Custom USB Plug Adapters for Cars and Travel

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Keeping devices charged is a necessity in our globally connected, digital world. Custom USB plug adapters can make it easy to charge your phone in the car or when you’re traveling abroad. They’re Ideal for businesses seeking to boost their multinational brand awareness.

Custom USB Adapters and USB Chargers

Keeping devices charged is a necessity in our globally connected, digital world. Custom USB plug adapters can make it easy to charge your phone in the car or when you’re traveling abroad. They’re Ideal for businesses seeking to boost their multinational brand awareness.

Supercharge Your Brand With Promotional USB Chargers

We depend on our smartphones, tablets, and other devices daily in the modern world. Custom power adapters and USB wall chargers provide a helpful tech accessory for your customers. When they see your company logo USB adapters you not only build brand recall, but loyalty and trust.  

What are custom USB plug adapters? Custom USB plug adapters are branded tech devices that allow you to recharge electronic devices like phones, tablets, smartwatches, and any other device that requires a USB connection to restore their power. USB plug adapters can also be called a USB charger or a USB power adapter. Promotional phone adapters increase the visibility of your brand whenever someone goes to power up.

What are the benefits of custom USB chargers? Custom USB chargers provide a benefit to both businesses and their audiences. The audience member gets a practical promotional item that they can use in the car, traveling, or to expand an existing outlet. Businesses attract new audiences and build goodwill among customers and employees with useful tech giveaways.

Custom USB chargers and adapters are perfect promotional gifts for electronics retailers, service workers, office supply stores, travel companies, and hospitality brands. Pairing your promotional USB adapters with other tech gifts can make your campaign even more effective. Try adding a promotional charging cable or phone stand to your promotional giveaways or add a custom power bank for an upscale promotional gift. 

Types of Custom USB Adapters and Chargers

We carry a selection of USB plug adapters for electrical outlets in other countries, USB wall chargers, phone adapters for cars, and more. These adapters come in handy on the go so you don’t need to carry around wireless chargers or personalized power banks everywhere you travel.

USB Adapters For The Car

When customers or employees are on the road often or have long commutes, a USB adapter for car travel lets them keep their cell phones charged. Custom car chargers feature a plug into any vehicle's cigarette lighter port. They let you charge Android phones, iPhones, and other mobile devices if you have the correct charging cables. 

Promotional USB Wall Chargers

UL listed USB wall chargers and AC Adapters let you plug into wall outlets to charge and power any devices with a USB connector. We carry wall plug to USB converter models that expand to give you a convenient way to plug in multiple USB devices as long as you have a charging cable for each. 

Most people charge their phone batteries overnight, we carry USB wall chargers with nightlight features. Our nightlight adapters have dual USB ports and light up to help you navigate in the dark. 

Travel Adapters

Customers and employees who travel internationally will make great use of a branded travel adapter. These items can come with plug adapters that allow users to charge their devices even while on another continent. A tech giveaway item like this makes a lasting impression on clients when they are relied upon abroad. 

Custom USB Charger Kits

Your target audience may need more than just a customized power adapter or portable charger to charge all their technology items. A USB charger kit includes multiple items, such as a wireless charger, micro USB cable, USB-C cable, earbuds, and a travel pouch. These gifts are perfect for customers or employees with a phone, tablet, and small laptop computer. 

USB-A and USB-C Adapters

In our collection of custom phone adapters, we carry both USB-A and USB-C connectors. This way, you can provide adapters and chargers for any device, including iPhones, Androids, tablets, or laptops. 

Buy Promotional USB Adapters in Bulk

Make sure you have enough tech adapters before you head to your next conference. You can save money by ordering your promotional swag in bulk. You’ll also create a promotional campaign that reaches a broad audience because everyone has multiple devices they need to charge. 

Bulk ordering our custom adapters and other tech accessories like promotional power banks and wireless charging pads can boost your brand awareness. Electronics retailers, travel agencies, airlines, and office supply stores can put their logos on these products for resale too. 

Power Up Your Customers and Your Business With Custom USB Plug Adapters and Wall Chargers

Show off your company logo whenever mobile devices need an energy boost with custom USB adapters and promotional chargers. Personalized power adapters offer utility for your target audience. They will be grateful to your business for the gift, and your branding will spread awareness for your organization. With our bulk buying and wholesale prices available, you can run an efficient promotional campaign for less.

Energize your brand when clients, employees, and prospects plug into your brand with promotional USB adapters. 


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