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Looking for eco-friendly recycled tote bags? You've come to the right place! We offer many types of promotional cloth grocery bags, insulated personalized thermal tote bags, discount cheap promotional tote bags, recycled wholesale polypro tote bags, and just about any other kind of logo printed, eco-friendly tote bag you could ever think of!

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Our promotional recycled tote bags make great trade show giveaway items and can serve a variety of purposes. Looking for the best reusable grocery bags with business logos? We have them! Does your business want to order heavy duty tote bags? How about a promotional eco-friendly non-woven polypropylene tote bag? We have all of these, and many, many more. Our custom recycled tote bags are Earth-friendly and made of 100% recycled materials. They're reusable and are a great alternative to disposable plastic bags, especially when imprinted with your business logo to spread brand awareness.

Are you unfamiliar with any of the terms that appear in our promotional recycled tote bag names or product descriptions? Here's your chance to learn everything there is to know about custom logo printed recycled tote bags.

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What Materials are Promotional Recycled Tote Bags Made From?

There are many different types of recycled materials that go into our eco-friendly custom logo imprinted recycled tote bags. Canvas, cotton, jute, polypropylene, polyethylene, PET (polyethylene terephthalate), pre-consumer recycled materials, post-consumer recycled materials, and post-industrial recycled materials are all terms you'll see describing our promotional recycled tote bags for businesses.

Personalized Recycled Canvas Tote Bags

Obviously, the above label refers to those recycled tote bags that are made of canvas. Canvas is a very strong material that results in a very tough tote bag. Our recycled canvas tote bags are sturdy, long lasted, and treated to resist moisture. They'll keep your personal items safe from the elements and endure years of wear and tear. Custom canvas bags are great for carrying most anything, and are ideal for heavy grocery shopping, carrying canned foods to donation centers, toting large amounts of books, and carrying nearly any other ballast you'd expect from a heavy duty tote bag.

Recycled Wholesale Cotton Tote Bags

Our promotional recycled cotton tote bags are lightweight and a breeze to carry. They are durable and reusable tote bags, but are not designed to carry ultra heavy loads. The personalized cotton cloth bags on our site work well as reusable grocery bags and also are useful for carrying promotional giveaway items at trade shows.

Recycled Promotional Jute Tote Bags

Our recycled jute tote bags are probably among our more obscure promotional totes. "What is jute" is a pretty common question. To answer it, jute is a fabric composed of long vegetable fibers. Most jute tote bags feature a single compartment and many have either zip or magnetic closures. Buy our wholesale jute tote bags in bulk and you'll have promotional items that are great for carrying groceries and household items. Also known as textile fiber crop, jute is also the material used to create most burlap sacks.

Custom Polypropylene Tote Bags

Our promotional recycled polypropylene bags offer some of the most diversity of all the different types of recycled tote bags on our site. Polypropylene is a polymer included in nearly all consumer plastics. It is highly durable, heat resistant (to a point), is immune to water, detergents and acids, and overall a very resilient material. It is highly durable and is very resistant to tear and warping. It is fully recyclable and can be reformed into most any plastic product you can name. It is an eco-friendly plastic, comprised of recycled materials. Most of the recycled polypropylene that finds its way into tote bags begins life as car batteries or drink bottles.

Our custom recycled polypropylene tote bags are waterproof and durable. They are heavy duty tote bags that serve a variety of roles. Many of the best reusable grocery bags on our site are constructed of polypropylene. While all of our custom recycled polypropylene tote bags are durable, some are tougher than others. GSM, or grams per square meter, is a measure of the weight and density of polypropylene. The higher the GSM, the stronger the recycled polypropylene bag will be.

Bulk Recycled PET Tote Bags

PET is an abbreviation for polyethylene terephthalate. It is a clear plastic that is most often used in water and soda bottles. You'll know your bottle is made from PET if the underside of it shows the number 1 inside of the recycling symbol - this is because it's also known as Type 1 Plastic or Number 1 Plastic. It is a non-toxic recycled material and is food safe, flexible, and light. We carry a wide variety of promotional recycled PET bags. They function quite similarly to our recycled polypropylene tote bags, but are slightly heavier.

Wholesale Inexpensive Frosted Plastic Tote Bags

If you're looking for a chic and fashionable recycled tote bag to show your brand has both style & concern for the environment, these are the bags for you. Our custom logo imprinted frosted plastic bags are colorful, (to a degree) translucent, and are delightfully lightweight. They're best used as a carrying vessel for smaller items.

