Custom Rubber Ducks

Custom Rubber Ducks with Company Logo

Custom logo rubber ducks combine fun and nostalgia into a playful promotional marketing campaign. You’ll capture the attention of children and adults when you add your logo to promotional rubber ducks. With their whimsical appeal, custom rubber ducks are guaranteed to make a splash at any event.

Branded Rubber Ducks for Splashing Promotions

Quickly capture attention when you add your logo to custom rubber ducks. These lightweight promotional products are for more than just bath time. Promotional rubber ducks are great for catching eyes at trade shows, neighborhood festivals, fundraisers, and corporate events.

Everyone recognizes the classic yellow rubber duck. Associate the charm of a rubber ducky with your brand when you add your logo. Our glitter rubber ducks and other colorful rubber ducks allow you to tailor your selection to your branding or awareness causes. People will keep your logo on their desks or in their Jeeps when you get it imprinted on a promo rubber duck.

Choosing Your Rubber Duck Style and Type

4AllPromos carries different colors, themes, and sizes of rubber ducks to provide you with the best promotional ducks for your brand. Our selection allows you to choose from different occupations and even different animals too.

Classic Rubber Ducks

While yellow is the iconic rubber duck we all immediately think of, at 4AllPromos you can get rubber ducks in a full color range. Match your rubber duck color to an awareness ribbon to spread the word about a cause, or use the colors to match holidays like St. Patrick’s Day or Mardi Gras

We have rubber ducks in all sizes too, from as small as 2” tall to our Jumbo Rubber Duck coming in at almost a foot tall! Customer reviews remark about the high quality of our rubber ducks, no matter the size..

Color Changing and Glitter Rubber Ducks

Give your audience a collectible promo giveaway when you choose one of our color-changing or glitter rubber ducks. Glitter ducks are shaped like the classic rubber ducks but have a captivating sparkle finish. The color-changing ducks will change color depending on temperature, so when the water gets warmer in the bath, the ducks will change too. Mothers with babies and toddlers use color-changing promo ducks to monitor the water and give their kids a fun toy during bathtime! 

Sports Rubber Ducks

When it’s time for the Superbowl, World Cup, March Madness, or another major sporting event, sports-themed rubber ducks can help you attract the right fan base for your brand. Our rubber duck collection has baseball, basketball, football, golf, and soccer ducks. 

Animal Rubber “Ducks” 

Why should ducks get all the fun? Switch up your campaign and entice audiences to your booth with rubber duck-shaped chickens, cows, mallards, and more. Get a rubber ducky animal that matches an occasion, like eagles for 4th of July parade giveaways, bunnies for Easter-themed events, or a donkey for an upcoming election. 

Themed and Occupation Rubber Ducks

For Nurse Appreciation Week or prepping for Restaurant Week, our different occupation rubber ducks will be on theme. Occupation promo ducks are great for trade shows and kids love them at street fairs. We have a variety of customizable rubber ducks for occupations, our favorites include:

  • Farmer ducks

  • Auto mechanic ducks

  • Dentist ducks

  • Police officer ducks

  • Firefighter ducks

  • Artist rubber ducks

  • Doctor ducks

We also have rubber ducks perfect for holidays like our devil duck for Halloween, Love Rubber Duck for Valentine’s Day, and Bavarian Rubber Duck for Oktoberfest. 

Weighted Rubber Ducks for Racing

Rubber duck races have become a popular way to raise funds and awareness for charities and causes. Racing rubber ducks are specially made with a flat base and weight to stabilize them in the water. While our rubber ducks aren’t specifically made for racing, we do sell a stabilizing weight to turn your custom rubber ducks with logos into branded racing ducks! 

Wholesale Rubber Ducks in Bulk

Buying bulk rubber ducks for fundraisers, duck races, Jeep ducking, and promotional events is a cost-effective way to spread your brand. Bulk purchases reduce the cost per item and the amount of shipments. 

Rubber ducks can be used as giveaways, prizes, promotional merchandise at trade shows, or sold in a gift shop or store. Their playful nature means they are kept and displayed, giving you ongoing brand exposure.

FAQ About Custom Logo Rubber Ducks

Why do people put rubber ducks on Jeeps?
People put rubber ducks on Jeeps as a friendly gesture among Jeep owners. Stock up on personalized rubber ducks with your message and keep a stash of rubber ducks to spread brand awareness while you’re “Jeep ducking”.
Why are rubber ducks hidden on cruise ships?
Rubber ducks are hidden on cruise ships as part of a fun scavenger hunt to engage passengers and add an element of surprise to their vacation. You can hide your promotional rubber ducks on your next cruise and share your brand with passengers from around the world!
Can I put a logo on a rubber duck?
Absolutely! All of our custom rubber ducks can be imprinted with your logo to make them effective and fun promotional products.
Do you have cheap rubber ducks?
Yes! We carry several cheap rubber ducks that are available for under $1 when purchased in bulk quantities.
Where can I order custom-designed rubber ducks for a corporate event?
4AllPromos specializes in creating promotional items for corporate events. Instead of keychains or lanyards at your next trade show, put your logo on rubber ducks to stand out.
Can I use my custom logo rubber ducks for duck racing?
Your promotional rubber ducks by themselves are not suitable for duck racing, but we have an attachment that can be used to turn them into racing ducks! Get our stabilizing weights to make your ducks ready for the race. Contact us if you have any questions!

Quack Up Your Marketing with Custom Rubber Ducks

Custom logo rubber ducks combine fun and nostalgia into a playful promotional marketing campaign that captures the attention of children and adults alike. Their charm and familiarity, combined with unique designs like glitter and color-changing ducks, mean they leave lasting impressions when your prospects keep them on desks, in cars, or find them hidden on cruises.

Don’t duck out on this brand awareness opportunity. Skip the stress relievers and hand sanitizer for your next promo campaign. Put your logo on promotional rubber ducks and dive into the fun instead! 

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