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Our promotional sports bottles & custom imprinted bike bottles are ideal promotional products for gyms, health clubs, and schools. We offer several styles, including personalized BPS & BPA-free plastic sports bottles, promotional metal sport bottles, custom business logo imprinted clear sports bottles, personalized hot & cold sports bottles, double wall insulated sports water bottles & many more. Want to add some fruit flavor to your water? Then you'll want to check out our promotional infuser sport water bottles

Quench Your Thirst for Brand Awareness with Our Promotional Sports Bottles!

No matter what your industry or field may be, you can beautifully customize any of our promotional sports bottles with your company logo.  Our promotional plastic sport and bike bottles are built with durability and convenience in mind. The construction of our custom logo imprinted sports bottles consists of recyclable plastics including HDPE, PET, Eastman Tritan, and nylon laminated PET. We offer a wide range of BPS and BPA free promotional plastic sport and bike bottles that are fully FDA compliant.

Our promotional plastic sport and bike bottles come in many shapes and sizes to fit all needs, activities, and lifestyles. They also feature many different lid and closure styles to optimize user experience. Our lid and closure combination styles include push-pull, straw/tip, tethering flip top, sip top, and standard sport cap. We realize the product descriptions for our company logo sports bottles contain terms that most people may not be familiar with. To help you out with that, we’ve included the handy guide located below. If you’re confused by any term or just want to know more about it, just click on it in the menu and you’ll be taken to a more comprehensive description.

Promotional Sports Bottle and Bike Bottle Features & Related Terms

  • Plastics Used in Our Promotional Sports Bottles

  • Health Safety & FDA Compliance

  • Sports Bottle Lid & Closure Styles

  • Related Promotional Sports Bottle Terms

  • Plastics Used in Our Promotional Sports Bottles

    Our custom promotional plastic sports bottles & bike bottles come in a variety of materials. HDPE, PET/PETE, Eastman Tritan, and Nylon-Polyethylene laminated logo imprinted sports bottles are all available on our site. Read on and learn a bit about each material and find out which one best suits your needs.


    Let’s start with HDPE (high-density polyethylene). HDPE is a highly versatile plastic and is one of the most widely recycled substances in the world. Its versatility enables it to be used in both flexible and rigid products, so as you can imagine, it has a multitude of uses. Despite being one of the most lightweight plastics you can find, it is still extremely durable and can stand up to most anything any reasonable person would ever dish out. HDPE is highly resistant to weather conditions, mold, mildew, and insects. While we never recommend leaving your promotional sport and bike bottles outside and unattended for any amount of time, if it ends up happening, HDPE sports bottles will likely survive whatever happens in the interim. Just make sure you wash it REALLY well if this happens and remember that at 4AllPromos, we don’t suggest unprotected outdoor areas as storage places for any item that will come into contact with anything you plan to eat/drink. HDPE is designated with plastic code #2. If you turn over one of our custom imprinted sports bottles and see a 2 inside of the recycling symbol on the bottom, your have a promotional HDPE sports bottle on your hands. A very malleable material, HDPE can be shaped into a number of things, but is most commonly employed in the production of items such as our custom promotional sports bottles and bike bottles, outdoor furniture, trash receptacles, and recycling bins when in its recycled form. It also takes very well to screen printing, so HDPE is a central ingredient in many of our custom logo imprinted sports bottles.

    PET or PETE

    PET and PETE are interchangeable abbreviations for polyethylene therephthalate, It is lightweight, durable, and 100% recyclable, which makes it a great option for eco-friendly sports bottles. It is most often clear in color (but isn’t always kept that way) and is the primary ingredient in plastic soda bottles and plastic water bottles. It’s a very environmentally conscious option as it is recycled more often than any other kind of plastic and is accepted by virtually all recycling plants, transfer stations, and bottle deposit machines. It is food-safe and non-toxic. If you’re curious as to whether or not your promotional business logo sports bottle is made from PET/PETE, check the underside of the bottle. If there’s a 1 located inside of the recycling symbol, you have a PET bottle, as it is designated as Type 1 plastic.

    Eastman Tritan

    Produced by specialty chemical company Eastman, Tritan is a relatively new but highly popular copolyester plastic, designated within the Type 7 plastic category. It is free of both BPA and BPS and is rigorously laboratory tested to ensure the highest level of FDA compliance. Custom promotional sports and bike bottles made of Eastman Tritan is shatter proof, stain resistant, and odor resistant. Therefore, it’s not only tough but also looks good and even smells good. It is typically a transparent or at least translucent material which is most often employed in the construction of food, beverage, and general storage containers. Our 24 oz Tritan Stripe Bottle, featuring a crest lid, is one of our top promotional Eastman Tritan sports bottles.

