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Looking for eco-friendly recycled tote bags? You've come to the right place! We offer many types of promotional cloth grocery bags, insulated personalized thermal tote bags, discount cheap promotional tote bags, recycled wholesale polypro tote bags, and just about any other kind of logo printed, eco-friendly tote bag you could ever think of!

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Our promotional recycled tote bags make great trade show giveaway items and can serve a variety of purposes. Looking for the best reusable grocery bags with business logos? We have them! Does your business want to order heavy duty tote bags? How about a promotional eco-friendly non-woven polypropylene tote bag? We have all of these, and many, many more. Wine bags, beach bags, shopping bags, and many other styles can be found among our eco-friendly totes. There are also many available colors for your quality carrying bag. Our custom recycled tote bags are Earth-friendly and made of 100% recycled materials. They're reusable and are a great alternative to disposable plastic bags, especially when imprinted with your business logo to spread brand awareness.

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Are you unfamiliar with any of the terms that appear in our promotional recycled tote bag names or product descriptions? Here's your chance to learn everything there is to know about our high quality Earth-friendly bag category. Arm yourself with this knowledge and prepare to save time and money every day, week, month & year while building an environmentally responsible image among your customers and the general public.

What Materials are Promotional Recycled Tote Bags Made From?

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What Materials are Promotional Recycled Tote Bags Made From?


There are many different types of recycled materials that go into our eco-friendly custom logo imprinted recycled tote bags. Canvas, cotton, jute, polypropylene, polyethylene, PET (polyethylene terephthalate), pre-consumer recycled materials, post-consumer recycled materials, and post-industrial recycled materials are all terms you'll see describing our promotional recycled tote bags for businesses.

Personalized Recycled Canvas Tote Bags

Obviously, the above label refers to those recycled tote bags that are made of canvas. Canvas is a very strong material that results in a very tough tote bag. Our recycled canvas tote bags are sturdy, long lasted, and treated to resist moisture. They'll keep your personal items safe from the elements and endure years of wear and tear. Custom canvas bags are great for carrying most anything, and are ideal for heavy grocery shopping, carrying canned foods to donation centers, toting large amounts of books, and carrying nearly any other ballast you'd expect from a heavy duty tote bag.

Recycled Wholesale Cotton Tote Bags

Our promotional recycled cotton tote bags are lightweight and a breeze to carry. They are durable and reusable tote bags, but are not designed to carry ultra heavy loads. The personalized cotton cloth bags on our site work well as reusable grocery bags and are additionally useful for carrying promotional giveaway items at trade shows.

Recycled Promotional Jute Tote Bags

Our recycled jute tote bags are probably among our more obscure promotional totes. "What is jute?" is a pretty common question. To answer it, jute is a fabric composed of long vegetable fibers. Most jute tote bags feature a single compartment and many have either zip or magnetic closures. Buy our wholesale jute tote bags in bulk and you'll have promotional items that are great for carrying groceries and household items. Also known as textile fiber crop, jute is also the material used to create most burlap sacks.

Custom Polypropylene Tote Bags

Our promotional recycled polypropylene bags offer some of the most diversity of all the different types of recycled tote bags on our site. They’ll let the public know that you stand for a greener tomorrow. Polypropylene is a polymer included in nearly all consumer plastics. It is highly durable, heat resistant (to a point), is immune to water, detergents and acids, and overall a very resilient material. It is highly durable and is very resistant to tear and warping. It is fully recyclable and can be reformed into most any plastic product you can name. It is an eco-friendly plastic, made of recycled materials. Most of the recycled polypropylene that finds its way into tote bags begins life as car batteries or plastic bottles. They also have quick production times, one of the many components that makes them a convenient choice.

Our custom recycled polypropylene tote bags are waterproof and durable. They are heavy duty tote bags that serve a variety of roles. Many of the best reusable grocery bags on our site are constructed of polypropylene. While all of our custom recycled polypropylene tote bags are durable, some are tougher than others. GSM, or grams per square meter, is a measure of the weight and density of polypropylene. The higher the GSM, the stronger the recycled polypropylene bag will be.

