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Wholesale promotional tumblers are drinkware items that never go out of style. Whether you prefer promotional stainless steel travel tumblers, custom business logo acrylic tumblers, bulk cheap plastic promotional tumblers, hip mason jar tumblers, personalized vacuum insulated tumblers, custom hot & cold tumblers, or any other style, we have you covered. We also carry a broad assortment of promotional Himalayan tumblers, which are an increasingly popular item in the promo products universe. 

Quench Your Thirst While Building A New Customer Base with Promotional Travel Tumblers

Whether it’s coffee or water, everyone needs a reliable & portable way to drink. With avoiding waste always being a goal, people want a to-go bottle that makes their lives easier. To fill that need, we offer many different sizes, designs, and colors of travel tumblers that can be imprinted with your business logo! Tumblers are wonderful promotional products due to their longevity and ability to be used frequently without losing character. You won’t have to keep finding new ways or products to promote your brand! To pick the right tumbler for your promotional needs, it is important to consider the different features that may be unique to each product.

Additional Information About Our Custom Printed Tumbers

  • Wholesale Tumbler Materials: Which Best Fits Your Promotional Needs?

  • Travel Tumbler Imprint Options: Finding the Best Company Logo Imprint Method

  • Custom Tumbler Lid Styles: Is One Better Than the Other?

  • Promotional Travel Tumbler Terminology

  • Wholesale Tumbler Materials: Which Best Fits Your Promotional Needs?

    Promotional travel tumblers may have a single category page, but there is a great degree of diversity among them. Our custom business logo imprinted tumblers are made out of a variety of materials, including AS plastic, polypropylene, and acrylic. We also carry several types of promotional double-wall insulated tumblers.

    Promotional AS Plastic Tumblers

    There are a few options when it comes to travel tumbler materials. The first is AS plastic, which is the most commonly used material. This is a safe material for promotional drinkware, as it does not contain any harmful chemicals. It is also resistant to boiling water, so there is no concern for chemical leaching, and is an ingredient in some of our best hot & cold promotional tumblers. This material is proven to be BPA free. This means it does not include the chemical compound Bisphenol A, which some studies have found to have negative effects on blood pressure and brain function. Further, it is highly UV-resistant and 100% recyclable.

    Promotional Polypropylene Tumblers

    Polypropylene plastic is another common material for our tumblers. As it possesses a high melting point, it is microwave-safe, and it won’t warp when in exposed to high levels of heat. Polypropylene also does not react with water, detergents, or acids, so it will not break down easily. Additionally, it can be washed without concern. If longevity is on your radar, polypropylene is durable, capable of crack-resistance, and will withstand frequent use & travel. Furthermore, it’s an environmentally friendly material, composing some of the best recyclable promotional drinkware items around.

    Promotional Acrylic Tumblers

    The third plastic type we offer is acrylic. Acrylic is a sturdy, premium plastic and is often used as an alternative to glass! This allows for clear and translucent products to really stand out and hold up to frequent use. See your brand on a durable and eye-catching Mega Acrylic Tumbler!

    Promotional Double-Wall Tumblers

    Finally, there are two other materials considered when talking about tumblers at 4AllPromos. First, metal tumblers are quite popular. Often associated with our promotional travel mugs, these travel tumblers feature an exterior wall made of metal and an interior wall made of plastic (in most cases). This helps to help maintain liquid temperatures without impacting a user’s ability to hold their tumbler. This double-wall construction, such as seen in one of our most affordable stainless steel tumblers, makes such tumblers ideal for coffee and other hot drinks. Also double-walled, the last set of tumblers we offer are made of ceramic. Custom ceramic tumblers are an amusing take on the standard options as they resemble to-go coffee cups! Perfect for cafes, markets, and break rooms, these travel tumblers feature ceramic body and a silicone lid. Be your own barista!

    Read on to learn about all of the custom business logo imprinting options available on our promotional tumblers.

    Silkscreen or Screen Printing

    The most common type of imprint for our promotional travel tumblers is the classic silkscreen (or screen printed) imprint. From one- to four-color designs, and even full color imprinting, you can get everything you want from this affordable imprint method. A low cost method for printing in large quantities, screen printing allows for those on tight budgets to still reap the benefits of quality promotions. This option also allows for you to choose nearly any wholesale tumbler to put your logo on. For an example, see our sleek Biggie Tumbler.

