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Our custom business logo imprinted promotional wine bottle bags make for excellent corporate promotional gifts & promo items for liquor stores & vineyards. All of our promotional wine tote bags, unique custom imprinted insulated wine totes, cheap personalized paper wine bottle bags, eco-friendly recycled non-woven wine bottle bags, handy customized four bottle wine bottle bags, and all of our other promotional wine bags are guaranteed to meet & exceed expectations.

Custom Imprinted Promotional Wine Bottle Bags

Add a little extra class to your next marketing event with the use of promotional wine bottle bags. Offering a unique way to get your company’s image out there, imprint a custom logo front and center. This truly becomes the promo item that keeps on giving because it can be gifted again and again! When you expose your brand in this way you are also spreading a thoughtful and caring image of your company. There are a lot of different aspects that make up these wine gift bag accessories, so continue reading to learn more about the different features our promotional wine bottle bags have to offer. Don't forget, they go great with our custom holiday bags as well as our wine openers and promotional wine glasses.

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Custom Wine Bottle Bag Sizes
Promotional Wine Bottle Bag Materials
Additional Features of Our Custom Business Logo Wine Bottle Bags

Custom Wine Bottle Bag Sizes

The first element that you should probably consider when determining which wine bottle bag best fits your promotional needs is size. This doesn’t necessarily mean the dimensions, although that is an important number to note. In this case, it is important to decide primarily how many bottles of wine you would like to be able to fit in the carrier. The different options we offer include wine gift bags with room for either one, two, four or six bottles.

Promotional Single Bottle Wine Bags

If you are looking for this size, you’re in luck because we offer a lot of different single wine bottle totes. With these wine gift bags, there are multiple novelty options which are perfect for holiday gifts, such as this Promotional Holiday Wine Gift Set. As well, there are others that have a more classic style. Some of the simpler options we offer make a great option for for liquor stores to give out with purchases. No matter what the use, the single bottle wine carriers are some of our best sellers as they encourage good relationships between business and customers.

Two-Bottle Wine Handbags

Wine carriers with room for two wine bottles have many of the same uses as those with room for only one lone bottle. With the leap from a single to a double wine bottle bag, many things don’t change, with the exception of size. For example, the cost usually does not increase drastically so with certain double wine bags you may actually be getting more bang for your buck. As for the use, these are also perfect for wineries, vineyards and grocery stores. The users will love how seamlessly they can carry a bottle of red wine and a bottle of white wine in our promotional dual wine bottle bags to their next dinner party!

The next size type to explore is the bags that can fit four or more (usually six) wine bottles. Due to the fact that these are a little less common, most of the products of this size take on the traditional features. If you’re looking to buy wine bottle bags wholesale or want some extra room, you may want to view our 6 bottle non-woven polypropylene wine totes. With the size and the shape of most of these bags, it makes sense that the imprint is also larger and more noticeable. As a promotion, it is important not to just have a product where the company logo is easy to see, but you want an item that makes your brand hard to miss. The larger wine bottle bags we offer will most likely serve your company best at events such as wine tastings, beer festivals, and more!

Promotional Wine Bottle Bag Materials

The material used to create each wine bottle accessory is another important characteristic to consider that you must consider. Each fabric offers different benefits and drawbacks when it comes to strength, insulation, damage resistance, and much more. Here is a list of different fabrics used to make our wine bottle carriers and how they influence the use of the product. We'll cover paper wine bags, plastic bags, and many other materials of custom printed wine bags for users to hold their favorite bottle.

Promotional Non-Woven Polypropylene Wine Bottle Bags

Non-woven polypropylene is arguably our most prevalent and popular fabric for bags in general, not just our wine totes. This material is made from pieces of recycled plastic that are bonded together to form different items. It is involved in the construction of our most durable promotional wine bottle bags. It is also ideal for those that are eco-friendly! Not only is polypropylene 100% recyclable, it is often made from 20-100% post-industrial recycled materials. Polypropylene is also one of the most affordable materials. This is due to the quick production and no need for sewing the bonded polymer plastic (being non-woven, it is more similar to a printed sheet of plastic than canvas). With wallet-friendly cost and durability, polypropylene is a great choice for making the best wine totes!

Polypropylene is often measured by the weight of the material. Measured by GSM, or grams per square meter, polypropylene tends to be considered by the density and weight of the polypro. Similar to polyester, the higher the GSM number, the stronger and more durable the quality. For example, 80 GSM could handle more use than 60 GSM.

