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Custom Printed Selfie Sticks & Branded Ring Lights for Phones

Taking a hands-free selfie can be helpful in many situations. Whether your clients & customers are looking to capture a shot from a difficult-to-achieve angle or are operating with safety in mind, the personalized selfie sticks on our site will prove to be handy tools with many benefits. They're a fun giveaway to help your customers and employees feel a bit more like professional photographers, as they snap top quality pictures while building your brand. 

Different Custom Selfie Stick Styles

If your business is looking to create custom selfie sticks in a certain style, we're here to help. Among our collection, you'll find branded mini selfie sticks, promotional adjustable & extendable selfie sticks, models with control buttons in the handle grips, and more. They give users the ability to take photos that otherwise would be impossible, due to difficult angles or trying to capture images in dangerous locations. 

Your business can become a part of adding extra life to the pictures of anyone who chooses to buy a personalized selfie stick from 4AllPromos. Many come with the option to add a custom carrying pouch or protective case, while others come with a gift box included.

Promotional Selfie Sticks with Free Shipping

If you're looking to target new customers or existing clients with a passion for taking selfies, 4AllPromos is the place to be. We can even help you to promote while saving money, as many of our custom printed selfie sticks come with free shipping. Some models also offer a low minimum order quantity. At all times, we ensure the guaranteed lowest price on every model. 

Personalized Selfie Lights with Company Logo

Taking high quality photos with smartphones is something that more and more professional and amateur photographers are now engaging in. Your employees and target market members can do the same when equipped with our promotional mobile phone ring lights. Our selfie light products offer many benefits, making it easier to achieve the look of professional lighting to capture a photo, shoot a video, or present to a team in virtual meetings and chat sessions. 

They help to bring out the features of anyone or anything being photographed. Users will spread your logo and brand message as they send high quality pictures and videos with help from our custom selfie lights. Each personalized selfie light comes in retail style packaging for security and superior logo presentation.

Create Your Own Personalized Selfie Sticks

Bring your brand into the frame by imprinting our personalized selfie sticks with your logo design! Adding a logo, slogan, contact information, or other special message is a great way to make any branded selfie stick work when it comes to building awareness. Imprint your logo in one or multiple colors or even include a full color logo label to really make our custom selfie sticks and selfie lights bring attention to your brand. 

Branded Selfie Sticks & Selfie Lights - FAQs

Do you offer personalized selfie sticks with no minimum order?
We do not have any models without a minimum order quantity. However, do have custom logo selfie sticks with low quantities. You can order selfie sticks on our site in quantities as low as 40.
What kind of business can promote using selfie sticks?
Just about anybody! Photography studios, tech firms, social media outlets, camera shops, and more will all find them to be ideal promotional products. In addition, they work great for a charity, sports team, school, travel industry companies, state & national parks, and much more.
Why should I use a personalized selfie light?
In addition to promoting your brand & logo in a very visible away, custom selfie lights provide better lighting and overall image quality when used in conjunction with a smartphone. They help to eliminate heavy shadows, make people and objects easier to see, and can add a more confident and professional look when used for Zoom and other virtual meeting platforms. Custom phone right lights are also great for helping actors and actresses take headshots and for aiding social media influencers and content creators to get just the visual effect they're going for.