaped Press and Stick Calendars

When it comes to custom shaped tear-away planners, we have almost anything you could ever want. The list below this paragraph is only the beginning of what we have to offer, so if you don't see the particular shape you're looking for, either give us a call or type the shape you're looking for into the search bar. Either way, we're eager, willing, and happy to help you find the best custom shaped press & stick planners for your customers.

Personalized Computer Monitor Strip Calendars

Some of our more unique and interesting custom self-adhesive products are the ones designed for monitors and keyboards. These are of a thin strip variety and are intended to be mounted such that they'll be visible at all times when typing, coding, programming, emailing, or engaging in any other task that requires a computer. Considering that the previous sentence describes the vast majority of professional office activities these days, buying our custom printed keyboard strip calendars & promotional monitor calendar strips in bulk (opens in a new window) is a fail-safe and convenient promo plan.

One of the great things about these products is that they're very easy to move whenever needed. Our cheap wholesale laminated repositionable calendars can be shuffled from location to location all year long without putting unsightly thumb tack holes into walls and cubicles.

Wholesale Large Sticky Advertising Wall Calendars

Some businesses may not like to take the small route and instead prefer to remain large and in charge. This philosophy can run right down to promotion product preferences. If this describes your company, our promotional stick-up wall calendars (opens in a new window) are the ideal choice to suit your company branding needs. These single-surface self-adhesive wall calendars, imprinted with your brand image design, require no tearing off of monthly sheets and keep the whole year visible at all times.