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Welcome to our assortment of custom promotional USB flash drives! We have many different kinds of offer, all of which make great giveaway items for tech firms, computer repair companies, electronics retailers, and much more. Here you'll find many kinds of unique flash drive promotional items, handy personalized flash drives with key rings, gift-friendly custom no minimum order flash drives, bulk company logo mini flash drives, and many other varieties.

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Whether your preferred term is flash drive, thumb drive, jump drive, or USB drive, you'll find all of the best models right here. 4AllPromos is your #1 source for the best promotional USB flash drive products. We have many varieties, all of which make great custom giveaway items for trade shows and events, as well as logo imprinted retail items. Read on through the following section to learn more about the different kinds of wholesale flash drives with logos that are available on our site.

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Design Your Own Promotional USB Flash Drives

Different Types of Promotional Flash Drives

You'll find many different USB promotional items at 4AllPromos, and our collection of custom imprinted flash drives is not an exception. Whether you're looking for a specific size, color, shape, material, or data capacity, you'll find it right here. Looking to safe money? No problem! We have options running from basic cheap models to high end premium styles. Read on to learn more.

Wholesale Cheap Flash Drives

Your company can invest in high quality promotional flash drives without breaking the bank. Buy cheap USB flash drives in bulk from 4AllPromos and you'll have great giveaway items for impressing the tech crowd. While our lower-priced options tend to have a bit less data storage capacity, they can still successfully take on many different tasks.

Custom Swivel USB Drives

If you want a little bit of added protection for the USB connector area, our promotional swivel flash drives are a great bet. They're connected to an outer casing, from which they can swivel outward for usage and back inward when disconnected from devices.

Promotional Retractable Flash Drives

Another great style of safety-oriented thumb drives can be found in our custom retractable USB drives. These are designed with USB connectors that can slide in and out of an external housing with the use of a sliding toggle switch. With these, USB connectors can be safely tucked away when not in active use.

Bulk Keychain Flash Drives

Some of the products within this category offer more than one tool in a single unit. This is the case with our promotional flash drive keychains. In addition to offering digital data storage, they also provide an implement to for keeping keys and store cards organized. These items will travel everywhere that users do, so their potential for creating advertising impressions is enormous, to say the least.

Custom Novelty Flash Drives

Everyone likes to have some fun with their branding activities. In addition to making things more interesting, providing users with a laugh or with an item that breaks from the mold is a great way to help them remember your brand. With this in mind, we'll tell you a little bit about some of our more unique custom USB drive styles.

Custom Printed Wristband Flash Drives

Flash drives that users can wear are less likely to become misplaced than most models. They're also a fun and memorable way to make sure users literally don't lose sight of your brand. We have personalized flash drive wristbands for men, colorful customized wristband flash drives for women, and even promotional USB drive bracelets. All are imprinted with your logo and will be a hit at tech industry trade shows and events.

Personalized Lanyard USB Drives

Another trade show friendly and wearable flash drive style you'll find on our site is comprised of our custom lanyard flash drives. Worn around the neck or held in the hand, these can be used to display ID cards and badges as well as just being a fun way to keep track of one's data.

Promotional Credit Card Thumb Drives

If your business wants flash drives in an unusual yet fun shape, our branded credit card flash drives are sure to please. These are great items for carrying in wallets or purses, ensuring that needed data is always nearby and readily accessible.

Custom Shape Flash Drive Giveaways

Our credit card flash drives aren't our only models of flash drive promotional items in unique shapes. Some of our other fun, memorable, and left-of-field shapes include light bulbs, hearts, and belt buckles.

Flash Drive Promotional Items - Materials

Be it for environmental concerns or any other reason, your company (or its target market) may desire flash drives made from specific materials. Whatever the motivation may be, the items you need are available at 4AllPromos. We have flash drives made from plastic, bamboo, and other materials as well. The next trio of paragraphs will address some of our more prominent materials.

Wholesale Plastic USB Drives

Many of the items you'll find on this page fall into the category of bulk plastic flash drives. Our plastic flash drives tend to be more affordable than most other materials. They also have the greatest variations in shape and color. Some also have metallic style coatings for a super high-tech look.

Custom Bamboo USB Flash Drives

If your company is searching for eco-friendly jump drive options, our promotional bamboo USB flash drives will be an ideal match. Made from sustainable and renewable materials, these custom USB items have a unique look where natural and rustic meets high-tech and modern. They come in several different styles and run the full gamut of data capacities.

Branded Leather Flash Drives

Another material you'll find in the makeup of some of the flash drives at 4AllPromos is leather. Custom leather thumb drives have a strikingly unique look that will draw eyes to your logo and make a big statement at trade shows, events, around the office, and in campus libraries and computer labs. Many are styled to look somewhat like belts or pocket knives, making them a great fit for a wide variety of different businesses.

When you see a number followed by MB or GB in the names of our flash drives, it is a reference to how much data they can store. One GB (gigabyte) is equal to 1,000 MB (megabytes). Therefore, our flash drives with capacities measured in GB will have higher data storage capabilities than those measured in MB. The more gigabytes of data in the title, the more data the flash drive can store. Below, we've included a list of available capacities along with a table to show what is possible with different capacity rankings. Word documents are measured by pages, Images by image quantity, audio/MP3 by file quantity, and video by minutes.

  • Promotional 128 MB Flash Drives
  • Wholesale 256 MB Flash Drives
  • Bulk Branded 512 MB Flash Drives
  • Custom 1 GB Flash Drives
  • Personalized 2 GB Flash Drives
  • Logo Imprinted 4 GB Flash Drives
  • Promotional 8 GB Flash Drives
  • Customized 16 GB Flash Drives
Storage Capacity RatingWord Files (Pages)Images (Files)Audio (Files)Video (Minutes)
128 MB2,400803040
256 MB4,8001606080
512 MB9,600320120160
1 GB19,200640240320
2 GB38,4001,280480640
4 GB76,8006409601,280
8 GB153,6005,1201,9202,560
16 GB307,20010,2403,8405,120

Design Your Own Promotional USB Flash Drives

Personalize your promotional thumb drives by way of decorating them with your company logo. A creative and well-designed logo graphic will go far in helping to create positive, powerful advertising impressions. This leads to increased brand awareness and customer loyalty. We offer both custom printed flash drives with your logo and corporate logo engraved USB flash drives. Imprinted models are generally more affordable, while engraved models offer logo designs with superior longevity.