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A popular corporate gift for the adventurer, cyclist, and outdoor enthusiast, custom hydration packs provide a backpack system to allow for easy drinking on the move. Add your logo to a promotional hydration pack to make a high-value giveaway for your niche audience.


Personalized Hydration Pack for Cyclists, Runners, Hikers, and More

Associate your logo with health and wellness with promotional hydration packs. Clients and employees stay refreshed all day with your logo on their backs. 

What are custom hydration packs? Custom hydration packs are water backpacks with an imprint of your logo or personal design. These products make it easy for runners, hikers, music festival attendees, and others to drink water without carrying a bottle around. The hydration packs strap on like a  backpack and you can drink from the tube whenever you get thirsty.

What are the benefits of custom hydration packs? You can stay hydrated all day long without carrying a bottle everywhere. You’ll benefit from quick and consistent water consumption even if you’re in the middle of a bike ride. For your business, these backpacks can be customized with your branding, fostering loyalty in the recipient as they spread brand awareness. 

Hydration backpacks are more of a premium corporate gift in comparison to customized sports bottles. Promotional campaigns for outdoor summer events can use a custom hydration pack as a grand prize while drawing in audiences with branded sunglasses.

Considerations for Your Custom Hydration Backpacks

At 4AllPromos, we offer a wide variety of water packs, ranging in size and colors, to suit your audience. Providing value to your customers is the key to running a successful promotional campaign. With popular brands like Camelbak available to order, your audience will be excited to get ahold of one of these promotional items. 

Choosing Hydration Pack Sizes

Your audience will have varying needs for their hydration backpacks. Some people want them for a convenient supply of water during a walk or music festival, while others need a larger bottle to drink during more intense physical activities. A go-to hydration pack in our collection is the custom Camelbak backpack, known as the Hydrobak, which holds up to 1.5 liters. We also have options for capacities varying from 1 liter to 2 liters. 

Embroidering Logo Hydration Packs

The most durable way to customize a hydration backpack is to have your logo embroidered. This image will appear in a 3D style that won’t ever chip or fade away with time. We recommend this method of longevity because the stitching will make it through many trips on the trails and adventures. 

Imprinting Logo Hydration Packs

Imprinting offers a broader range of color options to catch the attention of passersby. Your branding is unlikely to be missed when people notice the pack in public, so the chance to advertise to more people makes imprinting an excellent method. This is also a more cost-effective way to customize your hydration packs. 

Camo Hydration Pack

Most of our hydration packs come in solid colors, but for outdoor adventurers, consider our custom camo hydration backpack option. You can sip water at your convenience when you’re on hikes, long backpacking trips, enjoying a day of fishing, or hunting. Add a pair of custom binoculars and your clients will be ready for the perfect outdoor adventure. 

Buy Custom Hydration Packs in Bulk

Bulk ordering is a great idea for businesses that have adventurous or athletic audiences, customers, and employees. People who use these packs are quite active and your brand can take full advantage of this promotional product.

When you buy these items in bulk, you’ll get lower unit prices. Getting wholesale prices when you buy in bulk saves you money in the long run. 

Sporting brands, outdoor adventure companies, and concert venues benefit significantly from this type of promotional campaign, especially when you take advantage of bulk pricing. 

If you’re not ready to buy in bulk, our lowest minimum quantity for a hydration pack is 6 items. 

Make a Splash With Custom Hydration Packs

Custom hydration packs are practical tools that double as a testament to your brand’s commitment to quality, health, and wellness. You can associate your company with adventure and fun while boosting your brand awareness with custom hydration packs. 

Keep your customers and staff hydrated on your brand’s journey of fostering trust and visibility with promotional hydration packs. 

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