    Nylon-Polyethylene Laminated

    Nylon -polyethylene laminated (Nylon PE) items are glossy, flexible, and smooth. They’re BPA free and can contort to most any shape. They expand and collapse when filled and emptied, so they’re very easy to store and to transport. Despite their soft texture, our promotional nylon-polyethylene laminated sports bottles are quite durable, but it’s best to not expose them to prolonged periods of excessive heat.

    Health Safety & FDA Compliance

    Our custom promotional plastic sports bottles & bike bottles are designed to be more than just functional and stylish. They're also designed to be safe. That's why we make sure every ingredient that goes into our sports bottles is in full compliance with FDA regulations. It's also why we offer a broad selection of BPS and BPA free sports bottles and bike bottles.

    BPA/BPS Free

    The BP in both BPA and BPS stand Bisphenol. The Bisphenol A (BPA) and Bisphenol S (BPS) are two sub-categories. Many studies have shown that they may possibly carry some negative health consequences. BPA, in some cases, has been found to possibly cause high blood pressure and behavioral problems in young children and infants. BPS meanwhile has in some studies been indicated to cause the above effects in addition to causing hormonal disruption. We offer many custom BPA and BPS free sports bottles which help to gain exposure for your company and its logo while remaining safe for all end users.

    FDA Compliance

    The FDA, or Food and Drug Administration, is responsible for setting laws and regulations to promote health and safety standards. FDA regulations mainly impact food, beverages, medical products, cosmetics, and other items that are either directly consumed by or applied to humans. FDA regulations are tightly enforced, and rightly so. Our FDA compliant promotional sports bottles & bike bottles are made of materials that are rigorously tested in laboratories to ensure FDA compliance and maximum food and drink safety.

    Sports Bottle Lid & Closure Styles

    There are different lids and closures on many of our promotional sports drink bottles. The list below covers a few of our most notable lid and closure designs.


    Push- pull lids allow you to drink from your custom promotional sport & bike bottles with logo easily. They are lead to spill proof sports bottles and are easy to operate. Both of these factors make them a great choice for children. Simply pull the closure up when you want to squeeze the bottle and take a drink, and then push it back down to seal it again and prevent leaks and spillage. Here’s just one example of a company logo imprinted sports bottle with a push-pull closure.

    Straw Tip

    Straw Tip lids are one the most popular lid and closure combinations for promotional sports bottles and bike bottles. A built-in straw is placed through a hole in the lid and is connected to a hinged plastic apparatus that comes down to securely cover the straw opening and seal your bottle. Straw tip closures are ideal for one-handed use and are very popular as bicycle bottles. For a visual aid, you can refer to one of our straw tip closure promotional bike bottles.

    Tethered Flip Top

    Tethered flip top is most common on shaker bottles, but are also found on various custom promotional sport & bike bottles. These lids are tethered to the bottle which makes a great fit for people prone to losing and/or dropping things. These tethered flip tops make it easy to grab a drink at the gym and continue your workout without missing a beat.

    Sipper Spout/Sip Top

    Sipper spout or sip top is an easy flowing top that makes hydration easy. These are the widest mouth opening and allow water to flow more freely. Sipper spouts or sip tops are usually accompanied with hinged top closure that’s connected to the base of the lid. When it’s opened up, the sip opening is exposed and ready for use. Locking mechanisms are frequently found with these lids, as they make sports bottles with sip top lids more spill-proof.

    Standard Sport Cap

    The standard sport cap combines the best elements of push-pull closures and tethering flip top closures. The base of the lid is tethered to the cap, below which a push-pull spout is found. This provides double protection against spills and leaks. If a custom logo imprinted sports bottle with a standard sport cap sounds like a product that would be a hit with your customers, we have several to choose from.

    Related Promotional Sports Bottle Terms

    Last but not least, we'll cover a couple of terms you'll see a lot on our promotional sports drink bottle product pages, but many not be familiar with. These two terms are carabiner and grommet, and we'll explain them for you now.


    A carabiner is made of metal and shaped like a capital D. It features a spring loaded gate that when pressed down, will open. This allows the carabiner to be attached to the item of your choice. We carry a grand array of custom sports bottles & bike bottles with carabiners. Anyone riding a bike who needs to keep their hands free for steering, or anyone who just wants to be able to transport their promotional sports bottle without having to constantly think about it will love carabiners. Carabiners are hardly limited to our promotional drinkware items. We offer many business promotional products that come with carabiners attached. Our promotional flashlights are just one of the many product categories where you’ll see this trend.


    A grommet is an eyelet placed in a hole in a sheet or panel to protect the hole it reinforces against wear and tear. Most our carabiner-equipped sports bottles are accompanied by a grommet to provide a sturdy and fail-proof connection.