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4AllPromos is proud to be your one-stop-shop for promotional wine glasses & custom etched wine glasses with low minimum orders, personalized champagne flutes, custom logo imprinted impact resistant wine glasses, and all of the corporate wine gifts needed for weddings, parties, trade show giveaways, and corporate events. We're here to help you design your own wine glasses in bulk & to guide you to the right personalized corporate wine drinkware to meet your promotional needs.

Your search for all of the best promotional wine glasses is finally over! Browse our collection of custom etched wine glasses, personalized sandblasted stemless wine glasses, wholesale champagne flutes with company logos, bulk shatterproof wine glasses & personalized engraved whole wine bottle wine glasses. You'll find our lineup of elegant promotional wine gifts to be second to none, and you'll love the savings and customization that come standard when you buy low minimum order promotional wine glasses.

We realize that when describing and naming our products, we may sometimes use terminology that might be confusing to anyone who isn't part of the business promotional products industry. On the other hand, some users might be familiar with promotional products, but not so much when it comes to custom wine glasses. That's why we're including the section below where we break these terms down and explain them to you. Once you've read our mini-wine glass encyclopedia, you'll be empowered to make the best possible choices to meet your business promotional needs.

Information About Our Promotional Wine Bottles for Bars, Restaurants, Vineyards & Businesses

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    • Types of Promotional Wine Glasses

      We're creating this information to empower you to buy the best promotional wine glasses for weddings, corporate events, and giveaways for your business. Read on and learn about the various types of promotional wine glasses we offer and what the unique features and benefits are for each.

      Personalized Stemmed Wine Glasses

      Our promotional stemmed wine glasses are elegant pieces of personalized drinkware that possess timeless class and style. Consisting of a foot, stem, bowl, and lip/rim, our promotional stemmed wine glasses are designed such that they're perfect for swirling wines and getting the optimum flavor and aroma out of each individual type of wine. The bowl of a stemmed wine glass makes up the portion above the stem where the wine is held. The glass is specifically shaped to be conducive to making every wine taste as good and as rich as possible.

      Our personalized stemmed wine glasses are ideal for formal events such as weddings, important meetings, elegant dinner parties, formal dances, and official company events. They're a popular choice for white wines, as white wine is normally intended to be served chilled. When users hold onto the stem instead of the bowl, it helps to prevent white wines from warming up and losing their best flavor features. Consequently, our stemmed wine glasses are popular as promotional wine glasses for bars, restaurants, and vineyards.

      Custom Etched Stemless Wine Glasses

      When you buy our custom etched stemless wine glasses and custom imprinted stemless wine glasses, you can rest assured that you're buying some of the best corporate wine gifts around.

      The popularity of buying personalized stemless wine glasses in bulk is on the rise, leading to them often being referred to as "modern glassware". They're a great fit for more low-key, laid back events such as company holiday parties, but they're also popular as promotional wine glasses for bars & restaurants. They're a bit more sturdy than their stemmed counterparts as they're more stable and less likely to topple over and break. They're also dishwasher safe, making them even more appealing as customized restaurant wine glasses. Finally, they are warmed when held in the hand, making them a good choice for red wines, which are best served at room temperature.

      Promotional Champagne Flutes

      The most sure-fire indicator that you're holding a champagne flute is the glass in question being tall and narrow in the bowl area, with a high degree of lateral straightness. They also usually have a capacity of somewhere between 6 and 10 oz, but this isn't a hard requirement. Our customized champagne flutes for businesses, vineyards, restaurants, and bars are shaped the way they are for important reasons. The narrow lip helps to retain carbonation for longer periods of time and also prevents too much oxygen from entering into the glass and distorting the character of champagnes and sparkling wines.

      Here's a little piece of trivia for you - did you know that champagne is a term that is widely misused? If it doesn't come from the Champagne region of France, then it's just a sparkling wine. It's a term that's covered by a law known as Protected Destination of Origin. In some countries, this makes it against the law to refer to any sparkling wine not produced in the region as Champagne. However, you can still call any glass a champagne glass without fear of the long arm of the law tapping you on the shoulder and asking for a chat.

