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Design your own padfolios & promotional portfolios at 4AllPromos! We offer a mix of all of the best custom padfolios and personalized portfolios in a myriad of different shapes, sizes, materials, colors, and functions. If you’re looking for the best promotional office supply giveaways or the top corporate office supply gifts for employees, this is the category for you!

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Different Types of Custom Padfolios & Personalized Portfolios

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Different Types of Custom Padfolios & Personalized Portfolios

If you're looking for business logo imprinted portfolios & customized padfolios imprinted with your corporate logo, you've come to the right place. We offer a broad selection of different varieties within these categories, with each offering particular features that might make one individual model the perfect one to meet your promotional needs. Before we get into all of that, we should explain the difference between padfolios and portfolios.

Promotional Padfolios

When it comes to the differences between padfolios and portfolios, things can get a little blurry. This is because every company has its own policies regarding names, so what's called a portfolio by one company might be called a padfolio by another. First off, the name padfolio has nothing to do with iPads. However, we do carry plenty of tablet padfolios, but more on that later.

Traditionally, a padfolio doesn't have carrying straps and is meant to be carried in an underarm grip, similar to how one would hold a library book. They're usually smaller and weigh less than portfolios and don't have as many interior pockets. However, as we said, don't get too hung up on this definition, because the two terms are often applied loosely by different manufacturers. Many of our wholesale padfolios with logo imprints have plenty of internal storage & handy bonus feature bells & whistles.

When it comes to portfolios, the strictest definition requires a top zippered closure, carrying handles, and a (potentially) much larger size than padfolios. Think of your standard legal briefcase or computer briefcase and you'll get the general idea. 

Our promotional portfolio cases don't always hold to these narrow terms, so whether it's a portfolio or padfolio that will best suit your needs will be determined on a product-by-product basis, rather than just by name alone. 

Not to worry though, as you can use our search bar and the information provided in this guide to find the product that's best catered to your needs without having to view every single model.

You'll sometimes see portfolios being referred to as "legal size" or "letter size". Our bulk letter size portfolios are around 9 inches wide by 12½ inches high. They're designed to hold traditional 8½ wide by 11 inch high papers. Our custom legal size portfolios are larger, designed for holding larger documents and even personal artwork.

Bulk 3 Ring Padfolios

What do you get when you cross a promotional ring binder with a personalized padfolio? No, this isn't some kind of corny joke - what you get is one of our custom 3 ring binder padfolios. These padfolios have a three ring binder on the inside for keeping files organized, as well as additional pockets for documents, ID cards, writing implements, and several other items needed by the businessman on the go.

Personalized Conference Folders

Our custom logo imprinted meeting folios are cheap promotional portfolios that are sometimes referred to as "presentation folders". Each folds open to reveal a double-sided interior. Some models will have a slip pocket on each side, while others might contain a pocket (or set of pockets) on one side with a writing pad on the other. They're perfect for job fairs and industry seminars where users will need to take notes and collect contact information.

Wholesale Writing Pads for Businesses

Buying wholesale writing pads in bulk is an excellent promotional strategy when it comes to providing users with top-notch trade show giveaway items that they'll use on a daily basis. Whenever they need to take down a number, name, or email address, they'll turn to your writing pad portfolios, see your logo, and be reminded of their relationship with your business. Since they're products that are used on a very mobile basis, they'll create advertising impressions for your company anywhere their owners go.

Custom Clipboard Portfolios

When users need to take notes on the go and are quickly amassing papers and documents, they'll need a reliable tool for keeping it all together. This is the utility that our personalized clipboard padfolios bring to the table. In addition to providing business card slots and ID card pockets, these padfolios offer clipboards for a firm writing surface and easy way to keep handouts & applications together at job fairs, trade shows, and symposiums

Customized Tablet Padfolios & Promotional Portfolios for Tablets

Do you remember the earlier portion of this guide in which we said that the name padfolio isn't derived from the name iPad? While this claim is true, there are customizable tablet padfolios that are designed to carry iPads & other tablet devices. 

These custom tablet padfolios aim to provide a safe & stylish protective carrying case for larger mobile devices while keeping your cards, notes, and printed materials close by at the same time. We're proud to offer the best promotional tablet portfolios and padfolios on the market.

Custom Padfolio Sizes

Our custom padfolios come in a wide variety of different sizes. Whether a small, full size, or large customized padfolio will be the best fit depends on the needs of your organization and its target audience, potential, existing, and new clients, and employees.

Promotional Small Padfolios

Perhaps the perfect padfolio for your professional organization is one of our custom small padfolios. We have several to choose from, including promotional junior padfolios, handy wholesale 5 x 7 padfolios, budget friendly company logo mini padfolios, and more.

Branded Full Size Padfolios

Our promotional full size padfolios come in many different varieties. All of these make excellent organizers and new employee welcome & appreciation gifts. Many are appointed with notebooks, writing pads and other accessories, for a promotion that will work for students, customers, employees, and more. We have custom 8½ x 11 padfolios, professional legal size and letter size padfolios, and more to help stay organized and meet marketing goals. 

Shop the full collection on our site for the best models to wear your brand name in a single color, full color, debossed, or even embroidered design.

Large Customized Padfolios

Planning to go big with your upcoming event or marketing campaign? Consider offering customers and target audience members some of our large logo imprinted padfolios. A great gift and promotional item that's great for taking notes and keeping organized, our customized large padfolios will be perfect tools for promoting your brand in a professional way. 

