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Our custom imprinted garment bags are some of the best promotional travel products around. We carry custom zippered garment bags, bulk eco-friendly polypropylene garment bags, chic promotional leather garment bags & animal-friendly koskin leatherette garment bags, convenient promotional TSA friendly garment bags, handy personalized business logo shoe caddies, and much more. They're a great gift for existing and new customers and can work well as both giveaways and promotional retail items. 

Promotional Garment Bag Information

We know high quality clothing is an investment both you and your customers make, so why not protect that investment with a promotional garment bag perfect for travel from 4AllPromos? Whether it is a fancy cocktail party or important business conference, showing up in a wrinkled dress or suit should never be a possibility. A high quality custom garment bag is a the best way to protect against a fashion faux pas by storing garments and keeping them wrinkle-free.

4AllPromos offers a large selection of heavy duty and lightweight luggage items, so one of them is bound to speak to you! Read on to learn the differences that exist among our different garment bag styles in order to create the best products to meet your promotional needs.

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Promotional Garment Bag Materials

Our custom promotional garment bag products are made of a variety of different materials. We offer garment bags made of leather, faux leather, polyester, nylon, vinyl, and non woven materials. All are great for carrying a garment in convenience, helping to protect against wrinkles and keeping a coat, suit, dress, or other article of clothing secure from damage and loss.

Custom Leather Garment Bags

Nothing says luxury quite like leather. It's smooth buttery finish is a great way to show customers your commitment while providing them with a printed promotional product they won't soon forget. 4AllPromos offers an array of leather garment bag items in a variety of shapes and sizes! Don't forget, some of our products have leather trim if you don't want to spend as much, but still want a piece of elegance in your next giveaway.

Leather is a soft and flexible material, but it also stands up great to wear and tear. Hotels, resorts, and airlines, encourage customers to bring these leather goods with them on their next trip. Leaving one in the closet of a hotel room will make a great surprise and an ideal giveaway for guests. Not only will their clothes remain untarnished, but your brand emblem will look fantastic debossed on the elegant material! Try this Leather Valet Garment Bag to provide customers with a product that can handle all types of travel.

Custom Leatherette aka Faux Leather Garment Bags

Leatherette garment bags, which are also referred to as faux leather garment bags, are animal-friendly promotional products. Rather than containing any animal products, each leatherette garment bag is constructed from synthetic fibers which are sealed with protective layer of PVC coating. Our Estate Travel Bag is an example one of the best custom leatherette travel garment bags.

Custom Nylon Garment Bags

Are you looking to personalize a cheap promotional garment bag that doesn't compromise quality for cost? We have several options in a variety of different materials, we are sure at least one will speak to your brand and create a solution to its needs.

First off, let's get some material terminology down. You may see some of the nylon and polyester materials described with a “T” or “D.” Though subtle on the surface, these letters make a difference, as they stand for thread count or denier respectively. Essentially, the higher the number, the thicker and more durable that material is!

We'll now get started on discussing our nylon garment bags. Nylon is resistant to all types of wear and tear, from water and sun to even mildew! Whether you are taking a nylon garment bag along on a trip or are using it to preserve a special occasion garment in your closet at home, you can rest easy knowing it is one of the most durable materials out there!

Consider our Vacation Valet premium garment bag, a top seller that is perfect for clothing boutiques and dry cleaners who want to show customers they take the preservation of garments as seriously as style (this bag features beautiful leather accents!) They fold easily when not in use, creating a secure and easy way to store them in a closet or any other space you choose.

Custom Polypropylene Garment Bags

Calling all conservationists! Every non-woven garment bag is made from a recycled material that will impress your most environmentally conscious customers or employees! It's an easy way to make a positive difference while building your brand and keeping clothes wrinkle free. Polypropylene is also resistant to mildew and dries fast, so you can forget about rainstorms ruining that big meeting.

Additionally, a non-woven garment bag is typically less expensive than its woven counterparts, so you can be sure you are getting more bang for your buck with these high quality eco-friendly promotional garment bags!

Custom Polyester Garment Bags

Finally, we have polyester. Polyester is also quite durable, particularly when it comes to sun damage, so if you are a beach club or resort whose customers love the sunshine, this may be the ideal match for your brand! Though not quite as flexible as nylon or vinyl, this stiffer material is just as resistant to outside forces, if not moreso!

Have questions about what material might be the right choice for your next giveaway? Call the promotional products experts at 4AllPromos today for the best advice.

Folding Garment Bags, Hanging Garment Bags & Promotional Shoe Travel Bags

While choosing the material of your promotional garment bag great for travel is quite important, you should also take into consideration the shape of the bag that will be most useful to your customers. 4AllPromos has high quality hanging, foldable, even shoe-sized bags up for grabs, so read on to get some pointers on which one might be right for your brand!

Promotional Folding Garment Bags

Foldable and roll-up garment bags (also known as rolling garment bags) are the perfect option for you if you know your customers will be constantly on the go and may want to store more than just hangable clothes like suits and dresses. Our promotional rolling garment bags are travel-friendly because they can easily fit into another suitcase large or small.

These are great unique promotional items for the hospitality industry, as they're the best way to add a reminder of your commitment to easy and hassle-free trips.

Promotional Hanging Garment Bags

Hanging clothes bags are a great option for any and all clothing boutiques and dry cleaners looking to remind customers of their impeccable service. The perfect size for long style dresses, suits, and any other formal wear, hanging bags keep clothing wrinkle-free all day long! Check out this custom suit cover bag, which is great for all of your stylish customers and clients.

