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4AllPromos is your ultimate destination for the best promotional sweatshirts. We offer a wide selection for companies of all sizes. Our inventory includes wholesale affordable sweatshirts, comfy promotional classic fit sweatshirts, fashionable custom retail fit sweatshirts, fun company logo zippered hoodies, versatile custom printed crewneck sweatshirts, items with water wicking material, shaped seams, raglan sleeves, and even more. They're great promotional apparel items for any school, business, charity, team, or other organization.

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Buy custom printed sweatshirts in every color, fashion, and size at 4AllPromos! With zip-up, pullover, hooded and crew neck options, we make it easy to find a style that fits your promotional budget. Our extensive collection features many different fits to suit individual tastes. We even offer oversized, mock neck, and v-notch sweatshirts with your logo.

All of our branded sweatshirts can be imprinted or embroidered with your logo design to create powerful advertising impressions in a countless variety of settings. These are popular apparel giveaway items for schools, sports teams, clothing stores, gyms, charities, colleges & universities, and more.

They're warm and comfortable promotional apparel products with a broad appeal, finding favor among men, women, and users of all ages. Read on to learn more about our personalized sweatshirts & hoodies and find the styles that will be the most helpful in meeting your promotional goals.

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Different Types of Custom Sweatshirts

Promotional Hooded Sweatshirts with Logo Imprints

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Different Types of Custom Sweatshirts

Promotional Sweatshirts for Men

If your company is looking to purchase custom men's sweatshirts, you'll find a great range of options for sale on our site. We have several custom sweatshirts and personalized hoodies for men that are ideal for work uniforms, athletic activity, team spirit, school branding, and more. There are models featuring such bonuses as an interior media pocket, elastic drawstring hood, front kangaroo pocket, interior pocket, varying neck tape orientations, and beyond.

Promotional Sweatshirts for Women

As is the case with our men's styles, our personalized ladies' sweatshirts are also of high quality and versatility. They'll show off your company logo and look sharp while doing it. Designed with function and fashion in mind, our women's customized sweatshirts and hoodies never fail to impress. They’re great to showcase your brand at any event and come at the guaranteed lowest prices.

When you'd like an apparel giveaway item that works for all users, there are few better ways to go than buying our branded unisex sweatshirts in bulk. These are imprinted apparel items that are designed with a gender neutral look and fit that will appeal to both men and women. They're a particularly great investment when offered as giveaways to large crowds whose demographics may not be known in advance.

Bulk Crewneck Sweatshirts

When a traditional sweatshirt with solid construction and timeless appeal is needed, our promotional crewneck sweatshirts are standing at the ready. A crewneck shirt features a round collar that is made from a piece of fabric separate from the rest of the garment, but securely stitched to join it. They run along the base of users' necks and tend to be textured via vertical ribbing. They also offer elasticity to hold their shape despite frequent movement.

Custom Made Mock Neck Sweatshirts

Another popular sweatshirt style can be found in our personalized mock neck sweatshirts. Mock neck sweatshirts have higher necklines when compared to crewnecks. They offer a bit of extra warmth and throw in a bit of style flair in the process. They're called "mock" necks as they can't be rolled up and down in quite the same way as a turtleneck for a warm & comfy fit.

Personalized V-Notch Sweatshirts

Our wholesale V-notch hoodies get their name from the fact that they contain stitching on the front that forms the shape of a V slightly below the neckline. Different panels of the garment are sewn together in such a way that this V shape helps to add a measure of strength and durability. It also is efficient in helping to absorb sweat more quickly than many other styles. This makes them an ideal choice for warm days, workouts, hiking, and other situations in which one might break a sweat.

Custom Printed Hockey Style Sweatshirts

Our promotional hockey style hooded sweatshirts present a unique style that is currently trending upward in popularity. These hoodies contain lace-up necklines, much like those found in traditional hockey jerseys. They create an open area in the front collar and allow for the level of tightness around the neck to be adjusted. They're fashionable apparel items that are popular with colleges, sports teams, young professionals, and many other groups.

Wholesale Pre-Shrunk Sweatshirts & Custom Shrink-Resistant Sweatshirts

Nobody likes it when they acquire a new shirt that fits them perfectly, only to shrink down considerably after its first time in the wash. Our custom pre-shrunk sweatshirts work to combat this effect. Their fabric is treated prior to full assembly to remove the vast majority (if not all) of the shirt's shrinking potential. Hence the "pre-shrunk" part of the name. We also carry imprinted shrink-resistant sweatshirts. These differ from pre-shrunk models in that they are made from fabric blends that are less apt to absorb water and other forms of moisture, thereby being less susceptible to shrinkage. They're also usually pre-laundered to remove whatever potential there might have been for shrinking to occur. Search this page for our complete collection of pre-shrunk sweatshirts for employees, customers, and more.

Personalized Burnout Sweatshirts

If you've never heard of burnout sweatshirts before, there's no need to worry. We'll explain them for you right now. The custom burnout hoodies with logo imprinting and embroidery that you'll find at 4AllPromos are appealing to anyone who enjoys complex and eye-catching color patterns. Also known as devoré, burnout is a method used when decorating fabrics, most often velvet or polyester blends. This technique employs chemically treated fibers to create a pattern that's semi-transparent layered on top of a solidly woven background. It enables unique, artistic, and intricate patterns to be created for a look that is somewhat similar to tie-dye.

Promotional Hooded Sweatshirts with Logo Imprints

Branded Pullover Hoodies

Some of our offerings fall into the category of custom pullover sweatshirts. Our pullover hoodies don't have zippers and can be put on and taken off in much the same manner as a sweater or t-shirt. These models usually have a large pouch pocket in the front, just above the waist. Also referred to as "kangaroo pockets", these pockets offer a space to store a good amount of personal items. They're also provide a spot for users to place their hands for a little warmth on a cold day.

Custom Zip-Up Hoodies

Our non-pullover hoodies contain zippers. These promotional zip-up hoodies include a a full zipper running from the neckline to the bottom of the garment. Like the pullover style, these hooded sweatshirts offer pockets around the waist area. The main difference in the pockets found in our full zip hoodies vs our pullovers is that the zipper line creates a dividing space. The result is two separate pockets instead of one. While this provides slightly less storage space, it does make it a bit easier to keep one's possessions organized.

Promotional Athletic Hoodies in Bulk

A reliable hoodie is a great piece of apparel to have when working out at the gym, going for an early morning run, shooting hoops in the park, or getting some exercise in at home. Our custom athletic sweatshirts are designed for a fashionable look, comfortable feel, and fluid motion.

Design Your Own Custom Made Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Custom Printed Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Adding an imprint of your company logo design is a great way to make a promotional sweatshirt work as a mobile advertising tool. Our bulk silk screen sweatshirts and company logo screen printed hoodies feature branding that is affordable to apply. Imprinting also offers a speedy production time in most cases, especially when the design only features one color. However, multiple color logo imprinting and full color imprinting can also be achieved with ease and at a price that will fit your budget.

Personalized Logo Embroidered Sweatshirts & Personalized Embroidered Hoodies

Though it usually requires a higher cost than a silk screen imprint, embroidery is a wonderful way to create a design with an elegant look and supreme longevity. Our promotional embroidered sweatshirts & hoodies have logos designs consisting of thousands of stitches in an array of colors. Custom sweatshirts, embroidered with your logo, bear a design with a three dimensional form that stands out to be noticed and admired by all who pass by.