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Design your own school supplies, personalized with your logo from 4AllPromos! We offer promotional school supplies such as cheap promotional pencils, diverse types of custom imprinted rulers, fun promotional stationery sets for students, convenient promotional folding yardsticks & more!

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At 4AllPromos, we offer only the best promotional classroom supplies & wholesale back to school promotional products, imprinted with your logo, be it school or business. Browse our collection of personalized pencils, custom imprinted erasers, promotional rulers (including bulk eco-friendly recycled rulers), custom logo imprinted highlighters, wholesale jumbo crayons, promotional folding yardsticks, custom sidewalk chalk, and much more. Read on to learn more about the many different styles of personalized back to school items available for purchase each and every day at 4AllPromos!

For even more information, you can also read our blog article detailing our custom pencil cases & other bulk school supplies.

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Customize Your Own Back to School Supplies

Looking to design your own school supplies for this year's back-to-school promotional product shopping? You can do just that with our broad array of personalized educational supplies including custom pencils, personalized erasers, custom logo printed rulers, wholesale crayons, personalized highlighters, custom school logo printed mechanical pencils, bulk staple removers & much more. Learn more about each product category by reading on through the following paragraphs.

Promotional Pencils for Schools

One of the most basic yet necessary classroom items that every teacher will need is the gold old fashioned pencil. While we offer conventional pencils, we also carry a numerous variety of other styles, each bringing something unique and useful to the table. Whether used as promotional school supplies or education trade show giveaway items, our personalized pencils can't be beat.

Cheap Custom Logo Printed Pencils

When looking to buy school supplies in bulk, our cheap promotional pencils are a fail-proof strategy. Get our affordable personalized pencils, imprinted with your business or school logo & get the year started off on the right foot.

Personalized Color Changing Pencils

Custom color changing pencils are fun & creative elementary school promotional products to welcome kids back to school when summer is through. These pencils change color with the heat provided by a user's hand. Our promotional Mood color changing paw print pencils are ideal promotional products for schools as well as veterinary clinics & veterinary science professors.

Wholesale Colored Pencils

When you want to bring some fun educational supplies into the classroom, Prang custom colored pencils are a great way to start. These work well as supplies for art teachers and look even better when imprinted with your personalized logo design.

Custom Hexagon Pencils

Our personalized hexagon pencils have a six-sided shape with broad bases to help prevent them from rolling off of desks. A similar set of pencils would be our promotional carpenter pencils. These are durable pencils that work great as customized back to school gifts & education trade show giveaway items.

Personalized Glow-in-the-Dark Pencils

Our custom glow-in-the-dark pencils are among our top-selling custom novelty pencils for schools, trade shows, and promotional giveaways. Both the barrels and erasers of these pencils glow in the dark, making them perfect for night time promotional events and giveaways for after-dark sporting events.

Promotional Mechanical Pencils in Bulk

For those people who aren't a fan of dull pencil leads, needing to sharpen a pencil after breaking the tip, or the messiness of the shavings a pencil sharpener can create, we have a solution. This solution comes in the form of our personalized mechanical pencils, custom printed with your logo design.

Custom Logo Imprinted Pentel Mechanical Pencils

Another great name in the world of promotional mechanical pencils is found in our custom imprinted Pentel mechanical pencils. They're a great option for schools & organizations who don't wish to see the beaver-style chewing that overly energetic young students often engage in with wooden pencils. Available in two different sizes, these customized mechanical pencils offer twist-action erasers.

Wholesale Crayons for Schools & Custom Crayon Packs

Perfect as promotional products for pre-schools, elementary schools, restaurants, and art supply stores, our promotional crayons make for excellent bulk back to school supplies. Our personalized crayons are available in several different styles and quantities, which we'll get into a bit now.

Personalized Jumbo Crayons

When you're looking for back to school promotional products for nursery schools or promotional products for your occupational therapy practice, jumbo crayons are a great way to go. Our promotional Jumbo crayons with logo imprints have a large, thick form which makes them easier to grasp & control for youngsters and people with injuries and disabilities.

