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Promotional Cooling Towels | Custom Printed Athletic Cooling Towels | Bulk Neck Wraps

Keep users healthy, active & comfortable with our custom cooling towels! We offer a broad selection, including, but not limited to promotional PVA cooling towels, soft & comfortable company branded microfiber cooling towels, and scented customized aromatherapy cooling towels. That's not all. We also carry an array of cooling towels with your logo in custom containers.

Wholesale Sports Cooling Towels | Bulk Instant Cooling Towels | Cooling Headbands

Keep users healthy, active & comfortable with our custom cooling towels! We offer a broad selection, including, but not limited to promotional PVA cooling towels, soft & comfortable company branded microfiber cooling towels, and scented customized aromatherapy cooling towels. That's not all. We also carry an array of cooling towels with your logo in custom containers.

Promotional Cooling Rags | Custom Cooling Body Wraps | Best Cooling Towels

Wholesale cooling towels have proven to be one of the hottest promotional giveaway items in the industry. We're here to supply you with the best promotional cooling towels, both in terms of quality and in terms of which best meet your promotional needs. That's where the upcoming guide kicks in. We're going to share with you a wealth of information regarding our customizable athletic cooling towels. It's our hope that providing this material will enable you to pick the best brands, styles, and decoration options to make your company branding campaigns a smashing success!

What is a Promotional Cooling Towel?

How Do Cooling Towels Work?

Different Styles of Custom Cooling Towels

Customizable Cooling Towels - Materials

What is a UPF 50 Cooling Towel?

Company Branded Cooling Towels in Carrying Cases & Containers

Design Your Own Cooling Towel


What is a Promotional Cooling Towel?

Cooling towels (also referred to as cool rags, cool wraps, ice towels, instant cooling towels, and cool towels) are towels and body wraps constructed from special fabric polymers, soft weaves, and innovative construction. They serve two main purposes. As their name would imply, their primary purpose is to keep users cool and comfortable. They're able to retain, distribute, and release water more evenly to activate the rapid cooling effect with a snap, but we'll explain that more in the next paragraph. Their second purpose is to aid users in drying off at a much faster rate as compared to traditional towels and soak up moisture and sweat to protect skin and an easy wring-out process.

How Do Cooling Towels Work?

So just how is it that a cooling towel works? As mentioned in the previous paragraph, our company branded items are able to absorb water with speed, efficiency, and even distribution to then wring out. They also release the water through the process of evaporation at an even and consistent rate. It's this feature that enables them to cool users off so satisfyingly in such a short period of time. In order to make our products for gym workouts, sports, and relief from the heat work, a simple three step process is needed. All one needs to do is soak their towel, wring it dry, and then wave it briskly or give it a strong snap or two to activate evaporation. This helps retain water to spread and eventually evaporate more evenly.

Most of these personalized items provide efficient and natural relief from heat for 2 hours. That provides plenty of time to stay cool after a gym workout, staying safe at the beach, or just getting a bit more comfortable at work or home during heat waves.

Different Styles of Custom Cooling Towels

We offer a highly diverse selection of custom logo imprinted cool rags, promotional cool headbands, instant cool bandanas, and bulk athletic cooling towels. This section will detail some of the different forms that these custom sport towel gifts come in and what each has to offer.

Customized Cooling Neck Wraps

One of our popular promotional ice towel styles comes in the form of our bulk cooling towel neck wraps.
These are some of our thinner models and are intended to be worn around the neck, wrists, forehead, and/or joint areas. They have the same wet, wring, and wave process to activate as the rest of our products and are ideal for athletes in road races, agricultural professionals, and anyone who either works hard or plays hard under high heat conditions.

Branded Cooling Bandanas & Custom Image Imprinted Cooling Scarves

A different style can be found in our personalized instant ice scarves and bandanas with cooling crystals.
Unlike the other offerings in this category, these custom cooling towel giveaways make use of inner gel crystals which are chilled in freezers and refrigerators to achieve optimum temperatures. They're a popular way of dealing with headaches, joint pain, abrasions and bruises, and uncomfortably balmy ambient conditions.

Full Size Promotional Athletic Cooling Towels

When users have been working up a big sweat and need to cool down all over, you can offer them relief by buying imprinted extra large cooling towels in bulk. These are bigger towels that can cover larger portions of a person and are especially handy to stay cool after gym workouts and avoid dangerous medical situations such as heat strokes. With these items, users have the option of wrapping them all the way around their heads do-rag style, draping them on their heads, draping them over their shoulders to cool their midsections, or tying them around their waists to cool off the lower extremities and maintain comfortable body temperature.

Wholesale Body Wrap Ice Towels

Our assortment of customizable cooling body wrap towels are aimed at providing a speedy and prolonged cooling effect to specific parts of the body. They work well for helping users with headaches, sore neck muscles, localized joint pain, bruises from falls, and any other condition which requires one to really zero in to get relief.

Promotional Cooling Headbands

Our wholesale cooling headbands for sports are highly popular with athletes on all levels, from amateur to professional. In addition to literally allowing cooler heads to prevail, they're also effective in dealing with moisture and keeping sweat out of users' eyes during and after periods of heavy activity at the gym or a running event workout.

Customizable Cooling Towels - Materials

Our wholesale body wrap ice products and assorted custom printed products are made from a variety of different fabrics. Each fabric has its own set of benefits and features that set it apart from its peers. In the next five paragraphs, we'll provide some insight into the most prominent fabrics employed in the production of our promotional items.

