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Wholesale promotion tumblers are drinkware items that never go out of style. Whether you prefer promotional stainless steel travel tumblers, custom business logo acrylic tumblers, bulk cheap plastic promotional tumblers, hip mason jar tumblers, personalized vacuum insulated tumblers, custom hot & cold receptacles, or any other style, we have you covered. We also carry a broad assortment of promotional Himalayan tumblers (opens in a new window), which are an increasingly popular item in the promo products universe. Start the ordering process by browsing below.

Personalized Tumblers with Lids | Customized Drinkware Items 

Wondering where to buy promotional logo tumblers? Wonder no further, as you've arrived at your ultimate destination. Take a quick tour of the information provided below to learn more about our laser engraved-tumblers with logo or design imprints. These personalized items you create can go a long way toward adding some style & convenience to users' lives, like keeping their drinks cold, while creating valuable advertising impressions for your business. Capitalize on this potential win-win situation by learning more about the different kinds of custom tumblers we have to offer on this page and finding out what will fill your promotional needs.

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Different Styles of Promotional Tumblers

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Personalized Insulated Tumblers

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Different Styles of Promotional Tumblers

When determining where to buy custom company branded logo tumblers, it's important to consider the degree of variety and choices your business desires. If this is one of your more heavily weighted factors, you'll be right at home when shopping for personalized tumblers at 4AllPromos. We carry many different types to satisfy all tastes, wants, and needs. Read on to learn more about our available offerings over the course of the next ten paragraphs.

Cheap Wholesale Tumblers

When engaging in wholesale tumbler promotions for trade shows and events, your business will want models that are affordable in nature. Buy our cheap tumblers in bulk and you'll have enough trendy units to pass out to everyone who visits your booth at the event, ensuring maximum visibility and brand exposure at a cost any company can afford.

Personalized Geometric Tumblers

If your company wants to promote with gifts that lean toward the unique and artistic end of the spectrum, we suggest considering our customizable geometric tumblers. These stylish bulk customized tumbler giveaways feature bodies that are crafted into uniquely shaped patterns for a look that nobody will forget. They'll definitely succeed in drawing all eyes in the room to your company image.

Promotional Travel Tumblers 

The wholesale travel coffee tumblers available on our site are designed with busy commuters & hard working Joes and Janes in mind. Most are shaped such that they easily fit into vehicle cup holders and also have flat bottoms to sit easily on desks. However, users need not have desk jobs to enjoy these bulk personalized tumbler cups. Our travel versions are also perfect for outdoor workers or anyone taking a walk, hike, or rest in the great outdoors.

Custom Infuser Tumblers with Your Design

Add some flavor to your company branding efforts while users add flavor to their water with our personalized infuser tumblers. These promotional items are equipped with central compartments that can be packed with fruit. Their filtered design allows the fruity flavor to spread throughout water, turning otherwise bland and boring drinks into something tasty and special.

Bulk Tumblers with Cork Bottoms

One of the many current trends within the world of fashion as a whole is the whole "old meets new" look. One perfect example is found in our promotional cork base tumblers. These products feature sleek and modern looking steel coupled with warm, homey looking cork. They're another type that is a perfect fit for cupholders, desks, coffee tables, and just about anywhere else users wish to place them.

Personalized Mason Jar Tumblers

Mason drinking jars are making a pretty big comeback as of late. To capitalize on this trend, we offer attractive custom logo Mason Jar tumblers in several different sizes and materials. They're a great fit for the craft beer crowd, but also do well with sweet tea, coffee, lemonade, and nearly any other beverage you can name.

Our personalized wine glass tumblers make ideal promotional giveaway items for vineyards, liquor stores, and high-end restaurants. Shaped like a wine glass but offering traditional tumbler benefits, this unique promotional tumbler features a finish that is skyrocketing in popularity.