They come with many accessories, including paper pads, pen loops, and a wide range of other little bonuses. These branded folder items can be used to promote your brand to a diverse crowd.

A common theme you'll run into when reading the content on this page is the diversity that exists among our inventory of promotional portfolios and padfolios. One of the most significant differences you'll encounter are in the area of construction. In other words, there are a lot of different materials from which a company logo printed padfolio or portfolio can be constructed. We'll share some of the most frequently found elements in the following paragraphs.

Cheap Promotional Vinyl Portfolios

When you want a cheap promotional portfolio that will be a boon to brand awareness without breaking the bank, our bulk affordable vinyl portfolios are a natural choice.

Custom Microfiber Portfolios

Our personalized microfiber padfolios & wholesale microfiber portfolios offer an ultra soft exterior that conveys a luxurious air of style and class. They're bolstered in strength by PVC edges and backing, showing that a personalized padfolio can be both soft and strong at the same time.

Personalized Polyester Zippered Padfolios

If you want to design your own padfolios with a sturdy surface and secure closure, our zippered custom polyester padfolios and promotional polyester portfolios are the way to go. Smooth and stylish, these zip closure padfolios with logo imprints are great trade show giveaway items. They're also handy for keeping organized with schoolwork, on business trips, or attending business seminars.

Wholesale Polypropylene Portfolios & Customized Polypropylene Padfolios

Polypropylene is an eco-friendly material that appears in many of the various business promotional products throughout our website. It is fully recyclable and also makes for faster production times, as it's a non-woven fabric. Our customized polypropylene padfolios & wholesale polypropylene portfolios are durable and water resistant, ensuring safety for their contents and your logo design in rain, snow, and shine.

Promotional Leatherette Padfolios & Custom Faux Leather Portfolios

Do you like the look of leather but prefer a more animal-friendly option? No problem - we have you covered! Some of our most distinguished portfolios & padfolios are made from leatherette, a material that looks and feels very much like genuine leather, but at a lower cost and containing no animal products. Take a look at our custom faux leather padfolios and unique personalized leatherette portfolios and you'll see just what we mean.

Premium Executive Leather Portfolios & Personalized Leather Padfolios

There are quite a few different types of leather that go into our customized portfolios and padfolios. The following list gives a quick overview on some of the main varieties.

  • Custom Bonded Leather Portfolios - These portfolios feature strips of leather left over after the production of other items and bonds them together atop a fibrous surface that is then coated, typically with polyurethane, for a smooth and seamless look.
  • Promotional Vintage Leather Padfolios with Logo Imprints - Our vintage leather padfolios feature a leather covering that is flexible & is able to take on a faded look very quickly for a nice rustic effect.
  • Wholesale DuraHyde™ Padfolios - DuraHyde™ is a trademarked brand of bonded leather which is highly popular for its fashion appeal and durability. Our customized DuraHyde™ padfolios are among our top selling items.
  • Promotional Pebble Grain Leather Portfolios - Our personalized pebble grain leather portfolios have a surface that is textured and styled for truly unique look and feel. If you don't want a baby-smooth texture for your logo imprinted portfolio, pebble grain leather, also known as pebbled leather, is a great choice.

Bulk Water Resistant Rubber Padfolios

Looking to try something a little different? Utility and uniqueness can go hand-in-hand when it comes to our custom logo imprinted rubber padfolios. Made from Vytex™ natural rubber material, these custom padfolios are waterproof and look great debossed with your personalized logo design.

Wholesale Padfolios & Company Branded Portfolios - Closure Styles

One of the key purposes of portfolios/padfolios, aside from organization utility, is to protect important personal documents. That's why, depending on your industry and intended end-user, you may favor a certain closure style over another. In this section, we'll introduce you to a few of the many different closure mechanisms that can be found in our promotional padfolios & portfolios.

Custom Zippered Padfolios & Portfolios

Our wholesale zippered padfolios and custom zipper portfolios are among our most popular varieties for many good reasons. This is the classic closure method for portfolios, allowing users to quickly zip to open up and retrieve documents and zip shut when it's time to pack up and go.

Promotional Portfolios with Magnetic Closure

A less common but equally valid style would be our bulk magnetic closure portfolios. These custom magnetic snap closure portfolios offer a fun way to keep covers closed and privacy at a premium. Several of these are also available in journal and notebook form.

Bulk Elastic Closure Padfolios

A prime option when it comes to affordable business document folders are our personalized elastic padfolios & portfolios. These often contain an elastic strip that runs through the front opening flap and then runs vertically down to wrap around to the front again.

Wholesale Velcro Closure Portfolios & Padfolios

Our promotional Velcro closure padfolios sometimes are primarily sealed with Velcro, but in other cases, hook & loop fastened document holders make up individual pockets within zippered padfolios. Either way, it's a secure and time-tested approach which has lasted a long time and won't disappear anytime soon.

Design Your Own Custom Branded Padfolios

Want to design your own padfolios? If so, our talented team of artists is willing and ready to help! However, they can't get to work until you decide on a decoration method. Our low cost silkscreen padfolios and cheap custom screen printed portfolios offer affordable prices and short production times.

 If you're looking for something extra customizable with low minimum orders, our custom engraved portfolios never fail to please. Others prefer custom logo embossed portfolios or personalized padfolios with epoxy dome logos

For a logo that is pressed in for a design that won't chip or fade with time, our engraved portfolios are rivaled only by our custom padfolios with debossing

Finally, for a company branded product that really goes above and beyond, you can opt for our premium embroidered portfolios for businesses.