Custom Wireless Chargers

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Promotional and Custom Wireless Chargers

Customized wireless chargers are convenient items that make excellent modern tech gifts! They can efficiently charge Qi-enabled smartphones, eliminating the need to have cables everywhere. We have a variety of multi-function models that double as power banks, alarm clocks, and more.

Power Up Your Brand With Custom Wireless Chargers 

Wireless chargers are functional promo items and a product everyone will use. Getting caught with your phone or other mobile device running out of battery can really disrupt the day. With our wireless charging devices, phones stay powered without having to constantly untangle USB cables. Add your logo to attract trade show goers to your booth with this tech giveaway along with cell phone wallets and phone cases.

What are the benefits of wireless chargers? Wireless chargers are convenient and energy-efficient, they’re a reusable product, and they reduce clutter, cords, and adapters around the house and workplace. Promotional wireless chargers and branded wireless charger stands are effective for spreading brand awareness and fostering recall because they’re giveaway items customers will want to use daily. 

How to Choose the Right Type of Wireless Charging Pad

When it comes to variety, our selection of wireless charger promotional items can't be beat. These tech promotional products come in many styles to fit the needs of nearly any business. 

Wireless Charging Mouse Pads

For desktop users and people who don’t like using laptop touchpads, a wireless mouse pad charger is a game changer. These mousepads will protect your desk and provide better tracking for optical and laser computer mice while they charge phones and other mobile devices.

Phone Stands

As their name would imply, a wireless charging stand for phones can power up your device while it nestles in place. The stands keep phones upright for easy viewing on desks and tables, perfect for Facetime video calls or watching a show on your break. 

Desk Organizers

Be the face of relief and convenience for employees dealing with a messy and cluttered desk. Branded desk organizers double as wireless charging stations to give you storage for pens and sticky notes and also a way to charge your phone. 

Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Chargers

Our branded wireless Bluetooth chargers combine Bluetooth Speakers with wireless chargers to offer music and phone charging power in one unit. They're great for use around the office, at home, in dorms, in outdoor work settings, and more.

Bamboo Charging Pads

For a promotional product that is eco-friendly and stylish, we have our bamboo wireless chargers. These promo charging pads are made from sustainably sourced bamboo. They work well and look great in the process. 

UV Sanitizing Chargers

Staying germ-free and safe is easy with UV-C sanitizing wireless charging chambers. In addition to being able to wirelessly charge phones, these items also have sanitizing sections that can sterilize the device with a germ-killing light.

This light-up sanitizing feature comes in handy in high-traffic areas. Placing these custom wireless chargers around the workplace can signal to visitors and employees that you care about their health. 

FAQ About Promotional Wireless Chargers

What is a wireless charger?
A wireless charger is a device that can charge a phone or other device without needing to be connected to it via a USB cable or any other sort of charging cable.
What is a wireless charger made of?
Our wireless charging stations and Qi wireless charger items can be made from many different materials. Most are plastic, but we also carry bamboo wireless chargers, fast wireless charging pads with metal trim, rubber-coated metallic wireless custom power banks, as well as chargers with wood and cork elements.
What is the minimum order quantity for custom wireless chargers?
The lowest minimum order quantity for our personalized wireless chargers is 10.
How much does a custom wireless charger cost?
Our most affordable branded wireless phone charger costs $5.22 per unit. All of our models are under $44, with most falling in the $10 to $30 range.
Can I make a wireless charger bulk order?
Absolutely. Whether you're investing in a wireless charging pad, a charging stand for phone batteries, or even a wireless charging desk clock, bulk ordering is always an option. Buying custom phone chargers in bulk will get you cheaper per-unit costs. We recommend buying custom wireless chargers wholesale for large-scale giveaways and events such as trade shows.
How do I customize my branded wireless charger?
You can customize a promotional wireless charger or custom wireless charging pad by imprinting or engraving it with your logo design. Most items can be imprinted with one or more colors, though multicolor imprinting will, in some cases, require an upgrade fee. Full-color imprinting is also available on many wireless power banks and phone charging pad models.
For a premium corporate gift, choose one of our models that offers laser engraving for your logo. Engraving provides a sharp, durable design that will last as long as the charger. On our faux leather models, debossing is an available customization option.
Is there a universal wireless charger?
A wireless charging pad or wireless charging stand will work with any smartphone as long as they employ the same wireless charging standard, such as Qi. Therefore, an Android such as the Samsung Galaxy, and Apple iPhone (as early as the iPhone 8) can often be charged with the same pad. This is why these tech accessories make great corporate gifts and high-value giveaways.

Start Charging Up Your Marketing with Wireless Charging Pads

Custom wireless chargers are the perfect tech items for promoting your business in this digital world. The convenience and utility they bring to users will grow brand awareness and customer loyalty every time they charge up. Get the perfect blend of practicality and style when you promote your brand with custom wireless chargers. 

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