      Custom Imprinted Shatterproof Wine Glasses

      Wine glasses often have a reputation as being delicate, so how can it be that we're claiming to carry ones that are shatterproof? It's quite simple really; our promotional impact resistant wine glasses aren't made out of glass at all. They're actually constructed from copolyester, which is an extremely strong and versatile plastic polymer. It provides the look and feel of real glass, but without any of the risks. Kitchen klutzes are saved from the worry of having to deal with shards of glass flying everywhere when they're equipped with copolyester drinkware.

      Shatter resistance is just one of the many great qualities that these kind of customized wine glasses have to offer. They're also dishwasher safe, resist clouding, and are great for printing with your custom business logo as it won't fade with the passage of time. The cherry on the sundae (or mudslide?) is that these are double wall wine glasses. That means they're insulated, allowing them to keep drinks from cooling or heating and they also fight condensation. That means you'll have a great looking wine glass that won't sweat all over your hand or tablecloth. If you're looking for the best promotional wine glasses for vineyard tours, these shoot right to the top of the list.

      Wholesale Whole Bottle Glasses

      Our low minimum order whole bottle wine glasses are reserved for the serious wine enthusiast. They're large enough to accommodate the contents of a typical 750 ml (approx 25.4 oz) wine bottle. In a way, they work as novelty wine glasses, as you can say, "I'm only going to have one glass!" and down a full bottle of wine at the same time without lying. They're also useful when it comes to wine tastings, as you can swirl to your heart's content without worrying about spills - provided you don't fill it all the way up.

      Personalized Dessert Wine Glasses

      When going through our product descriptions, you might notice that when we mention our custom dessert wine glasses, we're not always referring to the same kind of drinking vessel. This is because some of these customized bar & vineyard wine glasses are designed for serving dessert wines. These are wines that are sweeter than most and typically have a higher alcohol content than most other wines. Therefore, some of our small promotional wine glasses & bulk small champagne flutes may fit the bill for this term.

      In other cases, the term "dessert wine glass" refers to actual deserts and not wines. Whether it be a custom parfait glass, promotional fruit cocktail glass, or personalized tiramisu glass for restaurants, a wide variety of fancy, decadent desserts can make their homes in wine glasses.

      Promotional Wine Glass Personalization Methods

      Buy custom logo imprinted wine glasses & personalized sandblasted etched wine glasses online from 4AllPromos and watch your sales soar! When you design your own wine glasses, you have the power to decorate them with your unique company logo, helping your bar, vineyard, restaurant, or any other business stand out in the eyes and in the minds of consumers. Our unique promotional wine glasses allow you to do all of the above and more. Read on to learn a bit more about your options when it comes to customizing your wholesale wine glasses in the sections below.

      Custom Etched Wine Glasses

      Looking for the best unique wine glasses for restaurants? How about low minimum order personalized wine glasses for bars? Are there promotional corporate wine gifts in store for all of the employees on the "nice" column of this year's naughty and nice list? If the answer to any of the above is in the affirmative, you'll find just what you need in our restaurant quality custom etched wine glasses.

      Our promotional sandblasted wine glasses display personalized business logos in a way that no other method can equal. Sandblasting creates a deep, smooth, and consistent cut in the surface of promotional glassware that won't crack, chip, dull, or fade with time. It creates a lasting impression in your personalized wine glasses that will in turn make a lasting impression upon all who see them.

      We also carry a wide range of custom logo imprinted wine glasses in bulk. These can consist of single color imprints, multiple color imprints, or full-color imprints. All of these options can work in many wonderful ways. The style that's the best fit for your promotional needs truly depends on the personality of your business and the color scheme of its logo. If you're of the artistic bent and your bar, restaurant, or business reflects that, a personalized full color imprinted wine glass may be just the wine gift for you. If your logo keeps it simple yet effective, you may want to buy single color logo printed wine glasses in bulk. If you fall somewhere in between, you may want to consider multiple color imprinted wine glasses for your bar, restaurant, or vineyard.