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Promotional infuser bottles are excellent advertising and giveaway items for building awareness and customer loyalty. At 4AllPromos, you'll find many styles of custom infusers to help your business connect with its target audience. We offer them in many sizes, including traditional custom 16 oz infuser bottles & promotional 20 oz infuser bottles. We carry several larger sizes as well. In addition to this, our collection includes promotional vacuum insulated fruit infuser water bottles, several custom infuser cups with lids and straws, assorted wholesale clear infuser bottles, and more. Additionally, we stock cheap promotional fruit infuser water bottles in bulk for those promoting on a budget and/or to large crowds.

Bulk Fruit Infuser Water Bottles | Custom Glass Infuser Bottles | Branded Fruit Infusers

Looking for a unique giveaway item that will help your audience stay hydrated? Custom fruit infuser bottles with your logo make it easy to add fresh flavors to water for a slightly sweet but healthy treat. These high-quality products come in a wide range of styles and colors and provide the opportunity to add an imprinted company logo or special message. They come in many forms, including glass bottles, plastic tumblers, cups with lids, insulated copper lined bottles, and more. Read on to learn more about these items. Armed with the right knowledge, you'll be able to pick the best fruit infuser bottles to help you meet and exceed your promotional goals!

Personalized Fruit Infuser Bottles | Custom Insulated Infuser Bottles | Motivational Water Bottles with Logos

Different Types of Custom Fruit Infuser Water Bottles

Custom Design Your Own Fruit Infuser Water Bottles

Best Promotional Infuser Bottle Brands

Wholesale Fruit Infuser Bottles FAQ

Different Types of Custom Fruit Infuser Water Bottles

At 4AllPromos, we offer the best custom water bottle infusers in various shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Whether you choose a convenient tumbler with a matching straw or a sleek, durable sports bottle, your audience is sure to appreciate receiving these high-quality promotional products. Customize your infusers with your company logo, contact information, or colors for a giveaway that provides years of mobile advertising impressions!

Promotional Infuser Tumblers

Need something more unique than a standard water bottle? Help your audience take their beverages on the go with wholesale fruit infuser tumblers. Many come with screw-on lids keep spills at bay. Also available are custom tumbler cups with matching straws, which add convenience while reducing the need for single-use plastics. These fun and functional drinkware items also feature detachable infusers for tea leaves, pieces of fruit, or mint sprigs. They're great as trade show and event giveaways, gift bag items, raffle prizes, and more.

Custom Insulated Infuser Bottles

Blended drinks will stay cool and delicious long after removal from the refrigerator when users are supplied with our promotional vacuum insulated fruit infusers. Featuring double-wall insulation, these infuser bottles keep outer heat away from the cool, blended drinks inside for hours. This makes them a great choice for commuters or anyone else who happens to be away from available refrigeration for an extended period of time.

Personalized Fruit Infuser Water Bottles Without Chambers

While most of our fruit infuser bottles operate by way of keeping sliced fruit in a filter chamber, some models do not have this feature. Rather, our custom infusers with strainers are able to blend fruit flavors into water in a different way. These items allow fruit to float freely within the bottles, consequently allowing for larger pieces and less slicing. A strainer at the top of the bottle prevents the solid fruit from spilling out while allowing its juices to pass through along with the water.

Branded Glass Infuser Bottles

Our company logo imprinted glass fruit infuser water bottles make great promotional products for gyms, supermarkets, schools, sports teams, parks, event venues, and much more. Glass is an excellent material for custom drink bottles, as it is easy to clean and retains its color for the long haul. It's also an environmentally-friendly and health-safe choice.

Custom Tritan® Infusers with Logos

Promotional Tritan® infuser bottles are another very popular option. Tritan plastic is lightweight while also offering extreme toughness and durability. They're also BPA-free and safe for cleaning in dishwashers.

Wholesale Eco-Friendly Water Infuser Bottles

Companies seeking to go green will be interested in our custom recyclable fruit infuser bottles. Made from materials such as PET and polypropylene, these are infuser bottles that can be recycled and repurposed after their lifespan is through, cutting down on environmental waste.

