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On this page, you'll find the best collection of customized night lights for promoting your brand. If you're looking to order promotional nightlights online for your business at an affordable price, you'll want to keep reading. We'll get into the details about the different kinds of custom night lights that are available on our site and the different features and special aspects that make each model unique. 

Company Logo Nightlights in Bulk

Our personalized night lights are perfect for lighting up a dark area to make it easier to navigate after the sun goes down. Whether used to comfort a child who fears the dark, used to light the way during a power failure, or employed for any other purpose, every custom night light on this page will go far in showing off your logo and building brand awareness. Some are rechargeable, some have multiple ports for charging USB devices, some come with speakers, and still others have shields. If your business is in search of promotional night lights to order online, 4AllPromos is the place to be.

Cheap Promotional Night Lights

Our wholesale affordable nightlights are a great option for any business looking to save a bit of money while advertising with a high quality product. Available in many shapes and sizes, our custom nightlight products are a great tool for a brand that wishes to promote to families with young children, as many kids tend to have some degree of fear surrounding the dark. Your brand logo can be the face of security, creating a lifetime of emotional bonding for some powerful relationship marketing.

Custom Night Light USB Hubs

If you're looking for a high tech logo printed nightlight option that children and adults alike will love, we suggest taking a look at our custom USB charger night lights. UL Certified for safety, these items offer a plug-in night light that also has multiple USB ports for charging mobile devices. Users can charge their phones & other devices while enjoying a soft and friendly light as they peacefully doze off to sleep. 

If your company is interested in custom logo wireless charging night lights, we have you covered there as well. We have promo night light options that are mounted atop Bluetooth speakers and that also act as phone stands. Our personalized Bluetooth speaker night lights are a huge hit as gifts for the tech-savvy crowd.

Branded Emergency Night Lights

Logo imprinted rechargeable night lights are a handy item to have around, especially during electricity outages. Our promotional emergency night lights charge up while they're plugged in, and then can be unplugged and carried around as flashlights when the power goes out. These are ideal items to have around during storms and make for excellent trade show giveaways.

Customized Energy Efficient Night Lights

If an eco-friendly and energy saving option is what your business is looking for in a night light, we have several options for you to examine. Our custom automatic LED night lights have internal sensors that direct them to turn on when it gets dark and off when surrounded by light. This prevents their LEDs from lighting up when there's plenty of available light, helping to avoid a waste of electricity and in the process, keeping bills down. 

If you'd rather add your branding to a night light with an on/off switch, we suggest taking a look at our promotional color changing night lights, which can switch between blue and green light.

Create Personalized Night Lights with Your Brand Logo

We proudly offer the best promotional night lights in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and price points. Some even ship free of charge, so be sure to look for free shipping tags as you navigate the models on this page. However, adding your branding is the #1 way to make our custom night lights an effective tool to promote your brand. Our custom imprinted night lights feature your company logo print in one, multiple, or even full color designs to draw eyes to your branding. 

Any questions? Feel free to contact us by phone, email, or live chat at your earliest convenience. If you have any questions about how to submit an order, when your order will ship, price concerns, queries about which items can quick ship, or anything else, we're ready and willing to help!