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Our bulk logo printed water bottles & custom imprinted bike bottles are ideal promotional products for gyms, health clubs, and schools. We offer several styles, including personalized BPA-free plastic water bottles, stylish promotional metal sport bottles, hot & cold use custom insulated sports bottles & more. Want to add some fruit flavor to your water? Then you'll want to check out our promotional infuser sport water bottles!

Promotional Sports Bottles | Wholesale Bike Bottles | Custom Metal Water Bottles

Wondering where to buy custom imprinted water bottles & personalized sports bottles? You've come to the right place. We offer a huge selection of wholesale sports bottles, personalized bike bottles, custom engraved water bottles, customized bottled water with labels & more. The guide below will help to explain our different styles of promotional sport & bike water bottles, empowering you to make the best decision to fit your promotional needs.

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Different Promotional Sport Bottle & Custom Water Bottle Materials

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Different Promotional Sport Bottle & Custom Water Bottle Materials

When you buy personalized sports bottles in bulk from 4AllPromos, you have a wide variety of materials at your hands. We offer various types of custom metal sports bottles, wholesale plastic bike bottles, and personalized glass sports water bottles. We'll break these down a bit in the following paragraphs.

Promotional Metal Sports Bottles

We offer several premium metal water bottles and cheap metal sports bottles on our site. Two of the most common metals to appear in our sport & bike bottles are aluminum and stainless steel.

Custom Aluminum Water Bottles

The more affordable of our two predominant metal water bottle styles, our wholesale aluminum sport bottles are a more lightweight option as compared to our stainless steel models. They also tend to cost less, making them some of our best cheap promotional metal water bottles.

Custom Aluminum Water Bottles

Our promotional stainless steel water bottles and custom engraved stainless steel water bottles are stylish, sturdy, and serviceable. At the more premium end of our custom water bottle offerings, these models are extra durable and often come with the option of personalized engraving for an especially thoughtful corporate gift option.

Custom Plastic Water Bottles & Plastic Sports Bottles with Logos

Looking for cheap personalized water bottles that sacrifice nothing in quality? Then you'll want to get to know our family of plastic bike bottles & plastic sports bottles with logo imprints. We'll outline four of the most commonly used plastics in the following paragraphs.

Promotional HDPE Plastic Sport Bottles

HDPE (high-density polyethylene) is a highly versatile plastic and is one of the most widely recycled substances in the world. Its versatility enables it to be used in both flexible and rigid products, so as you can imagine, it has a multitude of uses. Despite being one of the most lightweight plastics you can find, it is still extremely durable and can stand up to most anything any reasonable person would ever dish out. HDPE is highly resistant to weather conditions, mold, mildew, and insects.

HDPE is designated with plastic code #2. If you turn over one of our custom imprinted sports bottles and see a 2 inside of the recycling symbol on the bottom, you have one of ourwholesale HDPE sports bottles on your hands. It also takes very well to screen printing, so HDPE is a central ingredient in many of our custom logo imprinted sports bottles.

Bulk PET Plastic Water Bottles

PET and PETE are interchangeable abbreviations for polyethylene terephthalate, a plastic that is lightweight, durable, and 100% recyclable. This makes our custom PET & PETE plastic water bottles a great option as eco-friendly sports bottles. It is most often clear in color (but isn’t always kept that way) and is the primary ingredient in plastic soda bottles and plastic water bottles. It’s a very environmentally conscious option as it is recycled more often than any other kind of plastic and is accepted by virtually all recycling plants, transfer stations, and bottle deposit machines. It is food-safe and non-toxic. If you’re curious as to whether or not your promotional business logo sports bottle is made from PET/PETE, check the underside of the bottle. If there’s a 1 located inside of the recycling symbol, you have a PET bottle, as it is designated as Type 1 plastic.

Wholesale Eastman Tritan® Plastic Sports Bottles

Produced by specialty chemical company Eastman, Tritan® is a relatively new but highly popular copolyester plastic, designated within the Type 7 plastic category. It is free of both BPA and BPS and is rigorously laboratory tested to ensure the highest level of FDA compliance. Custom promotional sports and bike bottles made of Eastman Tritan are shatter proof, stain resistant, and odor resistant. Our 24 oz Tritan Stripe Bottle, featuring a crest lid, is one of our top promotional Eastman Tritan sports bottles.

