Five Memorable Marketing Materials for Trade Shows

Top Five Trade Show Marketing Materials
Scott Kalapos on Aug 22, 2023

What is your strategy for bringing more attention to your brand? The answer should depend completely on who your target audience is. What channels are they most likely to interact with? What problems do your potential clients face and how can you address those problems with your marketing materials?

Trade Show Marketing

There are many strategies for increasing brand awareness that you can implement, one of which is taking part in trade shows. A trade show is an opportunity for businesses to promote their products and/or services within a specific industry.

Generally, these exhibitions feature a large number of companies that each have a trade show booth to display their marketing materials.

In-Person Marketing

What makes trade show marketing unique is the face-to-face factor. You have to draw trade show attendees to your booth so that you can share about the company and promote the brand to these potential customers. Additionally, you can build your professional network by communicating with other corporate representatives that have a booth to visit.

The Importance of Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Displays

How you set up your booth will directly impact your ability to connect with future customers at this type of event. For this reason, you need to make sure that your booth will stand out from the rest, especially since every company will be competing to draw the attention of the same visitors. 

Drawing People In

To make attendees interested in your organization, you need to have a booth display that catches their eye, welcomes them, and makes it clear that your team can provide value to their lives. To create a lasting impression, you need to decide which marketing materials will make your trade show booth stand out.

Marketing Materials Your Booth Should Have

While your reason for attendance may involve multiple goals, the priority is to get trade show attendees to start the purchasing process after interacting with your display.

You can accomplish this through various methods, all of which depend on the marketing materials that you bring. Here are a few things that your organization should include in all your trade show displays.


Trade Show Banners 

First, you need to grab the attention of passersby. Creative banners can combine color, design, and text to ensnare the interest of potential customers, drawing them toward your booth.

The personalized banners should feature bold colors, a simple design, and ways to entice and engage the audience. The most important information should be at the top and the largest font size on the banner. Check out these trade show banner tips (opens in a new window) for some great advice.

Business Cards

Business Cards

If you have a booth at a trade show but do not bring any business cards, then you are making a huge mistake. Sure, people might remember the giveaway item they received, but turning someone into a loyal customer requires something actionable. A business card gives them vital information about who they spoke with and how to learn more about your company. Plus, business cards are very cost-effective in terms of marketing material.

Always have a business card available for every visitor to establish a relationship between them and the brand.


Trade Show Tote Bag Giveaways

Holding giveaways at your booth is a very common trade show marketing strategy. First, it can create a good impression with customers by providing value in some way. Second, it makes them more likely to remember your organization whenever they use items that display your logo, increasing the chance that they will begin the purchasing process. Third, it can spread brand awareness if other people take notice of the logo on the item.

A creative order example for trade show giveaways includes tote bags, custom pens, reusable grocery bags, koozies, water bottles, coffee mugs, key chains, hand sanitizers, and tech accessories.



Brochures are a great way to pack a lot of information into a small amount of space. They are also marketing material that visitors can take with them. Customized brochures can advertise a special promotion, display an order example, invite the reader to the website, start a relationship with new clients, and describe the service or products your company provides.

Additionally, if clients take brochures away when they leave, they are less likely to forget about your organization. This means you can accomplish many goals just by giving out a few well-designed brochures.


Name Tags

Nametags may not seem like vital marketing materials, but they can have a big impact on the first impression that people will have of your organization. Anyone who comes to your booth wants to know who they are speaking to, and in case you do not remember to introduce yourself, a custom nametag can be an easy way to create familiarity. Make sure that the lettering is large and easy to read.

All your displays and other materials could be meaningless if the people you interact with do not have a friendly encounter with representatives, so help make a lasting impression by wearing prominent nametags.

Marketing Materials are a Conversation Starter

While you can choose fun materials to bring focus to your booth, they are simply a tool to open up a conversation. Being able to talk about your service effectively and listen well is far more important than the items at your table.

Practice your product or service pitch so that it becomes second nature, and use your marketing materials as leverage to start a conversation.

Need more trade show tips? The link in the previous sentence will tell you everything you need to know.

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