Wholesale Translucent Tumblers

Whether it's for the purpose of being able to see how much of a drink remains or just a desire to view the inner contents of a drinking vessel, transparent/translucent tumblers are heavily favored by many. Our bulk translucent tumblers give a clear viewing window for users to stay in full control of their beverage situations at all time. They're also an ideal choice for bars and restaurants to prove to their customers that they're not ripping off customers by just filling up everything with ice. They're the perfect choice for showing customers that your business has nothing to hide.

Promotional Color Changing Tumblers

Have some fun promoting your business by way of investing in some of our custom business logo color changing tumblers. One of the most popular types with users of all ages, these fun color changing items are a great choice for bars, restaurants, department stores, hotels, resorts, gift shops, sporting events, and more. Users will love watching the colors change with the addition of cold liquids.

Wholesale Tumbler with Lids & Bulk Tumblers with Straws

Your company will reap the benefits of adding convenience to users' lives when you buy our promotional tumblers with lids and straws. These bulk tumbler giveaways help to prevent spills while making drinking a bit easier for those who are on the go or may have trouble removing lids/caps. They're also an eco-friendly choice, as offering tumblers that come with their own straws discourages the use of disposable plastic straws.

Custom Tumblers for Giveaways - Materials

A broad range of substances appear within our personalized tumblers. Each has its own set of assets and benefits. We'll tell you a bit about some of the most prominent substances in the coming paragraphs. Our hope is that by the time you're finished reading them, you'll be a tumbler construction expert and ready to pick the best substance to meet and exceed your promotional goals!

Promotional Polypropylene Tumblers

Our custom polypropylene tumblers possess a high melting point, are microwave-safe, and won't warp when exposed to high levels of heat, no matter what drink you fill it with. Polypropylene also does not react with water, detergents, or acids, so it will not break down easily. Additionally, it can often be machine washed without concern. If longevity is on your radar, polypropylene is durable, crack-resistant, and will withstand frequent use & travel. Furthermore, it's an environmentally friendly substance, composing some of the best recyclable items around.

Custom Image Printed Acrylic Tumblers

The second substance we'll get into is acrylic. This substance is a sturdy, premium plastic and is often used as an alternative to glass! This allows for clear and translucent products to really stand out and hold up to frequent use. Order today and enjoy the benefits of having your brand name on one of our durable and eye-catching promotional acrylic tumblers!

Personalized Ceramic Tumblers

The trendy wholesale ceramic tumblers available on our site have a smooth and sleek feel. Ceramic is one of those substances that never goes out of style, often managing to strike the perfect balance between rustic and modern. It's a wonderful reusable material, helping to eliminate the use of disposable foam and plastic cups.

Promotional Stainless Steel Tumblers

Many of our most popular tumbler offerings are constructed from stainless steel. Consider investing in some bulk stainless steel tumblers with your logo imprinted or engraved into the surface. When you take this route, your company will have its message on a durable, attractive, and effective product that will serve as the perfect vessel for keeping drinks at prime temperatures while on the go.

Custom AS Plastic Tumblers

You'll find many promotional AS plastic tumblers here at 4AllPromos. AS stands for acrylonitrile styrene and it is a safe substance for promotional drinkware, as it does not contain any harmful chemicals. It is also resistant to boiling water, so there is no concern for chemical leaching, and is an ingredient in some of our best hot & cold advertising tumblers. This material is proven to be BPA free. This means it does not include the chemical compound Bisphenol A, which some studies have found to have negative effects on blood pressure and brain function. Further, it is highly UV-resistant and 100% recyclable.

Wholesale Cheap Plastic Tumblers in Bulk

Want to save money and build brand awareness at the same time? If so, we suggest giving some thought to buying our cheap promotional plastic tumblers in bulk. If you're hoping to buy inexpensive tumblers that don't skimp on quality or company branding power, these just might be the customized drinkware items for you.

There are many different brands of personalized tumblers out there. At 4AllPromos, we're proud to offer only the best of the best. In the next five paragraphs, we'll tell you a little bit about some of the most popular and prominent brands of custom tumbler cups with great capacity that are offered on our site.