Nylon -polyethylene laminated (Nylon PE) items are glossy, flexible, and smooth. They’re BPA free and can contort to most any shape. They expand and collapse when filled and emptied, so they’re very easy to store and to transport. Despite their soft texture, our promotional nylon-polyethylene laminated sports bottles are quite durable, but it’s best to not expose them to prolonged periods of excessive heat.

Personalized Glass Sports Bottles

Are you hoping for an especially unique personalized water bottle for your next corporate giveaway, event, or gift? If so, we suggest you consider our promotional glass sports water bottles. These premium personalized sport drink bottles are fashionable with an artistic bent and are sure to wow all who see them.

Different Styles of Promotional Sports & Bike Water Bottles

Our personalized sports bottles represent one of our more diverse product categories. With so many different items to choose from, it should come as no surprise that there are many distinct styles. Each has its own merits & special features that make them truly unique. Deciding which style is the best bet for meeting your promotional needs will require some familiarity with each. Fortunately, we'll provide that in the following 12 paragraphs, each of which feature a different sub-category of custom water bottles & bulk bike bottles.

Promotional Sports Squeeze Water Bottles

One of the most popular and well-known styles of wholesale sport bottles would be custom squirt water bottles. As their name suggests, these personalized sport bottles operate by way of users squeezing them in at the sides to propel the liquid inside up and out through the spout.

Custom Grip Sports Bottles

The name "sports bottle" should indicate pretty clearly that these particular company branded giveaway items are employed by physically active users. Since active users will be drinking from their sport bottles on the go, it's important that they're able to hang onto them without fear of dropping. Hence the need for personalized grip bike water bottles. You'll provide comfort, health, security, and hydration to your target audience with these, creating appreciation and powerful brand loyalty.

Wholesale Mason Jar Sports Bottles

After languishing in semi-obscurity for quite a long time, Mason jars are now back in a big way. Your company can capitalize on their recaptured popularity by way of buying promotional Mason jar water bottles wholesale from 4AllPromos. As their name implies, these bottles have a smooth, jar-like shape and are rather unique.

Bulk Collapsible Sport Bottles

One of our top mantras throughout our site is that fun and functionality make a great team. Such is the case with our business logo imprinted collapsible water bottles. In addition to being great for saving space, our promotional collapsible soft sports bottles come in many unique shapes and have a texture quite unlike anything you'd expect to find in any other sport bottle or bike bottle.

Company branded grooved sports bottles offer both style and substance. Their ribbed structure has a fashionable appeal, while providing the benefits of a superior gripping surface. Buy bulk sports bottles with ridges from 4AllPromos today and reap the benefits right away.

Promotional Infuser Sport Bottles

We've all heard our doctors tell us that people need to drink 8 glasses of water per day in order to stay in peak health. For some people, this might be hard to do, especially if they find plain water to be bland and boring. Worry not, because we have wholesale infuser water bottles standing at the ready to swoop in and save the day. These custom fruit infuser bottles feature a vertical chamber into which chopped/ground fruit can be added, allowing its flavor to filter into the water, providing a more stimulating taste.

Personalized Opaque Water Bottles

When you want the entire focus of your promotional giveaways to be on your logo design, investing in bulk opaque sports bottles is a certain road to success. These custom bike bottles keep it simple, with an exterior that doesn't expose the inner contents, causing all eyes to lock directly on your personalized corporate logo design.

Wholesale Translucent Sports Bottles

When it comes to the best promotional products for gyms, health clubs, sporting goods stores, and personal trainers, few items work better than promotional translucent water bottles. This style allows users to see how much water or sports drink they have left at all times, helping them know when to take a break and refill. They also have a sleek, modern sort of look that is a good fit for companies in the technology sector as well.