Promotional Bamboo Infuser Bottles

A stylish and sophisticated choice, our personalized bamboo fruit infusers represent some of the more premium offerings the infuser category. These products have low minimum order requirements, making them ideal as corporate gift ideas for businesses of any size. They also feature copper lined and vacuum insulated interiors for keeping drinks at prime temperature and taste.

Custom Design Your Own Fruit Infuser Water Bottles

Adding your company logo design, contact information, and/or special graphics and messages to promotional products will go a long way in helping users to remember your brand. Such is the case with our promotional infusers. Imprint or engrave each with your logo to make your brand more memorable to the public and reel in scores of new customers.

Many of our offerings fall under the umbrella of logo imprinted insulated water bottles. Through the use of methods such as screen printing and pad printing, your logo is added to these infuser bottles to call attention to your brand and provide years of advertising impressions. An imprinted logo is often more affordable than an engraved one and comes with a shorter production time.

Personalized Engraved Fruit Infuser Water Bottles

Another branding option can be found in our custom engraved infuser bottles. An engraved logo, while usually more expensive than an imprint, still provides an excellent value. These are logo designs that have an even more official look and offer a virtual lifetime of performance. An engraved design won't chip, crack, fade, bleed, or peel over time, ensuring that your brand name looks just as great 20 years from now as it does today.

Best Promotional Infuser Bottle Brands

The assortment of customized fruit infuser water bottles available on our site contains representatives from some of the best brands in the business. Some of the top brands you'll find come in the form of personalized Welly® insulated bottles, economical & dependable logo printed Del Monte® fruit infuser water bottles, and durable promotional h2go® infusers.

Wholesale Fruit Infuser Bottles FAQ

Some questions tend to be asked more frequently than others when it comes to our company logo branded fruit infuser bottles. That's why we've compiled the following list of questions and answers to help you along the way.

What are fruit infuser water bottles and how do they work?
For many people, staying hydrated on a daily basis can be a challenge. Why not help your audience increase their daily water intake? With a fruit infuser bottle, they can add small pieces of lemon, lime, berries, and other fruit to their beverage. This adds a little flavor to otherwise bland water, making it much more enjoyable to drink. Plus, the convenient infuser keeps fruit secure, so they won’t have to worry about loose seeds or pieces while they sip. All users need to do is chop up fruit small enough to fit into the infusion chamber, place it in the bottle, and fill it up with water. Then, depending on the fruit used (see the next question), some time chilling in the refrigerator is all that's left to do. The fruit will soak up the water and release flavor into it via the holes in the chamber.
Which fruits work best with infuser bottles?
There are many kinds of fruit that are popular to use in infusion bottles. Citrus fruits are among the most popular, as are watermelon, strawberries, cucumbers, and other assorted melons and berries. While most citrus fruits will only need to be refrigerated in the chamber for a half hour or so, berries and melons can sometimes take a few hours. Other fruits, such as apples, may need an overnight soak.
What sizes do fruit infuser bottles come in?
We offer personalized fruit infuser water bottles in many different sizes to fit different user needs. On our site, you'll find promotional infusers with capacity sizes of 16 oz,18 oz, 20 oz, 24 oz, 25 oz, 27 oz, and 28 oz.
Where can fruit infuser water bottles be used?
Bridal expos, grand opening ceremonies, graduations, home & garden conventions, trade shows, sports & fitness events, company picnics, and charity road races are just a few of the many venues at which infuser bottles are perfect for usage and giveaways. They're a great tool for incorporating products into your promotional calendar and work well for nearly any occasion. Users will enjoy drinking from them at home, at work, in gyms, stadiums & arenas, and just about anywhere else in between.
Are infusers considered custom motivational water bottles?
Yes, our custom fruit infuser water bottles qualify as motivational hydration bottles. Motivational water bottles are a promotional product area that's quickly growing in popularity. The goal behind them is to keep users well hydrated by motivating them through helping them to track personal goals and providing incentives to drink more water. Our infuser bottles do both of these things. They encourage users to drink more by filling their water with extra nutrients and providing extra flavor. They also help to keep track of hydration goals, as their measured sizes enable users to know just how much they're drinking.