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Our collection of promotional lapel award pins truly has something for everyone. Is your school or organization looking to hand out custom band pins or promotional cheer lapel pins? We have them! Our collection also includes personalized gold collar pins, assorted wholesale cheap stock lapel pins, attractive imprinted award pins made in the USA, cloisonné pins, epoxy dome pins, custom photo lapel pins, and much more.

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Graduates, veterans, athletes, cheerleaders, band members, employees, and volunteers are just a few of the many people whose efforts can be recognized with a custom pin. Our pins and buttons are promotional achievement awards that celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of deserving individuals. They also make excellent giveaway items for trade shows, particularly in the sports, design, and academic industries. On this page, we've included a guide to explain the different types of imprinted custom lapel pins that are available on our site. From die-struck pins to lapel buttons, our purpose is to empower your school or business to find the best models to fit its needs, no matter the industry.

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Different Styles of Custom Award Pins & Promotional Award Buttons

Promotional Lapel Pins in Different Shapes

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Branded Award Lapel Pins - FAQ


Different Styles of Custom Award Pins & Promotional Award Buttons


There are many varieties of branding (and blank) lapel award pins and buttons within our inventory. Deciding which is the best for meeting your promotional needs may be a bit of a challenge. That's why we're going to explain our most prominent styles in this section. Read through and arm yourself with the knowledge to make the best and most informed decisions for your promotional investments.

Custom Lapel Buttons

Wholesale lapel award buttons (opens in a new window) are affordable and highly popular promotional products. Coming in many styles, they easily affix to lapels, collars, jackets, and more by way of an attached back safety pin.

Wholesale Stock Lapel Pins

If your business aims to give out large quantities of pins, even to an audience of unknown size, our custom stock award pins (opens in a new window) are always a safe choice. Made in special shapes and designs to congratulate specific people and achievements, these items are often made without an imprint or branding graphic. This keeps them lower in price, but also helps ensure that any one unit can go to any participant in an event or competition, regardless of name or placement.

Cheap Branded Lapel Pins

Trade shows and bulk promotional products that don't break the bank often go hand-in-hand. for trade shows, large competitions, corporate & school ceremonies, seminars, and more. Our wholesale affordable recognition pins (opens in a new window) are a great match for trade shows, large competitions, corporate & school ceremonies, seminars, and more.

Bulk Sports Award Pins

We have promotional athletic award pins (opens in a new window) that come in many different shapes and sizes. Golf, track & field, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, cheerleading, bowling, competitive rifle shooting, lacrosse, swimming, volleyball, and tennis are all represented among our selection of sports award pins. We even have pins to congratulate athletes for making varsity teams, JV squads, or being voted MVP.

Promotional Academic Award Pins

Our lamp of learning custom pins make terrific award items for college bowl teams, bar trivia contests, and a wide variety of scholastic events and achievements. They typically come in a stock design without an imprint. If you'd like to learn of potential personalization options to make them into custom logo academic lapel pins (opens in a new window), give them a look and then contact us by phone, email, or live chat. Production begins once you have confirmed a style and design request.

Custom Military Lapel Pins

Our personalized military recognition badges (opens in a new window) are excellent promotional products for Memorial Day and Veterans Day parades & events. They're also great for honoring those who have served our nation as well as encouraging those who aspire to do so.

Premium Personalized Award Pins

If your business is seeking to reward the best and the brightest with something really special, our premium custom pins are the way to go. Fully customizable in shapes, (including circle, oval, and triangle), color, and design, they can be ordered with either a safety pin or military clutch backing. They're finished to your specifications, allowing for the creation of custom gold award pins (opens in a new window), promotional silver pins, or branded bronze award pins. A 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place theme is easy to establish with this style.

Business Logo Enamel Award Pins

Customizable enamel lapel pins (opens in a new window) make for a high quality promotional product that anyone would love to take home as an award or giveaway item. Their construction gives them a refined appearance, looking almost like jewels. They are well-built and will continue to look great for years to come, providing a limitless span of advertising impressions and sentimental value.

Imprinted Metallic Lapel Badges

When on the hunt for solid promotional custom pin products that will stand the test of time, personalized metal award pins (opens in a new window) are items that need to be in the conversation. Molded in custom shapes and formed to your specifications, these high-end recognition pins can be ordered with an antique finish, pewter finish, or even a 22 karat gold finish!

Custom COVID Pins

As one of our blog entries points out, the importance of COVID-19 vaccination status (opens in a new window) is growing in many areas of life. With our promotional COVID lapel pins (opens in a new window), this becomes a bit easier to confront. Medical facilities, vaccination centers, pharmacies, and mobile health clinics can provide recently vaccinated customers with these pins, allowing them to make their status known without having to say a word.

