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Our high-quality personalized tumblers are an eco-friendly promotional item that will keep your hot beverages piping and cold beverages refreshing and chilled. They come in many, sizes, styles, and colors to perfectly compliment your logo and designs. Create a branded tumbler today as company swag for your next promotion, trade show, or special corporate gift.

Promotional Tumblers to Boost Hydration and Your Brand

Customized tumblers are excellent company swag items for attracting your audience. Staying hydrated throughout the day is a must for everyone. Adding your logo to one of our travel tumblers can make your audience associate your brand with hydration, health, and happiness. We have tumblers for all price ranges and events, like our plastic custom tumbler cups, great for kids and picnics, and easy on the wallet. 

What are the benefits of using custom tumblers? Custom tumblers reduce the need to use single-use cups and offer brand awareness when you add your logo. We carry a wide selection from cheap tumblers to give away at tradeshows and events to custom double wall, vacuum-insulated travel tumblers to give as premium corporate gifts. Their high-quality construction of the latter ensures that they'll be around for years, accompanying your customers throughout their daily routines. 

Why are custom tumblers so popular? Customized tumblers are popular because they allow us to have our favorite beverages at the right temperature all day long. A stainless steel tumbler will be a great friend to any commuter who needs their morning coffee fix. 

Our larger capacity tumblers are also useful for helping your audience stay hydrated whether they're at work, school, home, or in the great outdoors. 

Stock up on promotional tumblers for Christmas gifts or employee appreciation gifts. Build trust in your brand and make new interns feel like part of the team when you give your logo tumblers during onboarding. Check out the customer reviews for our tumblers to know just how great this promotional product will be for your team.

Drinkware promotions like coffee mugs and water bottles have more specific uses. A custom tumbler offers more versatility. Pair any of these options with a branded tote bag your custom graphic for resale in a retail environment. 

Where can I sell my custom tumblers? If you want to create custom tumblers for resale, you can do so online, in retail stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, gift shops, at concerts and sporting events, or even at a flea market. You get to choose where you sell them. 

Choose from Top Brands for Your Customized Tumbler

We offer high-quality tumbler brands in our collection. Among our products you can choose to add your logo to:

  • Stanley Tumblers
  • Hydro Flask Tumblers
  • Contigo Tumblers
  • Coleman Tumblers
  • CamelBak Tumblers

We also carry several other brands like Tervis, Wellington, Thermos, Urban Peak, Swig Life, h2go, Columbia, Otterbox, Corkcircle, and more. 

Types of Custom Logo Tumbler Cups

We have many styles of tumblers to choose from. Our tumbler collection provides options in different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. We have a range of cheap tumblers to premium tumblers with everything in between. 

Many custom tumbler varieties possess unique characteristics that make them a go-to for any specific situation. Learning about the different kinds we have to offer is the best way for you to make a well-informed decision.

Cheap Wholesale Tumblers

Get affordable models for trade shows and events with wholesale tumblers. These are great for promotions and you'll have enough trendy cups to pass out to everyone who visits your booth. Buy cheap tumblers in bulk to ensure maximum visibility and brand exposure.

Thermal Tumblers

Our custom-insulated tumblers keep drinks at hot or cold temperatures for hours at a time. Featuring double-wall, vacuum insulation, these items are ideal for commuting, outdoor excursions, long days at the office, and more.

We also have copper vacuum-insulated tumblers. They feature interior copper lining which assists in blocking and reflecting thermal radiation to provide additional temperature retention. This helps to prevent users from being burned when picking up a hot beverage or touching unpleasant sweaty condensation on your cold drink while lounging in a beach chair.

Travel Tumblers 

The wholesale travel coffee tumblers available on our site are designed with busy commuters & hard-working employees in mind. Most featured tapered bottoms to easily fit into vehicle cup holders. 

These bulk personalized tumbler cups aren’t just for going to work. Our travel versions are also perfect for outdoor adventures, running errands, or just taking a walk.

Infuser Tumblers

Add some flavor to your company branding efforts while users add flavor to their water with our personalized infuser tumblers. These promotional tumblers are equipped with compartments that can be packed with fruit to allow the flavors to infuse without worrying about accidentally swallowing a seed or berry.

Tumblers with Cork Bottoms

Our promotional cork base tumblers feature sleek and modern-looking steel coupled with warm, homey-looking cork. The cork acts as a built-in coaster, protecting your surfaces and absorbing condensation. 

