Custom Stadium Blankets

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Stadium blankets with your team’s logo are perfect for enjoying the big game or cuddling up on a chilly night. They're a great giveaway or fundraising item for sports teams, colleges & universities, tourism destinations, and much more!

Personalized Stadium Blankets With Logos Are For Fans, Athletes, and More

When the crisp air of autumn rolls in and football season starts or it’s time to find a great spot to watch the summer fireworks, having a stadium blanket comes in handy. Personalized stadium blankets show off your school spirit or company branding each time you spread out the blanket.

Some of our personalized stadium blankets have no minimum order quantity and can be bought one at a time as a special souvenir, custom gift for a friend, or award for a top-performing employee. 

What is a stadium blanket? A stadium blanket is a large blanket that is designed to provide comfort and protection in outdoor environments like football games. They are usually double-sided with a warm fleece side and a nylon side that is windproof and moisture-proof. 

What is a stadium blanket used for?  Stadium blankets are used to keep you warm at sporting events or provide a comfortable place to sit when you’re outside. They pair up perfectly with our stadium cushions, rally towels, and foam fingers & hands for cheering on your team, or to use as picnic blankets. 

Going on a group camping trip? Wholesale stadium blankets are a perfect item for your group outing and can be a way to remember a special trip.

Custom logo stadium blankets can even cross into the wearable realm when you bundle up in a body blanket.

Types of Promotional Blankets

The blankets, and in particular stadium blankets, we have to customize come in a variety of styles from sweatshirt blankets to beach blankets and more. We know there are a lot of choices so if you need help, feel free to contact us for help finding the best stadium blankets to suit your needs.

Waterproof Stadium Blankets

Nobody likes to sit on wet grass, that's why a waterproof outdoor blanket is a promo giveaway folks will be happy to have. There’s waterproof material on the bottom and a soft fleece surface on top of these blankets. Choose from plaid designs as well as solid colors. Stadium blankets double as camping blankets because they’re easily packable, folding up into themselves with built-in carrying straps.

Sherpa Blankets

Personalized Sherpa blankets are stadium blankets that are plush, warm, and cozy with modest embroidered branding to full-color sublimation. Some models come with a carrying bag or stuff sack making them great for travel blankets.

Custom Throw Blankets

Our custom throw blankets can be used as promotional blankets with logo embroidery or stylish engraved leather. They can also be personalized blankets with full-color printing of designs and photos. A fleece throw can offer plenty of comfort on a chilly day and most of our blankets are machine washable, making them a long-lasting and convenient promotional product.

Custom Picnic Blankets

A close relative of the stadium blanket is our promotional picnic blankets. These promotional blankets are large enough to accommodate multiple people, but conveniently roll up so that you can carry both your blanket and picnic basket at the same time. 

Promotional Sweatshirt Blankets

Our sweatshirt blankets are an 80/20 cotton polyester blend that is soft and warm, and easy to screen print or embroider. Lower polyester content in sweatshirt blankets allows them to hold ink well. Because of this, we see them frequently used as commemorative gifts and signature blankets for sports teams or as graduation gifts. The blanket can be used to collect the signatures and handwritten messages of friends and teammates. 

Get Custom Stadium Blankets Wholesale and In Bulk

We offer blankets with low minimum orders and better deals for bulk stadium blankets. There’s no upper limit on your purchase quantity when you’re buying stadium blankets wholesale. 

Try a Stadium Blanket Fundraiser

Our low-price stadium blankets are perfect items to use in a school or non-profit fundraiser. Donors feel appreciated when they receive a blanket for higher-tier donations and at the same time be spreading the word about your cause. 

You can also use custom stadium blankets as raffle prizes or organize a pre-order by adjusting the price your patrons commit to buying to our guaranteed low prices. Order them in bulk and enjoy lower prices per unit. 

A fleece stadium blanket is an item that will be around for years, making countless impressions on behalf of your charity, school, or brand.

Custom Stadium Blanket Material Options

Blankets can be made of wool, cotton, and other fabrics, but what are stadium blankets made of? Stadium blankets can be made from the following materials:

  • Fleece  —  Fleece is a deep pile polyester fabric that is adept at repelling water and avoiding shrinkage while providing insulation. It's similar to wool (this is especially true of polar fleece), making it a good choice for those who are allergic to actual wool.
  • Wool  — This fabric commonly comes from sheep, and is known for its natural ability to insulate. Wool is great for winter blankets.
  • Polyester  — Polyester is durable, affordable, and resistant to being warped or stretched out of shape. It's also resistant to shrinkage, mildew, and wrinkles.
  • Chenille  —  Luxurious chenille is a lightweight fabric that will last for a long time when it's handled with care. Chenille blankets are ultra-soft, stylish, and comfortable.
  • Acrylic  —  Acrylic fabric has the advantage of displaying bold colors that won't fade and offer the best in moisture management. Blankets made from acrylic don’t allow perspiration to sink in and prevent body heat from slipping out.
  • Faux Mink  —  Sometimes referred to as "Minky", this fabric is high-end, but free of animal products, offering luxury without the guilt. 

Design Your Own Stadium Blankets

Our stadium blankets can be decorated via imprinting and embroidery, and you have the option of picking your product color. Some models come with a single-color imprint, but many offer multi-color and even full-color designs. We have plenty of options for stadium blankets and picnic mats to create giveaway promo items that will allow your branding to be seen in parks and the stands of sporting events.

FAQ About Stadium Blankets

What size is a stadium blanket?
Stadium blankets come in an assortment of sizes, but they're larger than most promotional blankets and throws. They're designed to accommodate multiple users at the same time.
Do stadium blankets come in different colors?
They sure do! Our stadium blankets come in different colors, some have plaid and other designs too. Red, black, green, blue, navy blue, white, gray, purple, maroon, and many other colors are available. Check back often, as we're always adding new products.

Wrapping Up With Custom Stadium Blankets

Our customizable stadium blankets are one of our best-sellers. They can provide an extra degree of comfort for anyone who might get a bit chilly while sitting outside for a sporting event or camping trip. Wrap up with your own custom stadium blanket or spread the warmth by ordering in bulk for giveaways.

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