Imprinted Flash Drives

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Keep your brand on the desks of employees and clients with a custom flash drive.  When you buy promotional USB drives in bulk for trade shows and events, attendees will happily put the thumb drives to use storing data and get a glimpse of your logo every time.

Custom Flash Drives

Keep your brand on the desks of employees and clients with a custom flash drive.  When you buy promotional USB drives in bulk for trade shows and events, attendees will happily put the thumb drives to use storing data and get a glimpse of your logo every time. 

Data and Branding on the Go With Promotional USB Drives

Custom USB jump drives are a small, but convenient promotional item that provides functional value to the recipient. Order promotional flash drives to spread brand awareness at festivals or to have in the office when you need to transfer data.

What are custom flash drives? Custom flash drives are data storage devices with your business logo or name. Some companies also give out thumb drives with data preloads such as company documents, presentations, videos, or other media.

What are the benefits of custom flash drives? Custom flash drives are a great promotional giveaway for B2B audiences as well as B2C because of how quickly and efficiently they store and transfer data. In addition, the branded flash drives can be cleared and reused time and time again, helping to reinforce brand recall. 

To make your brand stand out at upcoming trade shows and presentations, combine your USB flash drive giveaway with items such as custom lanyards and personalized desk accessories.

Types of Custom USB Flash Drives

When you customize flash drives, you provide your customers and employees with a product that boosts productivity and convenience. You also get the benefits of a promo item that generates brand awareness anytime people use them.

Wristband Flash Drives

A wristband flash drive fits snugly on the wrist, ensuring you never forget your most important files. Wristband flash drives are the perfect freebie for busy students or workers on the go. 

Retractable USB Drives

Retractable USB drives offer users a safe, convenient method of carrying their files. The high-quality, durable, retractable design keeps the USB port connector safe. Retractable flash drives are excellent for important data you don’t want to lose. Easily carry this USB drive in your pocket or wallet without fear of losing valuable files.

Rotating USB Flash Drives

Rotating thumb drives offer an added level of security to your device. A solid cover swivels over the top of the USB drive port for protection and quickly slides back down when you need to access your data. Keep your photos, videos, and other files secure with one of our custom rotating memory sticks.

Mini Flash Drives

Mini flash drives are smaller, more compact personalized USB drives. The mini thumb drives are convenient for frequent travel since they take up minimal space.

Glowing Flash Drives

Show off your brand’s fun personality with glowing or LED custom USB flash drives. These branded memory sticks make great swag gifts with their vibrant colors and themes. A glowing USB flash drive is also beneficial for those who work in dimly lit environments, such as IT professionals.

Lanyard USB Drives

Our custom lanyard USB flash drives feature a strap that comfortably fits around the neck, with a flash drive hiding in the plastic clasp. This ensures you have access to the files you need, even when moving between conference rooms or expo booths. The laser engraving on the strap gives your company an upscale, professional appearance too.

Premium Flash Drives

Offer a flash drive with a more sophisticated appearance by selecting one of our branded leather flash drives or a custom bamboo USB stick. These flash drives let you add a premium personal touch to your promotional giveaways. 

Buy Promotional USB Flash Drives in Bulk

Get cheap flash drives when you order in larger quantities. Buying promotional flash drives in bulk is cost-effective, and provides enough product for anyone that visits your booth at a trade show. Companies that have professionals who spend a lot of time on the go will benefit from bulk USB flash drives to keep all documents safe and secure while traveling.

You can pre-fill your bulk order of branded USB flash drives with company contracts and details to close sales faster.

FAQs About Promo USB Drives

What is the memory capacity of these promo flash drives?
4AllPromos custom USB flash drives come in a variety of memory capacities to fit your needs. Our smallest custom USB flash drives hold 128 MB. Larger data transfers can be done with custom USB drives that hold anywhere from 1 GB to 16 GB. Check out this handy table to pick the right capacity for your order.

Storage Capacity Rating

Word Files (Pages)

Images (Files)

Audio (Files)

Video (Minutes)

128 MB





256 MB





512 MB





1 GB





2 GB





4 GB





8 GB





16 GB






Which colors are custom USB drives available in?
You can find custom USB drives in black, red, blue, silver, yellow, green, white, brown, purple, orange, pink, and teal. Select an imprint color to match your branding and use our easy customization process to choose unique fonts and designs.
Can I place my logo on promotional USB flash drives?
Yes. 4AllPromos makes it easy to create branded promotional flash drives. Our imprint methods include printing or an engraving of your logo. Work with our design team to create custom USB drives that best represent your brand. With free imprints on many flash drive products, you’ll find that 4AllPromos offers the best prices on the promotional products you need.
Are there discounts on bulk purchases of personalized flash drives?
Yes. When you order your customizable USB flash drives with 4AllPromos, you save the more you order. We offer discounts on wholesale flash drives in higher order number increments, helping you keep your promotional budget on track.

Custom Flash Drives Improve Connections

The compact data storage utility and ability to effortlessly share information is why personalized USB drives are always quick to go at trade shows. Make sure your company is remembered by offering a branded USB drive that best suits your style, whether that be color-matching your USB drives to your branding palette, laser engraving your logo on bamboo flash drives, or offering a printed lanyard.

Plug into success with an order of promotional USB flash drives. Check out the 4AllPromos online store to create and order your bulk thumb drives today.

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