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Staying safe and healthy is an increasingly significant concern worldwide. Proper hand hygiene is often at the foundation. 4AllPromos is here to help your company’s customers, employees, and target audience lead healthier lives by giving away high-quality antibacterial hand wipes. We offer a broad variety of items, including full color imprinted hand wipes, affordable bulk blank antibacterial wipes, handy custom travel wet wipes, convenient promotional mini hand wipe canisters, fully loaded branded hand sanitizer wipe kits, and much more. Whether your organization is a community club or a healthcare facility, these products are ideal for ensuring everyone has consistent access to the supplies they need for clean hands.

Custom Antibacterial Wipes | Imprinted Sanitizer Kits | Branded Hand Wipes

Finding the right custom sanitizer wipes for your business doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t matter if you’re sending care packages in the mail or simply putting up stations around your office; our customizable options are an excellent choice. There are numerous ways to use these products to help your staff and customers stay safe throughout the year.

For example, a restaurant can hand out individual wet wipe packets at each table, or a retail store can have a canister of branded antibacterial wipes near the entrance. Custom hand wipe products can even be used in places like schools. There, you can add an image of the mascot to the outside of the package and hand them out to every classroom. This provides added protection for students and faculty, while building a positive brand reputation. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Custom Printed Wet Wipes | Promotional Hand Sanitizer Wipes | Bulk Alcohol-Free Wet Wipes

Different Types of Promotional Hand Wipes Branded Antibacterial Hand Wipe Containers Design Your Own Custom Hand Wipes

Different Types of Promotional Hand Wipes

Giving away custom antibacterial wipes is a great way to ensure customers and employees stay healthy. Not only does everyone get to enjoy germ-free hands, but they will also remember your business name every time they use them. Plus, many of our hand wipe products have a pleasant scent and bonus convenience features. All meet Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards. In this section, we'll talk a bit more about the different styles of personalized hand wipes you'll find on our site.

Personalized Antibacterial Wet Wipes

Branded packages of promotional wet wipes make great giveaway gifts, but they are also an excellent solution for physical business locations and schools. Having packages of these antibacterial wipes available for use gives everyone a chance to ensure their hands are germ-free as possible, including staff and customers. Additionally, the space to add your company’s full-color logo design is ideal for matching branding and signage throughout your location.

If you're looking for sanitizing items that are gentle on sensitive skin, we suggest investing in our custom alcohol-free hand sanitizer wipes. Our non-alcohol hand wipes, custom printed with your logo, are less likely to leave users' hands cracked, dry, and/or irritated. They're a great buy for dermatology clinics, spas, salons, and more.

Bulk Alcohol Wipes

Some of our promotional disinfecting alcohol wipes don't come with imprints. Handing out blank wholesale isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol wipes is a great way to make sure that every surface and frequently touched object in the area stays sterile. Use these at your own business to clean counters, headphones, doorways, cart handles, and any other surface that many people will touch/use. Alternatively, you can send them out as giveaway items, with the grateful recipients being sure to remember who supplied them in their time of need.

Custom Hand Sanitizer Wipes Made in the USA

If you’re looking for single-use custom antibacterial wipes made in the USA, 4AllPromos is your go-to source. Our single-use wipes are fully FDA-compliant and make it easy to wipe off hands, shopping cart handles, and other surfaces in a hurry. Additionally, they are proudly made in America, which contributes to jobs and the economy within our own country.

Custom Hand Sanitizer Wipes in Bulk

In need of a large order of wet wipes to keep on hand throughout the year? 4AllPromos offers wholesale sanitizing wipes in to help meet your needs. As with our other hand wipe products, these items can be customized to feature your business’s information or logo. They are available in a wide range of quantities from 1,800 to 18,000 per order.

Branded Antibacterial Hand Wipe Containers

Our custom printed hand sanitizer wipes come in a variety of different carrying vessels. What works best for individual companies and their target audience will vary, so we'll explain some of our most prominent styles in the following four paragraphs.

Custom Sanitizer Wipe Canisters

Help your customers or employees stay safe on-the-go with our brand hand sanitizer wipe canisters. Each canister includes fresh-scented wipes that are quick and convenient to use. Some feature a keychain that can attach to a backpack, briefcase, or piece of luggage. They're a great fit for glove compartments and highly useful for those who like to eat in their cars, especially after handling change at drive-through windows.

Wholesale Resealable Wet Wipe Packs

Clients, employees, customers, and target market members will love having their very own packages of promotional resealable wet wipes with logo imprints to carry when they’re on the go. Designed to fit inside a glove box, purse, desk drawer, or gym bag, they’re a great way to ensure users have antibacterial wipes when they need them most.

Promotional Hand Wipe and PPE Item Kits

If your business markets to users who travel, spend a great deal of time outdoors, or just want to be prepared in all possible situations, please keep reading. We're about to introduce items that are tailor-made for your company. Our personalized antibacterial hand wipe kits contain all sorts of items to prevent the spread of germs. In the process, they promote good health as well as brand awareness. Many contain bulk antiseptic towelettes, in addition to products such as nitrile gloves, bandages, no-touch tools, face masks, and more.

Sometimes having a large package of wipes for multiple people to use isn’t practical. That's why we provide several styles of wholesale single-use hand wipes in bulk. They're excellent products for healthcare institutions, large factories, and any other business/organization that experiences high traffic or has a vast number of employees. We offer many different types of single-use options to suit different tastes, needs, and other important factors.

Design Your Own Custom Hand Wipes

When you buy hand wipes in bulk, small quantities, or anywhere in between, you'll want to do so with the right branding moves in mind. In many cases, adding a custom logo imprint to your hand wipe container is the best move for staying on people's minds and spreading brand awareness. However, there are other instances where a blank item may work better. We'll talk a bit about both options in the next two paragraphs.

Custom Printed Hand Wipes

Why promote a competing brand when your business can have custom printed wet wipes featuring your logo and information? Handing out a personalized canister of wipes to customers or patrons not only helps prevent the spread of germs and illnesses, but it serves as a form of advertising for your company. With a variety of options to choose from, it’s easy to find the right one to suit your organization’s needs. These create multiple daily advertising impressions and make your business the face of safety in troubling times.

Wholesale Blank Hand Sanitizer Wipes

In some circumstances, buying blank hand wipes in bulk may be your best option. Hospitals, health care facilities, large retailers, and factories making use of potentially dangerous chemicals are just some examples of organizations that can benefit from blank hand wipes. If your business, school, or other organization needs hand wipes in large volumes due to customers, employees, visitors, or residents constantly needing to wash up, something more affordable makes more sense. Even without an imprint, all recipients who are lucky enough to receive protection via hand wipes from your company will be grateful and remember the help your business provided.