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Your business will find all of the best personalized golf equipment gifts right here at 4AllPromos. Browse our collection of golf gift sets, which include items such as promotional golf backpacks, assorted custom golf bag kits, several branded golf ball sleeves, durable custom divot tools for the green, and wholesale golf water bottles with sunglasses, just to name a few. These items make great branded items for golf tournaments, promotional corporate Father's Day gifts, golf trade show giveaways, and much more.

Bulk Golf Giveaway Items | Custom Golf Accessories | Company Logo Sports Gift Kits

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Bulk Golf Giveaway Items | Custom Golf Accessories | Company Logo Sports Gift Kits

Pros and amateurs alike will be thoroughly impressed with all of the custom golf gift sets in our collection. At 4AllPromos, our promotional golf item kits are offered in a price range to fit any budget. We can customize a golf gift package to fit your needs with items such as personalized tees, custom divot tools, imprinted sport bottles, custom sunglasses, promotional golf ball sleeves, and much more. Country clubs, golf instruction schools, golf tournaments organizers, athletic supply stores, and more will find our offerings to be second to none. 4AllPromos is ready to help put your promotional golf gift set to work for charity fundraisers, corporate sponsorships, sports trade shows, and so much more!

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While we offer a wide variety of branded golf accessories, one argue that our promotional golf ball boxes and custom golf ball tubes are among the most important gift sets. After all, it's hard to play a round of golf without a ball. When users have their own personalized golf balls, they'll feel more confident when hitting the links. They'll have your company to thank for that extra winning edge when they emerge victorious at the end of the day. Our imprinted golf ball sets come in both cylindrical plastic tubes as well as sleeve style boxes.

Personalized Engraved Golf Scorecard Holders & Customized Golf Bag Tags

Golfers who are really serious about the game will never want to have a showdown without a scorecard. They can keep their scorecards protected at the pinnacle of class when your business provides them with our custom golf scorecard and tag sets. These logo engraved golf gifts contain a laser engraved card holder as well as an engraved tag to help identify users' personal golf bags.

Promotional Golf Accessories & Custom Golf Ditty Bags

There are a lot of individual pieces that go into helping a golfer play their best game. Fortunately, at 4AllPromos, our promotional golf product gift sets cover them all. On our site, you'll find the best custom divot repair tools, affordable bulk golf ball markers, tees, sunscreen, towelettes, and more. We also have a variety of promotional golf pouches (also known as golf ditty bags) that package several of these elements together.

Wholesale Golf First Aid Kits

Of course, it's of the highest importance to keep your target market in the best of health and at the peak of comfort. That's why we include custom promotional golf gifts with first aid supplies as part of our personalized golf gift set lineup. These kits have multiple types of bandages, alcohol wipes, moist towelettes, first aid instruction guides, and more to keep users clean, healthy, happy, and safe.

Also found among our branded golf accessories & golf item kits are custom golf gift sets with sunglasses and water bottles. These company logo golf giveaway sets are perfect for helping golfers to stay hydrated on the course while protecting their eyes. In the interest of cleanliness and efficiency, we also carry personalized golf towel gift sets. Our golf towels are useful for cleaning clubs and balls, as well as for helping users keep their hands clean and their faces free from sweat.

Promotional Golf Gift Sets FAQ

We know that some of the terms used on this page could potentially be confusing to those who aren't well-versed in the world of golf. That's why we're including the following section of frequently asked questions & answers below.

What are personalized divot tools?
Inevitably, during the course of a game, golfers are going to end up taking some of the grass and dirt out of the ground when they swing. The resulting holes left from this are called "divots". They're unsightly and can also be a safety hazard. Golf course owners greatly appreciate it when players fill in and flatten out these divots when they occur. This is exactly what divot tools are used for. They have rounded tops with two sharp prongs extending downward to sink into clumps of dirt and grass and then drop them off from whence they came.
What are custom ball markers used for?
If you're unfamiliar with ball markers, we can tell you a bit about them here. Their primary purpose is keeping track of where balls have ended up after a swing or a stroke on putting greens. After a golfer takes their swing, they don't want to risk having their ball displaced by a ball hit by somebody else. Conversely, the second golfer in this scenario doesn't want to have to worry about their stroke going off target due to hitting the first golfer's ball. When a marker is used to properly show where each respective ball stops, these conflicts can be avoided.
What are golf ditty bags?
A "ditty bag" is a bag or pouch containing golf supplies such as tees, divot tools, balls, ball markers, golf pencils, and other on-the-course essentials. This name was originally "ditto bag" and was used by sailors. These bags held supplies and were given the ditto moniker as the goal was to house at least two of everything. Over time, "ditto" was eventually swapped out in favor of "ditty", as the whole two of everything philosophy often wasn't followed to such a literal degree.
Why do you need golf towels?
Have you seen the custom golf towels on our site (or anywhere else) and asked, "What are golf towels for?" If so, we're here to clear that up. Golf towels are used to clean debris of off golf clubs and balls for optimum performance. They can also be employed to wipe sweat from users' brows and to remove dirt and grass from hands. Many have a tri-fold style, which creates a shape that contours to the form of a golf club head. They're also designed such that one side can be used for cleaning golf gear while the other can be reserved for cleaning golfers' hands/faces as well as displaying your company logo.