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If you're looking to buy the best printed calculators for businesses and schools, look no further than 4AllPromos. We have excellent trade show giveaway calculators, including promotional grip calculators, customizable scientific calculators, calculators with clocks, and much more. They're just one of the many areas of imprinted office supplies that we proudly provide the best of each and every day!

Personalized Calculators | Branded Scientific Calculators | Custom Pocket Calculators

Your organization can buy all of the best branded calculators wholesale at 4AllPromos. The custom calculator that's the best fit will be a factor of each model's individual attributes and how they match up with your needs. That's why we're going to explain some of our most prominent styles in the following section. Give it a read to develop a better understanding of the different types of promotional calculators available on our site & arm yourself with the knowledge to make the most profitable choice.

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Different Types of Promotional Calculators Design Your Own Custom Calculators with Logos

Different Types of Promotional Calculators

As we've already stated, there are several different kinds of personalized calculators out there. Whether it's a desk calculator, grip calculator, scientific, solar, pocket, or other model, we're sure to have what you're looking for. The next 6 paragraphs will address some of our most popular styles in a bit more detail.

Cheap Branded Calculators in Bulk

Trade shows, educational seminars, office supply stores, and welcoming new customers to accounting firms are all ideal events, locations, and situations for buying our cheap calculators wholesale. Our inexpensive promotional calculators are handy and affordable items that people are going to use on a daily basis. Giving them out in large numbers ensures that your organization will enjoy a landslide of advertising impressions each and every day without having to spend a fortune in the process.

Custom Solar Powered Calculators

Interested in eco-friendly imprinted office supply items? If so, the promotional solar calculators available at 4AllPromos are a guaranteed hit. These branded calculators take in energy through their solar panels for reliable performance without the use of traditional batteries. Our solar calculators even come with a switch that can turn the sound of key pressing on and off!

Personalized Scientific Calculators

Our custom scientific calculators great for students in high school and college as well as those who engage in complex mathematics on the job. Each comes with a 10 digit display panel for working with large numbers, as well as several keys and functions that aren't found on a standard pocket or desk calculator.

Promotional Flip Calculators

If your company wishes to invest in a promotional office supply product that has a fun and novel nature, our company logo printed flip calculators are certainly something to consider. These wholesale calculators come with hinged protective covers that flip open to expose the display screen. All it takes to move the position of the cover is a simple flick & flip at the bottom.

Wholesale Mini Calculators

When space is at a premium, branded pocket calculators with logos are promotional products that everyone will appreciate. Small enough to fit inside of pockets, desk drawers, glove compartments, purses, briefcases, and more, these small custom calculators can travel anywhere that users do. They're also appointed with comfort grips and a contoured shape, making them a comfortable choice for use on the go. They're highly popular with athletes such as golfers who might need to perform some quick calculations while out on the course.

Custom Printed Desk Calculators

Promotional imprinted desk calculators are giveaway items that will see frequent use in schools, offices, and even around the house. Their easel style covers protect the number display while also enabling them to stand up at an angle while placed on a table or desk. This makes them easier to read and more comfortable to punch figures into while seated. Users' wrists and necks are sure to thank them for using these items at the end of a long work day!

Design Your Own Custom Calculators with Logos

The best way to make a promotional product work for your business is to make sure it can build associations of quality and reliability among those who use it. Choosing a well-made, durable, and highly functional item is the first step toward achieving this. The second step is to imprint it with your logo, ensuring that users think of your business every time they employ the product. Hence, our company logo printed calculators are some of the best school and office supplies when it comes to helping your company build a positive reputation. These items are sure to impress all who use them, creating positive associations with your logo (and in turn your organization) in the minds of your target market.