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Our promotional crayon boxes make great promotional items for schools. Custom logo imprinted crayons are also ideal for restaurants, dentists, hospitals, banks, medical facilities, and anywhere else where bored children might otherwise get into mischief. Our personalized promotional soybean oil crayons from Prang are eco-friendly premium crayons that can create some beautiful pictures. If you’d like to learn more about our custom crayons & promotional crayon kits, scroll down to the informational section at the bottom of this page.

Promotional Crayon Boxes & Custom Promotional Crayons in Gift Sets

Promotional products for toddlers are often overlooked in the business world, but they can be a big part of a winning corporate branding strategy. Our promo crayons, custom crayon boxes, personalized crayon kits, and custom imprinted crayon accessories make great promotional products for kids & toddlers. Whether they’re calming a nervous child down at a doctor office, entertaining a bored child waiting at a restaurant or bank, or rewarding good behavior at the end of a dentist visit, our promotional crayons make kids feel good. It’s hard to put a price tag on that, but easy to see how such positive branding relationships with consumers can generate revenue. In addition to the above situations and businesses, our custom imprinted crayon box items also make perfect promotional gifts & art supplies for schools and day care centers.

Custom Crayons | Wholesale Crayon Boxes | Custom Art Supplies

We offer many types of custom crayons, promotional crayon boxes, personalized business logo crayon kits, and other crayon-based promotional arts & crafts gifts. Read on to learn a bit more about our different types of crayons and what makes each type unique.

Promotional Crayons – Different Styles Special Features

Promotional Crayons – Different Styles

Our affordable and high quality custom wholesale crayons come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. In addition to the traditionally shaped crayons that everyone knows, we also offer promotional jumbo crayons, eco-friendly custom soybean oil crayons, twist retractable crayons, two-pointed crayons, rainbow crayons, and a variety of crayon promotional gifts.

Classic Crayons

Our crayons are promotional products for kids that everyone already knows and loves. Whether a person is 4 or 84, nearly anyone can relate to the happy childhood experiences of coloring in a coloring book or letting your imagination run wild while drawing anything your mind can come up with. Our traditionally shaped promotional crayon packs show that sometimes, going back to the basics is the best way to go. They make great trade show giveaway items!

Custom Jumbo Crayons

Our custom business logo imprinted jumbo crayons are the perfect arts & crafts supplies for toddlers. They’re affordable as well as easy to grip and control and like all of our crayons, they’re 100% non-toxic. Their large size also makes them less likely to be lost and able to stand up to rougher use. Several crayon colors are available to keep kids entertained.

Promotional Two-Pointed Crayons

Promotional two-pointed advertising crayons are double the fun with two colors in one! Each of our two-pointed crayons consists of a 50/50 split of two colors with one occupying each end. Not only are they fun for kids and adults alike, but they also cut down on the potential for messes, since there are fewer crayons to be strewn about. Pair them up with our coloring books to really impress customers in your advertising campaigns.

Custom Imprinted Twist Crayons

Our custom imprinted twist crayons are unique kids’ promotional products that encourage creativity and discourage rowdy bored behavior. These promotional retractable crayons operate much like pens. Simply twist the base to have the tip of the crayon go in and out. Retractable twist crayons go a long way in preventing unwanted streaks on walls or any other surface.

Personalized Rainbow Crayons

Personalized business logo imprinted rainbow crayons make great promotional products for schools as well as just plain fun wholesale crayons for kids. Each one features a full spectrum of colors in a single crayon, so the drawings of your children or the children of your target market will be more colorful and whimsical than ever before. They’re also made from non toxic materials.

Special Features

Some of the crayons within our crayon box options have some unique characteristics that increase their value. We’ll discuss two of them in the following section.

Non-Toxic Promotional Crayons

Every pack of personalized crayons we carry is made from 100% non-toxic materials. In addition to our commitment to helping you promote your brand and spread awareness, we’re also committed to ensuring the safety of children and this is one of the many ways in which our custom design art supplies do just that.

Custom Imprinted Washable Crayons

If there’s one thing toddlers are notorious for doing, it’s using their crayons to scrawl on walls. Few parents haven’t had to deal with that frustration at some point. With our custom imprinted washable crayons, these marks can easily be wiped away.

Promotional Soybean Oil Crayons

Our eco-friendly promotional soybean oil crayons are made of 100% reusable resources. They also contain no paraffin wax, which by comparison, takes much longer to decompose. These Prang crayons are AP Certified Non-Toxic and create brighter colors and smoother drawing textures as compared to wax crayons. Custom design a set of these cost effective promotional items today!