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Mason jars are trendy glassware items that can be used for storage, drinking glasses, and rustic vases. Adding a company logo on promotional mason jars and accessories turns them into perfect giveaways for potential customers and loyal employees, and custom mason jars with a personal design make great party and wedding favors too.

Your Brand in Every Sip with Promotional Mason Jars

Promotional glassware like branded mason jars can be used as corporate gifts, event souvenirs, or to make a big impression in your bar or restaurant. Custom mason jars offer reusability and a retro charm for your customers.

What are custom mason jars? Mason jars are glass containers that typically are used for canning and food preservation. Our custom mason jars are meant to be used as rustic drinkware but can double as plant containers, event swag, or cottage-style decor.

What are the benefits of custom mason jars? Custom mason jars are reusable, durable products with wide appeal that benefit your company’s brand recall and recognition. Buying custom mason jars in bulk makes this promotional item a cost-effective choice for your next marketing campaign.

Promotional mason jars can work alongside custom glassware items for a consistent theme.

Types of Custom Mason Jars

There are a handful of mason jars available in the 4AllPromos collection. Each of our styles offers customization to meet your business and audience needs. 

Promotional Glass Mason Jars

The most common material for mason jars is glass. You can get your brand logo printed or etched onto the glass. The wide appeal of glass mason jars makes them a great option for retail merchandise, promotional giveaways at home decor trade shows, or event swag. Personalized mason jars make great favors for weddings or special events. 

Mason Jars with Handles

For events with patrons mingling and moving about, personalized mason jars with handles offer a practical grip. Handles help keep the temperature of the drink by keeping your hands away from the glass and they offer a homely aesthetic. With a logo or monogram etched on the side, your recipients will have a convenient way to propose a toast to your brand.

Plastic Mason Jars with Mood Straws

Our custom mason jars with straws are a fun way to serve beverages at your next event. The mood straw that is included with each jar can change colors with the temperature of the drink and these jars are plastic so no worries about broken glass if they are dropped. Custom logo mason jars are perfect giveaways for restaurants, parenting brands, or outdoor park and beach events that do not allow glass on the premises.

Mason Jars with Solar-powered Lights

For hosting outdoor events like weddings and fundraisers, adding lighting in the space can improve the ambiance. Promo solar-powered mason jars have a string of lights inside to make the transition from day to night look magical. Personalize these mason jars with the date of your wedding for centerpieces, add your restaurant logo for outdoor table lighting, or use them as an eco-friendly corporate giveaway for customers and employees. 

How We Put Your Logo on Promotional Mason Jars

Imprinted Mason Jars

If you want your logo to be full color, imprinted mason jars are for you. We can print almost any graphic design to the body of the jar. Every time someone takes a drink, they’ll see your vibrant logo and be more likely to recall your company. 

Etched Mason Jars

Etched mason jars are a classy, upscale customization option. This option makes up for the lack of colors with longevity. We use a sandblasting technique instead of laser-etching to ingrain the design into the actual material of the mason jar. Your design will last as long as the jar, making this option great for a restaurant or bar to have for serving or selling to customers. 

Buy Personalized Mason Jars in Bulk

Ordering bulk mason jars makes sense for businesses that use a high volume of glassware or that intend to launch a large-scale giveaway. Bulk prices decrease the per item cost more you buy. For bars, event venues, or businesses that use these items frequently, you can take advantage of these great prices. 

Purchasing new orders of these glasses over and over again would mean you miss out on bulk savings. If you order more at one time, your inventory will be stocked and the lower unit prices will help you save on your marketing budget. 

For those not quite ready to buy bulk custom mason jars, our lowest minimum quantities are as low as 6 units with our etched mason jars.

FAQ About Mason Jars

What is the advantage of a mason jar?
Mason jars are trending and versatile, which can translate into your promotional campaign with these products. They can hold drinks, candles, lights, food, and other decorative elements. Many of your clients will be able to find a use for them, and you’ll have more impressions for your brand.
How many times can a mason jar be used?
Mason jars can be used for many years. As decorations, they will not have to be cleaned as often, but used as drink receptacles, then the constant use and cleaning may lead to eventual wear and tear.
Do you offer discounts on mason jar purchases in bulk?
That is exactly how our bulk ordering system works. As you filter through the options and click on each link, you will notice that the price charts display a lower unit price the more products you buy. Rather than buying 50 mason glasses five different times, you can order 250 at once and save money on each unit.
What are the most popular mason jars?
Our mason jars with handles are consistently popular and one of our best sellers. Customers also love the convenience of the plastic mason jars with the mood straw.

Refresh Your Brand and Customers with Promotional Mason Jars

Custom mason jars are eco-friendly, rustic items that can enhance your brand’s visibility. Jump on the trend with your next promotional campaign and make a statement of sustainability and style. 

Blend the retro charm with practicality, and browse our selection of custom mason jars to find the best type for the audience you serve.

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