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Promotional Hot/Cold Packs for Muscles | Cheap Chill Patches in Bulk | Logo Ice Packs

4AllPromos is your source for all of the best personalized gel ice packs. We offer custom thermal gel packs for arthritis, soothing promotional hot cold eye masks for headaches, inexpensive wholesale sports chill patches, fun bulk animal shaped heat & ice packs for kids, and much more. They pair up very nicely with our promotional lunch bags and custom cooler bags.

Promotional Gel Chill Packs | Cheap Hot Cold Packs | Custom Sports Ice Packs

Whether you're seeking promotional heat packs for arthritis, business logo gel packs for headaches, fun animal shaped chill patches for kids, or any other kind of personalized hot & cold gel pack, you'll only find the best at 4AllPromos. Our custom gel ice packs and thermal hot & cold packs for sore muscles make great promotional giveaway items for physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, convalescent homes, plastic surgeons, physical therapy clinics, sporting goods stores, sports teams, schools & more. Our hot and cold packs are also ideal additions to any first aid kit. They're great as both winter promotional products and summer promotional products. Read on to learn more about the different kinds of bulk hot cold gel packs available on our site and what they can do for you!

Personalized Heat Patches for Pain Relief | Wholesale Gel Bead Masks | Logo Ice Packs

Different Kinds of Promotional Gel Chill Patches
Custom Hot & Cold Gel Packs
Custom Logo Imprinted Gel Eye Masks & Custom Thermal Gel Packs for Headaches
Custom Shaped Chill Patches & Promotional Novelty Gel Packs

Different Kinds of Promotional Gel Chill Patches

What's the difference between chill packs and hot & cold packs? It's a pretty easy answer if you look at their names. A both are filled with gel, but a chill patch is only used for cooling purposes and contains a single mass of gel. Hot and cold packs typically have gel beads and can be used for both heating and cooling. That doesn't mean chill patches are inferior as promotional products or of less use. On the contrary, our custom logo printed chill patches are less expensive than their hot & cold counterparts. They're also more useful for situations that don't call for warming, such as soothing burns, bruises, and beating uncomfortable heat. An inventive way to distribute them is to include them as part of a gift set in a custom tote bag or even with a promotional wine bottle bag.

Bumps and bruises come with the job description when you're an active participant in sports. As they say, "No pain, no gain." When it comes to our promotional gel ice packs for athletes, there's plenty to gain for both users and your business. Players can use them to quickly soothe contact injuries and get back onto the field/court. Meanwhile, your business will benefit, as all in attendance will see your custom logo design printed on each and every chill patch. Below is a list of the personalized cold packs we offer for different sports.

Promotional Sports Gel Ice Packs

  • Customized Baseball Chill Patches
  • Personalized Soccer Ice Packs
  • Wholesale Football Cooling Gel Packs
  • Bulk Logo Printed Basketball Chill Patches

Custom Shaped Cooling Gel Ice Packs

Creativity and a certain level of off-beat charm are a must when it comes to creating a truly memorable promotional product that will fuel brand awareness. That's why we offer a multitude of different types of custom shaped cold patches for muscles, arthritis, and all other aches & pains. The following list covers just a few of the uniquely shaped chill patches we carry. They're great for taking to school, work, or the field in a promotional duffel bag. However, they make great custom stay at home products as well.

Different Styles of Custom Shaped Logo Chill Patches

  • Promotional Cloud Shaped Chill Patches
  • Wholesale Lip Shaped Gel Packs
  • Personalized Sports Ball Shaped Gel Ice Packs
  • Bulk Round Cooling Gel Packs
  • Custom Logo Printed Heart Shaped Ice Packs

  • Cheap Promotional Chill Patches

    As we mentioned earlier, our promotional chill patches represent some of our more affordable gel pack items for trade show giveaways & more. When you're looking for cheap promotional products for hospitals, pharmacies, convalescent homes, sports teams, and schools, it's hard to do better than our wholesale inexpensive chill patches. They're a cost effective way of gaining exposure for your brand in a virtually limitless variety of locations and situations.

    Custom Hot & Cold Gel Packs

    Now that we've expounded upon our wholesale chill packs, we'll get into our promotional thermal gel bead packs a bit. Featuring small gel beads instead of a single mass of gel, our heat & ice packs allow users to apply both coolness and heat to assuage pain from injuries, arthritis, muscle pulls, sprains, and more. Hot and cold gel packs make a perfect trade show giveaway item for nearly any industry. Whether choosing hot therapy or cold therapy, these items will do the trick.

    Full Color Promotional Hot/Cold Gel Packs

    If your healthcare or athletic supply company wants to steal the spotlight at the next trade show with a promotional giveaway item that just can't be ignored, we have just what you need. Our customizable full color printed hot & cold packs for pain relief feature brightly colored gel balls along with 4-color process logo imprinting on the exterior. Since their exterior portion is a clear plastic, you can mix and match the gel and imprint colors to perfectly fit your logo design & themes. Use as a hot pack or cold pack for sore muscles, bruises, and more.

    Wholesale Reusable Gel Bead Ice Packs

    When it comes to going green and protect the environment, the most important 3 Rs are reduce, reuse, and recycle. Your business can do its part to defend Mother Earth by investing in promotional products that will see multiple usage periods. You can rest assured this will be the case with our personalized reusable heat & ice packs with logos. Rather than being cast into the trash bin after one use, our promotional hot cold packs can be reused time and again, offering years of faithful service. Many are available in fun shapes to help catch the eye.

