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Promotional mints offer a refreshingly simple yet impactful way to leave a lasting impression on your clients and customers. Perfect for trade shows, corporate events, or as a thoughtful giveaway, these custom mints are a fresh reminder of your brand's commitment to quality and taste.

Branded Mints for Your Business's Signature Freshness

Custom promotional mints are personalized mint candies that your business can use as a marketing tool and helpful giveaway. 4AllPromos puts your company's logo, name, or message on the wrappers or makes custom mint tins with logos to distribute in promotions or corporate events.

What is the benefit of custom mints? Custom mints benefit promotional campaigns because people of all ages enjoy mints and they appeal to a broad demographic. Their small size makes them easy to distribute at events, from conferences to trade shows or even directly at business locations.

Personalized mint tins are great promotional giveaways that build positive associations with your brand. Individually wrapped dinner mints can be used by restaurants after patrons have a meal. Hospitality brands can put their company name on the wrappers at the front desks of their establishments. 

For variety, add chocolate giftscustom lollipops, or branded jelly beans and gummies with your mints promotional items.

Types of Custom Mints

Custom breath mints are available in a few different types, from custom containers to printed wrappers. Fresh breath throughout the day is a must, and our clients, employees, and prospects will have your brand to thank with custom tins, containers, and wrappers. 

Sugar-Free Mints

Sugar-free mints have a pleasant flavor without adding more sugar to your audience’s diet. This is an excellent option for more health-conscious audiences to use as wedding favors, gifts at dinner parties, or in a bowl at a reception desk. Flavors include peppermint, wintergreen, and cinnamon.

Promotional Mint Tins

There are many types of personalized mint tins that we offer at 4AllPromos. They come in different shapes, sizes, and configurations so your promotional product is ideally suited to your audience. We have slider tins, hinged tins, and snap-lid tins available on our website, so shop for the most convenient option.

Individually Wrapped Mints

You don't always need custom mint tins to give away personalized mints. We also have individually wrapped mints that are great for sending people off with a fresh treat. Every time people share these mints, your logo and brand name get another impression. We have Starlight mints, Life Savers, and striped mints

Credit Card Mints

These personalized mint tins are roughly the size of a credit card, so they will fit perfectly in a pocket or purse for convenience. They come in various shapes, including hearts (perfect for Valentine's Day giveaways), ribbons (ideal for supporting causes), and even trucks

Other Shapes of Branded Mint Tins

To catch the attention of your audience in an unexpected way, consider some of our other quirky mint container shapes. Our pill bottle with mints can be a quirky choice for medical professionals. The dice tin is popular with casinos, coffee cup shapes work well in cafes, and we even have tins that look like beer mugs too.  

Buy Promotional Mints Cheap in Bulk

Buying promotional mint containers in bulk give you access to lower prices per item. Ordering in bulk is cost-effective your business when you have a big promotion event coming up, like a trade show, recruitment fair, business conference, or corporate party.

Our customized mints have minimum quantities for ordering, but for our individually wrapped mints with logo wrappers, you can buy a single box of 1000. 

FAQs About Promotional Mints With Logo

Can personalized mint tins be in color?
We have a diverse range of colors options for personalized mint tins and other containers. The classic silver finish can draw plenty of attention, but you can also choose products that come in blue, yellow, red, green, white, or even purple containers. Don't forget that more colors can be added to your promo mints via the full-color custom artwork that is printed on them.
What are mint boxes made of?
Our imprinted tins and containers can be made from multiple materials. The most common materials include plastic, aluminum, and even steel. Decide the material based on the event, quantity, and the audience.
Are there discounts for the purchase of personalized mints in bulk?
Yes, bulk pricing is available if you order more personalized mints at once. For businesses that have upcoming events or widespread giveaways, ordering personalized mint containers in bulk can save you money in the long run because of lower unit prices. Remember to calculate minimum quantities when ordering custom candy tins.

Our Custom Mint Tins Are a Breath of Fresh Air for Your Business

Custom promotional mints are more than just a breath of fresh air for your marketing strategy. They are confidence-boosting promotional giveaways that are ideal for trade shows, corporate gifts, anniversaries, wedding receptions, athletic events, or even as a traditional party favor. Create positive associations and boost awareness for your business when promotional mints ensure your brand stays on the tip of everyone's tongue.

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