Wine Tumblers

Our personalized wine tumblers make ideal promotional giveaway items for vineyards, liquor stores, and high-end restaurants. Shaped like a stemless wine glass but offering traditional tumbler benefits, this unique style is a fashionable favorite that's trending upward in the world of promotional drinkware.

Custom Powder-Coated Tumblers

Some of our custom-engraved and custom-printed tumblers feature powder coating. The surface of powder-coated tumblers gives them extra immunity to scratches and peeling, helping them to look their best for an extensive duration of time. 

Color-Changing Tumblers

Popular for users of all ages, these fun color-changing tumblers are a great choice for bars, restaurants, hotels, resorts, gift shops, sporting events, and more. They really get the party started and kids especially love watching the colors change with the addition of cold liquids.

Tumblers with Lids & Straw Tumblers

Add convenience to your promotional giveaway when you buy our custom tumblers with lids and straws. These are great options for bulk tumbler giveaways or to serve drinks at pools and sporting events where someone is more likely to knock over your cup. 

They're also an eco-friendly choice, as offering tumblers that come with their own straws discourages the use of disposable plastic straws.

Get Wholesale Tumblers in Bulk

Buying cheap tumblers in bulk is an excellent strategy that allows you to reach the maximum number of people, with a lower cost per unit.  When you buy customized tumblers in bulk, you're treated to pricing breaks from the regular price. 

Be sure to read the item description for any model you're interested in to see how the unit price reduces as the number of bulk tumblers ordered increases. For example, a custom Tervis tumbler bulk buy requires 300 units to achieve the first price break, but our Imprinted Urban Peak Apex Ridge 40 oz Vacuum Travel Mug only requires 12 units to hit the first price break. You’ll save a good deal of money buying wholesale tumblers when compared to buying them several times in small numbers at the regular price.

How many custom tumblers can I order at a time?

There's no limit on how many custom logo tumblers you can order in one transaction. If you have an exceptionally high order volume in mind, you may want to contact our sales representatives to ensure that we have enough of your particular item in stock to fill your order. 

FAQ About Custom Tumblers

How is my logo added to a promotional tumbler?
Our custom tumblers with logo designs can be decorated with your branded artwork in multiple ways. You can custom design to a tumbler via:
Screen printing - creating a logo design with one or multiple colors.
Full-color imprinting - an option for vibrant artwork
Custom-engraved - high-quality drinkware giveaways are laser-engraved with your logo design for a distinguished mark that will stand the test of time.
How do you put pictures on a tumbler cup?
To add a picture to your travel mug tumbler, select the model that offers picture printing. Then follow these easy steps to upload your artwork and complete your order:
  1. Select the item you want to buy
  2. Fill out the personalization prompts on that item's description page
  3. Specify the quantity you'd like to order
  4. Click Add to Cart/Upload Artwork
  5. Once you're in the shopping cart, click the button that says "Click Here to Upload Your Artwork"
  6. Upload your artwork file, click save, and proceed to checkout
If you need any help designing custom tumblers with photos, our team of product experts and professional artists will be happy to help. They can also suggest templates to help you get started.
What materials are the tumblers made from?
Our personalized tumblers are made from a variety of materials. In our collection, you'll find plastic tumblers as well as models made from stainless steel, glass, ceramic, acrylic,  and aluminum. In addition, some have bases made from cork or bamboo.
What is the largest tumbler size?
The largest tumblers in our inventory are our 40 oz tumblers.
How much do people sell custom tumblers for?
We offer bulk tumblers with lids for as low as $1.03 USD  per unit. We sell personalized tumblers and custom tumbler cups at a variety of price points to fit everyone's budget. As we mentioned before, bulk orders will result in lower per-unit pricing. After you place your order you are free to sell your custom tumblers at any rate you wish.

Quench the Crowd with Promotional Tumblers 

Custom tumblers appeal to a wide audience, whether it is a coffee aficionado who needs the morning brew to stay hot, an eco-warrior looking to reduce their carbon footprint, or someone who appreciates the finer details in life. With the versatility in design and use of our custom logo tumblers, it's no wonder why their popularity is booming. Capitalize on the trend today and buy our cheap tumblers in bulk. Go with one of our premium models to create the perfect promotional gift set for employee or customer appreciation. 

Keep your brand in their hand every sip. Buy personalized tumblers from 4AllPromos today!

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