Bulk Recycled PET Tote Bags

PET is an abbreviation for polyethylene terephthalate. It is a clear plastic that is most often used in water and soda bottles. You'll know your bottle is made from PET if the underside of it shows the number 1 inside of the recycling symbol - this is because it's also known as Type 1 Plastic or Number 1 Plastic. It is a non-toxic recycled material and is food safe, flexible, and light. We carry a wide variety of promotional recycled PET bags. They function quite similarly to our recycled polypropylene tote bags, but are slightly heavier.

Wholesale Inexpensive Frosted Plastic Tote Bags

If you're looking for a chic and fashionable recycled tote bag to show your brand has both style & concern for the environment, these are the bags for you. Our custom logo imprinted frosted plastic bags are colorful, (to a degree) translucent, and are delightfully lightweight. They're best used as a carrying vessel for smaller items.

Promotional Paper Tote Bags

When you want to go with a rustic look or if your business serves schoolchildren or avid outdoorsmen/women, few items will carry you further than our cheap recyclable paper tote bags. These eco-friendly green (as in going green) tote bags help in the effort to spread the mantra of "reduce, reuse, recycle."



There are three main custom logo imprinting options available with our recycled tote bags. The first one is screen printing, which is also referred to as silk screening. The second imprinting method available on our promotional recycled tote bags is full color imprinting. There are many other names used for full color imprinting and we'll get to them in more detail soon. Last but not least, there's also dye sublimation.

Promotional Screen Printed Recycled Tote Bags

Screen printing is available as an imprinting option on almost all of our wholesale inexpensive recycled tote bags with logos. In the screen printing process, a screen, often made of silk, is cut to make a stencil for a desired design. The item on which the imprint is to be made is place under the screen and ink is poured through the stencil. Only one color can be used at a time with screen printing, which is why only some of our inventory consists of recycled tote bags with multi color imprints.

Full color printing goes by many different names. You may also hear it being referred to as heat transfer printing, 4 color processing, 4 color printing, and a whole slew of trademarked names. Many of the wholesale recycled tote bags we stock come with full color printing available. When you order personalized tote bags with full color imprints, you'll see your logo in extra bold and ultra-defined appearance. In full color printing, a graphic is placed on an item through a combination of heat and pressure. Special machines cut out designs, often from cut up vinyl material. A heat press transfers theses designs onto an item. Full color printing can also be done digitally. When this is the case, solvent ink is applied to heat transfer paper. The paper is then pressed to the item by a machine applying high levels of heat, and this transfers the imprint to the item.

Personalized Dye Sublimation Bags

What is sublimation? Sublimation is the process in which an item changes in state from solid to gas without the usual liquid phase in between. This is key to the process of dye sublimation, as it involves solid dyes to be intensely heated and transferred to gas, adorning an item with a boldly colored design. Our promotional dye sublimated tote bags are decorated in this manner and have fully customizable surfaces. If you want total freedom in designing your own custom tote bags, this is the route to take.

Cheap Tote Bags Made From Recycled Materials

In the item descriptions for many of our custom recycled tote bags, you'll see the item in question being referred to as containing pre-consumer (post industrial) or post-consumer recycled materials. We'll explain the difference in the next two paragraphs.

Wholesale Post-Industrial Recycled Tote Bags

Our promotional tote bags made from recycled materials will sometimes be described as being constructed of pre-consumer recycled materials. Other times they'll be described as being made of post-industrial recycled materials. In either case, the meaning is the same. These are recycled materials that are discarded before an end-user ever gets to them. When there are leftover/unneeded elements still hanging around after an item is produced in an industrial setting, they are often sent to recycling plants to be repurposed as other items. Some of these materials are lucky enough to live their new lives as promotional pre-consumer (post-industrial) recycled tote bags.

Custom Post-Consumer Bags

We also carry custom imprinted recycled tote bags made from post-consumer recycled materials. These are materials that are discarded after consumer use and often end up in garbage cans or landfills. More environmentally-conscious people will sometimes place them inside of designated recycling bins. While we carry several types of bulk post-consumer recycled tote bags,we also offer many tote bags made of pre- and post-consumer recycled material blends.