Promotional Neoprene Wine Bottle Bags

When one thinks about about neoprene, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a wetsuit. Interestingly enough, their purpose in these garments isn’t so different from those intended when making a wine bottle bag made of this same material. Neoprene was created as a synthetic rubber and has some key features that make it useful in a broad range of products. A neoprene wine bag has the advantage of being flexible, water resistant, and super strong. This fabric can stand up to a lot of punishment while still looking great and working well. Although neoprene has limitations in some areas, it’s always a top choice when it comes to bags and other items used for protection. In our promotional wine bottle carriers, it will always offer prime support, protection, and performance. These wine bags make excellent promotional products for liquor stores, vineyards, and more.

Promotional Canvas Wine Bags

Canvas exists in many forms, but cotton canvas is one of the most frequently seen, such as in our promotional cotton canvas wine totes. Custom wine totes made of this material sport a natural color that makes any imprinted company logo stand out. The fabric itself is extremely decorative though and boats other handy features as well. Canvas is a heavy duty weaved cotton fabric and can hold its own, as it is wind and weather resistant. While it doesn’t hold up to every adverse condition in the world, it is still a customer favorite that will work perfectly for your next promotional event. It’s also perfect for creating a custom printed wine tote that walks the tightrope between rustic and bohemian.

Promotional Paper Wine Bags

When wine bags are made of paper, their usage differs a bit when compared to custom wine tote bags made of other materials. Although it is possible to use paper wine bottle bags for multiple occasions, many of our customers choose paper wine bags for one time use. Similar to the canvas wine carrier, the paper’s natural tone always makes a business logo imprint pop. If you need to keep a low budget but don’t want to compromise look, invest in these cheap promotional wine bags. The affordable and recyclable nature of using paper will makes these affordable wine totes a true peer of their fabric-based cousins. We also have reusable and washable paper wine bags

Promotional Wine Bottle Bags Made of Other Materials

The materials listed above are the most commonly used for custom wine totes, making up the vast majority of the inventory we offer. We do have a few novelty wine bottle bags made of various materials including silicone, flexible PVC plastic, felt and polyurethane. Take a look at the specific product descriptions to learn more about how these materials enhance their products. Some of the products that take on these materials include, the Flexi-Bottle Chiller, Ice Wine Bag and Silicone Bottle Hugger. These are some of our more unique products and will most definitely drum up some conversation. When it comes to promoting your brand, few things work better than good old-fashioned word of mouth.

Our line of promotional wine bottle bags offers a great deal of diversity. There’s truly something for everyone and a custom wine bottle bag to fit the promotional needs of any business. Whether it be closure, handles, pockets, storage, insulation, or sewn-in dividers, there’s something that makes every one of our custom wine bottle bags a unique promotional item.

Wine Bottle Bag Closures & Handles

The mechanism of closure creates varying degrees of strength, access, and protection. Unlike lunchboxes or duffle bags, many wine bottle carriers don’t need closures to the safety of their contents. While it may be preferable, the design of the bag doesn’t require it as handles and dividers help to keep wine bags and the bottles they contain upright. For a little something extra to ease your mind there are a decent number of wine totes with closures. Velcro, snap buttons, and drawstring cinches are a few of the unique closure types that are available. If this added level of security sounds appealing, you might want to consider this 4 Bottle Non Woven Wine Bag. It features Velcro handles, making it easy to use without sacrificing its sleek look. It'll be a big hit at your next party, trade show, or event.

Promotional Insulated Wine Bottle Bags

Insulation is an important feature when it comes to deciding which promotional wine tote is the best for your business. Some of your favorite wines may need to be chilled, so insulated wine carriers may actually turn out to be a practical option. You may think all insulation is the same however a lot of our wine accessories work in unique ways. Some take the more classic approach and maintain the temperature with the help of thermal lining, while other products in our inventory use different, more innovative methods. For example, the Ice promotional insulated wine bottle bag provides insulation by adding ice cubes to the heat sealed pockets. It allows you to swing both ways on the insulation spectrum, based on whatever best fits the situation. Looking to tote just more than wine? Consider our insulated growler bags and Cellar Cooler Totes which are great for beer too!

Bonus Features

The promotional wine totes within our inventory each offer a unique set of benefits. Some of these promo wine bags come equipped with extra pockets, sewn-in dividers, insulation, or complementary bottle openers. If you want all of these features and more, the Modesto Picnic Carrier Set may be just the right fit for you.

If you have any further questions or concerns about our custom wine totes and personalized wine bags, don’t hesitate to a 4AllPromos promotional products expert. Their vast knowledge of our products and the related choices will help you choose the best product for your business promotional needs.