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Promotional pens are among the most affordable and practical company logo giveaway items around. On this page, you'll find a wide variety of pens that are just waiting to proudly wear your logo. Browse our broad collection, including such styles as custom ballpoint pens, budget-friendly wholesale affordable pens, distinguished custom engraved metal pens, attractive promo Chrome pens, frosty-barrel promotional Ice pens, and much more. At 4AllPromos, we have the writing instruments to fit your advertising needs!

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4AllPromos is your one-stop-shop for the best personalized pens for business advertising. Imprinted with your logo, our broad assortment of custom BIC pens runs the gamut from basic affordable styles, such as retractable ballpoint pens to impressive executive models. We even have germ-fighting writing instruments! These make great giveaway items for trade shows, job fairs, new hires, and more. Our higher-end pens also do quite well when used as promotional corporate gifts. Read on to learn about all we have to offer when it comes to branded pens and see which styles will best help your company to meet and exceed its promotional goals.

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Different Types of Promotional Pens

As we've already stated a few times on this page, we offer a great deal of variety when it comes to quality ink pen styles. Your business may already be aware of the type that is best for meeting its promotional needs. However, if there are any doubts or uncertainties, this section will clear them up by describing some of the most prominent styles.

Wholesale Cheap Pens

When handing out promotional pens in bulk at trade shows and similar events, it's a good idea to start out with writing instruments that are affordable. High traffic events with a lot of attendees provide large numbers of advertising impression opportunities and your business won't want to miss out on any. When you buy our cheap pens in bulk, your company will be armed with giveaway items to hand out to massive crowds without breaking the bank. Our 4 color BIC pens are a classic choice in this direction, as are classic Grip Dart pens. We guarantee the lowest price on all models.

Custom Click Pens

We have many types of fun, affordable, attractive, and easy-to-operate promotional click pens. Also known as plunger pens, retractable pens, and click-action pens, these models feature an extended push button mechanism at the top that can be clicked to both extend and retract the tip of the pen. They're great for preventing the unintentional ink markings that can result when a pen cap is lost and the pen proceeds to fall onto other objects or is placed in a pocket. Many of these are referred to under the label of custom logo Clic Stic pens.

If a click pen isn't what you're going for, we have you covered with many models of branded pens with caps. The cap helps to prevent unintentional markings in much the same way as the retracting function does with click pens. Our pull cap pens come in both discount and deluxe options, providing something for everyone at each price level. They also often add a touch of color to the pen, with the cap often, but not always, matching the pen's ink color.

Personalized Grip Pens

In the interest an easy, comfortable, and sustainable writing experience, we offer an assortment of custom grip pens. Some are grip roller pens, while others have grips that run tightly along the barrel. Additional models feature extended grips made from rubber or foam. Still other styles consist of barrels that are shaped such that they are easier to grip and hold for extended periods of time.

Imprinted Clear Body Pens

It's helpful to be able to see just how much ink is left inside of a pen at any given time. It can also be a fun visual experience to observe the inner workings of a writing implement. These are just two of the many reasons why our wholesale clear body pens are such a hit with our customers. They're sure to please your customers as well, building goodwill and reputation points for your brand in the process. These make great products to partner up with our custom sticky notes to attract new customers.

Promotional WideBody Pens

Personalized WideBody pens are a great option when looking for a pen that's easy to grip for young writers and users affected by arthritis. They also provide a larger area for including your customized logo imprint. They're excellent promotional products for drawing more attention to your brand in all kinds of settings.

Personalized Executive Pens

Looking for the perfect pens for corporate promotional gift ideas or establishing a professional, high-end tone? If so, our customizable executive pens are just what you need. They have a formal, distinguished, and high-class look that never fails to impress. They're a great buy for gifts, law firms, funeral homes, corporate offices, and more.

Branded Stylus Pens

The final variety we'll address in this section is represented by our promotional stylus pens. These are great for typing on ATM keypads and touch screens such as those found on phones and tablets. They're perfect for tech companies, banks, supermarkets, and medical centers equipped with check-in keypads.

Custom Pens - Top Models

We offer many different lines of promotional pens. You'll see the names of these product lines attached to many of the pens sold on this site. This section will explain some of the more heavily-represented pen families that you'll find when browsing our collection, all of which will win more attention from new customers and loyal clients alike.

Wholesale Dart Pens

First up are our promotional Dart pens. Dart pens are among the more famous and widely available branded pens. They're affordable, made from plastic, and present a flared body style that allows for a superior grip while writing. These are pens that are pleasing to the hand, eye, and bank account.

Promotional Ecolutions Pens

If you're searching for custom eco-friendly pens, going with an Ecolutions model is your best bet. These affordable promotional ink pens are largely made from recycled materials and are recyclable in their own right. They're ideal for promoting recycling centers, nature museums, conservation organizations, and more.