    Full-Color Inserts

    Some of our tumblers offer a way for you to create an entire design without the limitations of only one or two colors. Full-color paper inserts are digitally printed and provide an eye-catching advertisement. By creating a paper insert that rests between the inner and outer walls of a selection of our custom travel tumblers, you are opening a whole new world of promoting! Whether only visible on one side, or around the whole tumbler cup, a full-color insert allows your to have complete creative control over your marketing. To see another example of a full-color insert making a huge statement see our awesome 12 oz. Cool Can Tumbler!

    Engraving and Debossing

    A select few of our thermal tumblers offer a more permanent type of marketing ability. Engraving and debossing are two ways in which your company logo is set directly within the material of a tumbler. Most frequently seen on our promotional metal tumblers and custom business logo leather wrapped tumblers, these imprint options provide a more upper-class styling to a product. Though you may not have any colors to draw attention, people will see the designs and be astounded! Engraved tumblers are most often laser engraved for accuracy and style. Debossed logos have your logo stamped into a softer medium, most often leather or leatherette sleeves, but sometimes silicone as well. Often a more expensive approach, these imprint methods often take longer but are available on several low minimum order promo items.

    Custom Tumbler Lid Styles: Is One Better Than the Other?

    Tumblers often come with two styles of lids that provide ease-of-use and mitigate spills. Promotional travel tumblers with twist-on lids with straws may elicit thoughts of adult sippy cups or hard plastic iced coffee cups. These lids are ideal for cold drinks, but aren’t the best for traveling, at least when they are full. Some twist-on lids are also made for warmer drinks, featuring a flip-up closure. Twist-on lids are secure, but with maximum capacity and consistent use, leaks are possible. We also offer several custom imprinted tumblers with snap-on & slide lock lids. They are perfect for hot drinks, allowing users to sip directly from the cup and close up when done. These tumblers are far more spill-proof and can be easily transported in a bag when empty or in your hand while full. Variations on this press-on lid include silicone lids for our ceramic, barista-style mugs. Whichever tickles your fancy, you’re sure to enjoy your beverage!

    Promotional Travel Tumbler Terminology

    Here's where you'll find the definitions of any terms with which you might be unfamiliar. They'll empower you to be able to find the best promotional tumblers to fit your promotional needs.

    Single vs Double-Wall Construction

    Along with the variations in temperature retention and usage, there is also variation in construction of our promotional travel tumblers. Many products feature single-wall construction. These tend to be the tumblers with straws as they are meant for colder drinks and are not designed to accommodate hot liquids. This style of plastic would quickly lose its integrity when filled with hot liquids. It could also lead to users burning their hands. Other tumblers have double-wall insulation. These are designed for the purpose of retaining heat and coolness. Many travel mugs and travel tumblers feature a double-wall construction to provide a more durable product while still providing a comfortable hand-feel. Our promotional double-wall thermal tumblers most often feature the press-on lid with thumb-slide lock, or silicone press-on lid when it comes to ceramic options. Double-wall will provide better, longer lasting insulation for you beverages, but single-wall constructs are more lightweight and appropriate for those who may not need to keep their drinks a certain temperature for a prolonged period of time.

    Promotional Color-Changing Tumblers

    A good selection of our promotional tumblers have a really cool and fun feature. When adding hot, or most often cold liquids, some of our tumblers change colors. Our custom business logo color changing tumblers are like magic! Switching from a soft, muted color to a deep tone may allow someone to keep an eye on how much liquid is inside, or merely provide a sense of amusement when drinking. These travel tumblers are especially popular with children and college students.

    Promotional Tumbler Infusers

    Another selection of our tumblers takes your water, or even soda, to the next level. These custom tumblers are called Infusers. Our promotional infuser tumblers feature a cage-like container the rests in the center of the tumbler. Fill it with fruit, herbs, and your favorite vegetables to create a vitamin-filled and flavorful drink! You can even use these infusers to amp up your cola - add a bit of lime or lemon for a refreshing addition.