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At 4AllPromos, you'll find all of the best promotional products for vets, shelters, and all pet-related businesses. We have plenty of cheap promotional pet giveaway items (opens in a new window) for promoting your animal-centric organization in our shop. Browse our collection to find high quality promotional pet beds, personalized dog gifts (including branded dog-safe flying discs (opens in a new window)), several styles of custom waste bag dispensers (opens in a new window), and much more.

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Delight your target audience and veterinary patients with our vast selection of imprinted pet care products, personalized branded dog toys, and assorted promotional pet accessories. Whether you’re trying to gain attention for your animal shelter or want to advertise your veterinary clinic, pet shop, or animal charity organization, these custom pet toys and supplies are a great option.

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Wholesale Pet Accessories for Giveaways


Promotional Pet Toys

Custom pet toys are a great way to build brand awareness and remain at the front of your target market's minds. These durable and fun promotional items are great for tossing around the backyard, playing fetch at the local dog park, and much more.

What pup can resist the classic, fun appeal of a toy that makes noise when picked up? Our brightly colored cheap promotional squeaky toys are a hit with nearly all canine consumers. They’re also great for taking to the park, beach, or anywhere else with plenty of room to run and roam.

Custom Fetch Toys for Dogs

A rousing game of fetch can be a great way for dogs to burn off extra energy, release anxiety, and learn valuable training skills. It's also a great way for people to have some fun while bonding with their best furry friend. We offer an assortment of personalized fetch toys that are safe and fun for dogs, while remaining effective in promoting your business.

Promotional Chew Toys

For some pets, chewing is a big issue that often means finding destroyed toys on a regular basis. Thankfully, our branded chew toys are as durable as they are fun. Made from tough elements like rope and canvas, they’re ideal for tossing around during an afternoon at the park or in the backyard.

Custom Tennis Balls for Pets

What dog doesn’t love a good tennis ball? If you’re looking for a way to highlight your animal shelter or clinic, our promotional tennis balls for dogs are an excellent choice. Best of all, they’re a great product to purchase in bulk and pass out at tradeshows or adoption events.

Promotional Dog Frisbees

Fido won’t be able to resist playing fetch with our custom dog flying discs. Available in a variety of different colors, these pet-safe toys are ideal for adding your company name, logo, or phone number. Hand them out at street fairs, festivals, and other pet-related events for a memorable and affordable way to advertise your brand!

Branded Tug Toys for Dogs

Another classic game enjoyed by nearly all dogs is tug-of-war. It's a fun way for dogs to exercise their natural instincts while also burning off those extra kibble pounds. We offer an assortment of wholesale tug-of-war dog toys that are sure to provide pooches everywhere with hours of fun. Meanwhile, the great memories created between dogs and their owners will go a long way toward building emotional bonds with your brand.

Custom Pet Care Products

Taking care of a pet requires a lot of work, but it's a labor of love. In order to be as successful as possible in keeping pets healthy, happy, and safe, it's important to use the right products. Supplying pet parents and animal-friendly organizations with these items is an excellent way to ensure they’ll remember and appreciate your business. In the process, you'll acquire droves of loyal customers.

Remembering to give a cat or dog their daily medication is a crucial part of maintaining their overall health & wellness. As is the case with humans, having an organized system helps. Our generously sized promotional pill organizers for pets allow owners to see your company logo each time they give their beloved animal their necessary medicine. It's a discount ticket to years of daily advertising impressions.

Personalized Dog Grooming Brushes

Keep shedding at bay and delight your customers with our fun and useful company logo dog brushes. Sturdy wooden handles and two-sided designs make it easy for customers to take care of their canine companion while still remembering the name of your animal clinic or other pet business. These custom giveaway items are great for pet groomers too!

Promotional Pet Care Kits

Most pet parents don’t think about having a special emergency around the house for their animals, which is why our custom pet first aid kits are so useful. Users can reduce trips to the vet and keep pets clean. These personalized pet care pouches come complete with bandages and wraps for minor wounds or accidents as well as sanitizing items.

Custom Printed Pet Waste Bag Dispensers

Picking up after animals while walking the neighborhood, hiking trails, and city parks is part of being a responsible pet owner. Our promotional pet waste bag containers attach to a keychain or pocket to ensure you have a disposable plastic bag on hand at all times. Best of all, they’re refillable, and there’s plenty of room for your business name or logo on the front. They also come in plenty of fun shapes, allowing for some mirth to go along with the cleanup job.

Wholesale Pet Accessories for Giveaways

When choosing pet accessories to use as giveaway items, it’s important to select products that are both useful and memorable. With this in mind, the 4AllPromos team is here to help you add your custom message, logo, or contact information to the right pet accessory items to fit your promotional needs.

Custom Pet Tags

Pets can sometimes be difficult to see at night, which can be dangerous near busy roads. To minimize the related risks, your business can offer our promotional reflective dog collar tags and custom reflective cat collar tags. They help to prevent tragic accidents by reflecting the light of an oncoming car well enough to make animals visible to motorists. Add the name of your veterinary clinic or animal shelter to the other side to make your business synonymous with pet safety and security. This can also help those who find a lost pet get in touch with your business to locate the owner.

Bulk Lint Rollers

As any pet owner already knows, shedding happens. That’s why our wholesale custom lint rollers with your business, clinic, or shelter logo on the outside are such valuable promo items. Available with up to four imprint colors, this product is an ideal way to help customers keep pet hair at bay. They're great for removing pet hair from clothing, furniture, bedding, and more. Stocking a few in veterinary clinic lobbies or checkout counter areas in retail stores is never a bad idea.

Promotional Pet Keychains

The last set of bulk pet giveaway items we'll touch upon in this little guide is our collection of custom pet key lights. These cheap yet versatile promo items are durable, attractive, and useful for both promoting your brand and keeping pets safe. Easily attached to collars, key rings, belt loops, and more, these key lights help light the way when walking a pet as well as helping to keep pets visible when the sun goes down.