Promotional Paper Tote Bags

When you want to go with a rustic look or if your business serves schoolchildren or avid outdoorsmen/women, few items will carry you further than our cheap recyclable paper tote bags. These eco-friendly green (as in going green) tote bags help in the effort to spread the mantra of "reduce, reuse, recycle."

Different Styles of Custom Recycled Tote Bags

Many of our custom promotional recycled tote bags for businesses fit in to certain descriptive categories. We'll briefly expound upon each throughout this section.

Promotional Recycled Angular Tote Bags

One example would be our angular tote bags. Essentially, our recycled angular totes with logos are wide at the top opening area and taper diagonally downward. They are well defined by strong and sharp linear construction.

Messenger tote bags, also known as newsboy bags, have one large adjustable carrying strap meant to be worn over the shoulder. All of our personalized eco-friendly messenger bags come in handy when users need to be able to quickly access whatever it is that they're carrying.

Recycled Wholesale Shopping Tote Bags

Shopper totes are our recycled promotional bags that can be used for grocery shopping, book shopping, or nearly any other kind of shopping (within reason) that you want to do. However, promotional shopper bags can be used for far more than just trips to the library or market.

Custom Reusable Grocery Bags

One might be inclined to think that shopper totes and grocery tote bags are one and the same and that we're just splitting hairs here. On some sites that might be true enough, as many businesses use the terms interchangeably. However, the wholesale recycled grocery bags you'll find at 4AllPromos often have special features to make them extra food-friendly. Just a couple examples come in the form of insulation and leak-guarding bottom inserts.

Branded insulated tote bags, sometimes referred to as hot and cold tote bags, are designed to retain both heat and coolness. These thermal recycled tote bags have a food safe aluminum lining, along with heavy duty foil with a polyester covering. Between the layers, small, thin pieces of flexible foam are inserted which stop heat from getting in and also prevent it from getting out.

Bulk Recycled Exhibition Tote Bags

Exhibition tote bags are often used at trade shows, symposiums, seminars, job fairs, and any other place where one can expect to collect a large quantity of items. Our recycled business logo printed totes for trade shows are ideal for collecting pamphlets, business cards, and promotional giveaway items.

Personalized Colorful Tote Bags

The world is filled with beautiful colors, and when it comes to these different hues, many people subscribe to a "the more the merrier" school of thought. There can be no argument that bold colors help any item to stand out. In addition, having a wide palette of available colors empowers your company to pull off a look that's just right to match your logo design. Enjoy the freedom to design your own logo imprinted bags with our wide collection of customized colorful tote bags.

Promotional Recycled Laminated Bags

When you want an upscale look that makes a statement in both sophistication and conservation, our bulk logo printed laminated recycled tote bags will grant your wishes. Whether you choose a shiny gloss finish or a stoic matte finish, you can rest assured that your laminated tote bag will help your business forge an ideal identity in the public eye.

Wholesale Auto Litter Bags

Even those with the most orderly of intentions and the highest standards of cleanliness will inevitably deal with some messes in the car every now and then. When pressed for time, motorists (and their kids) will often leave behind a wrapper, straw, cup, or napkin or two behind in their haste. These can pile up quickly and make for an unpleasant cleaning job. This is exactly the situation that our promotional car trash bags will eliminate. No matter how busy one might be, there's always enough time to put trash in its proper place when the receptacle is right there, hanging from the back of the seat. Aside from the convenience they offer, these are also great tote bags for advertising, since they go everywhere users go. This creates an immense amount of advertising impressions over time.

Recycled Customized Boat Totes

If you're in the travel, hospitality, fashion, or marine industries, there are few better places to advertise than on the high seas. That's why our collection of personalized boat bags with logos are items your business will not want to pass up. While you'll also see them referred to as beach bags in some instances, these are tote bags that are extra strong and durable, designed for carrying heavy loads to ensure beach bunnies & lounge lizards have everything they need for a relaxing day on the sand or cruising the ocean. Of course, they're not limited to use in only the watery parts of the world, so they're a handy item for any business looking to make a statement in quality.

Cheap Recycled Tote Bags in Bulk

Working toward saving the environment while at the same time saving money is a win-win situation for everyone. A great way to spread brand awareness while also doing your part to protect Mother Earth is investing in recycled cheap promotional tote bags, printed with your customized logo design.

Personalized Recycled Wine Tote Bags

Vineyards, wine country bed & breakfasts, and wedding reception venues can score repeated & widespread advertising impressions with company logo wine bottle bags. Designed to carry as few as one or as many as six bottles of one's favorite wine, our personalized wine totes will see plenty of action on vineyard tours, at wine club meetings, and during corporate holiday parties & events.

