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One little color changing giveaway item can bring a smile to the face of someone who’s having a rough day, and they’ll have your business to thank. That’s why our mood color change promotional products are the best giveaways for trade shows, fundraisers, charity events & any other goodwill spreading event. We offer several custom pencils that change color, personalied logo printed color changing promotional drinkware, and fun mood color changing stress toy giveaways.

Mood Color Changing Giveaway Products for Trade Shows, Fundraisers, Parties & Events

There’s just something about color that appeals to everyone. Whether you’re 1 or 101, you always get a kick out of a fun color changing item - it’s just something you never really outgrow, and that’s perfectly fine! That’s why our mood color changing trade show giveaway items are so popular. They appeal to the kid in all of us, and they make ordinary everyday items much more fun to use. When you have personalized logo imprinted color changing promotional products in your branding arsenal, you can be a part of providing that fun and little jolt of happiness which goes a long way in helping someone have a good day.

We offer a wide variety of wholesale mood color changing giveaway items & promotional products that are perfect for all occasions. Whether it’s a custom mood color changing smartphone wallet, fun promotional mood pencils that change color, or a personalized color changing beer stein that you’re after, we won’t let you down. We’re including a quick list below of the different types of color changing products we offer. You can read them all, or simply make use of our handy click-through menu and skip right to the category that interests you most.

Wholesale Promotional Mood Color Change Promotional Product Categories

  • Mood Color Changing Promotional Drinkware

  • Fun Custom Color Change Accessories & Apparel

  • Promotional Mood Color Changing Office Supplies & School Supplies

  • Custom Imprinted Mood Tech Giveaways that Change Color

  • Wholesale Mood Color Changing Stress Toys

  • Business Logo Imprinted Color Changing Kitchen Accessories

  • Additional Color Changing Mood Giveaways for Trade Shows & Events

  • Mood Color Changing Promotional Drinkware

    Any event can become a party with some fun, color-changing drinkware. Take our custom imprinted color changing shot glasses for example. They’re great promotional giveaways for most any industry, but can be used for a multitude of purposes at restaurants and bars. They can become the cornerstone of theme nights, an extra draw for when live entertainment is on hand, or just a fun little souvenir to take home if you have some customers who are stopping in from out of town. Are shot glasses not your style? No problem! We also carry mood color change tumblers, and custom imprinted mason jars that change color.

    Whether it’s a high school football game, college basketball game, minor league baseball game, or even a contest at the NBA, NFL, NHL, or MLB level, our wholesale color change stadium cups make for the perfect promotional giveaways. They’re a home run, a slam dunk, a touchdown, a hole in one, and any other sports cliché you’d like to apply to them.

    Sometimes people like to be a part of the action rather than just watching it. Bike races, road races, marathons, crossfit competitions are all becoming increasingly common, as health and fitness are on everyone’s minds these days. That’s why you’ll want your company logo to be imprinted on all of the best wholesale color changing sports bottles. Whether taking spin classes or riding actual bicycles on the open road or on scenic mountain trails, our BPA free personalized bike bottles that turn different colors are a hit with cyclists of all ages.

    Fun Custom Color Change Accessories & Apparel

    Since Mood Rings were what started the grand tradition of color changing accessories, we certainly can’t leave out their bracelet and other fashion accessory brethren. Our color changing mood bracelet giveaways offer some simple, basic retro fun, all the while spreading brand awareness with your custom imprinted logo. A new, modern, and if we do say so ourselves, brilliant extension of the mood bracelet concept is our promotional color changing mood watch. They’re among our best trade show giveaways for gyms, health clubs, yoga studios, and health clubs.

    Our color change giveaways will make your brand awareness and popularity so hot that you’ll have to wear shades! That’s not a problem of course, as we offer several styles of personalized mood color changing sunglasses for kids and adults. These are especially useful for outdoor trade shows, charity events, or conventions taking place in hot, sunny areas. Another top-seller is our wholesale color changing key chains. There’s literally no business that can’t benefit from these promotional trade show giveaway items, as users will reach for them every time they start up their cars or enter their homes. We’re talking years of repeated mobile advertising and impressions, day in and day out.

    Promotional Mood Color Changing Office Supplies & School Supplies

    Pencils, pens, erasers, rulers, and the rest of their ilk are another one of those things that are in our lives from beginning to end. As kids, they’re school supplies. When we reach adulthood, they reach adulthood with us and become office supplies. What better way could there be to keep a small part of our childhoods alive with some playful, color changing office supplies? For that matter, they’re also a great way to make back-to-school shopping a little less gloomy for kids.

