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4AllPromos is your one-stop-shop for the best emergency roadside kits! Browse our collection of promotional all-in-one highway emergency kits, branded personalized emergency breakdown kits for truckers, handy wholesale auto tool kit giveaways, potentially life-saving custom first aid roadside emergency kits, attention-grabbing custom branded car safety kits with emergency supplies, and the best car breakdown survival kits. All are perfect for promoting brand awareness and providing reassurance to users in the hardest of times. You don't want to take a road trip without one!

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You've reached the ultimate online destination for custom highway emergency kits, promotional jump start systems, personalized roadside first aid kits, custom automotive tool gift sets, and everything else users need to stay safe on the road. We carry all of the above and beyond, making perfect promotional products for garages, auto detailers, car washes, car dealerships, oil change businesses, and anyone else in the automotive game.

Select among our collection of company branded auto emergency breakdown kits with air compressors, tire gauges, road flares, safety cones, flashlights, ratchet sets, screwdrivers, survival supplies & more. These are the perfect promotional giveaway items & gift sets for making your business and its custom logo design synonymous with safety, security, and peace of mind.

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Different Types of Custom Roadside Emergency Kits

We offer many different kinds of promotional roadside rescue kits, many of which come with free shipping. Each is filled with highly useful tools to help motorists out when trouble strikes. Every time they make it through their perils and return their cars to perfect working order, they'll have your business to thank. Meanwhile, you'll generate countless advertising impressions along the way as your logo is spotted by all who pass by on busy highways, byways, and residential streets.

Promotional Auto Emergency Roadside Kits with Air Compressors

It's always a cause for alarm when someone sees a flat tire warning on their car's instrument panel console. This panicked feeling will be fleeting in nature as soon as they remember that they have a trusty air compressor to rely on to bail them out of trouble. When your business invests in our custom auto emergency kits with air compressors they'll see your custom logo design and have your company to thank when their tires are full and they're back on the road. These also make terrific promotional Father's Day gifts!

Custom Car Breakdown Kits with Jumper Cables

A malfunctioning or dead car battery doesn't have to kill someone's commute or plans. When drivers are confronted with batteries that just don't want to get going, your business can swoop in to save the day. Be sure to supply your customers, employees, and target market with promotional jumper cable sets, imprinted with your logo. All who pass by will see your logo and associate it with trustworthy service.

Branded Automotive Emergency Roadside Kits with Trunk Organizers

If you want to supply the public with an item that will protect them in times of trouble but also be useful when things are going fine, keep reading. Our personalized trunk organizer highway emergency kits do just that. These car emergency kits have all the tools motorists need during breakdowns, but also help to keep their trunks neat, clean, and organized even under the best of conditions. The model linked to earlier in this paragraph even comes with hook and loop fastener to adhere to trunk carpets, preventing the kits from rolling around and banging into other items.

In order to grown brand awareness in a positive way, it's imperative to only make good impressions. In other words, you need to choose your promotional products wisely. That's why we stress the importance of imprinting your personalized logo design on only the best promotional auto safety kits. You'll be doing just that when you order our custom roadside rescue kits with safety items such as flashlights, rain ponchos, cones, danger symbols, foam kneeling pads, and sturdy towing rope.

Promotional Widemouth® Roadside Kits

Widemouth® custom safety kits are widely regarded for their quality, longevity, and utility. The personalized Widemouth® roadside emergency kits offered on our site are surely not an exception. Each is packed with useful items to help distressed motorists make it through trying experiences on the road and get on with their plans in a safe and timely fashion.

Wholesale Auto Emergency Kits with Roadside Assistance

When a car acts up and the problems presented are too intense for its driver to handle alone, roadside assistance can truly be a godsend. Our custom car breakdown kits with roadside assistance provide 24-hour help when dealing with mechanical problems that need professional attention, an unexpected empty gas tank, or an otherwise expensive tow job. They can even be used to bring in help when frazzled motorists accidentally lock themselves out of their vehicles. Tools such as bungee cords, jumper cables, tire gauges, LED flashlights, seatbelt cutters, and more make them a great buy.