Promotional Epoxy Dome Pins

Are you searching for wholesale branded award pins that are colorful, durable, simple to wear, and sure to catch plenty of eyes? If so, custom epoxy dome lapel pins (opens in a new window) are sure to please. These items come in many shapes and sizes and can be imprinted in one or multiple colors. The protective clear epoxy layer keeps your imprint visible and safe at all times.

Promotional Lapel Pins in Different Shapes

Some situations call for certain shaped award pins. In other cases, the form desired may be a factor of style preferences. The next two paragraphs will go into a little more detail about the lapel award badge shapes that your business can buy from 4AllPromos.

Wholesale Award Pins in Traditional Shapes

When trying to match the shape of a company image, finding a shape that suits a given purpose, or looking for a form that fits best on a given lapel size, certain shapes will always run to the head of the pack. Some of these include promotional square award pins (opens in a new window), classic wholesale round lapel pins (opens in a new window), stylish branded oval lapel badges (opens in a new window), and custom rectangular award lapel pins (opens in a new window)

Custom Shaped Lapel Pins By Shape in Bulk

In some cases, only promotional award pins in custom shapes (opens in a new window) will do. These items are useful when the custom pin is being given for a very specific reason, event, or achievement. We have custom collar & lapel pins in the shape of stars, drama masks, tennis racquets, golf bags, basketballs, baseballs, footballs, soccer balls, bullhorns, track & field designs, and much more.

When your business wants to create awareness with its custom pins and buttons, adding a branding design is the best way to go. Adding the names of recipients, their achievements, and relevant events may also be appropriate, depending on the situation. In any case, there are multiple ways in which you can personalize our lapel recognition pins and have them printed to your specifications. We'll cover some of the most popular methods as this section unfolds.

Logo Imprinted Custom Lapel Pins

When your company, school, charity or other organization wants to design pins bearing its name for people to wear, our custom logo printed award pins (opens in a new window) are a great choice. Many of these are imprinted via the heat stamping process. Affordable, quickly produced, and efficient at spreading brand awareness, these are some of our most popular models.

Custom Molded Lapel Badges

When searching for an item that is sure to hold its shape and look as great years from now as it does today, there are few better choices than our personalized molded lapel pins (opens in a new window). These can be ordered as promotional pewter award pins or with an antique, silver, or gold finish. They are shaped by way of melted metals being poured into molds to create just the look your organization desires.

Fully Customizable Recognition Pins

Hoping to design your own personalized award pins and buttons (opens in a new window)? If so, our fully customizable models are going to be a great fit. The top surface of these pins allow for creativity to run free, with the entire space being open for your custom design. They're excellent for branding as well as for representing specific achievements and events.

Custom Photo Pins

When it comes to commemorative promotional items or ones that highlight a special event or attraction, our promotional award pins with photos (opens in a new window) always get the job done. They feature your chosen photograph, imprinted in stunning full color. With full color imprinting with your branding, these lapel pin promotional products are impossible to ignore!

Branded Award Lapel Pins - FAQ

To help clear up any remaining confusion, we've included a list of answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Take a look below to get information on some of the custom pin aspects we're asked about most often.

Who should I buy award pins & buttons for and for which occasions?
Our branded lapel award pins and custom award buttons can be used to recognize achievements by employees, athletes, students, military personnel, musical performers, and much more. Nearly any occasion is a good fit. Sports championships, golf tournaments, charity events, spelling bees, retirement ceremonies, graduations, veterans' events, and trade shows are just a few of the many occasions for which they're a handy asset. They can also be used as participation awards for everyone who takes part in a given event or undertaking.
What's the difference between award buttons and award pins?
The key difference between lapel pins and lapel buttons lies in the attachment system included on the back. Buttons have a safety pin attachment, whereas pins usually have a clasp-style attachment, such as the traditional military clasp. Also known as a "butterfly clutch" or "dammit", these items feature prongs which are designed to go through fabric and are held in place by metallic flaps. These flaps are opened by squeezing, exposing the prong and enabling it to be attached to or removed from a lapel.
What are cloissone pins?
Cloisonné award pins are decorative items that are typically framed by metal and often include enamel, glass, or even jewel elements that are separated by strips of wire. Our promotional cloisonné award pins (opens in a new window) are highly intricate and are some of our most artistic and aesthetically pleasing options. They can be ordered with a brown, gold, silver, or bronze finish.
Do you offer blank award pins in bulk with no imprints?
Yes! We offer several styles of no imprint award lapel pins (opens in a new window). These are great for creating large scale giveaways where the number of recipients may be unpredictable. They're also a great choice when looking for an affordable option that doesn't require the addition of an image or name to be printed.

Contact us with a phone call any time so we can design, customize, produce, and ship your product ideas so they can be printed and delivered ASAP.