Promotional Crayon Packs for Restaurants & Schools

Let's face it - kids just don't like to wait. That's why crayon giveaways featuring custom crayon box printing are perfect promotional products for restaurants, hospitals, clinics, and anywhere else where children have to wait for extended periods of time. They're also great promotional products for welcoming nursery school or kindergarten students to your educational institution.

Wholesale Twist Crayons in Bulk

When on the trail for unique promotional school giveaway items, our personalized twist crayons will get you where you want to go. Twist crayons have retractable tips, so they run a far smaller risk of leaving unwanted scribble marks on walls or washing machines full of stained clothes via kids forgetting to take traditional crayons out of their pockets.

Personalized Highlighters for School Supplies

Our promotional highlighters are customized writing giveaway items that are also ideal promotional products for schools & colleges. Students needing to focus on the most important points of lectures for getting top-notch test results will appreciate the utility that our wholesale highlighters provide.

Bulk Flower Highlighters

For a fun and artistic twist on the typical highlighter, we recommend considering our customized Daisy highlighters. These promotional highlighters feature a circular central plastic hub from which five different marker color tips extend, forming a shape reminiscent of a flower. They're very useful for studying and color-coding large sets of information.

Custom Desk Style Highlighters

The next members of our highlighter family that we'd like to introduce to you are our promotional Desk style highlighters. These highlighters are thick and sturdy, with strong pull caps. They're very popular as promotional school supply items and as promotional products for art supply stores & office supply stores.

Promotional Pocket Highlighters

If it's a small and convenient style of customized highlighter that you're looking for, our wholesale pocket highlighters are a terrific choice. Perfect as custom logo imprinted school supplies and education trade show giveaway items, these are thin highlighters featuring a handy pocket clip for users on the go.

Wholesale Highlighter Packs

When you want traditional highlighters in a variety of colors, our custom logo imprinted fluorescent highlighter packs are an ideal option. They're versatile enough to be used in a nearly endless amount of activities, and are exceptional as customized school supplies or promotional giveaways for art museum gift shops.

Promotional Sidewalk Chalk

Either when used on the playground during recess or on the driveway at home, customized sidewalk chalk is among one of our more fun and creative styles of personalized school supplies. Buy our wholesale jumbo chalk in bulk for your school, art supply store, or toy store and you'll create hours of imaginative fun for kids of all ages.

Custom Business Logo Imprinted Erasers

The next variety of bulk school supply items we'd like to talk to you about is our grand array of personalized erasers for schools, office supply stores, churches and charities. Everybody makes mistakes, and that's what erasers are for. Rather than being discouraged by their miscues, young minds will be delighted and entertained when rubbing out unwanted marks with our promotional erasers.

Promotional Farm Animal Erasers

Ideal as customized school supplies or promotional products for office supply stores or animal shelters, our customized animal shaped erasers are always a hit with the young crowd. Kids who love animals will enjoy having these fun and cute custom erasers in their desks, backpacks, and pencil cases.

Custom Shaped Erasers in Bulk

Promotional erasers are one of those great cheap giveaway items that allow for all kinds of creativity and structure when it comes to design. We offer several styles of custom shaped erasers with logo imprints that users are sure to love, including fire truck shaped erasers, star shaped erasers, animal shaped erasers, color changing erasers, and more.

Wholesale Color Changing Erasers

To add some fun to functionality, consider investing in our promotional color changing erasers. Our Mood color changing erasers react to body heat, so they'll quickly change color when taken in a user's hand. Loads of fun for the young and the young at heart, our personalized color changing erasers are perfect as custom back to school items or promotional education trade show giveaway items.

Promotional Zippered Coin Pouches

Your school can help its students to keep their lunch money safe and readily accessible by way of ordering custom coin pouches imprinted with your business logo. Our promotional coin holders come in a variety of sizes, colors and materials. They're helpful in helping to teach children organizational and money management skills.