Bulk Clear Sport & Bike Bottles

For those who want to leave nothing to chance, our wholesale clear bike bottles will always be a hit. All inner contents are on full display at all time. When empty or in use, the lack of color on the bottle helps your personalized company logo imprint to really stand out and pop. Of course, their use isn't limited to cycling; they're also great for hikes, workouts, and team sports as well.

Promotional Soft Sports Bottles

Among our more unique offerings, you'll find our custom soft sports bottles. These business logo printed hydration pouches have a smooth and sleek feel and contour perfectly to the shape of users' hands.

Custom Slim Sports Water Bottles

Whether it be for the purpose of style, ergonomics, or steady gripping, personalized slim water bottles are useful promotional sports giveaways that are highly popular. In addition to the benefits described in the first sentence, these custom sports bottles are ideal for displaying vertically oriented logos.

Water bottles that are formed such that they are a natural fit for a user's hand are always highly convenient and greatly appreciated. After all, even when they're spill proof, nobody wants to fumble their sport and/or bike bottle. The superior grip and cutting-edge look provided by our custom logo imprinted curvy water bottles has made them a hit year after year.

Promotional Insulated Sports Bottles & Custom Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles

Our promotional double wall hot & cold sports bottles are great for keeping athletes cool during games and keeping hikers warm during bold, frigid mountain treks. They're designed to maintain ideal temperature for food and drinks for hours at a time, be it hot or cold.

Custom Novelty Sports Water Bottles & Unique Promotional Bike Bottles

Since our promotional water bottles and bulk sports bottles typically see use during periods of high activity, they can be pretty fun all on their own. However, an added comedic or unique touch can make for an even more interesting product that will ensure that more people will remember your brand name and turn to your company over the competition. We'll share a few of these unique & novelty wholesale sport bottle varieties with you in this section.

Custom Shaped Sports Bottles

In addition to our promotional square water bottles and personalized tire shaped sport bottles, we also produce a wide range of different sports-themed water bottles. The list below includes some of our most popular styles.

Custom Sports Shaped Water Bottles

Wholesale Glow-in-the-Dark Water Bottles

Classic promotional products for kids and the young at heart, promotional glow-in-the-dark sports bottles are timeless giveaway items that never go out of style. They add an extra element of fun to an already useful product, creating extended longevity of use. They're perfect as promotional giveaway items for sports teams, event venues, charities, supermarkets, and Halloween season trade shows.

Promotional Color Changing Sport & Bike Bottles

Much like our bulk glow-in-the-dark sport & bike bottles, our wholesale color changing water bottles are a fun new spin on a classic item. Reacting to the heat exchange produced when grasped in a user's hand, these fun sport bottles will change color right before your eyes.

Personalized Hand Grip Sports Bottles

When users want to work out, stay hydrated, and have a little fun all at the same time, there's no better choice than our custom logo imprinted hand grip water bottles. Designed in the shape of hand grip exercisers, these novelty sport bottle giveaways are the real McCoy. They can be filled up with the refreshing liquid of a user's choice, while their handles can be gripped and squeezed to strengthen hand and arm muscles. Therefore, they're perfect promotional products for gyms, fitness centers, and physical therapy clinics.

We're animal lovers and we're sure that many of you (and your target audience members) are as well. That's why we proudly offer promotional water bottles for dogs, complete with foldable bowls for easy drinking. These pet-friendly water bottles & bowls are perfect for pit stops on long road trips or while hiking with your best furry friend.

Wholesale Eco-Friendly Sports Bottles

Our custom promotional plastic sports bottles & bike bottles are designed to be more than just functional and stylish. They're also designed to be safe, both for users and for the environment. That's why we make sure every ingredient that goes into our sports bottles is in full compliance with FDA regulations. It's also why we offer a broad selection of BPS and BPA free custom water bottles.

Custom BPS & BPA Free Water Bottles

The BP in both BPA and BPS stand Bisphenol. The Bisphenol A (BPA) and Bisphenol S (BPS) are two sub-categories. Many studies have shown that they may possibly carry some negative health consequences. BPA, in some cases, has been found to possibly cause high blood pressure and behavioral problems in young children and infants. BPS meanwhile has in some studies been indicated to cause the above effects in addition to causing hormonal disruption. We offer many wholesale BPS & BPA free sports bottles which help to gain exposure for your company and its logo while remaining safe for all end users.

