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An affordable and effective way to market a business, sports team, school, or charity is with promotional water bottles. Custom water bottles are eco-friendly and reusable way to represent your brand or team at sporting events, summer festivals, and even trade shows.

Put Your Logo on Promotional Water Bottles

Creating promotional drinkware like custom sports bottles is a cost-effective way to promote your brand or encourage team spirit. Our custom water bottles are a reusable way to keep hydrated, making them a great choice for health and environmentally-conscious giveaways. What are the benefits of using custom water bottles? 

  • Custom sport water bottles keep teams and athletes properly hydrated and performing at peak levels
  • You can build community and boost team spirit, especially when used as fan appreciation swag.
  • Because personalized water bottles are reusable, they cut down on single-use plastic waste. In addition, most of our custom logo water bottles are made from recycled materials.
  • The promotional water bottles in our collection tend to be relatively inexpensive. They’re convenient for buying in bulk for large giveaways at trade shows and events.
  • Branded water bottles create logo impressions on behalf of your organization whenever it is used. The printed water bottles are mobile advertisements for your team or company. 
  • Custom water bottles are useful for both you and the recipient. For you, they’re a great promo item, and for the recipient, a promotional water bottle is practical and handy. 
  • A custom sports bottle is easy to customize, allowing you to get your message out to your target audience.

Types of Sport Bottles To Customize With Your Logo

The 4AllPromos collection of high-quality personalized water bottles has something to reach every audience. We have multiple styles, materials, colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from. 

What are the different types of bottles? The different types of bottles we offer fit in a handful of categories.

Cheap Water Bottles Under $1

Affordable custom water bottles can be found in our assortment of cheap promotional sports bottles. In this sub-collection, you’ll find water bottles for under $1 per unit. In addition to the traditional custom plastic water bottles with push-pull lids, you’ll also find collapsible water bottles, translucent and solid color bottles, and more. 

Although these are labeled as cheap water bottles, they are some of our best-sellers.

Custom Plastic Water Bottles

High-quality custom plastic water bottles are available in a variety of colors and make a great canvas for a team mascot or company logo. Here you’ll find squeeze bottles, straw lid bottles, screw-top bottles, and color-changing water bottles. We try to source most of our bottles from USA producers, and you’ll find some come as gift sets, packaged with rally towels.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Our stainless steel water bottles and aluminum water bottles are top water bottles for sports, biking, and hiking thanks to their durable materials. They can be imprinted or engraved with your logo and can be found with wide mouth openings, attached carabiners, screw-top lids, or flip-top lids.

Here you’ll find big-name brands such as h2go, Camelbak, Contigo, Corkcicle, and Hydro Flask. They pair up very well with stadium blankets to create the ultimate fan appreciation gift package.

Insulated Water Bottles

Double-wall, vacuum-insulated water bottles with logos can provide refreshing hydration at just the right temperature. They're designed with a double-walled construction with a vacuum space between the walls, preventing the liquid inside from losing its temperature. This means that ice water stays cold and warm tea or coffee stays hot for hours.

Shaker Bottles and Other Custom Drinkware

Our shaker bottles are a design pioneered by Rob "Gronk" Gronkowsi and feature removable agitators for infusing fruit flavor, straining out ice, and breaking up protein powders. You can get custom shaker bottles and sport tumblers for your next wellness promotion.

These bottles and tumblers are made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, and sturdy Tritan plastic, and feature exterior finishes like matte and powder coated. Check out the collection for features like straws and spout lids. 

Ways to Personalize Your Custom Logo Water Bottles

Custom sports water bottles are great promotional products for your logo design. How can you design your own water bottle? There are multiple ways to design your own water bottle depending on the material and style. 

  • Screen Printing - A popular and affordable choice for many plastic water bottles, a screen-printed logo is speedy and efficient to add. It is often done in a single color but additional colors can be added to create multicolor designs.
  • Full-Color Printing - If you want to design a colorful and detailed logo imprint (or perhaps create custom water bottles with pictures) a full-color imprint is the way to go. This method of printing can create images of photographic quality.
  • Logo Engraving - Our laser-engraved custom water bottles have designs carved into their surface for a professional look that will stand the test of time. They'll never chip, fade, peel, or crack.
  • Printed Labels - Some of our branded water bottles are adorned with wraparound imprinted labels. This is typically done with the few single-use (yet fully recyclable) water bottles we carry.

Get Bulk Water Bottles with Logo at Wholesale Prices

Ordering bulk sports bottles to build your stock of promotional products is a cost-effective way to build brand awareness. What is the price of a custom bottle? The cost will vary from model to model, but when you order in bulk quantities, you'll enjoy the benefit of lower, wholesale per-unit pricing. This will allow you to advertise to a larger audience and to better represent your brand at high-traffic events such as trade shows, concerts, and sporting events.

FAQ About Custom Water Bottles

What is the lowest minimum order quantity for custom water bottles?
The lowest minimum order quantity for custom water bottles is 5 bottles.
Can promo water bottles be used for my child’s sports team?
Our branded sports promo water bottles can absolutely be decorated with your child’s sports team logos or school mascot. Custom logo water bottles are a great fit for any child or adult sports team.
Are your promotional water bottles BPA-Free?
Every branded water bottle we sell is BPA-Free, food-safe, drink-safe, and is in full compliance with all FDA regulations.
What is the best way to clean custom water bottles?
The best way to clean our custom-printed water bottles is typically by hand. Some models are dishwasher-safe, but read and follow the care instructions for the sports bottle you purchase.

Hydrate in Style with Custom Water Bottles

Our promotional custom water bottles offer practicality and sustainability and are ready to be personalized with the logo of your business, school, or team. Sip in style and promote your brand with custom water bottles!

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