Promotional Himalayan® Tumblers 

We're sure you've heard of Yeti® brand tumblers on many occasions. It stands to reason, as they're certainly attractive and of high quality. However, you can get the same quality for a much lower price when you invest in our company logo Himalayan tumblers. These personalized drinkware giveaway items are at the peak of aesthetics and convenience. They offer users a fun and fashionable way to transport their beverages while keeping them at ideal temperatures.

Wholesale Welly® Tumblers

Offering unmistakable flair with unparalleled function & quality, our promotional Welly tumblers are ever-growing in popularity. The tumbler offerings from Welly that you'll find on our site tend to be of the insulated variety, with many models featuring bamboo exteriors.

Bulk Tervis® Tumblers

Personalized Tervis tumblers have been a long-time favorite in the world of promotional products and beyond. Many of our Tervis tumblers come with spill-resistant lids and our designed with commuters in mind. They're made from a variety of different substances and encompass a broad range of styles, making them one of the more diversity-embracing brands on our list.

Custom Urban Peak® Tumblers

Urban Peak is a brand name that draws immediate associations to durable, rough-and-tumble customized outdoor items. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that when you buy promotional Urban Peak tumblers wholesale from 4AllPromos, your target audience will be treated to sturdy & trustworthy items that will earn your company glowing reviews.

Personalized OtterBox® Tumblers 

Another popular brand of thermal tumblers on our site is represented by our customizable OtterBox tumblers. This brand of personalized tumbler features double wall stainless steel construction, spill proof lids, and engraved image designs. They're also made from products that are FDA compliant and BPA-free.

Personalized Insulated Tumblers

Many of our tumblers feature double wall construction with advanced insulation. Our promotional double wall insulated thermal tumblers are constructed with one steel cup affixed to another, larger one. In the process, air is trapped inside creating a vacuum insulated tumbler. This aids in keeping exterior air from getting into the product and interior air from getting out. As a result of these temperature retention skills, these models are among the best promotional hot & cold tumblers on the market. Vacuum-insulated tumblers will please all your customers.

Design Your Own Wholesale Tumblers

When the question is "Where to buy the best personalized tumblers?", 4AllPromos is the answer. We decorate our custom tumblers with your branding in many different ways. Sometimes the right method will be a factor of affordability. In other cases, it could be a question of production times. In still other scenarios, it may be a function of what image imprinting method works best with which elements. Whatever your unique set of circumstances may be, we're here to explain the most commonly employed methods and what they have to offer.

Promotional Screen Printed Tumblers

When you're looking for drinkware giveaways with a relatively affordable imprint method, our custom screen printed tumblers in bulk are an excellent choice to personalize. The screen print process is inexpensive yet effective and is most fitting when the image designs being created feature just one color. However, multiple imprint colors can also be part of the screen print plan.


While a bit more costly than screen printing, full color imprinting (also known as 4-color process) features speedier production times. It also offers the ability to create images with a more rich and bold color capacity. We carry many different types of personalized full color logo printed tumblers, all of which allow for a high degree of artistic branding expression. Designing a one-color imprint is also possible.

wholesale tumblers with full color logo inserts are digitally printed and provide an eye-catching advertisement. Enjoy the fun and freedom of creating a paper insert that rests between the inner and outer walls of a selection of our custom travel tumblers. Whether only visible on one side, or around the whole tumbler cup, a full-color insert allows your to have complete creative control over your marketing!

Custom Engraved Tumblers 

If you want your company logo to be designed in such a way that will guarantee longevity for a great price, our personalized laser engraved tumblers are the answer. This decoration method is most often (but not exclusively) found in our stainless steel models. Specialized laser engraving technology is used to carve your logo into the surface of the tumbler, creating branding graphics that not only look great, but will pass the test of time with flying colors.


A method found in both individual tumblers and in models packaged in our promotional tumbler gift sets, debossing is another way to ensure that your logo design lasts for a long time. Our customized debossed tumblers with leather sleeves also feature carved-in logo designs that won't fade, peel, chip, or otherwise deteriorate as time goes by.