Personalized Laundry Bags

Laundry Bags


There is no doubt that a promotional laundry bag is one of the more useful giveaways. Everyone has clothes to wash! And one of the added attractions for your business is the large imprint area for your logo! Laundry bags are offered in various materials, sizes, and styles that can address a variety of needs.


Sizes for laundry bags range from 24 inches to 36 inch heights. A small child may have trouble with the larger bags, and presumably their loads should be of a smaller volume anyway. That makes the smaller sizes a good choice for youth camps. Not just for laundry, the smaller bags also work well for carrying equipment such as soccer or baseball gear. College students will most definitely want the larger laundry bags since their busy schedules make it hard to do their wash frequently. Hotels and resorts may want to use the medium size for their guests to use for laundry service, and the decorated logo makes is easier to identify as one of their own.


The classic custom laundry bag that we picture is the heavy, cotton style most often seen in commercial settings, such as hotels and laundromats. They offer some of the best durability and strength and therefore are well suited for the daily loads that will be washed in high volumes. By the same token, a cotton laundry bag can take the rough treatment of dragging back and forth to dorm laundry rooms. Cotton is also viewed as a more eco-friendly material which is appealing to anyone concerned about the environment. The downside of cotton laundry bags may be that they lack water resistance, get stained more easily, and can be more expensive than synthetic bags of the same size.  

If economy and water resistance is of importance, non-woven polypropylene styles may be better choices. Non-woven polypro also has some eco-friendly qualities in that it is made of recycled plastic bottles. Available in various strengths indicated by the GSM (grams per square meter) designation, the higher the number the stronger the material. Non-woven also has resistance to mildew and is less likely to stain.

Polyester is the material of choice if looking for something stronger and less likely to fade. As with non-woven polypropylene, polyester is often given thread counts to indicate the density. Look for a "T" or "D". with a number preceding it. The higher the number, the greater the strength. The UV resistant property of polyester is also is of benefit since it is more likely to retain its original colors even if left in the sun. This may be important for sporting equipment storage, or for when laundry is stored in a sunny area.


The basic design for laundry bags is the cinch top that easily closes and opens to the full width of the bag. Some of the drawcords are styled with strong, braiding, and may also have a push-lock to keep the drawcord from opening. Shoulder straps styles will be in high demand for city dwellers and college students who may need to walk long distances toting their loads. The mesh styles are important for times when the contents may be damp, such as with sports clothes, shoes, and athletic gear. Breathability will be important to avoid a build-up of mildew in expensive gear.