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Our promotional hydration backpacks (including business logo printed Camelbak hydration packs are designed for hikers, bikers, road race runners, airsoft players & and all other active people who could use a hands-free water bottle experience. Our personalized hydration bags with logo imprints replace water bottles with internal water bladder reservoirs which feature a hydration duct, spanning from the reservoir, up through the shoulder straps, and finally, out to the sip tube where users can drink their fill without missing a step. Promotional insulated hydration packs are great promo products for bike shops, parks, camping supply stores & outdoor lifestyle outlets.

Custom Logo Imprinted Hydration Packs, Custom Embroidered Hydration Backpacks & Discount Promotional Hydration Sacks

Our personalized hydration packs & custom outdoor backpacks are excellent promotional products for camping stores, hunting supply companies, airsoft ranges, marine supply retailers, music festival venues, and any business catering to the outdoor lifestyle crowd. We offer the best brand names in the business, including wholesale Camelback hydration packs, customized Urban Peak hydration packs, and business logo imprinted H2O hydration packs. Read through the following section to learn more in regard to what our custom hydration backpacks, including custom hiking backpacks, are all about and which styles are the best fit for your company branding & promotional needs.

How Do Hydration Packs Work & Wholesale Hydration Pack Styles - Additional Information

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  • How Do Hydration Packs Work?

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  • What Are Custom Hydration Packs?

    Just what is a promotional hydration pack? It certainly doesn't help that there are so many different names people use to refer to them. In addition to "hydration packs", there's also "hydration backpacks", "hydration bags", "hydration sacks", "hydration knapsacks", "hands free hydration packs", "water reservoir packs", and so on.

    Whatever the name you want to give them, hydration packs are backpacks that are designed to promote hands-free access to water at all times. Each one contains an internal water reservoir, which is sometimes referred to as a water bladder. This reservoir is located in the interior of the custom hydration backpack. A tube which is sometimes called a "hydration duct" starts inside of the reservoir, travels up and out through a path in the shoulder straps, and ultimately leads to a sip tube. The sip tube is positioned such that it will be right near a user's mouth, so that they can take a cool, refreshing drink of water while running, biking, hunting, fishing, or competing in an airsoft adventure.

    We offer several different types of wholesale hydration packs. Differences exist in materials, including our promotional nylon hydration packs, custom imprinted polyester hydration packs, and ultra-durable polycanvas hydration packs in bulk. Many hydration packs are also outfitted with special mesh and/or foam components around the back and shoulder straps. These are designed to help keep the water in our custom insulated hydration packs cold, as well as to help the user stay comfortably cool. In addition to different cooling mechanisms and materials, some of our other promotional hydration sacks stand out for other reasons.

    One such reason is name brand recognition, which comes into play with our personalized Camelbak hydration packs. Others are notable for having on/off switches to prevent leakage, reservoir size, extra pockets for additional storage and utility, sternum straps for optimum fit & compression, and much more. Each of our bulk hydration packs & wholesale travel compression products has its own set of features and advantages to make it a truly unique promotional product to fit your needs and the needs of your customers.

    How Do Hydration Packs Work?

    Despite the seemingly complicated sounding description in the previous section, the way in which hydration packs work really isn't too difficult to explain. More or less, the water reservoirs are positioned within their designated area of the backpacks and are often compressed via bungee cords for faster drinking access and internal control. The hydration duct, ending in the sip tube, starts inside of the reservoir, comes up through the shoulder strap, and extends outward for a hands-free drinking aid.

    Padded mesh back & shoulder strap panels & customized insulation help to keep the drinking water as cool as it is convenient. We offer several custom hydration packs with adjustable straps to ensure maximum comfort and safe weight distribution. Adjustable shoulder straps, adjustable weight straps, and adjustable sternum straps are all features you'll find when navigating through our inventory of business logo printed hydration packs.

    Different Types of Custom Hydration Backpacks

    We offer a broad variety of different customized hydration packs. Some vary based on the material(s) they're made out of, while others are different by virtue of their size, water carrying capacity, visual presentation, or intended purpose. By the end of this condensed hydration pack course, we'll have touched upon all of these features and more.

    Wholesale Nylon Hydration Packs

    The first variety of wholesale hydration sacks we'll present are our promotional nylon hydration packs. Many of our personalized hydration backpacks contain nylon, and for good reason. It's a strong yet flexible material, which folds easily and dries quickly when exposed to moisture. Naturally, that makes these some of the best hydration packs for fishing, camping, and hiking.

    Custom Polyester Hydration Packs

    Next up are our bulk outdoor polyester hydration packs. These differ from our nylon offerings in that their material is not quite as sturdy or flexible. However, their material does offer superior UV resistance, making them another great pick when it comes to custom hydration packs for hiking and running. They're also some of our best hydration packs for festivals, which often see attendees spending lots of time outdoors.

    Personalized Ripstop Nylon Hydration Packs

    The third style of promotional outdoor hydration backpacks we'd like to tell you about are our custom ripstop nylon hydration packs. Though ripstop may be an odd sounding name, it really isn't when you consider how it earned its moniker. Essentially, ripstop fabric is woven in a special way such that a high level of protection against rips and tears is achieved. Hence, it stops rips. Makes sense, right? These are very durable hydration bags that see use for hunting, fishing, kayaking, airsoft matches, and many other outdoor activities.

    Mini Hexagon Ripstop Hydration Packs in Bulk

    So now that you know what ripstop is, we'll explain the material composing our custom mini hexagon ripstop hydration packs. In this style, hexagonal patches of ripstop nylon are woven together for a modern, geometric look. It offers the same assets as typical ripstop nylon, just with a chic, modern twist.

