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What's a fun promotional giveaway item for kids and adults? What custom imprinted toys can be used indoors and outdoors? What's a great personalized item to wear your company logo regardless of the season? Our promotional beach balls, that's what! We offer custom imprinted small beach balls, wholesale medium beach balls, and large logo imprinted beach balls. Buy custom imprinted PVC beach balls online and watch brand awareness soar. Keep the kids safe with our non-phthalate promotional two-tone beach balls &wholesale translucent beach balls.

Watch Your Brand Image Sail Through the Air

Since this promotional item is likely to catch the eye of everyone at the music festival, pool, beach, or other type of gathering event, this is a great opportunity to introduce people to your organization. With a big custom image on this inflatable toy, brand visibility and awareness could skyrocket every time someone breaks out the beach ball.

If you're looking to buy the best promotional inflatable beach balls, you've come to the right place. We offer several styles of custom imprinted pvc vinyl beach balls to go along with our other promotional beach toys (opens in a new window). Wholesale two-tone custom beach balls, imprinted with your personalized business logo, make great summer promotional products, but can be used indoors as well. Occupational therapists, gyms, day care centers, toy stores, supermarkets, beachwear shops, and surf shops will all find our custom beach balls to be a perfect fit. They're also some of the best promotional items for water parks and amusement parks.

If you'd like to learn more about the different styles of branded beach balls available at 4AllPromos or come across any terms you weren't familiar with in the product descriptions, the following informational section is for you. Read it all and become a custom beach ball wizard, or just click to skip to the areas that interest you the most.

Wholesale Custom Imprinted Beach Balls - Terms, Styles, and More

Promotional Beach Ball Styles

Business Logo Printed Beach Ball Sizes & Measurements

Custom Beach Ball Safety & Certifications

Custom Beach Ball Logo Imprinting Options

Promotional Beach Ball Styles

We're happy to provide the best customized beach balls in several different fun styles. Whether your promotional needs are best suited by a small, medium, or large custom imprinted beach ball, you'll find what you're looking for at 4AllPromos. Personalized solid color inflatable beach balls, wholesale imprinted two-tone beach balls, vinyl multi-colored custom beach balls, patriotic beach balls, and the best promotional translucent beach balls are standing for you at the ready. 

You can choose many different colors like orange, green, blue, yellow, red, purple, and more for your product. You can also make them look like baseballs, basketballs, footballs, or even soccer balls. The styles available for these fun-in-the-sun gifts are endless, so make sure you order some for your next event.

Custom Solid Color Beach Balls

Sometimes promotional solid color beach balls are the best fit for a school, charity, or business. They can create a look that's either calmly stoic or sleek and modern. They're a great pick when you want a custom beach ball with an imprint logo that really stands out and has no other visual stimulation to compete with. They're also perfect for setting color contrasts, especially with logos that contain a lot of white.

Multi-Color Personalized Beach Balls

Our wholesale multi-colored beach balls are certainly pleasing to the eye. Some of them contain as many as six colors, and that's before your business logo is added. These tend to be some of the best promotional giveaways for children, as they tend to respond to bright colors like red, yellow, and orange. They do a great job of creating a visual contrast that will help your booth to stand out at trade shows and corporate events.

Promotional Two-Tone Custom Beach Balls

When you hear the expression “beach ball”, what do you usually picture? Most often, most people will say that they visualize the classic two color style. If this is your preference, you’re in luck, as we have a wide selection of the best promotional two-tone beach balls for you to choose from. In most cases, they feature alternating panels of white and one other color, with your personalized business logo design appearing front and center on one of the white panels.

Imprinted Translucent Beach Balls

Any business that’s looking to spread awareness while people have fun in the sun will be a fan of our wholesale promotional translucent beach balls. These are another example of a promotional product with a hip, modern look that is really catching on. Equally great for games in the pool, lake, ocean, or indoor recreation area, our translucent custom beach balls are the perfect promotional items for water parks, schools, gyms, physical therapy centers, theme parks, toy stores, and supermarkets.

Wholesale Sports Ball Shaped Custom Beach Balls

If you’re looking for promotional products for a sports team, what could be better than our custom logo imprinted sports shaped beach balls? Whether it’s football, basketball, baseball, or soccer, these will be popular giveaway items for your team, school, or business. They encourage activity and healthy socialization while providing mobile advertising. That's a solid win-win situation. Plus, a beach ball that looks like a basketball, soccer ball, or baseball can make it stand out to everyone else at the event even more, increasing exposure for your brand image.

Promotional Patriotic Beach Balls

Salute the stars and stripes by having your personalized logo printed on any of our promotional patriotic beach balls. These are great summer promotional products and are particularly great for the Fourth of July. Roll these out at your company summer picnic and they're sure to be met with everyone's approval. These fun promo products are also great for pool parties and backyard BBQs.

You can help your customers create memories with their families and friends when they are at the lake, enjoying concerts, or attending another July event. While it may be easy when you've been in the promotional products business for a long time, we realize that some of our definitions and descriptions may sometimes be a bit confusing. That's why we'll explain them a bit more here. We'll also try to make some vague descriptions a bit more specific. Our options make it easy to find the perfect size for your giveaway events.

