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Spread brand awareness with giveaway items that literally everyone uses & needs - invest in our custom imprinted pencils! We have several varieties to choose from to fit your promotional needs. At 4AllPromos, you can buy cheap pencils in bulk, a rainbow of wholesale colored pencils, sleek personalized mechanical pencils, sturdy company logo carpenter pencils, comprehensive custom pencil gifts, and much more.

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Spread brand awareness with giveaway items that literally everyone uses & needs - invest in our custom imprinted pencils! We have several varieties to choose from to fit your promotional needs. At 4AllPromos, you can buy cheap pencils in bulk, a rainbow of wholesale colored pencils, sleek personalized mechanical pencils, sturdy company logo carpenter pencils, comprehensive custom pencil gifts, and much more. Shop our online store for styles, customize with an imprint of your company image, and promote your organization to clients in your town or across the country with custom pencils.

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If you are in need of a new marketing campaign to attract customers to your organization with a custom message, then we have a solution. Bulk personalized pencils are one of the most popular types of promotional products. Anyone can find a use for custom pencils. Teachers, children, golfers, employees, parents, construction companies, and more use pencils every day. If your organization can provide your own custom pencils to this kind of customer, you can fulfill a need. However, you will not only be providing value to the recipients of your personalized pencils, but you will also have the opportunity to increase awareness.

Whenever someone uses your personalized pencils, more customers could learn about the organization. A customer who plays golf needs something to write on the scorecard. An office worker needs supplies for their desk. Artists use these products for sketching or coloring. Students write in notepads and need something to write on tests during the school year. Children use coloring books and construction companies create plans. Infinite uses for a pen or pencil mean unlimited branding opportunities for your company with custom pencils.

Schools, office supply stores, and other businesses can quickly spread brand awareness by investing in our promotional pencils. Since these are affordable items that are used on a daily basis, they're a natural choice for trade show giveaways. They'll create numerous advertising impressions in a nearly infinite number of locations and situations each day, all the while making life a little bit easier for users. If you're looking for a way to advertise your business on a large scale without breaking the bank, there are few better routes to take than printing your logo on our wood custom pencils. We offer many different styles with different characteristics. The section below will explain all of these, making it easier for your company to shop for the best bulk personalized pencils to meet its promotional goals with customers.

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Different Types of Custom Pencils in Bulk

At 4AllPromos, you'll find a wide variety of wholesale logo imprinted pencils. Different materials are used for manufacturing, including wood, graphite, plastic, and more. You can also customize pencils with style choices, varied barrel types, and design patterns, then we will ship them right to you. There's a fair amount of variation among these writing implement giveaways, so we want to be sure to explain them all to you. This way, you'll be armed with the information you need to make the most effective choice for achieving your promotional goals.

Promotional #2 Pencils

So, just what is a #2 pencil? We're all familiar with them; after all, they've been a fixture in our lives since elementary school and a must for all standardized tests. The number in a pencil's name actually refers to the hardness of the graphite core that does the actual writing. A higher number means a harder core, which results in lighter marks on paper. The vast majority of our wooden pencils fall under the umbrella of custom #2 pencils. Interestingly, there are 2 main reasons why these pencils are required for so many functions. One is that they contain graphite hard enough to not smear. The other is that they're not so hard as to make marks too light for people and computers to successfully read.

Cheap Promotional Pencils

Looking to distribute to the masses and get your brand name out in a hurry? Then you'll want to bring our wholesale discount pencils to your next trade show or event. For just a small expenditure, you can arm yourself with a barrage of your own custom pencils to hand out to large crowds.

Wholesale Round Pencils

Our custom logo imprinted round wooden pencils are on the affordable side of the spectrum and are especially easy to print and fit with erasers and ferules. Their smooth shape makes them more comfortable for some people to hold. However, they don't have quite the same ease of gripping as compared to a classic hex pencil, which we'll describe in the next paragraph..

Custom Hex Pencils

Classic hex, or hexagon pencils derive their name from the fact that they have a six-sided surface. Our promotional wood hexagon pencils offer a superior grip as compared to round pencils and also are less likely (but not as unlikely as carpenter pencils) to roll off of tables and desks. They're the most common type of wood pencil out there and likely what you picture in your mind when you think back to the classic yellow pencils you used in school.

Custom Imprinted Carpenter Pencils

Next we'll introduce our personalized carpenter pencils. They get their name from the fact that they're heavily favored by those working in the carpentry & construction industries. This is because they are thicker and more durable than typical pencils. They also have more flat, wide edges. This ensures they don't roll around with inadvertent contact.

Bulk Golf Pencils

Have you ever encountered small wood pencils without erasers? If so, whether you know it or not, you're already familiar with golf pencils. Our custom logo golf pencils are perfect for keeping score out on the golf course and for handing out to crowds who are filling out surveys. Their small size and affordability make them very popular as trade show items across many industries.