    Promotional Polycanvas Hydration Packs

    The final material we'll discuss in this section is polycanvas. While canvas is one of toughest fabrics around and capable of carrying very heavy cargo loads, it's not the most efficient material when it comes to resistance toward water and stains. That's why wholesale polycanvas hydration packs came into being. They are ultra strong, so if you need the best promotional hydration packs for extended hiking & camping, these are the ones for you.

    Promotional Camo Hydration Packs

    Looking for the best personalized hydration bags for hunting? If so, you'll want to take a look at some of our custom logo imprinted hands-free camouflage hydration packs. Their classic camouflage color schemes help users to blend in with their surroundings, which is rather crucial if you want to have a successful hunting trip. It also makes them excellent hydration packs for airsoft.

    Custom Embroidered Hydration Packs

    Last but not least, we'll fill you in on our personalized embroidered hydration backpacks. These hydration packs with custom embroidery give your customized logo design a three-dimensional look as well as a distinctive marking that won't fade, chip, or peel away with time. Logo embroidery comes standard with some of our promotional hydration packs, though it's also available as an upgrade option on certain other models.

    Best Custom Hydration Pack Brands

    When you take on the great outdoors and all of the elements lying therein, it's important to be prepared for everything. That's why you'll want only the toughest and most dependable hydration packs to be imprinted with your company logo while out in the wild. We carry the best names in the business, and we'll talk a little bit about the big four in the following paragraphs.

    Custom Camelbak Hydration Packs

    Personalized Camelbak hydration packs are so well known, respected, and trusted that people often confuse the brand name with the item itself. In other words, some people simply know hydration packs as "Camelbaks". Our Camelback hands free water backpacks are as high quality as they come, and are a favorite for hiking, camping, running, hunting, fishing, and nearly any other outdoor activity you can name. Many of them represent our top offerings for custom hydration packs with adjustable straps.

    Personalized Urban Peak Hydration Packs

    While you might guess from their name that they do well in cities, our custom Urban Peak hydration backpacks can perform quite well in rural spaces as well. They're a top choice when it comes to the best promotional hydration backs for biking & cyclists, though they can serve one well on a trek through the mountains or woods too.

    Promotional High Sierra Hydration Packs

    When it comes to the best promotional hydration packs for fishing, kayaking, rafting, and camping, custom High Sierra hydration packs are hard to beat. Made of durable, water-resistant materials, these are customized hydration knapsacks that will see users through rain, sleet, snow, and sunshine.

    Promotional H2O Hydration Packs

    When you want a high quality, durable water reservoir backpack with which to take on the elements, our personalized H2O hydration packs with logo imprints will never disappoint. They'll be there to safely hold personal items and provide refreshing drinks of cold water to users who will be forever grateful toward your company.

    Different Custom Hydration Pack Sizes

    Users planning long, strenuous journeys and users headed for a leisurely walk or bike ride through the park will obviously need different amounts of hydration to stay safe & satisfied. That's why we offer custom hydration pack giveaways in a variety of sizes. Whether large, medium, or small, we have them all!

    1 Liter Promotional Discount Hydration Packs

    Our smallest customized hydration packs are our custom 1 liter small hydration packs for cycling. While not limited to use on bike rides, these mini hydration packs with logo imprints are designed with shorter trips in mind. They're ideal as promotional hands free water bladder packs for running, as their light weight and extended straws allow runners to stay hydrated without missing a step.

    The second smallest hydration packs we carry are our 1.5 liter company branded hydration bags. When the hiking or biking is longer or more vertical in nature, these are the personalized hydration bladder packs that will be of superior utility. They're also a good choice for extra hot or dry environments, where heatstroke and dehydration are more significant risks.

    Promotional 2 Liter Hydration Packs

    For those with bigger plans and bigger thirsts, our customized 2 liter hydration packs are the way to go. Double the size of our mini hydration packs, these are useful for a broad range of activities, from running, to biking, to hiking, to camping, to fishing, and beyond.

    Personalized 2.5 Liter Hydration Sacks

    When the climate, activity, and duration of time are greater, users will appreciate your company providing them with a large hydration pack. Our wholesale 2.5 liter hydration backpacks are ideal for outdoor summer activities and will keep users hydrated and healthy while fishing, hiking, camping, or engaging in airsoft tournaments.

    Wholesale 10 Liter Hydration Backpacks

    For extra long journeys requiring extra large hydration packs with room for personal item storage, we humbly suggest investing in our custom 10 liter hydration knapsacks. These are some of the best promotional hydration packs for camping, as they store a very generous amount of water and include a lot of room for additional cargo.

    Many of our hydration packs offer advanced insulation methods to keep water cool & users comfortable. This is achieved through different means through different styles of promotional insulated hydration packs. Some are custom PEVA insulated hydration packs, while others make use of cooling, insulating foam with mesh backing along front and shoulder strap areas of their respective hydration bags.

    Uses for Personalized Hydration Packs

    As we've been testifying all along, there are many, many uses for our wholesale hydration packs. Whether you're investing in custom hydration packs for giveaways, corporate promotional gifts for hikers, or plan to sell them to other vendors/end users, the possibilities for use are nearly limitless. The quick list below highlights a few of our custom logo imprinted hydration packs and the purposes they're ideal for.

    Promotional Discount Hydration Packs with Free Shipping

    We proudly offer wholesale discount hydration packs at low prices which sacrifice nothing in quality and brand building potential. Some of our promotional hands free water bottle backpacks also ship free of charge. If custom hydration packs with free shipping sound like something that would fit your company's promotional needs, we highly recommend clicking the preceding link.