Custom Garment Bags

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Protect your valuable attire when you’re on the road for business trips or special events with branded custom garment bags. Get wholesale garment bags with logos as giveaways for customers and employees so everyone can travel in style.  

Customized Garment Bags for Your Brand’s Stylish Journey

Garment bags are used as luggage or storage to hold suits, dress shirts, dresses, coats, and other formal wear. They make it easy to travel to a conference, wedding, or retreat with delicate apparel. Custom garment bags do the job of keeping clothes free from wrinkles in transit and spreading brand awareness. 

What are the benefits of custom garment bags? Custom garment bags as promotional items offer the benefit of boosting your professional image. Imagine the uniformity and visual impact your team will make stepping off the plane with matching personalized garment bags.

The recipients of branded garment bags will appreciate the use they can get from this promotional item, creating customer loyalty and retention. Luxury clothing brands can offer or sell branded garment bags for dedicated customers to show off their purchases. 

Garment bags also protect clothing from environmental factors and are used for long-term storage. If your target audience includes wedding parties, business professionals, frequent travelers, or those who often attend formal gatherings, investing in logo garment bags is the perfect advertising tool. 

Types of Custom Garment Bags With Logo

From material size to extra pockets, 4AllPromos offers a variety of high-quality garment bags for you to choose from. Selecting the right bag depends on the features you want and the way you will add your logo. 

Water-Resistant Garment Bags

Water and liquids can damage certain types of clothing materials. Water-resistant branded garment bags will protect from bad weather, humid air, and spills. These bags are great for long-term storage or for traveling in rainy seasons. Promotional garment bags will keep customer’s clothes dry and reinforce trust in your business. 

Lightweight Garment Bags

Lightweight garment bags are the solution for the strict weight limits airlines impose on travelers. Businesses that fly frequently love our lightweight garment bags to keep their teams looking great and within weight. 

Long Garment Bags

Shorter-length bags are enough to store most types of clothing, but some outfits have to be kept as close to wrinkle-free as possible. Suits, tuxedos, dresses, and intricate costumes risk being ruined if they have to be folded up. Longer bags are great personalized dress bags, and they will avoid having to decide between protecting your garment or folding it up.

Foldable Garment Bags

People aren't always able to carry the garment bag by hand, especially if they're getting on a flight or going on a long trip. They often have to fold their clothes up, which is where our foldable garment bags come in handy. Our models are also TSA-friendly, so you can get through security in no time thanks to the clear pocket for ID and multiple zippers for easy access.

Garment Bags With Compartments

Some outfits are more complicated and require accessories to complete the look. If you need additional storage space to keep the outfit together, look for bags with multiple pockets. The compartments work well for other small traveling items too, saving room in the suitcase. 

Garment Bags With Card Holders

A personalized garment bag with a dedicated holder for IDs or tags is convenient for easy access and to prevent losing your bag. These cards are great for organization when you are storing your clothing. You can write what is in the bag and identify the content of each bag when you come back later on to retrieve it.  

Custom Garment Bag Materials

Promotional bags from 4AllPromos come in several material types. What is the best material for a garment bag? The best material will depend on your preferences for your bag, but nylon and polyester are two of the most common materials. The materials we offer include:

  • Leather — Durable and offers a high-quality luxurious appearance

  • Leatherette (Faux Leather) — For the look of leather at a cost-effective rate

  • Nylon — Nylon garment bags are lightweight, water-resistant, and mildew-resistant

  • Vinyl — Inherently waterproof and resistant to wear

  • Non-Woven Polypropylene —Eco-friendly recycled material that offers affordability

  • Polyester — Wrinkle-resistant and durable

Buy Wholesale Garment Bags With Logo in Bulk

Ordering garment bags wholesale is an excellent way to save money. We offer low, discounted prices when buying in bulk. Get custom logo garment bags to stock at your retail location or to give to staff for traveling to conferences and trade shows.

Branded bulk garment bags are a smart buy for tuxedo stores, high-end clothing brands, wedding planning companies, travel agencies, and international businesses. If you’re not ready to buy in bulk you can still place an order for our minimum quantity.  

FAQs About Custom Garment Bags

What colors are available for garment bags?
The majority of our products are offered in black. Some items also have a royal blue option and a white. You can always add more color to the product you want by choosing a full-color custom imprint to display your logo or company name.
How many outfits fit in a garment bag?
Usually, you can fit two to three outfits in a garment bag depending on the size. All of our garment bags will carry at least one outfit.
Can I add a logo on promotional garment bags?
We can imprint, embroider, or emboss a custom logo on our garment bags. A select number of our products offer debossed patches for adding your logo too. These are ideal for adding an extra touch of elegance to your bag.

Personalized Garment Bags Tailored for Your Customers

4AllPromos custom garment bags cater to every style and need with our variety of features and options. If you are hoping to increase your brand visibility, promotional garment bags will address your recipients’ needs while displaying the company name and logo to more people. This kind of campaign is a statement about your brand's commitment to quality and attention to detail.

You can dress to impress and carry your brand in style when you add custom garment bags to your cart. 

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