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Logo printed colored pencils make great promotional products, giveaways, and gifts. As products that foster creativity, they're a natural fit for schools, art supply stores, toy stores, design firms, and more. Sure to be a hit at any school, trade show, or event, our personalized colored pencils & colored pencil sets are great promo products for adults and kids alike. Artists of all ages will love using branded colored pencils that are provided by your business and printed with its logo. Blue, red, yellow, green, orange, pink, purple, brown, and pink are just a few of the many pencil colors you'll find in the packs & gifts on our website.

Branded Colored Pencils in Bulk

On our website, you'll find multiple categories of custom logo colored pencils. Finding the perfect style to suit your organization will be determined by several factors. Pricing, order quantity size, shape, accessories, colors, and more are all facets that will vary from product to product. We encourage you to look through all of our items to find the ideal items for your business to customize for its customers, employees, students, and target market members.

Wholesale Cheap Colored Pencils

Looking to buy cheap colored pencils in bulk? If so, this page is the place to be. We have several types of low price, affordable colored pencil options that will be a hit in school, around the office, at home, and beyond. Whether you're looking to purchase 1,000 colored pencils or perhaps prefer to order in a smaller quantity, we have you covered.  

Custom Colored Pencil Packs

Great for schools, art supply retailers, and trade show giveaways, our promotional colored pencil packs are always a great buy. Search our various items to find the box, tin, or other pack you'd like to imprint with your logo or message. These are handy items as they're organized, lightweight, easy to store, and have a broad appeal & many uses. Each pack on our website features wood pencils in multiple colors. Excellent as a giveaway, they can also work as a low price corporate gift item.

Promotional Coloring Pencils in Tubes

If your company is in search of unique items with multiple purposes, our custom colored pencil tubes with sharpeners are a perfect fit. Any customer, employee, or trade show attendee can draw up a masterpiece with the coloring pencils these sets include. The tube that the pencils are packed into doubles as a sharpener, keeping the tips in top condition for writing, drawing, and more. Perfect for marketing at trade shows and other events, these are the kind of products that will ensure your brand is remembered. 

Personalized Color Pencil Sets & Kits

When in search of the perfect corporate art supply gift to impress existing and potential customers, our promotional colored pencil kits need to be part of the conversation. We have colored pencil sets of all kinds, all of which are sure to make a big impression at trade shows, in schools, around the office, and beyond. We have branded color pencil & coloring book gift sets, colored pencils in keepsake tins, personalized colored pencil & crayon sets, custom colored pencils in boxes with rulers, branded color pencil & notebook sets, and much more. 

All of these offer several pencil colors to help artists express themselves, along with complementary tools that students and just about any customer will find to be very useful. 

Create Your Own Colored Pencils with Logos

All of our color pencil categories include items that will be much more effective when displaying your logo imprint. Whether at events, retail locations, trade shows, school, or an office, going with one of our imprint method options will create a much more powerful promotional tool. Search our collection to find custom logo imprinted colored pencils, full color imprinted colored pencil gift sets, and additional custom colored pencils with alternate imprint method choices. 

If you'd like to request help, feel free to reach out and contact our customer service staff. Speak to them to get help with questions about how to submit an order, uploading & submitting an artwork proof, account, checkout, or cart issues, and anything else you might need. You can contact us by phone, email, or live chat, so don't be a stranger!