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Are you looking for promotional products to advertise your business at trade shows, grocery stores, fundraisers, school events, or community gatherings? Custom non-woven tote bags can meet the versatile needs of your target audience, whether they are athletes, caretakers, office workers, teachers, or anything in between.

With options for a range of reusable material options, each customer can carry groceries, beach accessories, fitness items, cosmetics, and more, all while displaying your brand logo wherever they go.


Non-woven polypropylene bags are a trendy choice because of their durability. You can expect this style to last a long time for users due to its benefits like semi-rigidity, heat resistance, water resistance, and toughness.

What makes a bag non-woven? The term non-woven simply refers to the creation process of the polypropylene fibers in the tote bags. Construction may have included chemical, mechanical, or thermal processes rather than weaving. This characteristic makes custom non-woven bags made with polypropylene much cheaper and easier to mass produce. 

Click on the following link to see our blog entry that goes into much deeper detail about the benefits of polypropylene.

Non-Woven Tote Bag Styles

If you want to create a marketing campaign around this kind of giveaway, our collection offers plenty of options for your buying needs, using various materials like nylon, polypropylene, paper, and more. Browse through the various design choices to find one that will fit your specific audience.

Non-Woven Shopping Bags

A non-woven shopper bag is one of our most popular options. You can get a great bulk price on non-woven shopper bags to assist your customers with their grocery-carrying needs. The size and space inside will allow them to transport food and drink with ease no matter where they are.

Browse our non-woven grocery bags to take full advantage of this branding opportunity which promises high visibility.

Attachable Non-Woven Tote Bags

Whether your audience uses strollers or wheelchairs, these attachable polypropylene non-woven bags can provide convenience and a special touch of care for users. Hook and loop strips can attach to many types of handles, making it possible to add storage capacity to almost anything.

If you choose this type of custom bag, you are sure to make some of your audience members very happy.

Laminated Non-Woven Tote Bags

If you want to create a more compelling look for your bag order, then laminated pieces are the way to go. Custom laminated non-woven totes can make your imprint color logo stand out even more than other non-woven bags, creating a stronger impression with your design.

Textured Wholesale Non-Woven Bags

Our textured recyclable non-woven tote bags are ideal for eco-friendly brands that want to make a positive impact in the world.

They are the perfect style and size for giving away at conventions, markets, small shops, and community events, and the polypropylene fabric material is made of 100% 80 GSM.

Drawstring Non-Woven Carry Bags

The drawstring feature that comes with many of our custom non-woven bag options makes it easy to carry items securely.

Whether that means laundry, athletic equipment, or travel gear for a vacation, these affordable, low-price branded non-woven drawstring bags are worth the investment for the expense that your company will get in many locations.

Customizing Wholesale Non-Woven Tote Bags

The point of promotional products is to take advantage of their quantity and design to maximize visibility for the brand. Eye-catching colors, the perfect size for logos, and useful designs will make your giveaway highly effective at drawing attention to the company. Our range of customizable options is summarized below.

Gusset Handles

Gusseted handles are rectangular in shape and add extra strength to the material integrity of non-woven tote bags. Many of our products feature gusset handles so that recipients can haul around heavier loads without worrying about the bag breaking or tearing, ruining whatever might be inside.

Logo Imprint

Imprinting your brand image onto the product is the most important part of the process. When you buy non-woven bags in bulk, you will achieve widespread visibility with the right designs.

Several printing methods, including imprinting with full colors, embroidering, stitching, and even laminating can make your company message stand out in different ways, no matter the size or material of the tote bag.

Vast Color Selections

Each non-woven carry bag we offer comes with multiple color options so that you can offer people a variety of styles with their giveaways.

Choose a custom color along with the material and style to make your custom non-woven bags stand out in a crowd or at an event.


Your custom non-woven bags can fulfill many purposes depending on your target audience. A garment bag can let people transport their nicer outfits safely. Laundry non-woven fabric bags are useful for travelers to transport their dirty clothes. You can also get insulated non-woven polypropylene bags wholesale so that users can keep food and drink at the right temperature.

Other uses for these tote bags include wine totes, collapsible totes, gift totes, and patterned totes.

Quantity Vs Quality

One decision you will make when investing in a non-woven tote bag campaign is whether quality or quantity matters more. A product such as a non-woven cooler bag is going to cost more for your company because it is a higher-end item, so you will not be able to purchase as many as you could for cheap non-woven bags like regular totes.

The decision should come down to the goal of your promotions. Is rewarding loyal clients or employees the reason, or are you trying to increase awareness of the organization in a specific community?

Ask Us About Our Custom Non-Woven Bags

The team at 4AllPromos knows how custom non-woven bags can change the game for your promotional needs. Giving the gift of a non-woven tote bag can result in a happy customer and increased impressions for the organization.

If you have any questions about the printing process for our non-woven bags, the various options you have for purchasing, or minimum quantities for bulk orders, contact us today so we can get a sense of your promotional goals and find products that will align with them.