Bulk Round Stic Pens

We also offer several styles of wholesale Round Stic pens. These items are noted for their comfortable writing experience, as the barrel is smooth and more gentle on the fingers than other pens with edges that are more pointy. They're another option noted for their affordability, and therefore handy for bulk giveaways and promotional events.

Custom Tri-Stic Pens

When your organization desires pens that check on both the novelty and utility boxes, company logo Tri-Stic pens are a natural choice. These high-quality yet cheap writing giveaways are formed in a triangular shape. This makes them stand out among a crowd, but also can make them easier to grip. In addition, they present an advantage over traditional pen styles in that they can be set down without the risk of rolling away.

The last group we'll discuss in this section are branded Media Clic pens. These custom retractable pens are noted for their slim design, handy upper barrel clips, and similarity to Clic Stic pens, but at a more affordable, discounted price.

Personalized Pens - Materials

Our pens are manufactured in a variety of ways and from a variety of different materials. Some of the most common materials comprising the pens on our site are plastic, metal, and carbon fiber. The next three paragraphs will examine each of these a little more deeply.

Promotional Plastic Pens in Bulk

The majority of the items you'll find on this page fall under the umbrella of custom plastic pens. Plastic pens are popular with nearly all audiences as they're affordable, durable, and can be customized in a multitude of different ways. Some plastic pens have a matte look, while others have a metallic finish for a shiny look, imitating that of metal. Clear, frosted, and multi-colored plastic barrel pens are all available options as well.

Customizable Metal Pens

Our promotional metal pens come in assorted styles. Some are made from metal whereas others have metal accents or plating. In any event, these are among are more fancy offerings, popular for executive usage and formal businesses/situations. They're some of the best executive pens available at such affordable price points.

Branded Carbon Fiber Pens

Another option is presented in the form of our promotional carbon fiber pens. Carbon fiber pens are constructed in an intricately interwoven pattern which is designed to be lightweight for writers while also offering superior durability and a refined appearance. They make a great and lasting impression wherever they go, firmly establishing your brand as one with style, class, and value.

Branded Pens - Ink Types

A pen isn't just a pen. The ink contained in each is an important factor when choosing which is the right style to buy. We offer pens of the ballpoint, gel, rollerball, and colored ink varieties. If you're interested in learning about the differences between these different types of inks, we've provided some details on each in this section.

Bulk Ballpoint Pens

When affordability, durability, and versatility are considerations, our company logo ballpoint pens never fail to impress. Ballpoint pens feature an ink that is oil-based, economical, waterproof, quick-drying, and resistant to smudging. They can write on most any form of paper and offer a smooth and satisfying writing experience. However, they do require more pressure to be applied when writing on some types of paper.

Promotional Gel Pens

Now we're ready to discuss our personalized gel pens. Gel pens offer the ability to write in bright, vibrant colors. They also have fine tips for expert precision. The ink contained in gel pens consists of pigments suspended in a gel (obviously) that is largely water-based. While they don't write quite as smoothly as ballpoint pens, they require far less pressure, making them easier on the wrist when writing for long periods of time or having to make marks that will be legible when writing through multiple layers of paper.

Custom Rollerball Pens

Yet another ink style can be found in our promotional rollerball pens. These pens also use a water-based ink that flows smoothly and freely while writing. Though they don't require as much pressure for effective writing as ballpoint pens do, they are more susceptible to bleeding, particularly when writing on lower-quality paper.

Wholesale Color Pens

Many pens only write in either black or blue ink. Our custom printed pens with colored ink offer a higher degree of creative freedom. These pens can write in many different ink colors, with some pens offering multiple colors in a single unit. With 4 Color Clic pens, the click of a button can supply users with one of four different ink colors.

Design Your Own Pens

The most important aspect of a promotional pen is that it actually serves to promote your organization and keep it on the minds of your target audience members. For this reason, we include your logo on our custom pens. 4AllPromos employs a talented team of artists who are dedicated to helping you design the best logo graphics possible for your brand in order to make every product you invest in a smashing success.

Imprinted Pens

While browsing this page, you'll find many pens with company logo imprints. These imprints can be provided through many different methods and can come in single, multiple, and full color versions. Exactly which options are available depend on the specific pen model you're ordering. Imprinting your logo on promotional pens is a great way to advertise your brands to the masses. It places your company name or design on an item that will see use every day in a variety of settings.

Custom Engraved Pens

If it's a more premium decoration that your organization seeks, we suggest investing in our personalized laser engraved pens. Engraved logos offer an elegant look and added element of texture to a writing implement. They also are guaranteed to last for the long haul, certain to never chip, fade, peel, or otherwise lose integrity & clarity over time. It's an especially popular method for executive pens, but is by no means exclusive to them.