Custom Ribbons for Awards

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Custom ribbons are a great way to recognize your high-performing employees, athletes, contest participants, or high-achieving students. Add your company logo or event slogan to a high-quality award ribbon for your company's next event or party. Celebrate colleagues, teammates, and even a special occasion with personalized ribbons.

Custom Award Ribbons To Recognize Success 

Acknowledge achievements and recognize excellence with custom award ribbons. You can choose to award all participants with a colored ribbon or just the winner depending on the event and the audience. Custom ribbons can be used as a nice bonus after completing school or work projects, giving young students extra motivation.

What are custom ribbons? Custom ribbons are used in schools and corporate settings as prizes for special achievements. The small fabric strips can be customized to match your brand. Add your text, company logo, or graphics for a personalized award ribbon. Play around with different ribbon layouts to find the one that works best for your company.

What is the benefit of promotional ribbons? Promotional ribbons allow you to say "thank you" or "great job" and recognize the recipient’s success. Custom ribbons also highlight the winner or hardworking individual for the whole team or company to notice.

Types of Custom Ribbons With Logo

Personalized ribbons are a great way to give accolades. You can award a top-performing athlete at your school or highlight the hard work of a coworker. Custom prize ribbons show appreciation and pride. 

Custom Award Ribbons

A unique ribbon helps celebrate those award-worthy moments, Get a custom message put on a personalized ribbon to commend efforts. Pair our custom ribbons with a custom recognition award for the big winners in your life.

Custom Participation Ribbons

Participation requires bravery and commitment and should be awarded on its own. Stock up on multiple ribbon rolls and bulk award ribbons to recognize participation. Race or marathon organizers can pair participation ribbons with our customized gift sets to recognize and thank each runner.

Custom Identification Ribbons

Custom identification ribbons are great for cost-efficient name badges when planning business conferences or fundraising events. Choose from various colors and different wording options that help attendees identify employees and their roles. Use personalized ribbons to point out event leaders or volunteers, so attendees know who to contact with questions.

Custom Sports Ribbons

Customize our sports award ribbons to celebrate your favorite athlete or sports team. Choose the colors that best represent the team, or upload your own images for a completely customized design. Sports ribbons can also be an excellent choice for high school booster clubs or college sports team organizers. These custom award ribbon awards are a great accompaniment to custom-felt pennants.

Custom Rosette Ribbons

Rosette ribbons have a round top area that is often accentuated via ruffles, loops, and other designs. Below the top section, each has between one and three strips of material extending downward called streamers. 

Many of our rosette ribbons come with an option to imprint your logo or other desired messages on both the rosette head as well as the streamers. These ribbons end up looking like flowers with their rounded, fancy top with stem-like extensions below. This is where the name "rosette" comes from.

Buy Wholesale Bulk Award Ribbons

Sports clubs, activity coaches, sports centers, and fundraising organizers can all benefit from ordering custom award ribbons in bulk. Make sure you have enough ribbons for your participants, parents, customers, and attendees. Custom ribbon awards are a hit with a younger audience so school directors and youth sports clubs can never order too many.

If you’re not ready for bulk award ribbons yet, you can still get an order of custom award ribbons at reasonable prices at 4AllPromos. Many of our custom ribbons have a minimum quantity of 20 items per order. 

FAQs About Promotional Ribbons

Can I add a logo to personalized ribbons?
Yes, you can add a logo to your personalized ribbons for your next event. Use your company logo, school mascot, or personal design, then choose a ribbon color and favorite style. You can choose from a wide range of print colors and designs.
What colors and imprints are available for custom ribbons?
4AllPromos has ribbon colors ranging from blue, green, red, white, purple, yellow, maroon, pink, teal, black, off-white, orange, silver, brown, and gold. Contact us to explore our fonts, art graphics, and customization options.
Which materials are custom ribbons made of?
We use only the highest quality products when making your custom ribbon with logo design. Custom ribbons are made using materials like satin and polyester, and many include a foil imprint. Each ribbon comes with a durable cord or string attached so your customers or participants can proudly hang and show off their award.
What is a finished award ribbon?
Finished award ribbons come complete with a string for hanging, a small eyelet at the top for the string to pass through, and an event card on which names, dates, and other data relevant to one's victory can be added.
What types of award ribbon finishes are there?
There are many different finish types on our customizable award ribbons.
  • Pinked finish — Refers to multiple ridges at the top and/or bottom of a ribbon. It's a shape that looks sort of like the teeth of a saw or the top of a picket fence. 
  • Scissortail finish — When the bottom of the ribbon has sort of an upside-down V cut out of it. The result is two sharply pointed, triangular ends on either side.
  • Peaked top or peaked finish — Refers to a ribbon whose sides extend diagonally inward at the top to create a triangular shape that peaks in the center. 
  • Taped finish — Consists of a strip of tape that is included on the front or back of the ribbon, typically near the top. This makes it easier to stick to shirts and other surfaces. A sewn top includes stitching for an extra strong and durable ribbon.
Do you have custom award ribbons with no minimum order?
Yes! Our no minimum order custom award ribbon rolls can be ordered just one at a time if desired. The majority of our other award ribbon models have minimum order sizes ranging from 20 to 100.
What are the proper colors for placement awards?
In the USA, 1st place ribbons are blue, 2nd place ribbons are red, 3rd place ribbons are yellow, 4th place ribbons are white, and 5th place ribbons are pink. In spots 6-10, the colors, in order, are often green, purple, brown, gray, and pale blue. Award ribbon colors can vary by nation. Honorable mention ribbons are often green.

Celebrate Achievements in Style with Custom Award Ribbons!

Give keepsakes of a special event or encapsulate the thrill of victory with custom ribbons. These personalized award ribbons are an easy way to recognize hard work, dedication, and commitment. A custom logo ribbon also promotes brand awareness and recognition. 

Celebrate the success of your students, employees, and athletes, and create lasting memories with custom award ribbons that reflect your organization's spirit and values. Browse 4AllPromos today to show your participants how much their efforts matter.

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