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4AllPromos is where to buy all of the best customized award ribbon products. We have many styles to choose from. These include, but are not limited to promotional rosette ribbons, unique imprinted flat award ribbons, several custom foil stamped award ribbons, sports & academic finished award ribbons in bulk, and cheap wholesale economy award ribbons. If your business is looking for imprinted ribbon awards for sports & other contests, we're sure to have everything you need.

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Company logo printed ribbons, custom award ribbon rolls, and all of our other branded award items are excellent products for recognizing a job well done. They can be awarded to those who compete in athletic tournaments, spelling bees, company games, academic challenges, charity road races, and much more. Our promotional award ribbons come in many different shapes, styles, finishes, and colors to help meet your needs. The following guide takes a look at our different styles of custom award ribbons in a bit more detail. The goal is to empower your business to find the best possible bulk ribbon awards to guarantee success in its endeavors.

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Branded Award Ribbons - FAQ

Different Types of Custom Award Ribbons

As we've already mentioned, there are many different kinds of promotional award ribbons available for purchase on our site. The following 7 paragraphs will detail what some of those varieties are and how they can best be used.

Wholesale Stock Award Ribbons

If your organization needs affordable bulk award ribbons with stock designs, we have you covered. These items do not come with a custom imprint, but do have stock designs to denote places, titles, events, and more. They're great for most any competition, pet show, or award ceremony. They're also handy for field days at schools. If your company wants to get a bit more specific but still favors a stock design, our wholesale placement award ribbons and promotional event ribbons are a good fit.

Promotional Flat Award Ribbons

One of our most prominent styles comes in the form of our customizable flat award ribbons. As their name would imply, they are largely flat and smooth. They may have pointed or ridged tops/bottoms for style effect. These ribbons are especially easy to stack, ship, transport, and organize. Our flat imprinted award ribbons can be personalized in many ways and come in several color choices. They tend to be a bit cheaper than our rosette ribbons, which we'll cover in the next paragraph.

Custom Rosette Ribbons

If the ribbons you're investing in aren't of the flat variety, they're most likely going to be promotional rosette ribbons. These ribbons have a round top area that is often accentuated via ruffles, loops, and other designs. Below the top section, each has between one and three strips of material extending downward. These are called streamers. The streamers can vary in length, width, and shape. Many of our rosette ribbons come with an option to imprint your logo or other desired material on both the rosette head as well as the streamers. These ribbons end up looking a bit like flowers, as they have a rounded, fancy top with stem-like extensions below. This is where the name "rosette" comes from.

Cheap Award Ribbons with Logos

Does your business, school, charity, or other organization needs high quality award ribbons in bulk at a low price? If so, our wholesale discount award ribbons are a failproof solution. They're a great idea when passing out awards to large crowds, particularly in multi-event situations. A field day at school in which several sports are played, or company picnics or carnivals which host several different games are ideal candidates for these kind of award ribbons.

Wholesale All Sports Ribbons

Athletic associations, YMCAs, and any other entity which holds contests involving multiple sports will want to invest in our bulk sports award ribbons. These imprinted stock design ribbons have standard designs for various sports, including both graphics and text. In addition to specific sports, the place in which award recipients finish are also included, as are hanging strings and event cards.

Bulk ID Ribbons

Promotional ribbon products aren't exclusively for competition purposes. Our wholesale title ribbons provide ample proof of this statement. Such ribbons can be used for the sake of conveniently identifying those people who perform key roles in a given event or situation. We have identification ribbons for volunteers, exhibitors, chairmen, facilitators, committee members, guests, sponsors, VIPs, and much more.

Custom Award Ribbon Rolls

The promotional award ribbon spools you'll find for sale at 4AllPromos have no minimum order requirement. Each one provides 100 feet of 100% polyester and single face satin ribbon in your choice of 12 different colors. These can be used to create special award ribbons for most any situation, as well as to make decorative products when competition and identification aren't a primary focus. These are fun, cheerful, and practical promotional products for which virtually any organization will be able to find a multitude of uses.

Personalized Award Ribbon Sizes

Our branded ribbon awards come in many different sizes to fit individual business and user needs. We have 1.63" x 6" small custom award ribbons, 2" x 12" medium size promotional ribbons, flat and rosette style personalized large award ribbons, and extra large award ribbons with company logos in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you're looking for something small to be worn on a lapel or something large to hang in a trophy case, we have every size to fit your needs.

Design Your Own Custom Logo Award Ribbons

Though some of our promotional award ribbons come with stock designs, others can be customized with your text and/or graphics to suit specific purposes, events, and people. Our custom printed award ribbons feature hot foil stamped personalization to customize each to your exact specifications. Titles, placement, names, dates, and more can be added to leave no doubt as to what was won, who won it, and when said victory took place. They'll also make beloved souvenir items that can keep your company logo on display for years to come.

Branded Award Ribbons - FAQ

We'll complete our little guide by including answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive in regard to our award ribbons. If any of your questions aren't included on this list, please don't hesitate to reach out to ask. We're happy to answer any and all questions that will help your company meet its promotional needs!

What is a finished award ribbon?
"Finished" is a word that you'll often see when looking at the titles of our different award ribbons. In the purest, sense, a finished ribbon is one that comes complete with a string for hanging, a small eyelet at the top for the string to pass through, and a event card on which names, dates, and other data relevant to one's victory can be added. The word "finish" will also appear in some descriptions when referring to certain added elements or style embellishments in a ribbon. We'll address those in the next question.
What types of award ribbon finishes are there?
See? We told you we'd explain this one! There are many different finish types on our customizable award ribbons. A pinked finish refers to multiple ridges at the top and/or bottom of a ribbon. It's a shape that looks sort of like the teeth of a saw or the top of a picket fence. A scissortail finish is present when the bottom of the ribbon has sort of an upside down V cut out of it. The result is two sharply pointed, triangular ends on either side. A peaked top, or peaked finish, refers to a ribbon whose sides extend diagonally inward at the top to create a triangular shape that peaks in the center. Taped finishes consist of a strip of tape that is included on the front or back of the ribbon, typically near the top. This makes them easier to stick to shirts and other surfaces. A sewn top includes stitching for an extra strong and durable ribbon.
Do you have custom award ribbons with no minimum order?
Yes! Our no minimum order custom award ribbon rolls can be ordered just one at a time if desired. The majority of our other award ribbon models have minimum order sizes ranging from 20 to 100.
What are the proper colors for placement awards?
As you may have noticed, our placement award ribbons have consistent coloring for each ordinal numbers. This is because there are colors that have, over time, become standard for such award ribbons. These aren't set in stone though and there is room for mixing things up, particularly once you reach 3rd place and beyond. Still, there are customary shades. In the USA, 1st place ribbons are blue, 2nd place ribbons are red, 3rd place ribbons are yellow, 4th place ribbons are white, and 5th place ribbons are pink. In spots 6-10, the colors, in order, are often green, purple, brown, gray, and pale blue. It's sort of in the same vein as medals being awarded in gold, silver, and bronze for 1st through 3rd place. The difference is that while the medals are international in color standard, award ribbon colors can vary by nation. Honorable mention ribbons are often green, but can really come in just about any color.