Appreciation Gifts for Nurses

Promotional Nurses Week Gifts

Show your appreciation and celebrate the nurses who provide essential care and compassion day in and day out. Our nurse appreciation gift collection is perfect for finding the right Nurses Week gifts, or for healthcare professionals to outfit their team with branded promotional swag.

Nurse Appreciation Gifts for National Nurses Week

National Nurses Week is every year from May 6th to May 12th. Nurses are a vital part of our healthcare system and we can help you find gifts for nurses to acknowledge their unwavering dedication. 

How do businesses celebrate National Nurses Week? Businesses can celebrate National Nurses Week Nurses by having special offers for nurses or giving gifts to nurses who come in during the week. Healthcare facilities can recognize their nursing staff with high-quality, premium branded gifts.

You don’t have to wait for National Nurses Week to show you care. Nurses should be celebrated year-round for their hard work and commitment to patient care and advocacy. Make any day Nurses Day with a special custom logo tumbler or tote

What are the best gifts to give to a nurse?

4AllPromos has carefully curated our selection of promotional products and personalized corporate gifts for nurses. From scrubs to gift sets, we can help you find the best gifts for your staff. 


The typical uniform for nurses is a set of scrubs. Get custom logo scrubs for all your nurses and enjoy a look of team unity. Custom scrubs are a great gift for a student nurse or a new nurse just starting their nursing career. Plus, it’s always handy to have an extra set during long shifts in case an emergency change needs to happen. 

Bento Boxes and Lunch Bags

Nurses will often pack their lunches and snacks for their shifts. An insulated lunch bag keeps food at the ideal temperature longer, so lunch will be just as fresh as when it was packed. Bento boxes offer a way to transport lunches and snacks in a conveniently organized and protected container. 

Tumblers and Water Bottles

Order custom tumblers or insulated water bottles for your nursing staff and help them stay hydrated (or caffeinated). A vacuum-insulated tumbler will keep coffee hot all day, and we carry tumblers to hold even the largest Starbucks orders. Our premium water bottles prevent spills if they’re dropped or tossed in a bag and keep water cool for hours. 

Self-Care Items

Between night shifts and long days, one of the best nurse gifts you can give is self-care items. What do nurses need the most? Nurses need time to recharge and rest most. Our collection of self-care products will make time off stress-free.

Choose from products like velour slippers, sleep masks, and lip balm. During National Nurses Week or for Christmas gifts, consider making self-care gift baskets with moisturizing lotions, compression socks, relaxing teas, and even a gift card to a local spa. 

Promotional Tote Bags

Give nurses a gift they’ll use with a premium tote bag. We carry stylish, upscale totes that can be used as an outfit accessory, or look at our insulated totes for carrying snacks and beverages.  We even sell wine bottle bags that you can give to your favorite nurses with a nice bottle of wine for them to enjoy after their shift. 

Planter Kit Gifts for Nurses

You can give your nurses flowers, but planter kits will last much longer! Our planter kits let nurses grow their plants at home and enjoy them for months, even years. You can choose from a variety of flowers to fresh herbs with these eco-friendly gifts for nurses. 

Custom Wine Glasses for Nurses

After a long day, a glass of wine can help a hardworking nurse settle in. We can create custom engraved wine glasses and other drinkware to gift to nurses. If you’re having a nurse appreciation picnic or BBQ, consider promotional vacuum-insulated wine tumblers as a gift during the event. 

ID Badge Reel Charms

Make a nurse’s uniform pop with custom ID badge reel charms. We have square badge reel charms that can signify registered nurses with an RN badge next to their name tag. We also carry badge reel charms that look like awareness ribbons, like a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness. These charms can be clipped onto keyrings too and double as keychains!

Practical Gifts

Show your appreciation by giving your nurses practical gifts they’ll use daily, like a nurse bag, portable power bank, or UV sanitizer. These types of gifts will come to the rescue during the long workday. 

Novelty Gifts for Nurses

For a cute promotional giveaway geared toward nurses or other healthcare professionals, take a peek at our novelty gifts for nurses. We have plushes and stuffed animals wearing scrubs and stethoscopes, pens with mop toppers and nurse characters on top, totes shapes like labcoats with stethoscope handles, and even pens that look like syringes for the nurses who call all the shots. 

Yummy Gift Box of Snacks

Show your appreciation for nurses and coworkers by stocking the nurse's station with goodies and snacks. From trail mix pouches to Cliff energy bars, we have healthy snacks to have next to the coffee maker. 

Take your snack gifts to the next level with Oreo cookie gift boxes or give nurses a tin of mixed nuts for a burst of energy throughout the day. 

Nurse Appreciation Gifts FAQ

What are the best gifts to give to a nurse?
The best gifts to give a nurse will be gifts that can be used to help them destress when they have time off, like Sherpa blanket gift sets, self-care items, or quality totes. Gifts to help them at work are appreciated too, like extra scrubs or snacks in the breakroom.
What is the best stainless steel travel mug gift for nurses?
A vacuum-insulated travel mug is the best mug gift for nurses, it keeps drinks hot, or cold, for hours. We offer a variety of well-known tumbler and mug brands like Hydroflask, Stanley, Owala, and Swig Life.
What are thoughtful gift ideas for nurses during Nurses Week?
Thoughtful gift ideas for nurses during National Nurses include convenient bento boxes to store and protect lunches, stocking the breakroom with healthy snacks, and giving gifts to help them relax after being on their feet all day.
What are some thoughtful gift ideas for a nurse's graduation?
When it comes to graduating from nursing school, giving nursing students items they’ll use in their new careers is best. Scrubs will be used constantly and a Pain Assessment Card is handy to keep in a pocket too. If you are a parent looking for a special nurse graduation gift, we recommend a Littmann Stethoscope for your new BSN.

Get Gifts for Nurses in Bulk

When National Nurses Week approaches you don’t want to be caught off guard. Get nurse appreciation gifts in bulk for wholesale prices. Buying gifts for nurses in bulk ensures you have enough items for your entire staff. From custom logo scrubs to promotional lunch boxes and coffee mugs, all the products at 4AllPromos are available in large quantities to save you money.

We also carry items with low minimums if you’re looking for high-quality, personalized gifts for nurses. Check out items like our engraved tumblers to personalize the perfect gift and say thank you to your nurses. 

Celebrate the Heartbeats Behind Healthcare With Gifts For Nurses Appreciation

From long hours in the ICU to providing comfort and care in patient rooms, nurses are always there for us. Give your thanks during National Nurses Week or any time of year with custom nurse appreciation gifts. Stock your breakroom and nursing station with practical promotional items like healthy snacks,  lotion, sanitizer, and hand cream, giving our healthcare workers a boost throughout the day.

Go big during National Nurses Week with luxury gifts for nurses like vacuum-insulated tumblers, quality totes, or a Sherpa blanket to curl up in after a 12-hour shift. Give back to those who give so much of themselves so the heroes in scrubs feel the love and recognition they deserve. 

Celebrate the hands that heal with gifts for nurses that can touch the heart. 

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