Promotional Folding Tote Bags

When space is at a premium and even your best Tetris skills aren't getting to job done, our customized foldaway totes are here to answer the call of duty. Our personalized folding tote bags, as their name would imply, can be folded down virtually flat in order to save storage room without taking damage or losing their shape.

Custom Awareness Ribbon Bags

When you have a cause that is close to your heart, you'll want to do what you can to stir up awareness and action. Buying wholesale awareness ribbon bags in bulk from 4AllPromos is a perfect way for your business or charity to do just that. Available in many colors to promote many different charities & concerns, our custom logo printed awareness ribbon tote bags are efficient, effective, and economical.

There are three main custom logo imprinting options available with our recycled tote bags. The first one is screen printing, which is also referred to as silk screening. The second imprinting method available on our promotional recycled tote bags is full color imprinting. There are many other names used for full color imprinting and we'll get to them in more detail soon. Last but not least, there's also dye sublimation.

Promotional Screen Printed Recycled Tote Bags

Screen printing is available as an imprinting option on almost all of our wholesale inexpensive recycled tote bags with logos. In the screen printing process, a screen, often made of silk, is cut to make a stencil for a desired design. The item on which the imprint is to be made is place under the screen and ink is poured through the stencil. Only one color can be used at a time with screen printing, which is why only some of our inventory consists of recycled tote bags with multi color imprints.

Full color printing goes by many different names. You may also hear it being referred to as heat transfer printing, 4 color processing, 4 color printing, and a whole slew of trademarked names. Many of the wholesale recycled tote bags we stock come with full color printing available. When you order personalized tote bags with full color imprints, you'll see your logo in extra bold and ultra-defined appearance. In full color printing, a graphic is placed on an item through a combination of heat and pressure. Special machines cut out designs, often from cut up vinyl material. A heat press transfers theses designs onto an item. Full color printing can also be done digitally. When this is the case, solvent ink is applied to heat transfer paper. The paper is then pressed to the item by a machine applying high levels of heat, and this transfers the imprint to the item.

Personalized Dye Sublimation Bags

What is sublimation? Sublimation is the process in which an item changes in state from solid to gas without the usual liquid phase in between. This is key to the process of dye sublimation, as it involves solid dyes to be intensely heated and transferred to gas, adorning an item with a boldly colored design. Our promotional dye sublimated tote bags are decorated in this manner and have fully customizable surfaces. If you want total freedom in designing your own custom tote bags, this is the route to take.

Cheap Tote Bags Made From Recycled Materials

In the item descriptions for many of our custom recycled tote bags, you'll see the item in question being referred to as containing pre-consumer (post industrial) or post-consumer recycled materials. We'll explain the difference in the next two paragraphs.

Wholesale Post-Industrial Recycled Tote Bags

Our promotional tote bags made from recycled materials will sometimes be described as being constructed of pre-consumer recycled materials. Other times they'll be described as being made of post-industrial recycled materials. In either case, the meaning is the same. These are recycled materials that are discarded before an end-user ever gets to them. When there are leftover/unneeded elements still hanging around after an item is produced in an industrial setting, they are often sent to recycling plants to be repurposed as other items. Some of these materials are lucky enough to live their new lives as promotional pre-consumer (post-industrial) recycled tote bags.

Custom Post-Consumer Bags

We also carry custom imprinted recycled tote bags made from post-consumer recycled materials. These are materials that are discarded after consumer use and often end up in garbage cans or landfills. More environmentally-conscious people will sometimes place them inside of designated recycling bins. While we carry several types of bulk post-consumer recycled tote bags,we also offer many tote bags made of pre- and post-consumer recycled material blends.

Promotional Recycled Tote Bag Sizes

At 4AllPromos, we realize that different tasks call for different accessories. That's why we offer so many different sizes of promotional recycled tote bags. Whether you're looking for a small gift tote for your jewelry shop or an extra large reusable grocery bag for customers who buy in bulk, we have just the right size to meet your needs. The following four paragraphs will delve into this subject a bit further.

Custom Small Tote Bags in Bulk

When your business sells small yet precious wares, a big tote bag just isn't feasible. Jewelry stores, high-end gift boutiques, salons, and card shops will find our promotional small recycled tote bags to be an ideal size for serving customers and creating visual impressions.