What Are PVA Cooling Towels?

PVA cooling towels are made from polyvinyl acetate, a synthetic fabric that is intended to quickly and evenly soak up moisture, almost in a sponge-like fashion. The material from which our promotional PVA items are constructed is also resistant to mold and mildew and features a longer evaporation process. This enables them to offer cool relief for an impressive duration of time. It's important that PVA cooling towels are used in open air, as wearing them under clothing can damage their fabric.

Promotional Cotton Cooling Towels

Our custom cotton sports cooling rags are comfortable, soft, and affordable. They're not quite as easy to compress and stack as some of their counterparts but offer a luxurious and soothing experience.

Personalized Nylon Instant Cooling Towel

Blended in with 50% polyester, our wholesale nylon cool towels are affordable, lightweight, strong, and flexible. While not as thick and full as a cotton cooling towel, our nylon/polyester models are more compact and easier to stack and store.

Wholesale Microfiber Cleaning Rags

If you're looking for something extra soft and lightweight, we suggest investing in our personalized microfiber cooling towels. They're soft, smooth, and extra absorbent, helping users to dry off very quickly after a gym workout or a day at the pool or beach.

Promotional Latex Free Cooling Towel

For people and pets limited by latex allergies, coming into contact with it can be dangerous and sometimes even deadly. Anyone who is allergic to latex shouldn't rub a latex item over their skin or use it as a wrap. Our custom latex free cooling towels offer safety and security for those with allergies, along with top-notch performance. For those who like to keep things natural and eco-friendly, we also carry a wide selection of company branded chemical free cooling towels.

What is a UPF 50 Cooling Towel?

A UPF cooling towel is a towel that is capable of blocking out 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Unlike our sunscreen promotional products , which are assigned SPF rankings, our products' protective ability is measured by UPF rating. To determine what the ranking means, just make a fraction out of the number with a 1 as the numerator, and then divide using the UPF rating as the numerator. The result is the percentage of UV sun rays that can penetrate a given fabric. For example, take our customizable UPF 50 cooling towels with logo imprints. Treat is a fraction of 1/50, which translates to 2%. Subtract that number from 100 and you'll find that these products block out 98% of ambient UV rays.

Company Branded Cooling Towels in Carrying Cases & Containers

Some of our bulk cooling towels are brought up a notch by way of being presented in a useful container or carrying case. There are different types employed for different purposes, and we'll tell you all about them now.

Promotional Cooling Towels in Sport Bottles

Here's an advantageous athletic cooling towel giveaway item geared toward those who play sports, hike, or spend a lot of time in the sun. Our wholesale cooling towels in water bottles offer a unique way to present each towel along with a container to keep users properly hydrated during a gym workout, at home, or when working outside.

Customized Cooling Towels in Mesh Carrying Cases

Some of our personalized products for sports & working out come with complimentary carrying cases. For an added element of convenience and to get your advertising on course, your company can invest in our logo imprinted mesh carrying cases for cooling towels. Of course, these purchase include the towels as well, as without them, they'd obviously be of far less use.

Personalized Athletic Cooling Towels in Carabiner Cases

If you want to supply your users with a convenient way of toting their cooling towels around while continually flashing your company logo, we have just what you're looking for. Our promotional carabiner case cooling towels can be clipped to belts, backpack loops, keychains, and a nearly limitless amount of other items. This enables them to be kept around and accessible at all times.

Wholesale Sports Cooling Towels in Water Bottle Cases

If you want users to be able to protect your logo and the towels on which they reside, our custom insulated case cooling towel kits are a viable option. They feature carrying cases in the form of BPA-free plastic bottles. They're also FDA approved and can be used to hold water for drinking or soaking towels.

Design Your Own Cooling Towel

Company branded cooling towels, imprinted with your logo, are excellent tools for promoting your business. Gyms, beaches, parks, pools, health clubs, YMCAs, camps, resorts, and charity events are just a few of the locations where these highly popular lightweight items can garner a ton of exposure for your brand. Several style options exist when it comes to decorating them with your company logo design, and we'll detail some of them for you in this section.

Custom Dye Sublimation Cooling Towels

Dye sublimation is an imprint method in which specialty printers are used that are capable of using high levels of heat transferring solid ink to gas, which is conveyed onto a decorating surface. The in-between liquid state of matter is entirely skipped, which is where the "sublimation" part of the name comes from. If fully customizable cooling towels with bold colors sound like a good fit for your brand, this is the decoration method to go with.

Full color (aka 4-Color Process) printing is a great option when dye sublimation isn't available. It also is a top option if you only want to personalize a specific imprint area rather than the whole item. Our full color logo printed cooling towels boast very colorful and detailed images in photographic quality. While this logo imprinting method is a bit more costly than screen printing, it offers conveniently shorter production times.

Screen printing is an affordable yet effective way of including a business logo on a giveaway item. It's one of the most sensible routes to take when it comes to single color logo designs and those with less intricate patterns. It's a great go-to option when buying cheap promotional cooling towels in bulk (opens in a new window). Despite the lower price, this method doesn't skimp on quality by any means.

Wholesale Blank Cooling Towels

Promotional products are based around spreading brand awareness and increasing business through logo placement. However, there are exceptions to every rule, and sometimes doing things a little differently is the best path to achieving a goal. That's why we offer a line of blank towels. If for whatever reason you don't desire a logo imprint and want to save some money, ordering wholesale blank towels can be a sound strategy.