Custom Wine Bags

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Custom wine bottle bags are eco-friendly promotional items that can be used for wedding or party favors, swag at corporate events, or at vineyards and wine shops to package a customer’s favorite bottles.

Advantages of Using Promotional Wine Bags

Wine bags are the perfect alternative to wrapping paper when gifting bottles. What is a wine bag? A wine bag, also called a wine tote or wine bottle bag, is a tote bag that is designed to carry one or more bottles of wine. Wine enthusiasts, event planners, and marketing directors can use customized wine bags as branded promotional items to gift and transport wine. 

Most of our wine bags are reusable and eco-friendly. They’re the perfect freebie add-on to an order or point-of-purchase placement for vineyards, wine clubs, and liquor stores. They also pair well with personalized cutting boards or a pair of wine glasses for a complete gift package.

What are the benefits of using wine bags? The benefits of choosing wine bags include:

  • Being eco-friendly, our wine bags are made from materials like Kraft paper, PET, and non-woven polypropylene.
  • They’re reusable, functional for the customer, and continued brand exposure for you. 
  • Wine carrier totes are an alternative to gift wrap for birthday and Christmas gifts, just add a bit of tissue paper and a gift tag.
  • Wine bottle gift bags are a classy way to send wine home with guests and customers from events.

Types of Wine Bags in Our Collection

We're proud to offer a wide variety of wine bag styles. We have wine gift bags, sturdy canvas wine bags, and even options for a fancy hostess gift. 

Neoprene Wine Bags — Offer a strong but flexible, water-resistant fit. The snug fit and durable material offers a bit of extra protection when transporting wine and champagne bottles. 

Wine Gift Bags — The perfect touch to a bridal shower, birthday, Father's Day, Mother's Day, or other festive event. Our metallic wine totes are great party supplies. Complete the gift with a wine opener or barware accessories.

Multi-bottle Wine Tote Bags — A multi-bottle tote is a great product for a vineyard or wine shop to offer as a reusable shopping bag or give to guests to encourage purchasing both a bottle of red wine and a bottle of white.

Insulated Wine Bags — Insulated custom wine bags with logo imprinting or embroidery will show off your branding in style. An insulated personalized wine bag will keep wine at temperature until you’re ready to pull the cork! 

Jute Wine Bags — Jute wine bags are one of our best sellers. The jute fiber offers a stylish, rustic look similar to burlap wine bags.

Drawstring Bottle Totes — If you don’t want to worry about the tissue paper in your gift, a drawstring wine tote can close at the top to hold the wine gift and better protect the bottle.

Reusable Branded Wine Bags vs Personalized Paper Wine Bags

Most of the wine bags we carry are reusable personalized wine bags. We do offer the option to customize single-use paper bags. While reusable bags cut down on excessive single-use plastic consumption, paper bags are made from renewable and recyclable resources.

A brown paper bag wine bag is a great choice to print your business logo for branded wine bags at a liquor store, grocery store, or convenience store. Reusable wine bags are better for giving a gift, as winery souvenirs, or mementos from a special event such as a wedding or retirement party. 

Our custom wine bottle bags can be personalized with your logo or message. We offer affordable single-color screen printing, and full-color logo imprints for bold and eye-catching designs. Some of our wine bags can be customized with embroidery, creating a long-lasting, colorful design.

Get Custom Wine Bags Wholesale

Personalized wine bags work well as party favors, but shops and businesses that send customers home with wine regularly should consider buying custom wine bags in bulk. Our wholesale prices save you money if you’re catering to a large audience. All of our wine bottle bags and wine carriers have a lower per-unit price when buying in bulk. 

Uncork Your Brand with Customized Wine Bags

The practicality and reusability make promotional wine bags a thoughtful gift and powerful marketing tool. You can boost your brand’s reputation with our eco-friendly choices. Make every wine bottle a brand ambassador with custom wine bags. 

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