Wholesale Medium Tote Bags

Sometimes big things come in small packages, and in some cases, you have to go big or go home. There's a time and place for both of those philosophies, but what is one to do when neither applies? There must be a happy medium somewhere. Your business is sure to find promotional happiness when it comes to our custom logo imprinted medium tote bags. These mid-sized recycled tote bags are perfect for trips to the library, small grocery shopping excursions, and bringing files & notebooks to and from work.

Promotional Large Recycled Tote Bags

College students hauling books around campus, environmentalists hitting the grocery store, and airport patrons seeking souvenirs are just a few of the many users who could use a bigger tote bag. Our custom large tote bags are highly versatile and many of them are among our top-selling items. Extra room for cargo accompanied by a larger space for imprinting business logo designs make these recycled totes a hit with almost everyone.

Personalized Extra Large Recycled Tote Bags

When there's a big job to be done and a large load to be carried, few if any items can outperform our promotional extra large tote bags for businesses. They provide bountiful room for collecting trade show giveaway items & hauling heaping quantities of food or books. In addition, these hefty recycled tote bags also offer the most space for showing off your company logo design imprint.

Different Tote Bag Handle Styles

Though they may be an afterthought for some, the handles with which a promotional tote bag is equipped can actually be quite consequential. Comfort, durability, self-same fabrics, and just plain style preferences can all call for different handles. We'll explain some of the most significant tote bag handle varieties in the next five paragraphs.

Personalized Tote Bags with Nonwoven Handles

Many of our polypropylene totes fall into the category of promotional tote bags with non-woven handles. Non woven handles are a great feature because they offer shorter production times, fewer conflicting textures, and are easier to clean when spills & messes occur.

Promotional Die Cut Handle Bags

An understated yet fashionable look can always be pulled off when using custom logo printed bags with die cut handles. With these bags, you'll find small, horizontally-oriented holes near the top which are just the right size for slipping a hand through to hold everything together. They provide an effect similar to clutch bags, but are easier to handle and typically can bear more weight.

Custom Recycled Tote Bags with Rope Handles

When you really want to go green or just prefer a rustic look, our wholesale recycled tote bags with rope handles are guaranteed to please. However, they're not limited to just these looks; they can also be quite cosmopolitan in nature, as you'll see with some of our fashion-forward tote bags that you'll come across when clicking on the preceding link.

Wholesale Tote Bags with Heat Sealed Handles

Heat sealed handles, also known as hermetically sealed handles, appear on some of our eco-friendly promotional tote bags. Heat sealing can also occur at the hem of a tote bag or along its gussets. Heat sealing eliminates the need for stitching and thus makes for a speedier production process and cheap tote bags. Don't let the term "cheap" fool you. Our personalized heat sealed handle tote bags are still of high quality.

Bulk Recycled Tote Bags with Knit Handles

A classic style that never goes out of fashion comes standard with all of our customized recycled tote bags with knit handles. Sewn together for strength and security, our wholesale recycled tote bags with knit handles have what it takes to get the job done.

Additional Custom Recycled Tote Bag Features

There's a lot of insider jargon present within the business promotional product industry. Our recycled tote bags are not immune to this, so this is where we'll explain some of the terms you might see while researching our custom recycled tote bags.

Promotional Recycled Tote Bags with Gussets

Gussets are another tote bag component that you'll be reading about a lot if you spend any amount of time on our site. Generally, the gusset is what the side panel of a tote bag is referred to. When the phrase "gusset depth" is used, it basically just means how wide the side panels of a tote bag are. Our personalized gusseted tote bags are able to expand and fit more cargo than their non-gusseted counterparts.

Personalized Bags with Pen Loops

Pen loops, as their name would suggest, are looped attachments through which you can store pens and pencils. If you'd like a visual aid, you can view one of our promotional recycled tote bags with pen loops.

Wholesale Recycled Tote Bags with Plastic Inserts

One of these components is a plastic insert which is placed at the inner floor of a tote bag. Often these will be made of poly board, which is a durable and water resistant plastic made of PVC material. Custom totes with plastic inserts have protection along the bottom gusset against wear and tear.

Custom Tote Bags with Hemmed Openings

Hemmed openings are stitched at to the top of our custom recycled tote bags and help protect against ripping and thread loss. Our wholesale recycled tote bags with hemmed openingsare durable, stylish, and functional.

Bulk Zippered Closure Tote Bags

For an added measure of security against spills, drops, and losses, buying our promotional zip tote bags in bulk is a fail-proof strategy. Whether they offer zippered closure main compartments or zippered pockets on the sides or interior, these are the tote bags to trust when carrying your most important items.