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Custom tech accessory items such as our wireless chargers are becoming increasingly popular across all industries. At 4AllPromos, your business can select from a grand array of styles. We have custom wireless charging pads for desks as well as promotional wireless phone chargers for cars for users on the go. We also offer such choices as branded dual cordless chargers, versatile custom logo stand up wireless chargers, assorted wholesale portable UV sanitizing chargers, and much more.

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Customize a wireless charger from 4AllPromos today for a promotional tech product that everyone will love. These branded charging pad giveaways are a great fit for computer repair companies, design firms, software retailers, communications companies, office supply stores, and much more. With these items, Qi enabled devices can be powered up to full capacity without having to lug extra cords around. Some combine the best elements of power banks and wireless chargers, while others present innovative solutions, such as UV-C sanitizer chambers for items that are shared. Read on to learn about the many different styles of branded wireless chargers that are available on our site.

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Types of Branded Wireless Chargers

As you can tell from the large assortment of items in this collection, there are a lot of different styles of branded wireless chargers out there. In this section, we'll guide you through some of our most prominent and best selling varieties, helping to point you to the cordless chargers that will best fit your promotional needs.

Custom Small Wireless Phone Chargers

If you're looking for a handy promotional tech product that won't take up much space, we suggest investing in our small promotional wireless charging pads. Small enough to be used on a desktop and fit easily inside of a desk drawer, these items are great for saving both money and storage space.

Promotional Wireless Charging Car Mounts

Great for commuters, delivery drivers, and more, our branded auto vent charger mounts allow phones to be powered up while users are on the road. The clip safely, securely, and easily to dashboard vents for reliable mounting on the go. Meanwhile, other needed devices can be plugged into car power outlets, as our wireless phone mount car chargers don't need a cable connection to operate.

Personalized Qi Wireless Charging Pads

Our wireless promotional Qi chargers excel at providing power to Qi enabled devices for quick and easy charging. They don't need to be connected to a device with a wire to work their charging magic, keeping things organized and simple.

Wholesale Dual Wireless Chargers

If your business has employees and/or customers that lead busy and tech-centric lives, being able to charge just one item at a time (or in just one manner) may not be enough. That's why we offer custom dual wireless chargers. These items can be used to charge devices wirelessly, but also offer multiple ports for charging other devices power bank style.

Company Logo Fast Charging Wireless Chargers

Anyone with a need for speed will appreciate the personalized fast wireless charging pads available at 4AllPromos. These branded phone and tablet chargers can power up devices at an impressive rate of speed, helping users to spend less time charging and more time doing.

Custom Suction Cup Wireless Charging Pads

For some extra security, there's nothing quite like our branded suction cup wireless chargers. These items can be affixed to most any hard, flat surface to stay firmly in place while phones, MP4 players, and other mobile devices are powered up for use.

Personalized Wireless Charging Notebooks

Among our more unique items are our promotional journal & diary wireless chargers. Another 2-in-1 promotional tech product, these make great giveaways for bookstores, office supply retailers, campus shops, and much more. Users can charge their phones while they record their thoughts, hopes, and goals.

Promotional Bamboo Wireless Charging Stations

Anyone looking for a promotional product that is eco-friendly and stylish while also providing a high level of utility will appreciate our customized bamboo wireless chargers. Made from sustainably sourced bamboo, these charging pads work well and look great in the process. Each is imprinted or engraved with your company logo design.

Branded UV-C Sanitizer Wireless Chargers

Staying germ-free and safe has never been as important as it is now. That's why promotional wireless chargers with UV-C light sanitizing chambers from 4AllPromos are a guaranteed hit. In addition to being able to wirelessly charge phones and other mobile devices, these items also have sanitizing sections in which items can be placed to be sterilized by germ-killing light. It's very handy when items that are used by more than one person change hands for various tasks around the workplace.

