School Spirit Promotional Products

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Promotional Products for Schools | Imprinted Rally Towels | Custom Foam Hands

Perk up your next pep rally with our full line of school spirit promotional products. From imprinted stadium cups to custom hand fans, we have everything you need to give your fans a way to show off their devotion to the team or advertise your business to students, teachers, parents, and more. Best of all, we can imprint many of these items with your favorite saying, company logo, or mascot image to help show off what makes your school (or brand) so special.

Personalized Rally Rags | Foam Promo Giveaways | Promotional Tailgate Supplies

Exciting school sports fans is easy with our promotional tailgating gear supplies. From custom rally rags to personalized foam hands, we have everything you need to cheer on the hometown team in style. Add your custom logo or school mascot to make these spirited promo giveaways extra special.

Custom Car Magnets | Foam Promo Giveaways | Promotional Pom Poms

Giveaway Products for Schools

Custom Tailgating Supplies

Promotional Foam Products

Giveaway Products for Schools

Getting students and families excited to show off their school spirit is easy with our giveaway products for schools. From custom tailgating gear to personalized school supplies, we have everything you need to make a big impression. Plus, most items can be imprinted with your school logo, mascot, or message for added appeal.

Personalized Stadium Cushions

Cheering on the team is much more fun when you have custom stadium seat cushions to keep you comfortable on the bleachers. Our stadium cushions come in a variety of styles, colors, and thicknesses to help you promote your school or brand while keeping fans happy. Worried about breaking your budget? We also offer an array of wholesale cheap stadium cushions to meet your needs.

Bring attention to your business, sports team, or favorite cause with our custom awareness bracelets. Numerous styles and designs are available, making it easy to choose one that matches your branding.

Embroidered Felt Pennants

Students and fans will love showing off their school pride with our custom pennants. 4AllPromos offers numerous full-color sizes and styles to help give your audience something to talk about. Felt pennants are a great addition to any school promotional products arsenal and can even be paired with stadium cups or blankets to create a fun gift basket idea.

Promotional Hand Fans

Keep the loyal supporters of every school's team cool while keeping brand awareness hot with our wholesale branded hand fans. Also used as auction paddles, our hand fans are sturdy and fun to use. They're also effective in keeping users comfortable while flashing your personalized business logo imprint for all to see.

School Supply Giveaways

Celebrate star students with our custom school supplies. Promotional products for schools make a great gift idea for honor roll students, incoming freshmen, or teachers you want to celebrate. Best of all, most can be imprinted with a special message or school logo.

Custom Sports Balls

Ready to show off your business in a unique and exciting way? Whether you’re championing on the links with custom golf balls or simply want a memorable giveaway item, our promotional sports balls are just the thing you need to get the job done. We offer everything from beach balls to basketballs, exercise balls, kick sacks, and more.

Wholesale Car Magnets

Bring your school pride or marketing message along for a ride with our custom printed car magnets. A special magnet helps keep the design in place on your vehicle, while a variety of colors and styles allow you to choose the one that best represents your school or business.

Personalized Shoelaces

Looking for a unique way to spread school spirit? Custom shoelaces are fun, affordable, and a wonderful way to help boost team morale. Select from multiple colors, styles, and even light up options to help make the next game or event extra special.

Dog Tags in Bulk

Students will love showing off their school pride with our custom dog tags. These necklaces come in an array of styles, including aluminum, bronze, etched, and more. Choose a simple option or a customized design for a very special occasion.

Promotional Antenna Balls and Wooden Tokens

Help fans show off their favorite team, school, or business with our selection of custom antenna toppers and bulk wooden tokens with logos. These items are a great way for families to display their pride around the neighborhood or in town. Plus, wooden tokens are an excellent addition to any event.

Promotional Hitch Covers

Parents will love showing off their child’s school with our custom hitch covers. Add your own logo, mascot, or message and pair them with other related products to create a memorable promotional giveaway.

Custom Tailgating Supplies

Bring joy to your biggest fans with our line of promotional tailgating supplies. Whether they’re gearing up for the big football game or simply want to show off their school spirit, our custom coolers, koozies, and water bottles make a great choice. Plus, they are great gift ideas for your top team supporters.

Promotional Rally & Fitness Towels

Your school, business, or team will receive plenty of praise when you hand out our fun, personalized rally rags. These imprinted rally towels are plush and feature the option to add a logo or message. Create a set for the team locker room or to give away at your next event!

Custom Folding Chairs

Give fans the ability to kick back and relax at your next match, meet, game, or practice with our personalized folding chairs and stadium seats. Choose from multiple styles, sizes, and colors – or opt to complete the set with a custom folding table.

Personalized Stadium Cups

Impress fans and help them cheer on the team long after the season ends with our custom stadium cups. Select from various sizes, colors, and styles to meet your needs. Stadium cup giveaways are a great way to excite crowds and reach your audience without needing a huge budget.

Bulk Temporary Tattoos

Students and fans of all ages love to wear custom temporary tattoos. Add your school mascot, logo, or other design to help boost morale and cheer on the home team. You can even create a tattoo with your business logo to promote your brand at your next event! Best of all, these tattoos are temporary and wash off right away, making them very child friendly.

Bulk Event Wristbands

Showcase your next school fundraiser, game, or match with custom event wristbands. These products are great for special events like homecoming, prom, football games, and so much more. A variety of color options and prints are available to suit your needs.

Customized Flags

Flags are a great way to show off school spirit at home or on the go. Whether you’re looking for something small for fans to add to their vehicles or need a sail sign for posting outside an event venue, our selection of promotional advertising flags has just what you need.

Wholesale Noisemakers

Help students and fans pump up the volume by purchasing noisemakers in bulk. We’ve got everything from kazoos to cowbells and pretty much everything in between. Plus, these products can be customized with your logo and colors, so you can create a promotional giveaway that’s sure to be remembered.

Custom Pom Poms

Give fans something to cheer about with promotional pom poms. Choose from a variety of colors or have your school logo printed on the handle. These are a fun and economical giveaway item that will delight students of all ages.

Promotional Foam Products

Promotional foam products are a fun way to impress students and fans at your next pep rally or event. Choose from a variety of designs, including foam hands, foam hats, and other exciting spirit wavers. These products are a wonderful, budget-friendly option to build school spirit and show the team that they have a whole legion of fans ready to cheer them on.

Promotional Foam Hands

Showing the world that your team is number one is easy with our personalized foam fingers. Our custom foam hands come in numerous sizes and colors and offer the ability to add your unique logo or saying. Need a paw print or other fun shape? We’ve got those, too!

Personalized Foam Spirit Wavers

Looking for a promo item that your audience can wave loud and proud? Our spirit wavers come in numerous colors, styles, shapes, and sizes, making them an ideal option for your foam promo giveaways. Cheer on your favorite team or show off your business with our wide selection of designs meant to bring spirit to your event.

Bulk Foam Hats

Add a special touch to your marketing efforts by handing out imprinted foam hats to sports fans and other event attendees. These unique products can be custom designed to feature your business logo, school mascot, and more! Plus, they’re available in a variety of unique shapes and styles to meet your needs.