Promotional FDA Compliant Sports Bottles

The FDA, or Food and Drug Administration, is responsible for setting laws and regulations to promote health and safety standards. FDA regulations mainly impact food, beverages, medical products, cosmetics, and other items that are either directly consumed by or applied to humans. FDA regulations are tightly enforced, and rightly so. Our FDA compliant promotional sports bottles & bike bottles are made of materials that are rigorously tested in laboratories to ensure FDA compliance and maximum food and drink safety.

Personalized Biodegradable Sport & Bike Bottles

Our promotional products will certainly help you to make green, but they can also aid you in your efforts to go green. Need proof? Look no further than the wide selection of wholesale biodegradable water bottles available on our site. While we do not expect users will ever want to discard their water bottles, biodegradability ensures that even if they do, the environment won't be hurt. Essentially, if an item is biodegradable, it will quickly disintegrate due to bacteria when left outside. This means less clutter, less mess, and fewer chemicals to muddle with Mother Nature.

Promotional Recycled Sports Water Bottles

While biodegradability might not be a familiar concept to some, virtually everyone knows about the importance of recycling. That's one of the reasons why the custom eco-friendly sports bottles made from recycled materials are such big sellers for us. They're made without having to produce additional plastic materials and introduce more chemicals into the atmosphere. Our personalized recycled bike bottles & sport bottles are a win-win category all around.

Promotional Personalized Bottled Water

If you're looking to have a promotional presence at a big event such as a charity road race or outdoor sporting event, we have just the item for you. Our custom logo imprinted distilled water bottles are made of clear plastic and are already filled with water. Your personalized logo imprint goes right on the label, making these great custom imprinted bulk bottled water giveaways

Custom Sport & Bike Bottle Lid Styles

There are different lids and closures on many of our promotional sports drink bottles. The list below covers a few of our most notable lid and closure designs.

Promotional Push-Pull Lid Sport Bottles

Push- pull lids allow users to drink from our custom promotional sport & bike bottles with ease. They're also key in avoiding spills. Both of these factors make them a great choice for children. Simply pull the closure up when you want to squeeze the bottle and take a drink, and then push it back down to seal it again to prevent leaks and spillage. Here’s just one example of our custom push-pull water bottles.

Wholesale Sip Spout & Sipper Top Water Bottles

Sipper spout or sip top is an easy flowing top that makes hydration easy. They're are usually accompanied with hinged top closure that’s connected to the base of the lid. When it’s opened up, the sip opening is exposed and ready for use. Locking mechanisms are frequently found with these lids, as they make our promotional sip spout sports bottles more spill-proof.

Custom Sports Bottles with Tethered Lids

Tethered flip tops are most common on shaker bottles, but are also found on various wholesale tethered lid sports water bottles. These lids are tethered to the bottle which makes a great fit for people prone to losing and/or dropping things. These tethered flip tops make it easy to grab a drink at the gym and continue your workout without missing a beat.

Promotional Sports Bottles with Straws

Straw Tip lids are one the most popular lid and closure combinations for promotional sports bottles and bike bottles. A built-in straw is placed through a hole in the lid and is connected to a hinged plastic apparatus that comes down to securely cover the straw opening and seal your bottle. Straw tip closures are ideal for one-handed use and are very popular as bicycle bottles. For a visual aid, you can refer to one of our custom straw lid water bottles.

Personalized Wide Mouth Sports & Bike Bottles

If you want users to have access to a bottle with a fast flow and easy operation, you can't go wrong with our custom logo imprinted wide mouth sports bottles. They're ideal for charity road races and marathons, as they allow users to open their bottles and hydrate themselves in a hurry.

Custom Sports Bottles with Detachable Cups

Sometimes a user may not want to drink the entire contents of their logo printed water bottles in one sitting. Others may wish for a smaller, stable vessel for taking a quick drink. People with these desires will be beyond satisfied when you supply them with personalized sports bottles with detachable cups. This style of customized sport/bike bottle features a screw-on lid that can be removed to expose a flat-bottomed cup into which the contents of the bottle can be poured.

