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Personalized Laundry Bags & Bulk Drawstring Laundry Totes

Custom Printed Laundry Bags for College Students, Hotel Guests & More

Our customized laundry bags are excellent for toting dirty clothes. They're also highly beneficial when it comes to boosting marketing efforts and building brand awareness. In addition to storing clothing items for trips to and from the laundromat, our personalized laundry bag products can also be used around the house, on campus, in the office, and anywhere else where your customers and employees need to carry clothes and other personal items.

Promotional Laundry Totes & Branded Hamper Bags

Custom laundry bags are ideal promotional products for reaching out to your potential and existing customer base. They'll perform very well as trade show giveaways, retail items, and corporate thank-you gifts, just to name a few functions. We offer the guaranteed lowest prices on our custom laundry bags.

Cost is a concern for everyone, so we make an effort to offer our models at a price that your business can afford, even when on a tight budget. Read on to learn more about the different types of custom laundry bags we sell to find the style that is the best fit for your brand.

Promotional Laundry Bags - Styles

The basic design for custom logo drawstring laundry bags consists of a cinch top that easily closes and opens to the full width of the bag. Some of the drawcords are styled with strong, braiding, and may also have a push-lock to keep the drawcord from opening. Some also come with a front slip pocket for additional storage space where clients can store small personal items.

Laundry bags with shoulder straps (aka over-the-shoulder laundry bags or laundry backpacks) will be in high demand for city dwellers and college students who may need to walk long distances toting their loads.

The mesh models are ideal for situations in which contents may be damp, such as with sports clothing, shoes, and athletic gear. Their breathability is important, as it helps to avoid a build-up of mildew and odors. They're also lightweight and extra comfortable to carry and are often constructed from polyester or nylon materials. These styles are also easy to fold and store away when not in use.

Imprinted Laundry Bag Materials

The classic custom laundry bag that we picture is the heavy, cotton or canvas style. They're most often seen in commercial settings, such as hotels and laundromats. These heavy duty models offer some of the best durability and strength and therefore are well suited for the daily loads that will be washed in high volumes. By the same token, promotional canvas laundry bags can take the rough treatment of dragging back and forth to dorm laundry rooms.

Cotton is also viewed as a more eco-friendly material which is appealing to anyone concerned about the environment. The downside of cotton laundry bags may be that they lack water resistance, get stained more easily, and can be more expensive than synthetic bags of the same size.

If economy and water resistance are desired, non-woven polypropylene styles may be a better choice. Non-woven polypropylene also has some eco-friendly qualities in that it is made of recycled plastic bottles and is fully recyclable. Available in various strengths indicated by the GSM (grams per square meter) designation, the higher the number the stronger the material. Non-woven also has resistance to mildew and is less likely to stain.

Polyester is the material of choice if looking for something stronger and less likely to fade. As with polypropylene, polyester is often given thread counts to indicate the density. Look for a "T" or "D". with a number preceding it. The higher the number, the greater the strength. The UV resistant property of polyester is also of benefit since it is more likely to retain its original colors even if left in the sun.

This can be important for sporting equipment storage, as well as when laundry is stored in a sunny area. Our nylon models are also typically measured in Deniers, which is what the D stands for. T usually stands for thread count per square inch.

Branded Laundry Bag Sizes

Sizes for customized laundry bags range from 24 inches to 36 inches in height. A small child may have trouble with the larger bags, and presumably their loads should be of a smaller volume anyway. That makes the smaller sizes a good choice for youth camps. In addition to laundry, the small custom laundry bags also work well for carrying equipment such as soccer or baseball gear.

College students will most definitely want the high capacity large branded laundry bags and personalized extra large laundry bags since their busy schedules make it hard to do their laundry frequently. Larger laundry bags are also helpful in that they can lug all kinds of additional items aside from just dirty clothes. Hotels and resorts may want to promotional medium size laundry bags for their guests to use for laundry service, and the decorated logo makes it easier to identify as one of their own.

Customize Your Own Laundry Bags

We make it easy and convenient to create your own laundry bags, complete with your business logo. We have custom imprinted laundry bags with single color, multiple color, and full color logo designs. Print one (or more) with your logo today to create a top quality promotional product for a conveniently low price! Reach out to us if you have questions about premium options, such as embroidered laundry bags.

Wholesale Laundry Bags - FAQ

Do you offer low minimum order laundry bags?
Customers can buy our custom printed laundry bags in quantities as low as 50. Please refer to each individual product to get information on minimum order quantity.
How do you wash custom laundry bags?
The best cleaning method can vary by model and material. Make sure to read all instructions before washing. If you have any specific questions about this, you can reach out to our customer service team via phone, email, or live chat.
Where can I promote with custom laundry bags?
Print your logo on one of our personalized laundry bags and you'll have a great item to display your branding at a laundromat, grocery store, library, college campus, hotel, trade show, clothing store, and most anywhere else where people buy, wash, or carry clothing.
Do you offer cheap personalized laundry bags?
We certainly do. As already stated, we guarantee the lowest price on every item we sell. If you're on a budget and need to find especially cheap promotional laundry bags that are still of high quality, the preceding link will show you a model that's a great fit.