Customized Staple Removers with Logo Imprints

There are some promotional items out there that don't get quite the same song and dance that others do. Our promotional staple removers are one of those items. While most people don't think about staple removers until they actually need them, your school or business will be owed a debt of gratitude by people who find themselves needing to pluck out premature stapling. It's just another one of those small goodwill-building experiences that can lead to long term brand loyalty.

Personalized Rulers & Yardsticks in Bulk

Whether used as logo printed school supplies or promotional products for hardware stores or office supply stores, our custom yard sticks and wholesale rulers are old-school office supply products that never go out of style or become obsolete. We'll explain our many varieties of customized yardsticks and promotional rulers for schools and beyond.

Custom Ruler Materials

When you shop with us, you have many choices when it comes to different makes and models of personalized rulers. The below is a list of just some of the different materials our customized rulers are made of.

Custom Printed Rulers

We offer many promotional cheap rulers with logo imprints for schools, office supply stores, charities, and most any other organization. Many are printed with sets of educational facts, while others are printed with designs to promote a specific cause, such as recycling. We also offer rulers in conventional sizes, such as our custom 8 inch rulers and promotional 6 inch rulers.

Personalized Beveled Rulers with Logo Imprints

What are beveled rulers? Beveled rulers are rulers with gradually sloping edges, as opposed to straight up and down edges. Our custom beveled rulers also feature both imperial and metric units of measure.

Wholesale Recycled Rulers

If you're looking for eco-friendly promotional rulers for your office supply shop, school, or gift shop, look no further. We offer Earth-friendly customized rulers made from recycled materials and imprinted with your school or business logo design.

Custom Magnifying Rulers in Bulk

What are magnifying rulers? Magnifying rulers are rulers that have a slot in their centers, allowing users to help read and magnify text line-by-line without skipping. They're useful for people with visual impairments, various learning disabilities, drafting architects, or anyone who just needs to hyper-focus on any specific part of a document. Our company branded magnifying rulers are among our most popular and versatile personalized office & school supplies.

Promotional Yardsticks

No classroom is complete without a yardstick to accompany the chalkboard, or in these modern times, the dry erase board. Useful as customized school supplies, personalized hardware store products, or educational trade show giveaways, our wholesale yardsticks are promo products that have stood the test of time.

Custom Logo Imprinted Folding Yardsticks

When you have big measuring jobs to do but not a ton of space, our promotional folding yardsticks are just what you need. They make great promotional products for hardware stores, architects, contractors, and wholesale school supplies. These customizable yardsticks can be folded over twice to create a compact and easily portable unit. As long as we're on the topic of unique personalized yardsticks, we should also mention that we carry the relatively rare custom 4 foot yardsticks.

Custom Pencil Cases

One of our popular styles of logo personalized school supplies are our wholesale pencil pouches. Our zippered pencil cases help students stay organized and prepared for class, displaying your school or business logo all the while.

Wholesale School Supply Kits

When it comes to promotional back to school items, few ideas are more comprehensive and effective than our customized school supply kits. These come in many different forms and contain bonus items such as pencils, erasers, rulers and more.

Cheap Promotional School Supply Kits

If your business or school is looking to have its customized logo imprint design displayed on wholesale school supplies that are both affordable and highly useful, we have the perfect suggestion. Offer discount promotional school supply kits from 4AllPromos to your students or customers and you'll arm them with a handy set of products they'll use on a daily basis, creating numerous advertising impressions wherever they go.

Premium Personalized School Supply Kits

We'll round out this discussion about custom school supplies with our deluxe school supply kits, which make for excellent promotional back to school gifts. When you click on the preceding link, you'll be taken to a page highlighting our high tech Varsity Pencil Pouch School Supply Kit, which comes complete with a pencil pouch, mobile phone stand, carabiner, cord organizer, and earbuds.