Custom Highway Emergency Kits with Road Flares and Banners

Vehicle breakdowns are especially scary and unwelcome when they happen at night. Your company can help to calm and reassure users any time they have car trouble after the sun goes down. Supply them with wholesale automobile emergency kits with road flares and visibility tools and they'll be out of harm's way and on the road to help in no time. When their troubles are over, they'll be sure to spread the word of your company's products to friends, family, and co-workers. Meanwhile, all passersby (as well as those who stop to help) will see your logo and mentally connect your business to quality, safety, and top performance. The result is a perfect spark to relationship marketing & positive emotional associations with your brand.

Promotional Emergency Auto Tool Sets with First Aid Kits

In addition to recruiting help and fixing up cars, many of our company branded automotive emergency roadside kits aid in keeping the bodies of users in top condition too. The bulk roadside first aid kits you'll find at 4AllPromos have items such as bandages, bug bite spray, sterile washing pads, safety instructions, protective gloves, and more.

Who wants to bother with multiple sets of first aid supplies and auto tools when it's possible to get everything in one package? We'd guess there are very few people who would. That's why our promotional all-in-one emergency breakdown kits are such a big hit. Custom logo printed car emergency kits that are brimming with all of the useful items a motorist in distress needs will really "drive" brand awareness in a positive direction.

Company Branded Car Breakdown Survival Kits

While it's never convenient to have a vehicle break down, there are always some factors that can make the situation worse than others. When breakdowns occur in remote areas, during late night hours, or in inclement weather conditions, users will need a little something extra to get them through the experience. Our promotional roadside emergency kits with survival supplies are designed for these scenarios. Containing items such as rain ponchos, emergency drinking water, and life-sustaining Mylar blankets, these are promotional giveaways that have ability to go beyond just saving cars. In some cases, they can even save lives.

Personalized Automotive Safety Tool Gift Sets

Does your business operate in the automotive industry and/or cater to the DIY crowd? If so, our customizable automotive tool gift sets are certain to be a smashing success for meeting your promotional needs. Full of handy tools in strong, sturdy, and attractive logo printed packaging, these gift sets will delight any gearhead or Mr/Ms Fix-It and make them the start of any road trip.

Promotional Roadside Emergency Kits for Trucks

Our personalized breakdown rescue kits aren't just for cars and small passenger vehicles. We have an array of custom truck highway emergency kits as well. Our personalized emergency breakdown kits for truckers include items such as orange emergency triangles, tow ropes with extra heavy pulling capacity, road flares for maximum visibility, and much more.

Customizable ATV Emergency Breakdown Kits

When mishaps occur during off-road adventures, you'll want to be able to provide your existing and potential customer base with the tools to get out of trouble and survive to tell their stories. Our company branded ATV emergency supply kits provide this exact utility. They pack all of the tools needed to get large, heavy vehicles out of the mud pits and back on the trails after a breakdown or exhausted fuel supply.

Design Your Own Promotional Roadside Emergency Kits

A promotional roadside emergency kit is kind of self-defeating if you leave out the whole "promotional" aspect. That's why it's important to pick just the right method for personalizing your custom auto breakdown kit with your business logo design. While our one color, one location logo imprints are an affordable and popular option, there are a few other personalization methods we'd like to quickly tell you about.

Some of our auto breakdown safety kits fall into the category of customizable roadside emergency kits with full color logo designs. While this option comes standard with some models and as an unavailable upgrade option with others, it is a great way to really bring your logo to life. Photographic reproduction of logo designs is a great way to catch eyes, turn heads, and make sure that your company logo graphic is the center of attention.

Custom Embroidered Highway Emergency Kits

Another popular way to go when it comes to promoting your brand to the fullest is taking advantage of our personalized roadside safety kits with logo embroidery. Embroidered logos can add a three-dimensional aspect to company branded designs. They also provide a visually appealing emblem that won't fade, chip, or flake away with time.

Branded Emergency Car Kits with Epoxy Dome Logos

Finally, we'll discuss our epoxy dome logo promotional roadside emergency kits for cars and trucks. These are customizable car breakdown safety kits that contain logos that are raised up from the surface and protected by a transparent and durable plastic dome. They take advantage of bold colors and unique shapes to attract the eye and make impressions upon the memory.