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It’s important to protect your valuable devices when you’re transporting them. Custom computer cases and promotional laptop bags offer a branded way to keep the belongings of you, your customers, and your employees safe while on the go.

Your Brand’s Signature Look on Custom Computer Bags

Custom laptop bags cushion and shield PCs and Macbooks from physical damage. They give your employees a dedicated bag to store their work computer and power supply. Some bags offer additional storage to safely organize and transport company documents too. 

Branded laptop sleeves can be used as onboarding swag to make an instant connection with new hires and let interns feel like part of the team. Buy bulk laptop bags to provide all your employees with a custom laptop case to better protect company equipment. 

A PC backpack or custom laptop sleeve pairs well with small promotional sweeper screen cleaners and webcam security covers to keep tech safe and clean. 4AllPromos also sells other customized system accessories.

What are the benefits of custom computer cases? Custom computer cases offer businesses the benefit of creating professional appearances amongst staff and building brand awareness during a commute or cross-country business trip. Branded laptop bags are a smart investment for marketing and protecting valuable computer equipment. 

Types of Custom PC Computer Cases

4AllPromos carries multiple types of custom computer bags with different levels of cushion and weather resistance. From branded laptop sleeves to bulk computer bags, you’ll find a product that suits your needs. 

Promotional Laptop Sleeves

Laptop sleeves fit snugly over your laptop, helping to insulate and protect it from damage. A promotional laptop sleeve protects PC fans from dust and debris and can pair with larger backpacks and cases.

Custom Computer Backpacks

Computer backpacks are special bags that look like regular backpacks. They feature a secure and padded pouch for a laptop so it doesn’t rotate around in transit. Bulk laptop bags can be a great way to build employee morale and extend brand recognition outside the workplace. 

Sling Packs with Your Logo

Sling packs easily fit over the shoulder for casual and convenient laptop transportation. Adjustable, padded straps add comfort to custom sling packs. A customized sling PC case is good for employees and customers to avoid shoulder, neck, and back pain from carrying a heavy laptop.

Branded Laptop Briefcases

Laptop briefcases provide a more sophisticated way of transporting a Macbook or PC laptop between home, work, and school. A company-branded briefcase gives your team a professional look that can inspire them to perform better and give them the confidence to close more sales. A similar case design among all team members also helps create a recognizable company image.

Computer Rucksacks

4AllPromos custom rucksacks offer more space than traditional backpacks. These bags have room for a charging cord, power supply, PC or Macbook, and company documents. Employees may also use their branded PC rucksacks as travel bags to transport snacks, beverages, or books, giving your company brand exposure wherever it is taken.

Buy Personalized Computer Cases in Bulk

Customized cases make for excellent customer gifts, fundraising prizes, or as part of a new hire's welcome package. Buying bulk laptop sleeves is a good investment for growing companies. Keeping inventory on hand means fewer orders, shipping, and waste. It’s more affordable to purchase a larger quantity right away.

You can take advantage of wholesale prices when you buy custom computer cases in bulk. If you are not ready to buy in bulk, we have items with low minimum order quantities too! 

FAQs About Custom Computer Cases

What materials are custom computer cases made of?
Denier nylon, neoprene, canvas, RPET, leather, and recycled ocean plastic are all materials that our custom computer cases are made from. Explore the products individually for information on specific bags.
Which computer bag brands do you carry?
4AllPromos carries laptop bags you can customize with your logo from Jansport, High Sierra, Nomad, Basecamp, Repreve, Sanford, Maglione, Kappotto, Hancock, Kapston, Millennium, and Vila.
Which laptop sizes can fit in custom laptop bags?
4AllPromos carries custom laptop bags in a variety of sizes. Most of our bags will carry 13-15” laptops. Select a bag from our stock and visit the product description to see detailed information about carrying capacity.
Which colors are custom computer cases available in?
4AllPromos can make your next custom PC bag in black, silver, blue, red, green, off-white, brown, maroon, orange, or pink. Choose the color of your custom laptop case to complement your company logo.
Can I place my logo on custom computer cases?
You can add your company logo to your promotional laptop bags. We offer several customization options, from embroidery to printing. Our team is willing to help you design the ideal computer case if you need a hand.
Are there discounts on bulk purchases of custom computer cases?
Yes. 4AllPromos offers business discounts on larger bulk purchases. Make sure you order enough of each case type to cover all your employees and their families. Keeping a few extra cases on hand ensures you have enough for new hires or to use as customer appreciation gifts.
Do you carry TSA-friendly tech bags?
We do carry TSA-friendly bags that have RFID protection. The removable compartments for storing computers can easily be placed on X-ray machines when going through airport security stations. We also have custom rolling laptop bags to get to your gate easily, and promotional RFID-blocking computer bags block the scanning of Radio Frequency Identification to keep your personal information secure.

Craft Customer Loyalty With Personalized Computer Cases

In today’s digital world, having a reliable, stylish laptop bag is a necessity. The custom computer cases from 4AllPromos protect your tech equipment and stand out to promote your brand. 

Make everyone feel like part of the team and put your brand in full view with protective sleeves, PC cases, backpacks, or briefcases. Connect with your team, your clients, and your audience with custom computer cases. 

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