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Everyone can stay a bit safer when supplied with promotional no-contact tools from 4AllPromos. Our personalized anti-germ utility tools and bulk stylus keypad touch tools, imprinted or engraved with your company logo, prevent users from having to touch germ-laden surfaces. These custom no-contact tools are made from a wide variety of sturdy materials, allowing users to press elevator buttons, ATM keypad buttons, open doors, carry bags, operate "Don't Walk" signs, and more without having to make direct physical contact. Many can also double as keychains and other highly useful tools that will have your company logo gaining exposure on a daily basis. However, we also carry wholesale blank no-touch tools for cheaper giveaways.

Custom No-Touch Tools | Personalized No-Contact Tools | Bulk Hands-Free Door Openers

Welcome to our wide world of no-touch tool promotional products! These items are also known as touch tools, touchless tools, no-contact tools, hands-free tools, and a number of other monikers. Whatever name you prefer to go with, their purpose remains the same - to touch potentially germ-covered surfaces so users don't have to. Doors, keypads (such as those on ATMs), elevator buttons, lids, faucets, and several other public items need to be touched several times on a daily basis. Arming your target market with our promotional no-touch tools enables them to approach these tasks in a more health-safe manner. Read on to learn more about the many types of personalized touchless tools that are available for purchase at 4AllPromos each and every day!

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  • Promotional No-Touch Keychains

    Some of the items in our collection fall under the category of custom no-touch keychains. This group involves personalized touchless tools that are equipped with metal rings for attaching one's keys. With these items, users will never forget to bring their touch tools with them, since they'll come along whenever they go for a drive. In the process, your imprinted or engraved company logo will create advertising impressions in nearly every setting imaginable.

    Wholesale No-Touch Stylus Tools

    ATM keypads at banks, convenience stores, pharmacies, checkout counters, and various other locations are sure to be touched by many people every day. Touch screen keyboards are also becoming more and more common while checking in at medical facilities or when accepting deliveries. While the vast majority of people are responsible and clean, one can never be too careful, especially during a pandemic. That's why it's a good idea to arm your client base and employees with a device that helps them to avoid directly touching such surfaces. This is the central purpose behind our company logo no-touch stylus tools. They're an excellent way to help users stay safe while only spreading brand awareness.

    Custom Hands-Free Door Openers

    Doors are yet another group of unavoidable items in life that see constant contact. If your employees, customers, or target audience are worried about having direct physical contact with doors in public places, we recommend supplying them with our promotional no-touch push-pull tools. These giveaway items, imprinted with your logo, are able to push into cracks and/or hook around corners in order to pull doors shut or push them open. They're also handy when it comes to moving other items closer or pushing them further away.

    Promotional Touch Tools Made in the USA

    In times where international shipping is taking longer, trade laws are constantly changing, and a greater push for buying domestic products is taking place, our branded USA made touchless items are a great idea for promotions. Investing in a custom-made no-touch tool made in America helps to encourage further feelings of security, patriotism, and brand loyalty.

    Custom Touchless Multi-Tools

    Several of our customized no-contact tools able to perform more than one function. When your company puts its logo on any of our fine promotional no-touch multi-tools, it will offer users several items for the price of one. These can serve as door openers, bottle openers, miniature saws, keychains, typing tools, wedges, hooks, and more, all in one unit.

    Design Your Own Personalized No-Touch Tools

    Capitalize on a great branding opportunity - design your own no-touch tools! Various decorating methods exist for adding your logo to our customizable no-touch tools. Imprinting and engraving are among the two most prominent techniques, so we'll explain both of those in a bit more detail now.

    We offer a wide variety of wholesale touch tools with logo imprints. Whether decorated in a single color, multiple colors, of full color, these custom giveaway items will function like a charm and make your business look great while doing so. Printed logo designs are generally more affordable than engraved designs, have shorter production times, and allow for a greater blend of color choices.

    Custom Engraved No-Touch Tools

    Our personalized logo engraved no-touch tools also have several benefits to offer. While they often cost a bit more than their imprinted counterparts, they contain logo designs that add texture and a further sense of solidity to each item. A laser engraved logo design also refuses to chip, fade, or otherwise lose any of its branding power with the passage of time. At the end of the day, both decoration methods have many advantages. Exactly which one suits your needs best will be a factor of many variables. If you need any help reaching a decision, feel free to reach out to our dedicated sales and support staff at any time.