    Reach out and make some lasting, profitable connections in the professional world with our logo imprinted color changing business cards. When all of the other cards in your contacts’ wallets run together, yours will stand out in living color. Custom imprinted mood pens that change color are a great way to cheer things up when your office employees are having a serious case of “The Mondays”.

    You can always drum up some school spirit when you buy wholesale promotional products for schools that kids will love. Our color change mood pencils and promotional color changing rulers will bring smiles to the faces of all new students on the first day of school. Our custom logo imprinted die cut erasers are available in a multitude of different shapes and sizes and are fun and innovative giveaways for education trade shows. If you’re in the veterinary businesses or animal pharmaceutical game, our color changing paw print pencils and wholesale die cut paw print mood erasers are promotional items you’ll not want to pass up.

    Custom Imprinted Mood Tech Giveaways that Change Color

    Promotional tech giveaways that change color are great not only as trade show giveaways, but also as promotional products for mobile phone retailers, cable companies, computer repair businesses, web design firms, and everyone else who is in-the-know when it comes to the latest and greatest gadgets. A perfect example would be our mood color changing cell phone wallets. These cell phone pocket giveaways add some storage space for items for anyone on the go. Their shape and size make them perfect for holding business cards, creating the perfect one-two tech promo product punch.

    Do you want to really get “moody” and take things up to the next level? Make it a triple play by adding in some color change mood stylus pens. Users will experience easier typing and less screen smudging, and you’ll experience the increased brand awareness and customer traffic flow that these fun tech giveaways are sure to bring.

    Wholesale Mood Color Changing Stress Toys

    You’ve probably noticed by now that we have a bit of a recurring theme going on here when it comes to the emotional benefits that one little color changing giveaway item can produce. There’s probably no area where that’s more of a factor than with our wholesale promotional color change stress balls. As users squeeze to relieve their stress, your personalized logo imprinted stress toys will react to the heat emanating from their hands and change colors. Gyms, health clubs, arenas, and college book stores will love our promotional sports themed mood stress balls. They’re available in football, baseball, basketball, and soccer ball shapes and designs.

    You may have noticed that we chose to call this category “stress toys” rather than “stress balls”. That’s because promotional stress toy giveaways don’t necessarily have to come in ball form. Take our Smilin’ Mood Stress Dude. This friendly, fuzzy little guy is there whenever you need to release a little bit of stress and give him a squeeze. He’ll respond by changing colors before your eyes. When you see him smiling up at you, it’ll be pretty hard not to smile back. These make great promotional products for hospitals, convalescent homes, children’s hospitals, and any other organization whose patrons might need a little bit of cheering up or relaxation.

    Make meal preparation and consumption more fun for your employees, customers, target audience, and their families with some fun promotional mood color change kitchen products. With the grip of a hand or the addition of cold liquids, these wholesale mood bowls, business logo imprinted color changing spoons, and fun color-dynamic stirrers will change hues and brighten moods.

    Additional Color Changing Mood Giveaways for Trade Shows & Events

    In addition to all of the great promotional mood trade show giveaways mentioned above, we have a few others we’d like to bring to your attention. These ones don’t fit in any one specific category, but will fit perfectly within your corporate branding strategies. Our promotional mood color changing ice scrapers happen to fit this bill. We understand that nobody enjoys having to scrape ice off of their windshields at the end of a long work day, or worse yet, at the beginning of one. That’s why your company will benefit from bringing a little bit of levity to the situation with a fun and functional ice scraper that changes color.

    Clothing retailers, camping supply companies, travel businesses, outdoor lifestyle outfitters, office supply stores, and many other organizations will love our mood color changing drawstring backpacks. Whether users are navigating campuses, enjoying a hike in the woods, or spending a day at the beach, these color change drawstring backpack giveaways will do your custom imprinted logo proud. Speaking of days at the beach, these promo mood drawstring backpacks are the perfect carrying vessels for our wholesale color changing custom flying discs. They’re perfect for a game of ultimate frisbee, a simple game of catch, or some beachside fun with your favorite four-legged friend. Don't forget to stay hydrated during your outdoor fun, which you can easily do with our personalized Mood color changing bike bottles and wholesale Mood stadium cups.