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Wondering where to buy bulk golf towels? Look no further than 4AllPromos. We have all of the golf towel promotional items needed to ensure great performance on the course for players & your brand. Our collection includes cheap promotional golf towels for those on a budget, wholesale tri-fold golf towels, durable custom made heavy duty golf towels, eye-catching logo embroidered golf towels, logo golf hand towels, and much more. 

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Custom golf towels can be referred to in many different ways. Among the monikers are "golf ball towels", "golf club towels", "golf bag towels", "golf cart towels", and "golf caddy towels", just to name a few. All of these refer to the same items, which are personalized towels used to keep golf balls, clubs, faces, and hands clean during competition.

Different Types of Customized Golf Towels

There are quite a few varieties when it comes to custom made golf towels. Determining which is the best fit for your business can be a combination of many factors. Size, thickness, absorbency, color, imprint style, price, and aesthetics can all play a role. In this section, we'll describe five of our most prominent styles of golf towels. 

Our company logo tri-fold golf towels get their name from the fact that they can be folded into three sections. This helps to narrow them out while on golf carts and bags. There are other advantages as well. Tri-fold towels are designed such that the folded, inner side can be used for cleaning dirt, grass, and grime off of golf supplies, while the outer area can be used to wash hands and wipe sweat off of the faces of customers and employees. 

The promotional fingertip golf towels you'll find on our site are designed for quick hand and face wiping while out on the course. They're smaller than regular hand towels, but larger than a washcloth. They're quick drying golf towels, making them quite convenient and a great way to stay in top condition on the course to have more fun & play a better game.

Now we'll say a little something about our personalized custom waffle golf towels. These towels are made with a grid-like weave (hence the "waffle" part of their name) and are ideal for removing a maximum amount of debris. They're designed to be absorbent, yet are equipped with a lightweight form that promotes air flow. This makes them able to dry quickly while avoiding odor retention. Many are made from microfiber polyester.

Wholesale Cheap Golf Towels

If you're looking to advertise on a budget but still want to use quality promotional products, your business will do well to buy our cheap custom golf towels in bulk. They're affordable, attractive, stylish, and effective at promoting while helping golfers stay at the top of their game. Many of these options are augmented via accessories, such as grommets and hook clips.

Promotional Golf Towel Accessory Items

While examining our inventory, you'll find plenty of wholesale golf towels with grommets and promotional golf bag towels with hooks. The grommets are rings that go around built-in holes to reinforce them for extra strength. They're often used for the attachment of hooks, key rings, and other tools that help them be attached to bags, belt loops, backpacks, and other items. They do a great job of adding extra strength to our personalized golf towels.

When providing golfers with worry-free convenience is part of the plan, there are few better tools than our company logo golf towel holders. The fun, unique example linked to in the previous sentence is one of our golf towel caddy cards. These are plastic frames that are attached to golf bags and other items by way of a bag clip. Each includes a hole in the middle, through which a folded golf towel passes for safekeeping. All bear your colorful imprint and have a large retail tag type of look. They're impossible to miss when watching a golf tournament or seeing them in transit.

Customized promotional golf ball towel pouches present a unique and memorable way to keep golf balls clean and swings effective while simultaneously spreading brand awareness. These promo golf towel products can be clipped to golf bags and allow balls to be placed inside for scrubbing, while the outside remains clean and clear to display your branding.

Design Your Own Personalized Golf Towels

Custom printed golf towels make up one of our more affordable design methods. Screen printed golf towels tend to have fast production schedules and are ideal for single color logo artwork. However, multiple imprint colors as well as full color imprinted options are also available.

If your company wants to add its logo in a way that will stand the test of time while also offering some texture, we recommend custom made golf towels with logo embroidery. These towels feature logo designs that are sewn in to stand out from the background of the towel. Offering a wealth of colors, this design method is a great way to advertise to existing and potential customers when looking to be noticed for a long time to come.

Our logo branded tone on tone golf towels consist of designs that feature graphics of a darker tone against a lighter background. Special purpose water-based inks are used to make the effect possible. The result is a design that is a part of the towel, is very generous in size, and will last for as long as the towel does. They make great golf bag accessories for all fans of the game.

If your business is interested in custom golf towels with pictures or maybe even some novelty funny golf towels, our sublimated styles are a perfect fit. Fully covered in your design from end to end, customizable dye sublimation golf towels allow for maximum creativity. They can be covered in complex designs in photographic quality for a visually appealing product that is impossible to ignore. We sell multiple models on this page, all of which are great for advertising while cleaning golf clubs and hands.