Promotional Shoe Travel Bags

One last shape offered at 4AllPromos are the shoe-sized bags that are another excellent option for the frequent traveler. Are you a new shoe store doing a grand opening giveaway? Perhaps you work at an outdoor gear shop looking to expand your business. Whatever the purpose of your next promotion, your business can stay on theme and in style with a custom shoe size garment bag, for the optimal promotional merchandise blend for your brand!

Now for the most interesting part of the promotion-- your custom imprint! A custom garment bag wouldn't be complete without a spiffy branded design guaranteed to attract new customers and retain existing ones! You'll offer users a way to store clothing in style and convenience while building your brand when you choose one of the business artwork personalization methods below.

Garment Bags with Custom Screen Printed Logos

One of our most loved imprint types is comes in the form of screen printing. This affordable printing method allows you to choose from a rainbow of shades and match the perfect one for your preference. Most suit bags with screen printed logos come with one color standard, but can often be upgraded to multiple colors for an additional fee.

We also offer full-color logo imprinted garment bags. Full-Color printing is slightly more expensive than screen printing, but with many products, it's worth the extra cost. Full-color printing is also known as 4-color processing. It creates bolder colors with a stronger contrast. It also provides shorter production times as multiple colors can be printed simultaneously, whereas screen printing requires a one-at-a-time color approach. It's a speedy method when your brand wants to add its emblem to a garment bag or shoe bag.

Garment Bags with Custom Embossed & Debossed Logos

We also offer embossed and debossed imprint options, which are guaranteed to add some class and elegance to any garment bag.This type of imprint is available on all leather garment & suit bags. Though this option is slightly more subtle than a screen printed or full color imprint, it will still garner so much attention whenever your customers bring a custom garment bag for to the conference, airport, or trade show.

Whatever model or imprint type you choose, you can be sure to expect lots of positive attention from everyone who sees your next promotion. Have questions about any of the specifics of purchasing a custom garment bag? Give the experts at 4AllPromos a call today - we are more than happy to help!

Promotional Garment Bag Terms

If you've encountered any unfamiliar terms when looking through our selection of garment bags, suit bags, and travel shoe bag items, this section will offer some definitions and explanations.

What Does the T stand for in "T Polyester"?

The T in T Polyester stands for thread count, or threads per square inch. Therefore, if you see a product made of 190T Polyester, it means that the item in question features 190 threads per square inch. The higher the number, the higher thread count and more durable the fabric.

What is Koskin Leatherette?

Koskin leatherette is a type of faux leather that is extra tough and durable. It's most frequently seen in luxury items including high-end wallets, luggage, and computer cases. It is UV resistant, water resistant, and of all forms of faux leather, it has one of the closest feels to actual leather. A testament to this fact is that koskin means “cow's skin” in Swedish. It's easy to clean dust off of them, keeping your garment bag looking great at all times.

What is Ripstop Polyester?

Ripstop polyester is a form of polyester that is interwoven with extra thick threads to create a fabric that with extreme resistance to rips and tears. Though ripstop is more commonly associated with nylon and vinyl, ripstop polyester is one of the most fail-proof and durable fabrics around. Do you want proof of this claim? Here it is: two of the products in which ripstop polyester is most commonly employed are stunt kites and hang glider canopies. That should give you an idea of how well they'll hold clothing while representing your brand.

What is a TSA-Friendly Garment Bag?

A TSA-Friendly garment bag is a garment bag that will present minimal trouble when going through airport security. They’re also called checkpoint-friendly garment bags and airport-friendly garment bags. This makes them ideal promotional carry-on garment bags for airline travel.

Custom Garment Bag Closure & Handle Styles

Our custom imprinted garment bags possess a variety of different closure and handle styles. Different types will fit different purposes and promotions, so it's a good idea to decide which combination of features will best fit your promotional needs.

Promotional Zippered Garment Bags

Many of our garment bags include zippered closures. Some have a simple U-shaped zipper pattern and feature double zipper closures for extra security. Many of our promotional suit garment bags. and promotional dress cover bags feature one single zipped closure down the center.

Promotional Garment Bags with Hanger Openings

Since most of your time isn't spent carrying your garment bag around, it's important to have an effective way of storing them when they're not in use. This is why we offer many promotional garment bags with hanger openings. These allow you to put a hanger into your dress, jacket, or coat and then slip the top of it through the garment bag’s top opening. Put the hanger on a rack and you’re all set!

Promotional Garment Bags with Polypropylene Webbed Handles

Garment bags with webbed polypropylene handles feature an easy and comfortable carrying experience. Webbed handles made from non woven materials are a sturdy and affordable option that help to create a high quality yet cheap business promotional product. They're not quite as strong as nylon or pure polypropylene varieties, so they're not found in some of our more heavy duty promotional garment bags.

Promotional Garment Bags with Grab Handles

The majority of our custom garment travel bags are described as having grab handles. There’s not too much to explain here - they function just as you’d expect them to. They’re sized such that you can fit your hand inside of their loops and easily clutch them for worry-free transportation.

Promotional Garment Bags with Dual Handles

Some of our premium promotional garment bags come equipped with dual handles. Some will have two handles at the top and others will have one handle at the top of the bag and one handle on the bottom. The latter setup is most often seen in our promotional folding garment bags, but can also be found in some of our traditional lightweight garment bags as well.