    Custom Wrist Rest Hot & Cold Gel Packs in Bulk

    In today's technology-filled way of life, many people spend a good portion of their day typing & working with computers. While possessing tech-savvy is surely a positive thing, there can be some negative results for those who live life in the digital domain. Carpal tunnel syndrome, sore muscles, stiff bones, and an exacerbation of existing arthritis conditions are all potential results of too much time tapping away on the keys. That's why users will be thrilled when you supply them with promotional hot & cold wrist rests for typing, moving the mouse, and engaging in other computer activities. Cool them in the refrigerator or warm them in the microwave and you'll have a source of comfort during long days in the office.

    Sometimes prolonged exposure to heat or coldness can become uncomfortable for people. In other cases, users might not like the feeling of plastic directly lying on their skin. For users who fit the above descriptions, we offer inexpensive bulk order plush gel packs with heating & cooling abilities, imprinted with your logo design. These super soft, ultra comfortable gel packs bring the soothing power of heat and ice packs up to a whole new level.

    Wholesale Hot & Cold Gel Bead Ice Packs with Straps

    For those who like an extra measure of control, we offer an assortment of custom thermal gel packs with straps. Whether worn around the wrist, head, or other part of the body, these personalized hot cold packs will stay in place with the perfect degree of snugness at all times.

    Bulk Inexpensive Square Heat Packs & Cold Packs

    While promoting on a budget (who isn't?), a top-notch healthcare giveaway comes in the form of our wholesale square heat & cooling pads. These personalized gel packs for arthritis, bruises, and muscle pain feature a compact shape for pinpointing problem areas and low price that everyone can get on board with.

    Avid sportsmen and sportswomen always want to stay at the peak of health, fitness, and functionality. When an in-game injury or nagging source of bodily pain necessitates a trip to the bench or dugout, a speedy cure is at a premium. This is why our wholesale hot & cold gel packs for sports need to be in your starting lineup of giveaway items. When the star of the team returns to action and carries the squad to victory, players, fans, and coaches will have your company to thank.

    Sometimes pain isn't all about the injuries and accidents. It can also arise from stress, chronic migraines, cluster headaches, light sensitivity, and noise sensitivity. We have all of the best promotional hot cold packs for headaches to help deal with these issues. Others are more geared toward helping one get a good night's sleep by way of achieving a more comfortable temperature. We'll explain some more about this part of our custom gel pack collection in the next two paragraphs.

    Promotional Eye Masks with Gel Beads

    Whether a user is dealing with some pain or is having trouble getting their 8 hours in dreamland, we're here to help. Our business logo printed cooling eye masks can help assuage headache pain and aid folks with an aversion to being too hot or cold in getting to sleep at night. Try placing one of our wholesale logo printed gel eye masks in the refrigerator for a while and put it over your face at bedtime. The result is downright refreshing, and it will leave your brand as the last thing users think of before going to sleep.

    Wholesale Hot & Cold Packs for Headaches in Bulk

    Spas, salons, massage parlors, and all medical facilities will want to have their logos printed on these custom gel pack giveaways. Our promotional headache gel ice packs wrap around the front and sides of the head, offering relief from sinus headaches, migraines, and tension headaches from all possible angles.

    Custom Shaped Chill Patches & Promotional Novelty Gel Packs

    With any form of advertising, it's important to keep a fastidious budget and make sure the maximum benefit is harvested from every dollar. Still, there's a place for fun and levity. Investing in promotional products that are fun and enjoyable for your company as well as for the target audience members who use them nearly always yields great results. We'll share some of our more lighthearted and whimsical promotional heat and ice packs with you in the next three paragraphs.

    Bulk Emoji Ice Packs

    Whether texting or using apps such as Snapchat, emojis are everywhere. They're a fun and quick way of delivering a message or expressing a feeling without having to write a mini-novel in the process. An emoji is something that can provide a quick laugh or smile for most anyone, which is why our personalized emoji cold gel packs are among our best-selling chill patches. Each has a simple yet entertaining expression to let users literally wear their emotions on their sleeves.

    Fun Animal Shaped Gel Bead Heat & Ice Packs

    Many of us at 4AllPromos are animal lovers, and we would have to imagine that many of your potential and existing customers are as well. Capitalize on this by promoting your animal charity, shelter, veterinary clinic, or kennel store with some of our custom gel bead hot and cold packs in animal shapes! These cute yet durable & effective gel packs will be a hit with kids and any animal lover who remains young at heart.

    Inexpensive Unique Chill Patches & Customized Hot & Cold Gel Packs in Bulk

    Anybody who wants to succeed in business knows that it's vital to make bank instead of continually breaking it. For this reason, our low-cost promotional products are often our most popular ones. This trend holds true with our wholesale unique hot & cold gel packs and custom chill patches for sore muscles. Fun and one-of-a kind designs such as those seen in our promotional cloud chill patches & wholesale cloud shaped hot & cold gel packs are a hit with any crowd and will go like hotcakes at trade shows and exhibitions. That's just one of the fun shapes we have to offer. Flowers, lips, hearts, apples, star fish, and several other styles await your examination.