Custom Power Banks & Portable Chargers

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Promotional power banks help customers to charge their phones, tablets, and mobile devices. These portable chargers are a hit during swag giveaways because your audience will want to use them all the time!

Give Promo Gear They’ll Use With Custom Portable Chargers

Our high-quality rechargeable power banks and custom portable chargers are promo products that your customers and target market members can use each and every day. Everyone needs to charge their phones and tablets, and a company logo imprinted power bank means your brand will come to the rescue when batteries are running low. Add the benefit that portable chargers can be brought just about everywhere giving your logo exposure all around town. 

Flash drives can be used at home and work, but personalized power banks can be a real lifesaver on the go at airports, on the train or bus, at a coffee shop, or anywhere in between. Clients keep this type of promotional product around longer than they would a business card.

Custom power banks also complement other 4AllPromos promotional products to make a perfect setup for trade show giveaways. A portable charger can be paired with charging cables to keep them powered up, and cell phone stands for the devices being charged. Some of our customizable portable chargers even double as phone stands. Don’t forget custom Bluetooth earbuds and USB adapters.

Types of Custom Portable Chargers

In our power bank collection, we have something for every budget, with varying price ranges. Our small, affordable portable charger keychains can be added to your lanyards and carabiners for an emergency power-up. We also carry larger portable chargers like our eco-friendly bamboo power banks and sleek, slim power banks. Additional branded power banks we offer include:

Standard Power Banks

A standard power bank is used to charge both Android and Apple’s iPhone cell phones, along with other small devices like MP3 players and e-readers. Because they are easy to carry, they tend to see daily use, meaning your customers, employees, or swag recipients will be showing off your logo every day.

Solar Powered Portable Chargers

Solar portable chargers make excellent corporate gifts (opens in a new window) because, in addition to being a promotional product that is useful, they can be charged anytime the sun is out. They're among our most eco-friendly power banks and many feature batteries with significant capacities.

Multi-USB Port Power Banks

These are highly convenient promotional products as they allow you to charge multiple devices at the same time. When you give away one of these products, every time someone takes out their branded power bank to share their charge with someone else, that person sees your logo too. 

Multi-Function Power Banks

For a custom power bank that can charge multiple devices and perform other practical functions, these power bank promotional items are a lifesaver. We carry items that double as mouse pads, phone stands, night lights, portfolios, and more.

Wireless Power Banks

For customers, employees, and target audience members who don't like to deal with lots of wires and cables, offer custom wireless power banks! These unique tech giveaway items work by transferring power to a mobile device's Qi wireless inductive charging receiver when the device is placed on top. 

Credit Card Power Banks

Our promotional credit card power banks are extremely thin and compact. They get their name both due to the fact that they have a similar shape to credit cards and that they're designed to fit within the credit card slots of a typical wallet. Instead of offering a business card that someone may toss out, for prospects that you really want to connect with, consider handing out these custom chargers. 

Add Your Logo for Personalized Power Banks

If you want to design your own power banks, we customize screen-printed portable chargers and pad-printed portable chargers for smartphones and tablets. These methods can be used for single-color and multiple-color logo designs, and they’re the best option for affordable printing. 

Full-color imprinting is also available. This method is a faster method of printing and can create richer and more elaborate images.

On select models, we offer the option for a laser-engraved logo. Your design is guaranteed to last for many years when it is engraved. Some of our wireless charging pads and power bank items even have engraved light-up logos for a stunning, high-tech branding effect. 

Save Big When You Buy Promotional Power Banks in Bulk

Buying bulk power banks is always a great strategy when you want to promote your brand in the most cost-effective way. Larger order volumes are subject to lower per-unit prices, therefore, you get the best deal for your money when you invest in wholesale custom portable chargers for large-scale giveaways at trade shows and events.


FAQs about Custom Power Banks & Promotional Portable Chargers

What’s the difference between a power bank and a portable charger?
Technically speaking, a power bank and a portable charger are the same, however, portable charger is a term that is often used to describe smaller versions. Portable chargers generally refer to cell phone chargers and car chargers, while larger models with higher power capacities tend to be called power banks. This is not the rule though, and the two terms have the exact same meaning.
What is the FAA limit on portable chargers?
The FAA and TSA have set a limit of 100 Watt hours per battery. When you don’t know the Watt hours, you’ll have to convert from the listed mAh (milliampere-hours) on your portable charger. To do this, use the formula:
Wh=mAh×Voltage (V)÷1000
You’ll multiply the mAh by the voltage (V), which should be listed on your battery. Then divide by 1000 for your Watt-hours. For example, our popular Imprinted Portable Charger - UL Listed is 2200 mAh and 5V.
Wh = 2200 mAh x 5V ÷ 1000 or 11Wh. This custom portable charger is under the FAA limit.
If you get direct approval from the airline, you can bring two larger spare batteries, with a limit of 160 Watt Hours. Be aware that most airlines will allow you to bring portable chargers as carry-on luggage, but not as checked baggage. 
What is the best and strongest portable charger?
The most powerful portable chargers we carry have a capacity of 20,000 mAh. Our Off Road Power Bank is our most durable model, as it is water-resistant, dust-resistant, and has a protective rubberized finish.
How do I know what mAh power bank to buy?
Choosing the right mAh power bank will depend on your battery capacity and expected charging needs. You can divide the power bank's capacity by the battery capacity of the device you plan to charge and the result will tell you approximately how many times the power bank can fully charge your device up from zero.
What is the most affordable portable power bank?
Our most affordable portable power banks are our Span 1,200 mAh Power Banks at only $4.00 per unit. We offer personalized power banks across a broad price range, ensuring that there's something to fit every budget.
What is the best portable charger for a phone?
The best portable charger for a phone is one that is durable, high-quality, UL Listed or otherwise safety certified (CE, MFi, RoHS, FCC, IEC), and has a capacity of 5,000 mAh or greater. This capacity level will ensure that it can fully charge even the largest phone battery models. Look for stainless steel and/or rubberized casings to provide additional protection for increased longevity.

Give Customers a Boost with Custom Power Banks

Instead of giving t-shirts, and drinkware like tumblers at your next giveaway or tradeshow, change it up with custom power banks and promotional portable chargers. All of our custom power banks and portable chargers come with USB cables for convenience (the type included may be USB-C, micro USB cables, or others). 

Branded power banks and bulk portable chargers are perfect tech giveaways and swag items because they are used constantly and in just about every location. If you want a promotional product that will build exposure and awareness for your brand in virtually every public space, you can't beat a company logo-printed power bank.

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