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Help loyal customers and clients keep track of important reminders and feel prepared with our custom dry erase boards. We have the right dry erase solutions for all possible scenarios. Capture a beautiful image portraying your brand on a traditional rectangular dry erase board. On the other hand, you can spice things up by displaying your dentist office information on a tooth shaped board or your real estate agency on a house shaped magnetic whiteboard! We also offer dry erase boards with other custom shapes such as footballs, trucks, and fish. You'll also find personalized dry erase boards that allow for the recordings of a to-do list or shopping list. Whiteboards are almost always hung in plain sight, making your logo visible to everybody, every day. They're a natural partner to our custom dry erase markers and make great promotional school supplies and custom office items. Give us a call today so we can help you set up the perfect imprinted dry erase board for your promotion. In the meantime, we encourage you to read the guide we've included below. It shares some additional information regarding the different types of custom dry erase boards we have to offer. Our hope is to guide you to the best items for meeting your promotional goals in a safe and productive manner.

Personalized Dry Erase Boards | Logo Branded Whiteboards | Imprinted Magnetic Whiteboards

Different Styles of Custom Dry Erase Boards

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Design Your Own Custom Dry Erase Boards

Different Styles of Custom Dry Erase Boards

There are many different types of dry erase boards out there. Also referred to as whiteboards, these are imprinted office items that provide a fun way for loyal customers to stay on task and to remember important information. Speaking of important information, each one can be imprinted with your company logo, contact information, or special message to reach the public and build brand awareness. Whether used in offices, classrooms, homes, or any other location, these are items that will keep your logo in plain sight and help to create advertising impressions each and every day. The next 13 paragraphs will detail some of our most prominent styles, helping you to decide which is the best fit for the needs of your business and its target market.

Branded Dry Erase Memo Boards

Frequently, a dry erase board will be used to jot down quick notes, phone numbers, or other small pieces of information that users don't want to forget. Our promotional dry erase memo boards provide a quick and convenient vehicle for doing so. All the while, they show off your company logo and create advertising impressions when anyone passes by. Many are magnetic or (repositionable) adhesive in nature, so they can be set up quickly and easily in most any environment. Once a task is completed or a piece of information is no longer needed, it can be wiped away to make room for more notes later on.

Custom Magnetic Dry Erase Boards

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, many of the products in our inventory fall into the category of magnetic advertising whiteboards. These custom dry erase boards can be placed on the sides of refrigerators, file cabinets, desks, and any other magnetic surface for ease of access to a writing surface and display prominence. They come in many different sizes and formats to fit the different needs of your valued customers.

Promotional Dry Erase Magnets

While their names may sound similar, our custom dry erase magnets are not exactly the same as our magnetic dry erase boards. The differences lie in the fact that the magnets are typically smaller in size and have much more diversity in shape. They also possess fully magnetic surfaces, whereas most boards have magnets attached to the back. These are excellent affordable giveaway items for bulk purchasing and are popular at trade show displays, in office break rooms, on refrigerators at home, and just about anywhere else!

Promotional Adhesive Dry Erase Boards

An item doesn't necessarily need to be magnetic in order to stick to a surface. Proof of this statement is provided via our personalized adhesive whiteboards. Equipped with adhesive backing, these items can be affixed to a flat surface and then removed and placed elsewhere as needed. Our repositionable adhesive whiteboards can be peeled and moved without leaving an unpleasant sticky residue behind. They're also ideal for areas where magnetic surfaces may be lacking. These products can be placed on counter tops, wooden cabinets, desks, and most any other flat surface where they'll be seen and used in a safe and productive manner.

Personalized Dry Erase Calendars and Planners

Sometimes a general purpose whiteboard isn't the best item when a specific function is needed. That's why we provide products such as promotional dry erase calendars and custom dry erase board planners. Designed with calendar grids, color coded spaces, and other features to help with organization and planning, these custom dry erase boards help users to stay on top of all key dates and tasks and feel prepared at all times. They can also come in the form of chore assignment boards, helping to keep track of who is responsible for what tasks at home or in the classroom.

Wholesale Mini Whiteboards

When space is at a premium but important information still needs to be noted and displayed, our small promotional whiteboards are the perfect dry erase solution. These promotional mini dry erase boards are flexible in terms of where they can be placed, allowing for strategic positioning for the ergonomically designed business or home.