Promotional Multi-Function Wireless Chargers

Many of our promotional product categories offer some models that consist of two or more products in a single unit. In this way, our wholesale wireless charger selection isn't any different. We have several kinds of wireless charging pads that can do more than just charge up a device. The following five paragraphs will address some of the multifunctional wireless chargers that you'll find on our site.

Wholesale Wireless Charging Phone Stands

Yet another style of branded tech items that offer 2 products for the price of one is presented by our promotional phone stand wireless chargers. As their name would imply, these items can power phones up to their full potential while also providing a place to keep them upright for easy viewing on desks and tables.

Bulk Pen Holder Wireless Charging Stations

Nobody likes dealing with a messy and cluttered desk. Your company can be the face of relief and convenience when it supplies the public with branded desk organizer wireless charging stations. A fine example can be found in our pen holder phone stand chargers, which give users a place to put their writing implements so they are always at the ready without getting in the way.

Branded Wireless Charger Alarm Clocks

Everyone will have an easier time staying on schedule and meeting time requirements when equipped with promotional wireless chargers with clocks built in. Our branded wireless phone chargers with digital clocks make perfect corporate tech gifts and promotional items for nearly anyone, from students through corporate executives and everyone in between. Many models also include digital calendars, upping the utility factor.

Promotional Wireless Charging Mouse Pads

Those who use desktops or prefer to not use touchpads on laptops will find our customized wireless mouse pad chargers to be highly useful tools. They can be used in their traditional role as mousepads while also being employed to charge phones and other mobile devices.

Personalized Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Chargers

The last multifunctional charger products we'll discuss in this section are our branded wireless Bluetooth chargers. These items combine Bluetooth Speakers with wireless chargers to offer music and phone charging power in one unit. They're great for use around the office, at home, in dorms, in outdoor work settings, and more.

Design Your Own Customized Wireless Phone Chargers

Add your company logo to our custom wireless chargers for a promotional tech item that nobody will forget any time soon. There are multiple ways of doing this, with the two most popular methods being imprinting and engraving. We'll talk a bit more about each in the next two paragraphs.

Custom Logo Printed Wireless Chargers

Wireless chargers printed with your logo make top-notch tech promotional items for most any company. Our logo imprinted wireless chargers are often more affordable than models decorated in other methods and often have shorter production times. Both single and multiple color logo imprint designs are accessible on most items.

Promotional Logo Engraved Wireless Chargers

Many of our more premium wireless charger products come engraved, or with engraving as an upgrade option. Our personalized engraved wireless chargers offer a branding style that won't fade, peel, or chip as time goes by. Carved right into the surface via laser technology, your engraved logo design will look just as good 10 years from now as it does today.

Promotional Wireless Chargers - FAQ

We'll wrap our discussion of promotional wireless chargers up by way of addressing some of our most frequently asked questions surrounding them and providing the corresponding answers.

How is a wireless charger different from a power bank?
Wireless chargers differ from power banks in the sense wireless chargers do not need to connect to a device via USB cable to charge them. This is a requirement for a traditional power bank. However, we do have some custom wireless charger power banks that combine both products in one unit, allowing it to be used as both a power bank and a wireless charger.
What are wireless chargers used for?
Wireless chargers can be used to power up smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and other mobile devices without having to connect to them with a cable. Qi enabled devices can be placed on top of wireless charging pads, absorbing energy without a wired connection.
How to custom design a wireless charger?
Our promotional wireless chargers can be imprinted or engraved with your company logo design to create a fun tech giveaway that also spreads the word about your brand everywhere it travels. If you have any questions or concerns about how to best design your custom wireless phone charger, feel free to reach out to our team of artists and product professionals.
What is the best way to promote with a branded wireless charger?
There are many ways to promote your company using branded wireless chargers. Though there is no single best method, giving them away at trade shows, handing them out at industry seminars and grand opening ceremonies, including them in "welcome aboard" packages for new employees, and even offering them as retail items are all great strategies. When they're imprinted with your business logo design and contact information, these items will go far in building brand awareness and customer loyalty.