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Custom Tablecloths & Branded Table Runners for Trade Shows

Custom Tablecloths With Logo, Fitted Promotional Tablecloths & More

Invest in printed tablecloths to help show off your brand at trade shows, special occasions, and more! Adding your personalized design to a customized tablecloth, runner, or seat back cover is a great way to make your booth stand out at any event.

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We have many varieties of high-quality products to help provide a unified and professional look for your organization at your next trade show or big event.

Custom Tablecloths

Our custom tablecloths come in many product size options and can be ordered at prices to fit any budget. Most are made from polyester fabric for a durable yet stylish material. We have 4-sided, 3-sided, 4 foot, 6 foot, and 8 foot models to accommodate a variety of table size options. 

Care Instructions

Use cold water and the gentle cycle when you machine wash our products or hand wash them. We urge you not to dry clean your tablecloths to avoid removing the designs; don't iron over designs or embroidery. You may low-heat iron other portions of the fabric but refer to product tags and descriptions first.

Custom Table Runners

Another style of custom table covers can be found in our promotional table runners. Runners are smaller than tablecloths;
they run in a horizontal or vertical orientation along the top, sometimes draping partially over the sides

Logo Printed Chair Back Covers

Our personalized folding chair back covers are great for athletic events, seminars, concerts, and more. They employ a slipcover that goes over the back of a (usually) folding chair to show off your branding. These items can also be used as VIP chair covers to designate reserved seating at an event.

Unique Trade Show Table Covers

Print your branded graphic on our promotional light-up tablecloths to adorn tables in a way that nobody will be able to ignore.

Create Your Own Custom Table Cover

Single-color, multiple-color, full-color, fully customizable dye sublimated, and embroidered options all make custom table covers for job fairs, festivals, and trade shows.

Customizable Table Covers - FAQ

Do you sell printed table covers with no minimum order quantity?
Yes! While we always welcome bulk orders, we sell a wide variety of table covers in many color options and price points with no minimum purchase requirement. No tablecloth has an order quantity higher than 2 units!
What's the difference between a fitted tablecloth and a flat or unfitted tablecloth?
Fitted models have sewn edges and corners, designed to fit snugly over the top and sides of a table. Flat, or unfitted models drape more loosely and can be bunched at the corners of a table. Flat versions are a bit more easy to fold when it's time for storage.
How can printed table covers be used for advertising?
Your business, charity or other organization can use our high quality products to market and grow brand awareness at all kinds of events. Trade shows, job fairs, exhibitions, farmers' markets, and conventions are just a few of the many suitable event options.
Do you offer any eco-friendly styles?
We sure do! Our custom eco-friendly table covers made from recycled materials are a big hit with any audience that wants to go green. They're made from recycled plastic bottles but have the same look, fantastic quality, and feel as our polyester fabric models. As with our other options for tables, you should hand wash or machine wash with cold water and a gentle cycle, use heat iron, and do not dry clean to avoid removing your logo.