Standard Sport Cap Water Bottles in Bulk

The standard sport cap combines the best elements of push-pull closures and tethering flip top closures. The base of the lid is tethered to the cap, below which a push-pull spout is found. This provides double protection against spills and leaks. If promotional standard sport cap water bottles sound like a product that would be a hit with your target audience, we have several for you to choose from.

Promotional Sports Bottle Gift Sets

It's always more fun when you get two (or more) items in one! We have quite a few different customized sports water bottle gift sets & packages that are a great fit for nearly any industry. To help you get right to the ones you'd like the most, we'll provide the following list, containing links that will open in a new window and bring you right to the item(s) you want to see.

Wholesale Sports Bottles - Uses

While our promotional sport bottles and custom logo printed bike bottles are great promotional giveaway items for nearly any business or purpose, some have more of a niche role than others. There are certain activities that call for certain styles, and we'll share some of those with you now.

Custom Water Bottles for Hiking

When hikers are out on the trail, they'll inevitably need quality hydration to keep them going. Otherwise, it'll lead to an early end of the trek, or in worse cases, dehydration. Help users to avoid both of these outcomes by supplying them with our personalized hiking water bottles. Many of these are insulated, ensuring that water and sport drinks will stay deliciously cool for hours at a time.

Promotional Workout Water Bottles

Staying properly hydrated is key to a healthy and productive workout session. Help users stay safe and energized throughout their rigorous routines by way of supplying them with custom water bottles for exercise, imprinted with your personalized logo design. Many of these are designed with superior grip utility in mind, as well as easy-open, spill-proof lids.

Promotional Water Bottles for Cycling

As is the case with hikers and fitness enthusiasts, bicyclists need to keep the fluids flowing to reach and maintain peak performance. We have a very wide range of promotional bike bottles for you to select from, each of which has its own unique set of features, benefits, and fashion flare.

Personalized Smoothie & Shaker Sports Bottles

Eating and drinking healthy need not be unpleasant tasks. When done the right way, this can actually be fun. You can help your employees, customers, and target demographic to stay healthy and enjoy themselves while doing it via our wholesale protein shake bottles and custom logo imprinted blender water bottles. Highly positive impressions and valuable customer bonding will result from your business helping users to have a good time while reaching their health goals.

Design Your Own Sports Bottles

Custom logo printed water bottles & personalized sports bottles and bike bottles don't really live up to their names if you don't, well, personalize them. There are several different methods for printing custom sports water bottles with your company logo. We'll share four of the top options in the following paragraphs.

Custom Engraved Sports Bottles

When you want to offer a special gift to a select few, our personalized engraved sports bottles are the way to go. When ordering promotional engraved sport bottles with no minimum or low minimum orders, you have the flexibility to design each one to perfect fit its recipient. You also end up with a logo design that will last for life, with no risk of fading or chipping.

Direct Digital Print Water Bottles

Our custom water bottles with direct digital imprints are a perfect option when you want highly detailed graphics with quick production times. With this method, your personalized logo design will be uploaded into a computer, and then printed directly onto your customized water bottle. This logo imprinting method can produce nearly photographic quality designs, though its one weakness is that they can't display especially vibrant colors quite as well as screen printing.

Wholesale Full Color Printed Sports Water Bottles

Full color imprinting is a great way to design promotional products with your logo design. Buy promotional full color logo printed sports bottles in bulk and enjoy the bold color designs and short production times that this personalization method creates.

Cheap Promotional Sports Bottles with Screen Printed Logos

When buying giveaway items in bulk and looking to save some money, wholesale inexpensive sports water bottles are a can't-fail product field. Many of our most affordable custom sports bottles are decorated by way of screen printing. While this is an inexpensive method, don't mistake it for one that's lacking in quality. Screen printed graphics can produce beautiful and truly powerful logo designs. They do however have longer production times, as each color must be applied individually, creating a multi-cycle personalization process for logos with more than one color.