Promotional Eco-Friendly Pencils

If your business wants to go green with its promotional efforts, we suggest considering any of our bulk eco-friendly pencils. Sustainably produced and sometimes even including seeds to plant, our environmentally friendly pencils are an investment in your brand's image and a better tomorrow.

Promotional Mechanical Pencils with Your Branding

Many people prefer the precision and lack of sharpening experienced when using a mechanical pencil. Also known as automatic pencils, custom imprinted mechanical pencils will advertise your company to a wide and loyal user base. We offer more than one variety, so we'll explain our offerings a bit throughout the next three paragraphs.

Wholesale Cheap Mechanical Pencils

If you want to save money in the quest to make money, cheap promotional mechanical pencils are your ticket to success.
Despite their low cost, our affordable automatic pencils are of high quality and sacrifice nothing when it comes to style and utility. They're among the best custom pencil souvenir choices for trade shows, events, and any other occasion.

Custom Automatic Pencils with Grips

One of the reasons why mechanical pencils are so popular is that many people find them easier to control than traditional wood models. We up the convenience factor with our assortment of bulk mechanical pencils with grips. In addition to offering superior control, the grips on these custom writing implements make for a more comfortable writing experience, particularly during periods of extended usage.

Custom Imprinted Premium Mechanical Pencils

When seeking to provide a luxurious writing experience or a special gift to show your appreciation, personalized executive mechanical pencils are always up to the task. Made from premium materials, crafted with style and durability in mind, and often adorned with engraved logo designs, these pencils are a cut above the rest. They can be bought on their own or as part of any of our custom mechanical pen and pencil gift sets.

Wholesale Colored Pencils with Logos

Add some artistic flair to your branding efforts with our promotional colored pencils! Our custom colored pencils are perfect for schools, art supply stores, office supply retailers, or any business with a waiting room. We offer brand name models, including wholesale Prang colored pencils. Also available are red colored pencils in bulk for contractors & more.

Personalized Novelty Pencils

Have some fun and give your target clients some laughs & smiles with our custom novelty wood personalized pencils. Whether unique, humorous, or a mix of the two, these are the go-to guys when you want your target audience to know your business has a lighthearted and playful side to match their own.

Jumbo Pencils in Bulk

Extra large pencils lead to extra large imprints! They're also easier to grasp and hold for some users. With this in mind, one can see why our wholesale jumbo pencils are a wise investment for any company looking to be noticed & while building a reputation for quality.

Custom Color Changing Pencils

Kids and the young at heart will all find pleasure and fun in our promotional color changing pencils. They react to the heat of a user's hand, changing tones before their eyes. They're great giveaway items for nearly any business or organization. Our custom paw print pencils also change color and are ideal for veterinary clinics and animal related charities.

Customized Unique Pencils

Users can have a bit of cheerful and zany fun with our fun pencils in custom shapes. A perfect example would be our Wild Smilez mechanical pencil, which features a smiley-faced, scraggly-haired eraser at the top.

Promotional Glow-in-the-Dark Pencils

Another fun giveaway item for schools, pediatricians, dentists, office supply stores, and any other business that caters to a young crowd comes in the form of our custom glowing pencils. Kids will have tons of fun using these custom writing implements while enjoying their unique visual effects.

Custom Pencil Sets

Our personalized pencil sets for schools and personalized pencil gifts make great promo products & giveaway items for back-to-school season and beyond. Our custom pencil kits come with additional school supplies and durable packaging to keep everything organized. We also offer high-end pencil gifts which make perfect promotional gift ideas for graduations, birthdays, new hires, and more.

Everyone makes mistakes, and that's why pencils come with erasers. Still, cleaning up a mess on paper is always more fun when it's done in a more unique and elaborate way. Your business can invest in our promotional farm animal erasers and logo printed die cut erasers in custom shapes to help users enjoy themselves while wiping out errors big and small. Our die cut erasers come in a menagerie of different shapes, are printed with your logo, and even change color when exposed to body heat!

Promotional Pencil Sharpeners

Once your target audience is writing with our pencils, imprinted with your logo, they'll inevitably get to the point of needing to sharpen them. You can keep the branding going strong throughout the process by also supplying them with our bulk imprinted pencil sharpeners. Users won't be able to help but see your logo all the while, keeping your brand and its positive image firmly on their minds.

Design Your Own Custom Pencils

In order to make your promotional pencil and custom pencil accessory purchases really work for your brand, you'll want to have each item decorated with your company logo. There are multiple methods of doing this, so we'll quickly explain some of the most popular ones. Our wholesale screen printed pencils are decorated in an affordable fashion that is best suited for one color designs. Multiple color screen printing is possible, but does add to production times.

While a bit more expensive than their screen printed counterparts, custom full color logo imprinted pencils have short production periods and can feature a broad array of colors for a design of stunning quality. We also have custom logo embossed pencils, which bear your company's name, logo, or message in the form of foil imagery which is slightly raised above the surface. Finally, we'd like to mention our personalized engraved pencils, which feature your graphic carved into the surface for a premium and luxurious look and feel.