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Custom Phone Charger Cable Products

Perfect for impressing trade show crowds as well as existing and potential customers, our promotional charging cables are handy accessories with many uses. This category of promotional products features several styles of charging cables and USB connector varieties to meet the needs of your brand and its target audience.

Promotional Charging Cables in Bulk & with Micro USB Connectors & More

On this page, you can search through and shop our full collection of custom USB charging cables. Great tech accessories for mobile phones and most devices that are used while on the go, these items are perfect for your next big promotional giveaway. Custom USB connector & power cables are compatible with nearly all contemporary smartphone styles as well as some tablet varieties. If you still have questions after reading this page, feel free to reach out to us with any request or concerns. 

Promotional Braided USB Cables

When you buy custom braided USB cables in bulk, your business will be armed with promotional products that offer many benefits to its target audience. Braided cables are often more affordable than their non-braided counterparts. They also offer a buffer against interference from other nearby signals and are durable, being less likely to split and fray than traditional cables. 

Additionally, our branded light-up charging cables have many practical uses. These items can light up dim spaces, help users avoid stepping on cables in the dark, highlight items that have been dropped on floors, and much more.

Wholesale USB Extension Cables

When items require extra long cords to charge or stay in operation, our promotional USB extension cables are ready to step up and get to work. They can come in handy when users need to operate in areas that are far away from the power outlets that adapters are connected to or when being used for items that need to have extra freedom of movement. With some up to 6 feet in length, these products definitely stand tall among the competition.

Promotional Multi USB Charging Cables

Our wholesale multi USB connector cables feature multiple cables. This enables them to power a variety of different devices. Type A, Type C, micro USB, and other connectors can be found in many of these products, giving them the versatility to charge iPhones, Androids, and nearly any other mobile device you can name.

Branded Charging Cable Kits

Want to offer your customers and target audience a personalized package that takes care of all of their mobile device charging needs? If so, consider investing in some of our promotional charging cable sets & kits. These mobile charger sets come with imprinted packaging that holds together all of the components needed to keep tablets, phones, MP3 players, wireless headphones, and other devices running at all times.

Personalized USB Charging Cable Holders

Cables can be unwieldy at times and nobody wants to lose important time to trying to untangle knotted wires. This is why our promotional USB cable containers are such popular items. They keep cables stored and neatly organized so they don't get lost, tangled, or misplaced. These items also provide a handy way of ensuring that users are never left without charging cables, as their small size makes them easy to store and transport.

Custom Charging Cables with Your Logo

The best way to make your promotional charging cables stand out from the rest is to imprint or engrave them with your customized brand art, logo, or business information. We offer custom printed charging cables in single or multiple colors. Full color promotional USB cables are available, as are custom logo engraved charge cables.