Small Promotional Beach Balls

If you’re looking for promotional products for children or just some conveniently sized trade show or promotional giveaway items, you’ll likely be interested in our wholesale small beach balls. Just what do we mean by small though? Generally speaking, a beach ball that would be considered to fit within the small category would be designated with a size of under 10 inches. You can see many of these variations at the pool, being given away at trade shows, or during special events in the summer.

Medium Promotional Beach Balls

If either “go big or go home” or “the best things come in small packages” mantras float your boat, our custom business logo imprinted medium beach balls would be your best option. They'll most often be described as being 10 inches or greater, but less than 16 inches. For example, if you see a listing that says “14 inch beach ball”, you can tell you're looking at a medium sized specimen. Perfect for a pool party or events that take place on beaches, this fun summer toy will make your brand highly visible as people kick, hit, or toss it back and forth.

Large Promotional Beach Balls

For big fun and the biggest logo imprint areas, our large promotional beach balls are your best bet. If you've read the two previous paragraphs, you can likely deduce that a large beach ball is assigned a size of 16” or greater. These are typically the ones you'll see passed around at graduations, concerts, and other events.

Custom Beach Ball Dimensions & Measurements

At this point, we've explained small, medium, and large, but we still haven't told you exactly how those measurements are taken or under what conditions. The number in inches that you'll see in the title of any promotional beach ball on our site is derived from the arc of the beach ball, when inflated. 

With most custom beach balls, there is a small circular panel on each side where all of the other panels come together. If you imagine it as being like a globe, these two circles would be the two poles. The measured distance from the center of one to the other is the arc, and this is the number that you'll see in our titles.

Custom Beach Ball Safety & Certifications

Our promotional colorful beach balls are designed and marketed with safety in mind. There are a few different factors that go into this, and we’ll discuss them with you in this section.

CPSIA Compliant Beach Balls

While CPSIA doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, it's still quite a bit faster to say than the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. Whether you prefer saying it in the long or short form, it means that the product in question meets the requirements set forth in a 2008 government bill, ensuring that consumer products, especially those used by children, undergo the most rigorous of testing for potential safety flaws before hitting the shelves. When passed and certified, you can be certain that the product is beyond safe and of very high quality.

Promotional Non-Phthalate Beach Balls

Phthalates, in addition to being hard to pronounce, are chemical compounds that are added to the soft form of PVC to make it more malleable. Though not 100% confirmed, there have been some studies that have linked phthalates to numerous physical and neurological disorders, particularly with pregnant women and the children they are carrying. It is suggested that these health issues are especially relevant when it comes to products that are either eaten or absorbed into the skin.

While we don’t expect anyone to eat our custom imprinted beach balls or to attempt to use them as a topical cream, we’re still not taking any chances of potential phthalate-linked troubles. That’s why we only offer non-phthalate beach balls. Phthalate-compliant beach balls and phthalate-safe beach balls are two other terms you may see them go by, but all three mean the same thing.

When you buy promotional beach balls with business logo imprints, you want to make sure you decorate them with the best printing method to fit your logo and your promotional needs. We'll describe the most common and significant ways to go with beach ball logo imprinting in the next few paragraphs.

Screen Printed Beach Balls

Screen printing consists of a process in which special stencils are cut to coincide with the design that one wants to transfer onto a given product. As some of these stencils are made of silk, silkscreening is another name that you'll sometimes hear for this process. It's a great method for printing one-color logos and it is also the most affordable custom decoration method for a logo imprint area. Our promotional screen printed beach balls have simple yet effective designs that never fail to please.

Pad Printed Beach Balls

Pad printing is typically the go-to logo imprinting method when an item has either an uneven surface, delicate surface, or texture that for some reason is difficult to safely print in any other fashion. To conduct pad printing, the first thing that needs to be done is the creation of a metal plate in the shape of the design that will ultimately appear on the product.

This plate is then coated in ink and pressed against a soft silicone pad, which then takes on the design. The pad is then pressed against the product, and after drying, the item is decorated and ready to go. We have several wholesale pad printed beach balls available on our site. In fact, it’s the most common decoration method used for beach balls.

Hot Stamped Beach Balls

Hot stamping is a method in which dry inks are used to decorate a given item. Press machines utilize very high temperatures to transfer these dry inks onto the receiving surfaces. Our personalized hot stamped beach balls present your business logo in sharp and precise fashion.

PMS Color Matched Beach Balls

When you want a very specific shade of any given color to be used for your custom imprinted logo, PMS color matching is the best way to make sure it happens. An abbreviation for Pantone Matching System, PMS color matching uses an immense library of number codes to correspond to nearly any color imaginable, including orange, green, pink, purple, blue, yellow, red, or even cyan. 

While they may not be the most thrifty option, promotional beach balls with PMS color matched logo imprints can never be faulted for their accuracy. Plus, they are more likely to stand out at your event under the sun. It's important to note however that this option isn't automatic with any of our beach balls - if you want it, you must specify when ordering.