To maximize convenience and efficiency, we offer many promotional dry erase boards with pens, pen slots/loops, and erasers included. With products such as these, users have everything they need to set their whiteboards up, write down notes, and erase information when it's no longer needed.

Custom Awareness Dry Erase Boards

Every promotional whiteboard on our site has many employable purposes, but some help to take up a specific cause. Examples include breast cancer awareness dry erase boards, personalized emergency contact dry erase boards, and more. Whether it's staying safe, keeping medical causes in mind, or keeping clean, these personalized whiteboards remind users of both your business and other important issues in life.

Promotional Dry Erase Boards with Coupons

Invest in our custom coupon dry erase boards and you'll not only increase brand awareness, but also generate direct sales in a speedy fashion. These wholesale whiteboards come with customized coupons attached to the side or bottom areas of the writing surface, encouraging users to save some money by patronizing your business. It's a doubly effective way of ensuring that your organization stays on the minds of its target audience.

Novelty Advertising Dry Erase Boards

Have some fun with our promotional novelty dry erase boards! Coming in unique shapes and specialized themes, these items can spread some cheer around the office. They're also effective in marketing specific businesses, such as tooth shaped whiteboards for dentists, house shaped whiteboards for real estate firms, and several others. Other versions are designed to be different for the sake of innovation and staying power in the memory and can be used for any business or organization. They make great promotional products for many occasions, including Valentine's Day.

Branded Shopping List Dry Erase Boards & Wholesale To-Do List Whiteboards

Now we come to yet another area of custom dry erase boards designed for specific purposes. Our custom shopping list whiteboards and promotional chore list dry erase boards help users to ensure that no key items are forgotten at the grocery store and that no important job around the house is forgotten. These are great for use in office break rooms, dorm rooms, group homes, residential care facilities, and more. Many users will also want them for their own houses and apartments. Our promotional whiteboard markers are ideal for use on these popular products.

One of the many ways in which variety abounds in our promotional whiteboards is in the area of shape. We offer dry erase boards in a plethora of different shapes to fit different industries, interests, and purposes. Just a few of them are pointed out in the list below.

Custom Shaped Dry Erase Boards

Personalized Dry Erase Board Retractor Kits

Need to provide information on a writing surface while also displaying your logo at trade shows, events, or in high traffic areas? If so, our promotional advertising banners with dry erase boards will be a perfect fit. They're some of our most popular products for trade shows and events. These are large display signs that can be expanded and retracted to reach an ideal size. While the retractable fabric is covered from top to bottom with your full color logo design, the middle section features a dry erase board. This is helpful for writing down information that is important, but subject to change. Examples could include daily specials at restaurants, return ETAs for when you have to leave a trade show booth, sales specials in supermarkets and retail stores, instructions/warnings, and just about any other temporary yet important information. Don't forget to order some branded dry erase markers to go along with them!

Design Your Own Custom Dry Erase Boards

A personalized dry erase board isn't really personalized without some sort of custom imprint or graphic design. That's why all of the promotional whiteboards you'll find at 4AllPromos are decorated both to appeal to the eye and to garner attention for your brand. Each contains a custom logo imprint and/or stock art. Many are imprinted on one side, but some models allow for double sided imprinting. This can contain your original text or a different message or design. We'll detail both of these a bit more in the final two paragraphs of this guide. Please contact us for a quote request if you have any questions about cost.

Promotional Dry Erase Boards with Stock Art

Custom stock art whiteboards account for some of the product population on this page. Certain dry erase boards are designed with specific purposes in mind. Our emergency contact, breast cancer awareness, and several other themed dry erase boards come with stock art to help drive their points home. Others have a selection of stock art graphics that can cover the surface of a board to make it that much more memorable and visually appealing. The vast majority of these dry erase boards with stock art also provide a space for adding your company logo design.

As stated in the paragraph above, the overwhelming majority of our dry erase boards will contain an imprint area. Our dry erase boards with company logo imprints allow your business to add a business logo, contact information, special message, or other desired content. We also offer several custom full color logo printed dry erase boards. These make use of 4-color process imprinting to create gorgeous and detailed designs that are impossible to ignore. Their easy-to-wipe writing surface adds virtually no extra effort to daily cleaning routines or work from home practices.