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Keep users healthy, active & comfortable with our custom cooling towels! We offer a broad selection, including, but not limited to promotional PVA cooling towels, soft & comfortable company branded microfiber cooling towels, and scented customized aromatherapy cooling towels. That's not all. We also carry an array of cooling towels with your logo in custom containers.

What are Custom Cooling Towels?

Also referred to as rags and wraps, these towels are constructed with the primary purpose of keeping you comfortable. They're able to retain, distribute, and release liquid more evenly to activate the rapid cooling effect with a snap, but we'll explain that more in the next paragraph. Their second purpose is to aid users in drying off at a much faster rate as compared to traditional towels and soak up moisture and sweat to protect skin and an easy wring-out process.

How Do They Work?

So just how is it that you can get such sweet relief from a piece of fabric? In order to use these for gym workouts, sports, and relief from manual labor, a simple three-step process is needed. All one needs to do is soak the fabric, wring it dry, and then wave it briskly or give it a strong snap or two to activate evaporation. This helps retain water to spread and eventually evaporate more evenly.

Most of these personalized promos provide efficient and natural relief for 2 hours. That provides plenty of time to stay frosty after a gym workout, stay safe at the beach, or just get a bit more comfortable at work or home during warm weather.

Different Styles of Cooling Towels

We have a highly diverse selection of custom logo-imprinted rags, promotional headbands, instant chilling bandanas, and athletic towels. This section will detail the assortment of forms that these custom sports gifts come in and how each can send your customers to a whole new world of relaxation.

Customized Cooling Neck Wraps

  • One of our thinner models
  • Intended to be worn around the neck, wrists, forehead, or joint areas
  • Great for athletes in road races, agricultural professionals, or others in high-heat conditions

Branded Cooling Bandanas & Custom Image Imprinted Cooling Scarves

  • Use inner gel crystals which are chilled to achieve optimum temperatures
  • Popular way to deal with headaches, joint pain, bruises, and scratches

Full Size Promotional Athletic Cooling Towels

  • Bigger towels help you stay frosty after a gym workout
  • Prevent dangerous heat stroke by quickly cooling down large parts of the body
  • Wrap around the head, drape over the shoulders, or tie around the waist - many ways to use this!

Wholesale Body Wrap Ice Towels

  • Speedy cooling to specific parts of the body
  • Excellent for headaches, sore neck muscles, localized joint pain, or bruises
  • Low price makes them a great option for a large order

Promotional Cooling Headbands

  • Popular with athletes on all levels
  • Effective in dealing with moisture and preventing sweat in the eyes

Customizable Towels - Materials

Our wholesale body wrap ice products and assorted custom-printed products are made from a variety of different fabrics. Each sort of fabric has its own set of benefits and features that set it apart from its peers, which we'll discuss now

What Are PVA Cooling Towels?

  • Made from polyvinyl acetate, a synthetic fabric that quickly soaks up moisture
  • Resistant to mold and mildew
  • Extended evaporation process offers relief for longer
  • Must be used in the open air, as wearing under clothing can damage the fabric

Promotional Cotton Cooling Towels

  • Comfortable, soft, and affordable
  • Not as easy to compress and stack as others
  • Provide a luxurious and soothing experience

Personalized Nylon Instant Cooling Towel Products

  • Blended with 50% polyester
  • Affordable, lightweight, strong, and flexible
  • Not as thick as cotton, but more compact and easier to store

Wholesale Microfiber Cleaning Rags

  • Microfiber makes these extra soft and lightweight
  • Soft, smooth, and extra absorbent
  • Help you dry off very quickly in style

Promotional Latex Free Cooling Towel

  • Excellent for people with latex allergies
  • Doesn't compromise on performance
  • Show that your brand cares about customers

For those who like to keep things natural and eco-friendly, we also carry a wide selection of company branded chemical-free cooling towels

What is a UPF 50 Cooling Towel?

UPF 50 means that something is capable of blocking out 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Unlike our sunscreen promotional products, which are assigned SPF rankings, the protective ability is measured by the UPF rating. To determine what the ranking means, just make a fraction out of the number with a 1 as the numerator, and then divide using the UPF rating as the numerator.

Company Branded Towels in Carrying Cases & Containers

Some of our bulk items are brought up a notch by way of being presented in a useful container or carrying case. There are different types employed for different purposes, and we'll tell you all about them now.

Promotional Cooling Towels in Sport Bottles

  • Excellent for those who play sports, hike, or spend a lot of time in the sun
  • Includes a container to keep your clients hydrated
  • Great for work, home, or working outside

Customized Cooling Towels in Mesh Carrying Cases

  • Complimentary carrying cases add convenience
  • Case also provides more advertising opportunities
  • Excellent for those always on the go

Personalized Athletic Cooling Towels in Carabiner Cases

  • Keeps you comfortable during outdoor activities
  • Can be clipped to belts, backpacks, or keychains
  • Offers fantastic advertising and convenience

Wholesale Sports Cooling Towels in Water Bottle Cases

  • BPA-free plastic bottles protect your health and the environment
  • FDA approved for holding drinks or soaking towels
  • Wonderful idea for children's sports days

Design Your Own Custom Cooling Towels

Company-branded items are perfect tools for promoting your business. We have multiple options to help you best personalize these promos with your own company logo.

Custom Dye Sublimation Cooling Towels

  • Imprint method where special printers turn solid ink into gas, then place on a surface
  • Allows for incredibly bright colors
  • Great for photos
  • Wonderful option for high-end gyms to give to their most loyal customers
  • Be sure to provide a high-resolution image when uploading

Promotional Sport Cooling Towels with Full-Color Logo Imprints

  • Great option when dye sublimation isn't possible
  • Good for personalizing only one imprint area
  • Colorful and highly detailed
  • More costly than screen printing but also faster

Bulk Logo Printed Cooling Towels - Screen Printed

  • Affordable but effective
  • Best when you need only one imprint color
  • Stellar option when you need a large quantity

Wholesale Blank Cooling Towels

  • Low price means you save money but still provide value
  • For situations where you don't need your logo included
  • Nice option when hosting an event with other companies