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Your brand can help manage time effectively when you add your logo or slogan to a promotional timer. Get custom timers to help in the kitchen, during a classroom exam, in the shower, or even while playing fun games. 

Custom Timers 

Your brand can help manage time effectively when you add your logo or slogan to a promotional timer. Get custom timers to help in the kitchen, during a classroom exam, in the shower, or even while playing fun games. 

Timeless Brand Presence With Promotional Timers

Custom timers are helpful tools to keep track of how much time has passed. They’re especially useful for baking a cake or cooking a casserole so you don’t forget to come back to the oven. When you have created promo timers with your company's logo or name imprinted, each time the bell dings, your brand makes an impression.

People typically use custom timers in the kitchen, but they can be helpful for other tasks. Some people use them to track how long they are doing a workout activity or how much time has passed in the shower. Others may use it to keep their young children on a schedule, monitoring TV or screen time. 

Pair personalized timers with cooking utensils for home cooks. Add a timer to a customized cutting board for a premium corporate gift too. 

Types of Custom Timers

Help your customers boil their eggs to the perfect consistency or know right when their French Press coffee is ready with custom timers. We have many styles to choose from to suit your target audience.

Custom Kitchen Timers

We have several custom kitchen timer models designed for meal preparation in a variety of food and drink shapes. Some of the shapes you can buy for the kitchen timers include:

  • Farm animals
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Burgers
  • Gourmet chef
  • Coffee pots
  • Stockpots
  • Champagne bottles

Custom Digital Timers

Maximize productivity with the Pomodoro technique to track times of productivity and their times of rest. Our custom digital timers are perfect for tracking the Pomodoro method. Your staff knows to take a break once they hear the alarm sounds when the countdown ends. 

Custom Clock Timers

Customers or employees who prefer a classic look for a stopwatch or timer may not be interested in the digital or kitchen versions. Don't worry — we have a clock timer for this exact preference. Let your giveaway recipients go analog as they set these clock timers to keep track of work, exercise, or food preparation tasks. 

Custom Sand Timers

If you want an older method of keeping track of time, our sand timers are the perfect match. Rather than a countdown, users can watch the sand cascade down until the top chamber is empty.  You can flip the timer over to start again. A sand timer is the ideal promo timer for a family game night. 

Buy Branded Timers in Bulk

If a personalized timer or stopwatch is your top choice for a promotional giveaway campaign, buying in bulk is often the best route. The more items you order at one time from 4AllPromos, the lower the unit price will be. 

This strategy makes sense for game shops, office supply stores, cooking brands, life coaches, and academic institutions. Buy custom timers for trade shows, corporate conferences, or job fairs to give away to your target audience. 

FAQs About Branded Timers

Can custom timers be attached to surfaces?
Most of our timer products can be attached to various surfaces to make it easy to know the time left for your task. Some of them have magnetic backings so they can stick to the refrigerator or another metal surface. Others have a suction cup on the back to attach to linoleum, vinyl, or plastic, such as the shower timer.
What colors of customized timers are there?
We have a broad range of colors to choose from including black, white, silver, blue, green, and red. Some items come in multi-color options based on product designs, such as the 60-minute burger timer or 60-minute gourmet chef timer
Can I add a logo to a custom timer?
Yes, your brand logo can be featured on every item we offer. Your can give your customers a branded Pomodoro timer to track productivity or a kitchen timer with your logo to help them cook. They will be reminded of your business whenever they press a button to set, start, or stop the timer. 
Are there discounts on bulk purchases of custom timers?
Yes. The more you order at once, the lower the price will drop per timer, so you can save by ordering in bulk.

Branded Timers Show Your Logo Every Second

Make every second count with our custom timers. Your audience can use a customized timer to track a workout, keep meetings on schedule, or keep from burning a batch of cookies. Your brand will be seen every time the timer is complete, a constant reminded that you’re always there for your customer.

When you have seconds to impress, custom timers will make the mark. Browse our collection to find the right personalized timer for your company. 


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