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4AllPromos offers only the best promotional tape measures. Whether you desire a custom engraved chrome tape measure, handy personalized rubber grip tape measure, small promotional pocket tape measures, promotional novelty tape measures, custom logo imprinted round tape measures, or custom soft tape measures for sewing, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you'd like to learn more about promotional tape measures, check out the informational section located just below our product images.

Promotional Tape Measures

Are you in the market for a successful promotion? 4AllPromos’ selection of imprinted custom tape measures are the perfect place to look for low-cost promotional gifts that will make an impression on your customers. Our variety of printed tape measures is unparalleled: from big to small, chrome to plastic, we truly offer every possible design! We even have some multi-tools - great for contractors and construction companies to give out as gifts to loyal customers or employees. Most importantly, we offer several ways for your company logo to be imprinted on these custom gifts. One color, full color, and even engraved imprints are available based on the product you choose. Continue reading for a detailed description of how specific products differ so you can make an informed decision on what to use for your next successful giveaway.

Promotional Tape Measures - Styles, Shapes, Materials & More

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  • Promotional Chrome Tape Measures

    Do you want to dazzle your customers? Chrome tape measures are a sleek and shiny model guaranteed to impress. Chrome is one example of a metal that is extremely resistant to the wear and tear of everyday life. Even when sitting at the bottom of your toolbox alongside rusty nails or jostling around the bottom of your handbag this type of casing will remain intact. The metal is even used as accenting on some cars! If it can withstand the wear and tear of the road, you know it will go practically scratch-free for however long you use it. Chrome is also great because it can be used in a variety of different industries. Architects and interior designers will love the sleek design of these printed tape measures while contractors and electricians will enjoy the heavy-duty nature of these tape measures. Take this Lufkin Chrome Tape Measure, which features a tape of 25 feet, which is perfect for any large-scale construction projects! Keep in mind that chrome tape measures are typically more expensive than their plastic counterparts. Read on to find out if plastic may be the right tape measure material for you.

    Promotional Plastic Tape Measures

    Plastic tape measures are a great way to get your message across without hurting your budget! Our plastic tape measures come in a variety of traditional and unique molds-- some even come as a part of a keychain or multi-tool set. While plastic tape measures may not carry the same durability as their chrome counterparts (they are still sturdy, don’t worry!) they are less expensive and more lightweight, so customers will definitely want to take them on-the-go, which means a ton of exposure for your business. While you can go for the classic shapes, such as rectangular and square, there are also several unique options for your consideration. Take for instance this house-shaped keychain tape measure - a fantastic option for real estate agents who want clients to remember their great experience with your business. Many plastic options also come on keychains. This means they are easy to bring along to home improvement and furniture stores whenever your customers are working on a project. This means guaranteed exposure for your company! Because many of the plastic options are so compact, however, their tape measures are slightly shorter, and reach at maximum 10 feet in length. This means they are a better tool for smaller projects, while you may want to invest in a more heavy-duty model if your plan is to remodel your entire home!

    Promotional Cloth Tape Measures

    Seamstresses and dry cleaners, did you think we forgot about you? If you’re looking for a promotional product that will speak to your customers, we offer a range of cloth tape measures that are great for getting dimensions. Your customers will constantly be reminded of your service whenever they use this product and be tempted to come back! Some of our cloth tape measure options come without a case, so they are much easier to carry around in your purse or bag without weighing you down. Their flexibility is also unparalleled, so consider that as well when choosing items for your next giveaway! However, if you are looking for something more heavy-duty definitely consider a tape measure with a metal or plastic case, which will withstand wear and tear much better than smaller and more compact cloth options.

    Promotional Rubber Grip Tape Measures

    Worried about losing your grip on your next giveaway? Why not consider a rubber grip tape measure an option for your next promotion?! 4AllPromos also has a wonderful selection of rubberized tape measures, which make measuring a breeze. The durable no-slip technology makes it so much easier to measure, especially when you are working by yourself! Most of our rubber tape measures are also made from plastic, so consider those properties as well when making your decision. However, these rubberized versions are much more heavy duty than simple plastic tape measures, so contractors and construction companies should consider using a model like this heavy duty promotional rubber grip tape measure in their next giveaway. Rubber is known for its resilience, so it is comparable to some of the chrome and metal tape measures we offer. As always, feel free to consult a member of the 4AllPromos team today before making you final decision! 

    Different Sizes of Company Branded Tape Measures

    Another important factor to consider when selecting which printed tape measure is right for you is the size. While there is not a huge range in size when it comes to these handy tools, choosing a small one over a large one or vice versa could make all the difference for your customers. Construction companies, architects, contractors and more may want to focus on the larger and more heavy-duty chrome and rubberized tape measures that will become a staple in any customer’s tool box. Meanwhile, furniture stores and interior designers might consider selecting a smaller model, maybe even one attached to a keychain! That way, customers can bring their imprinted custom tape measures with them whenever they are shopping for redecorating projects. Whatever you decide, be sure to consult with a member of the 4AllPromos team before placing your order for the best tips and tricks for creating a successful and meaningful giveaway!

    Now for the really important part-- your company logo! No matter what size, shape, or material you choose, we know this is what matters most to you. Getting your name brand out there for the world is your top priority, so it’s ours too! From color imprints to engravings, we are sure there is a style that will fit your vision. First consider one color or full color imprints. Several of our tape measures come with a full color imprint, while for others there is an additional cost and only one color is included. One color imprints are the perfect option for conveying a simple and elegant message. Full color imprints are a lot bolder! Maybe consider a full color imprint if you are a startup looking to get your brand name out there for the first times. 4AllPromos also offers engraved imprints on metal tape measures. This is a subtle and traditional way to convey your brand’s message! We know deciding between the multitude of options can be tricky, so if you’re still unsure of what direction to take your next promotion, you can give the 4AllPromos team a call with any questions or concerns!